2019 Trivia Lists Day 27: that’ll do for now

As noted in this piece on 1 January I planned to create daily lists of trivia for the first few weeks of 2019, appropriate for each day of the New Year. I have done so for the first 26 days of this month. On 1 January there were lists of things beginning with A or that were first numerically. On 2 January there were things beginning with B or that came second numerically. And so on. There are no letters left in the English alphabet. Those earlier pieces list every country, capital city, chemical element, UK #1 artist or UK #1 song title from A to Z. They also list the first 26 Popes, the first 26 Presidents of the USA and the winners of Superbowls I to XXVI. The host countries and winners of all 21 FIFA World Cup tournaments are also included, but we will have to wait until 2038 before we get to the 26th World Cup. I’ll take a break from listing daily trivia pieces, at least until 1 February. The remainder of this post gives you the Popes, US Presidents and Superbowl winners from 27 to 31 (or XXVII to XXXI) in their respective lists, and links to all 26 of the daily pieces posted this month.

The Popes, 27th to 31st

27 St Eutychian (275AD to 283AD)

28 St Caius (283AD to 296AD)

29 St Marcellinus (296AD to 304AD)

[According to the Oxford Dictionary of Popes, the Holy See remained vacant for over 3 years after Marcelllinus’s apostasy because of internal divisions and persecutions.]

30 St Marcellus I (308AD to 309AD)

31 St Eusebius (309AD to 310AD)

Presidents of the USA, 27th to 31st

27th William H. Taft (1909-13)

28th Woodrow Wilson (1913-21)

29th Warren G. Harding (1921-23)

30th Calvin Coolidge (1923-29)

31st Herbert Hoover (1929-33)

Superbowl winners, XXVII to XXXI

XXVII (1993) Dallas Cowboys

XXVIII (1994) Dallas Cowboys

XXIX (1995) San Francisco 49ers

XXX (1996) Dallas Cowboys

XXXI (1997) Green Bay Packers

Links to the 26 previous Trivia Lists for 2019

Day 1: the letter A and the number 1

Day 2: the letter B and the number 2

Day 3: the letter C and the number 3

Day 4: the letter D and the number 4

Day 5: the letter E and the number 5

Day 6: the letter F and the number 6

Day 7: the letter G and the number 7

Day 8: the letter H and the number 8

Day 9: the letter I and the number 9

Day 10: the letter J and the number 10

Day 11: the letter K and the number 11

Day 12: the letter L and the number 12

Day 13: the letter M and the number 13

Day 14: the letter N and the number 14

Day 15: the letter O and the number 15

Day 16: the letter P and the number 16

Day 17: the letter Q and the number 17

Day 18: the letter R and the number 18

Day 19: the letter S and the number 19

Day 20: the letter T and the number 20

Day 21: the letter U and the number 21

Day 22: the letter V and the number 22

Day 23: the letter W and the number 23

Day 24: the letter X and the number 24

Day 25: the letter Y and the number 25

Day 26: the letter Z and the number 26




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