2019 Trivia Lists Day 3: the letter C and the number 3

Following on from yesterday’s set of lists here are some challenges involving things that begin with the letter C (including countries, capital cities and chemical elements) or come third numerically (such as the third Pope and the third President of the USA). In each case you can test yourself first to see how many you can name. The answers appear at the end of this piece.

Challenge: Items beginning with C

Countries: there are 16 countries whose usual English names begin with C. How many can you name? [Hint: 3 in Europe, 6 in Africa, 5 in the Americas (including Caribbean island nations), 2 in Asia.]

Capital cities: there are 8. (There are 3 other cities beginning with C which are either former capitals or contain government offices.)

Chemical Elements: there are 12 elements whose names begin with C (their symbols also begin with C).

UK #1 Chart Acts: over 60 different acts beginning with C have reached #1 in the UK charts. Well done if you can name 30 of them.

Songs beginning with C that have reached #1 in the UK Chart: there are over 60 of these, so again well done if you can name 30 of them.

Challenge: Third in a list

Can you name the following?

The third Pope (from around 76AD to around 88AD).

The third President of the USA (1801-1809).

The winner of Superbowl III (1969).

The host country and winner of the third FIFA World Cup (1938).


Answers: Items beginning with C

Countries (16): Cambodia, Cameroon, Canada, Cape Verde (Cabo Verde), Central African Republic, Chad, Chile, China, Colombia, Comoros, Costa Rica, Cote d’Ivoire, Croatia, Cuba, Cyprus, Czech Republic.

[Congo could also be allowed, as a 17th country beginning with C, but its usual name is Republic of the Congo. Democratic Republic of Congo, or DR Congo, does not begin with C.]

Capital cities (8): Cairo, Canberra, Cape Town, Caracas, Castries, Chisinau, Conakry, Copenhagen.

[In addition, Cetinje is the old royal capital of Montenegro; the official capital is Podgorica. Cotonou is the seat of government in Benin, and also the country’s economic capital, but the official capital is Porto-Novo. Colombo is the former capital of Sri Lanka and has some government offices; the official capital is Sri Jayawardenepura Kotte.]

[For the record, capital cities with country name in brackets: Cairo (Egypt), Canberra (Australia), Cape Town (legislative capital of South Africa), Caracas (Venezuela), Castries (Saint Lucia), Chisinau (Moldova), Conakry (Guinea), Copenhagen (Denmark).]

Chemical elements (12): cadmium (Cd), caesium (Cs), calcium (Ca), californium (Cf), carbon (C), cerium (Ce), chlorine (Cl), chromium (Cr), cobalt (Co), copernicium (Cn), copper (Cu), curium (Cm).

UK #1 Chart Acts: Calvin Harris, Captain Sensible, Carl Douglas, Carly Rae Jepsen, Cascada, Cee Lo Green, Celine Dion, Chainsmokers, Chaka Demus & Pliers, Chaka Khan, Charlene, Charles & Eddie, Charles Aznavour, Charlie Puth, Chef, Chemical Brothers, Cher, Cher Lloyd, [Cher, Chrissie Hynde & Neneh Cherry with Eric Clapton], Cheryl (also reached #1 as Cheryl Cole], Chesney Hawkes, Chicago, Chicane & Bryan Adams, Chico, Chicory Tip, Chipmunk, Chris Brown, Chris De Burgh, Chris Farlowe, [Christians, Holly Johnson, Paul McCartney, Gerry Marsden, Stock Aitken & Waterman], Christie, Christina Aguilera, Christina Aguilera & Lil’ Kim & Mya & Pink, Chuck Berry, Ciara featuring Petey Pablo, Cilla Black, Clash, Clean Bandit, Cliff Richard, Cliff Richard & The Drifters, Cliff Richard & The Shadows, Cliff Richard & The Young Ones featuring Hank Marvin, Clive Dunn, Coldplay, Color Me Badd, Commodores, Communards, Connie Francis, Conway Twitty, Coolio featuring LV, Cornershop, Corrs, Cover Drive, Craig David, Craig Douglas, Crazy Frog, Crazy World Of Arthur Brown, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Crickets, Crowd, Culture Beat, Culture Club.

Songs beginning with C that have reached #1 in the UK Chart: “California Gurls”, “Call Me”, “Call Me Maybe”, “Call My Name”, “Call On Me”, “Can The Can”, “Can We Fix It?”, “Candle In The Wind ‘97”, “Candy”, “Candy Girl”, “Cannonball”, “Can’t Buy Me Love”, “Can’t Fight The Moonlight”, “Can’t Get You Out Of My Head”, “Can’t Give You Anything (But My Love)”, “Cara Mia”, “Caravan Of Love”, “Careless Whisper”, “Carnival Is Over“, “Carolina Moon”, “Cars”, “Cathy’s Clown”, “C’Est La Vie”, “Cha Cha Slide”, “Chain Reaction”, “Changed the Way You Kiss Me”, “Changes”, “Changing”, “Chanson D’Amour”, “Cheerleader”, “Cherry Pink And Apple Blossom White”, “Chicken Song“, “China In Your Hand”, “Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep”, “Chocolate Salty Balls”, “Christmas Alphabet”, “Cinderella Rockefella”, “Clair”, “The Climb“, “Closer” [two different songs with this title have reached #1], “Club Can’t Handle Me”, “Club Is Alive”, “Cold Water”, “Colourblind”, “Combine Harvester (Brand New Key)”, “Come On Eileen”, “Come On You Reds”, “Come Outside”, “Comes A-Long A-Love”, “Concrete And Clay”, “Confessin’“, “Congratulations”, “Cos I Luv You”, “Cotton Eye Joe”, “Counting Stars”, “Country House”, “Coward Of The County”, “Crashed The Wedding”, “Crazy”, “Crazy In Love”, “Crazy Stupid Love”, “Crossroads”, “Crying”, “Crying In The Chapel”, “Cum On Feel The Noize”, “Cumberland Gap”.


Answers: Third in a list

Third Pope: Anacletus (around 76AD to around 88AD).

Third President of the USA: Thomas Jefferson (1801-1809).

The winner of Superbowl III: New York Jets (1969).

The Third FIFA World Cup (1938): hosted by France, won by Italy.



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