Part 14

WWTBAM Prep, Part 14 (8-Apr-2019 to 14-Apr-2019)

Notes taken while watching the UK edition of WWTBAM, April 2019. New editions (2018 onwards, broadcast on ITV) are titled “NEW WHO:”, older editions are titled “WHO:” or “OLD WHO:” and were broadcast on Challenge; Celebrity editions, also broadcast on Challenge, are titled “SLEB WHO:”. Specific dates for these notes: 8-Apr-2019 to 14-Apr-2019. [6,561 words in this piece.]

SLEB WHO: Sat 6-Apr-2019 10pm on Challenge, S1Ep15, 15-5-04 and 9-9-?, Jonathan Edwards and Pauline Radcliffe return, Judith Keppel and David Seaman 

[08/04/2019 23:48] It starts with Jonathan Edwards and Paula Radcliffe, back after their 100 quid question  

500 quid: GIRTH is a piece of equipment that goes round a horse’s middle  

1k: Town that did not host a party conference for one of the 3 main parties in 2003: Blackpool / (Bognor Regis) / Bournemouth / Brighton  

She is asthmatic and discusses it / He is talking about street children in Russia and the charity set up for them   

2k: DEAR DEIRDRE column appears in (The Sun) [Ask the Audience: 86% get it right] 

4k: Geri Halliwell’s dog HARRY is a (Shih-tzu)  

8k: TERNARY refers to this number: 2 / (3) / 4 / 5  

16k: QUEEN RANIA is queen of which country: Morocco / Kuwait / (Jordan) / Bahrain [Phone-A-Friend: confident that it’s Jordan] 

32k: Comic actor who married Mary Steenburgen in 1995: (Ted Danson) [50/50 leaves them with Henry Winkler too / they don’t know but go for it] 

Cheque is visible, for a change on these repeated sleb shows, and says 15-5-04  

64k: Half-tester is a kind of furniture: (Bed) / Chair / Table / cupboard 

125k: Country that lies immediately to the east of Ukraine: Poland / (Russia) / Lithuania / Bulgaria [They’re not confident enough to go for it] 

Jonathan Edwards and Paula Radcliffe leave with 64k  

Next couple: Judith Keppel and David Seaman 

She was the 265th contestant in November 2000 / He is a fishing buddy of CT, playing at Man City at the time  

Her charity: Prisoners Rehabilitation / His: NSPCC  

1k: Flugelhorn is (Blown)  

2k: 2002 Sue McGregor retired as a present of this long-running series: (Today)  

4k: (Selly Oak) is a suburb of Birmingham, not Selly Ash and other trees 

8k: In aviation, S in STOL stands for (Short) [Ask the Audience: 70% get it right]  

He’s wearing a different suit now so it’s a different show from the original broadcasts 

16k: Photographer David Bailey was married to (Catherine Deneuve)  

32k: “it was a bright cold day in April and the clocks were striking 13” opening lines of (1984)  

Cheque shows: 9/9/0 

64k: Who wrote the classic song “The Way you look tonight”: JEROME KERN / Cole Porter / George Gerswhin / Irving Berlin [They go 50/50 and are left with Cole Porter too, who they go for, but that’s wrong] 

Judith and David Seaman leave with 32k, and that’s the end of the show  

OLD WHO: Sun 7-Apr-2019 11pm on Challenge, 28-10-00 

[09/04/2019 22:46] There are 3 in a row from Sunday night and I’d like to get through at least one of them tonight 

1k: Clive James is (Australian) 

2k: (Nectarine) is a smooth-skinned peach  

4k: (31) days in the month when Americans celebrate Independence Day 

8k: (Narnia) is CS Lewis’s fictional world 

16k: Persia is the former name of (Iran)  

32k: Bela Lugosi portrayed (Dracula) on film [Ask the Audience: 58% go Frankenstein’s Monster, only 29% get it right] / Phone-A-Friend is 50-60% it’s Dracula / 50/50, no surprise, leaves the Monster and Dracula, she hesitates and then goes for it: good] 

Cheque reads Deb Hunter 28-10-0, final digit obscured, but it must be 28-10-00  

64k: One of the Seven Wonders of the World, built on Rhodes: Hanging Gardens / Pharos / Temple of Artemis / (Colossus) [She’s gone for Pharos and that’s it] 

Deb Hunter leaves with 32k 

FFF: Words in order, from the song sung at Last Night of the Proms  

CBDA gives us: Hope Glory Mother Free  

4/8 get it right, Caroline Hughes is fastest in 7.39s 

A commercial administrator, also from Staffordshire / Mum in the audience, husband Brian is home looking after the cats / He’s in the RAF, collecting a long-service medal / Would go round the Monaco circuit with David Coulthard  

1k: (Accounts) traditionally written in a ledger  

2k: (Pencils) are graded on a B and H scale 

4k: Can not be represented in Roman Numerals: (Zero) / 12 / 99 / 1 million  

8k: Secretary of State for Northern Ireland: (Peter Mandelson), at the time  

16k: Paul McCartney wrote the theme song for this Bond film (Live and let die) [Phone-A-Friend: 100% definite] 

32k: Animal that denotes a zoo on a British road sign: Lion / Chimpanzee / Bear / Elephant [She’s sure it’s ELEPHANT, and she’s right] 

Cheque shows 30-11-0 but we know it’s 30-11-00 / her blouse is very similar on both nights  

REVISE: British road signs, ELEPHANT = zoo,  

64k: Queen Victoria belonged to this Royal House: Windsor / Hanover / Stuart / Tudor [Ask the Audience: 43% Hanover, 25% Windsor, and 50/50 leaves those 2 options too / She goes for Windsor, but it’s Hanover]  

Caroline Hughes leaves with 32k 

10 new contestants 

FFF: countries in order of their standard time ahead of GMT  

ACDB gives us: Egypt / Seychelles / Thailand / Japan 

2 / 4 / 7 / 9  

3/10 get it right, Dan Hotchin is fastest in 6.60s 

Other names: Catherine Moore / Kate Heusser / Richard Phillips / Duncan Lavin / Linda Gale / Anthony Devlin  

A chef from Liversedge in West Yorkshire / girlfriend Emma is in the audience 

1k: Michael Schumacher is (German)  

2k: (Barrie Humphries) created Dame Edna Everage 

4k: Major Australian river: Pet / Doll / Love / (Darling) [Ask the Audience: 92% get it right] 

8k: (Hollyoaks) is set in a fictional suburb of Chester 

16k: “When shall we 3 meet again” is the first line of (Macbeth) [Phone-A-Friend: sure of the answer] 

32k: Volcano in Indonesia: (Krakatoa) / Stromboli / Popocatepetl / Erebus 

REVISE: Volcanoes: Krakatoa is in Indonesia / Stromboli / Popocatepetl / Erebus and anything that has erupted in the last 100 years / that Icelandic volcano  

Cheque reads 30-10 and again the year’s obscured, but it’s 30-10-00  

64k: “Which of these is a table of the chemical elements?” Periodic Table / Cyclical Table / Sporadic Table / Recurrent Table [Blimey, that’s a 500 quid question isn’t it?] 

125k: An ICHTHYOLOGIST studies: Birds / Insects / (Fish) / Reptiles [50/50 leaves Fish and Reptiles, his first instinct was Reptiles, and now he thinks Fish, and he goes for it] 

[09/04/2019 23:27] And that’s the end of the show 

OLD WHO: Sun/Mon 7/8-Apr-2019, midnight, 2-11-00 

[11/04/2019 09:22] It’s the chef from Yorkshire, Dan Hotchin, on 125k 

250k: Known as No 1 London: (Apsley House) [He doesn’t know, would have gone for Clarence House, 80% certain on that one] 

FFF: Qualifications in the order they are usually achieved 

BDAC gives us: GCSE / BA / MA / PhD 

4/9 get it right, Richard Phillips is fastest in 6.93s 

A businessman from BIRDINGBURY in Warwickshire / wife in the audience, SEVEN kids, some of them at home / he has a private pilot’s licence  

1k: In Winnie-the-Pooh Eeyore was a (donkey)  

2k: Scott Joplin music: (ragtime)  

4k: 1st President of the USA: (George Washington) [Phone-A-Friend: 75% certain it’s Thomas Jefferson / 50/50 leaves Lincoln and Washington] 

8k: Legendary island continent said to have sunk: Anubis / (Atlantis) / Artemis / Aramis  

16k: Italian pasta shaped like seashells: (Conchiglie) [Ask the Audience: 89% get it right] 

32k: In first series of Big Brother, the first person to be evicted from the house was: Andy / Nichola / Caroline / Sada [I might have known at the time, but not now, this was broadcast in late 2000 / He doesn’t know / it’s SADA] 

Richard Phillips leaves with 16k 

FFF: Names in order in full name of a famous singer  

I went wrong with: CDAB Madonna / Veronica / Louise / Ciccone  

It should be CADB: Madonna / Louise / Veronica / Ciccone  

Only 1/8 gets it right, Kate Heusser in 9.94s  

A writer from RUSTINGTON in West Sussex / husband in the audience / Has given up a busy life as a solicitor, is about to become a post-person, was a part-time solicitor / 2 sons at home  

REVISE: Costas in Spain 

1k: Jig and fret precede (Saw) in the names of tools 

2k: Homily is: potato cake / Woollen Hat / (Sermon) / Species of ape  

4k: abbreviation that does not refer to a day of the week: TGIF / (NYPD) / TISWAS / POETS  

She was wearing a patterned blouse with a collar, now she’s in an orange blouse with a smaller collar  

8k: Annual publication of books about Fighting Ships and Military Aircraft: (Jane) June Joan Jean [FRED Jane was the naval journalist who set up the books] 

16k: Pygmalion written by (George Bernard Shaw)  

32k: Calvados is a brandy made from (Apples)  

Cheque reads 2-11-00  

64k: What is a CASSOWARY: Fruit / Bird / Mouse / Fish [Phone-A-Friend: 99.9% certain it’s a BIRD]  

125k: First Lord of the Treasury: (prime minister) not Prince of Wales, Chancellor of the Exchequer, Lord Chancellor  

[11/04/2019 09:43] Mission Accomplished, 40 min in, and now it’s time to RUSH 

[11/04/2019 19:28] Back again, same show 

250k: In mythology, twin of Castor: (Pollux) 

Cheque shows cleared 2-11-00 

[At this stage, 500k was the most ever won] 

500k: NEW SARUM is the former name of which city: (Salisbury) / Stoke-on-Trent / Sheffield [50/50 leaves Shrewsbury too and Ask the Audience goes 70% Salisbury, 30% Shrewsbury / she goes for it] 

1m: Which monarch was known as “the wisest fool in Christendom?” (James I) / Charles I / Edward I / Henry I [She doesn’t know and she doesn’t risk it] 

Kate Heusser leaves with 500k  

I didn’t realize that was one of the 1m pound questions 

10 new contestants 

FFF: Starting with Premiership, “put these football teams in order of descending divisions” 

CDAB gives us: Manchester United / Wolverhampton / Bournemouth / Darlington  

4/10 get it right including Geoff Bosworth, Mike Lawrence and Josette Haviland, NOT Julie Roberts, John Doddy or Janet Murray, Peter Pycock is fastest in 5.23s 

A Post Office Counters manager from Boston Lincolnshire / Wife in the audience, 3 kids at home /  

1k: Oeuf is French for (egg) 

[11/04/2019 19:38] And that’s the end of that one 

OLD WHO: Mon 8-Apr-2019, 1am, 16k, 1k, 1k, no dates shown 

[11/04/2019 19:39] Peter Pycock carrying on  

2k: Penzance is in (Cornwall)  

4k: Perambulator is the formal word for (Pram)  

8k: (Chancellor) is head of government in Germany [Ask the Audience: 87% get it right] 

16k: Shakespeare character who says “Is this a dagger which I see before me?” (Macbeth) [Phone-A-Friend: Guesses Macbeth / 50/50 leaves Juliet too]  

32k: Borzoi is a breed of dog originating in: Ireland / France / Russia / China [He doesn’t risk it and takes the money / It’s RUSSIA] 

Peter Pycock leaves with 16k  

REVISE: Borzoi dogs originated in Russia, also known as Russian Sighthound and Russian Wolfhound  

FFF: Star Wars films in order of release 

CDBA gives us: Star Wars / Empire Strikes Back / Return of the Jedi / The Phantom Menace  

4/9 get it right, Josette Haviland is fastest in 6.93s  

Police officer from West Sussex / her partner Keith is in the audience, 3 kids at home  

1k: Country immediately south of Romania: France / (Bulgaria) / Finland / Belgium  

2k: (Ian Fleming) created secret agent James Bond  

4k: Shane Warne’s sport (Cricket)  

8k: (Mike) follows Lima in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet 

Now she’s in a different top (red rather than yellow) so it’s a new show in the original broadcasts 

16k: Colorado Beetle destroys (potatoes) 

32k: Capital of California: (Sacramento) [She’s dived in and said Los Angeles, so she loses 15k, and I remember seeing this in the last 6 months – I don’t think I made notes on it] 

Josette Haviland leaves with 1k and all 3 lifelines intact, down from 16k  

10 new contestants 

FFF: Starting with highest, complaints in order according to which part of the body they affect 

DACB gives us: Myopia / Toothache / Lumbago / Bunions 

Only 3/10 get it right, Gary Bartram is fastest in 7.64s  

A sales manager from Stevenage / partner in the audience / 5 kids at home  

1k: “A loop of leather through which a Scout threads his handkerchief”: (woggle)  

2k: (Tennis) elbow 

4k: (Moon) waxes and wanes every 28 days [Ask the Audience: 78% get it right] 

8k: Tiny land-locked principality in the Pyrenees: (Andorra) [50/50 leaves him with San Marino / Phone-A-Friend: She thinks it’s San Marino, and that the Pyrenees are in Italy / he loses 7k] 

Gary Bartram leaves with 1k 

FFF: Men in order they walked on the moon 

I went wrong with DBCA: Neil Armstrong / Buzz Aldrin / Alan Shepard / Charles Conrad  

NOPE, it should be DBAC: Neil Armstrong / Buzz Aldrin / Charles Conrad / Alan Shepard 

Charles Conrad was November 1969 / Alan Shepard was January 1971 

Only 1/9 got it right, Ken Davison in 10.55s 

Other names: Kim Black, David Turner, Martin Stone, Anne Rannard, John Troth 

An accountant from St Helens in Merseyside / his daughter’s boyfriend is in the audience / Wife Maureen and the kids at home / Would take the family on a world cruise / on his return would take Tamsin Outhwaite on a balloon ride  

1k: Pop star Robbie and tennis player Venus (Williams)  

2k: (Constituency) represented by an MP, not Borough, Parish or Diocese 

4k: Courgettes are a small variety of (Marrow) [Ask the Audience: 63% get it right, 20% go for cucumber] 

8k: Saint celebrated on 6 December: (St Nicholas) not Stephen, Francis Xavier or John the Divine [Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know, guesses St Nick / 50/50 leaves Stephen and Nicholas and he goes for the wrong one, Stephen, and loses 7k[  

Ken Davison leaves with 1k  

FFF: Starting with the MOST, words in order of how many letters they contain 

BCAD gives us: Eleven / Eight / Nine / Ten  

5/8 get it right, David Turner is fastest in 5.30s 

Project manager from Guildford / partner in the audience, Maximilian 3 and Lucas 6 months are at home / He was an extra on the making of Chariots of Fire, would like to buy Harold Abrahams’ gold medal with a million quid 

1k: Emma (Thompson) married Kenneth Branagh in 1989 

2k: (RL Stevenson) wrote Treasure Island 

4k: Inhabitant of Brittany known as (Breton)  

8k: Followers of (Islam) fast during Ramadan  

16k: In Victorian times, if you donned a “stovepipe” you would be wearing: (Hat)  

[11/04/2019 20:08] And that’s the end of the show 

Top 10 movies at the box office: The Beach Bum (Matthew McC) / Tyler Perry’s A Madea Family Funeral / Hotel Mumbai (Dev Patel, the terror attack on the Taj hotel in 2008) / Dragon 3 / Wonder Park (no credited director) / Five Feet Apart / Unplanned (Evangelical drama, pro-choice) / Captain Marvel [will pass 1bn dollar mark next week – the 7th Marvel movie to do so – will also overtake Frozen as the biggest grossing female-led movie] / Us / Dumbo is at #1  

[11/04/2019 20:12] Good, glad to get through those before dinner  

OLD WHO: Tue 9-Apr-2019 10pm on Challenge, no dates, 16k, 1k, 1k and 0k for David Scholefield  

[12/04/2019 10:23] This guy called BRENE continues, an English teacher from Wales  

8k: Ellesmore Port overlooks the estuary of this river: (Mersey)  

16k: A kind of lizard: Skerry / SKINK / Skein / Skeet 

REVISE: Lizards, check what a SKINK is 

REVISE: Logos, check how the Dominos Pizza one goes, it’s something like a red dice with 1 dot and a blue dice with 2 dots  

32k: “All the world’s a stage” features in (“As You Like It”) [Phone-A-Friend: his wife, doesn’t know / 50/50, doesn’t risk it] 

Brene Hulley leaves with 16k 

9 left, including David Clifford, Susan Ball, Rachael Evans 

FFF: Musical instruments in alphabetical order 

BDCA gives us: Triangle / Trombone / Trumpet / Tuba  

5/9 get it right, Martin Parkinson is fastest in 4.55s  

A history teacher from St Helen’s in Merseyside / wife Jane there, 3 kids at home / a trip to Florida / The girls write “Dope” on his forehead when he’s asleep  

1k: TV presenter became MEP for the EAST MIDLANDS at the 2004 European Election (Robert Kilroy-Silk)  

2k: The book “Competition Carriage Driving” written by this member of the Royal Family: (Prince Philip)  

4k: (Apple) Gwyneth Paltrow’s baby born 2004 [Apple Blythe Alison Martin] 

8k: Andy “The Viking” Fordham and BOB “THE LIMESTONE COWBOY” ANDERSON both play (Darts)  

REVISE: Dart player nicknames, Andy “The Viking” Fordham / BOB “THE LIMESTONE COWBOY” ANDERSON [July 2021: RIP Andy Fordham, died earlier this month] 

16k: “I was born with a plastic spoon in my mouth” is from this Who song (Substitute) [Ask the Audience: 57% get it right, 20% My generation / 50/50 leaves Pinball Wizard too] 

32k: MOUNT ELBERT is the highest peak in which mountains: Sierra Madre / Rockies / Southern Alps / Urals [Phone-A-Friend: 90% sure it’s the Urals, I thought it was the ROCKIES, and it is / he loses 15k] 

Martin Parkinson leaves with 1k 

REVISE: Mountains, check the Southern Alps / highest peak in the Urals / MOUNT ELBERT is highest peak in the ROCKIES 

FFF: Politicians in order they became Home Secretary 

DBCA gives us: Winston Churchill / James Callaghan / Michael Howard / David Blunkett  

1910 / 1967 / 1993 / 2001  

5/8 get it right, David Clifford is fastest in 4.27s 

An IT systems developer from Andover in Hampshire / sister-in-law is in the audience / wife is home with the 3 kids  

Different show now during the low-money questions, he’s gone from a red shirt to an orange one  

1k: The island of Hokkaido forms part of (Japan) 

REVISE: Japanese islands  

2k: (Brawn) means Jellied meat and physical strength  

4k: A quart = a quarter of a (gallon)  

8k: The Adventures of Captain KREMMEN featured on (Kenny Everett) TV shows  

16k: In stories by Beatrix Potter, Samuel Whiskers is a: Cat / (RAT) / Dog / Guinea Pig [Ask the Audience: 67% cat, 22% rat / he goes with the audience and loses 7k] 

David Clifford leaves with 1k 

REVISE: Beatrix Potter characters, SAMUEL WHISKERS is a RAT 

10 new contestants including Angela Donaldson, James Miller, Michelle Smith, Phil Dobie, Margaret Marshall, Duncan Jones  

FFF: Fairy-tale characters in order of how many there are 

BACD gives us: Dick Whittington’s Cat / Cinderella’s ugly sisters / Goldilocks bears / Snow White’s Dwarfs  

7/10 get it right, Dave Scholefield is fastest in 4.38s 

A glass company manager from LIVERSEDGE in West Yorkshire [2nd contestant this month from that place] / Wife in the audience, a daughter at home, and he has 2 other kids / Has toyed with the idea of getting the first question wrong, for the publicity it would bring him  

He gets his 1k question wrong:  

1k: A word that describes someone who says very little: (Taciturn) / Glib / Crotchety / Perilous [He goes for Glib and leaves with nothing, 3 lifelines intact] 

FFF: Bee Gees singles in order of UK chart entry 

BCDA gives us: Massachusetts / Jive Talking / Tragedy / You win again  

1/9 gets it right, Duncan Jones in 7.21s  

A contract manager from WARMLEY in South Gloucestershire / Dad in the audience / Wife at home with 2 kids / Wants a new roof for their cottage  

1k: Marbella is in (Spain)  

2k: Martin Clunes plays an undertaker in this TV series: George and Anne / Albert and Victoria / Philip and Elizabeth / WILLIAM AND MARY [Ask the Audience: 95% get it right]  

REVISE: Martin Clunes TV dramas, and the parts he plays / He’s an undertaker in William and Mary 

[12/04/2019 10:56] And that’s the end of the show  

SLEB WHO: Sun 7-Apr-2019 10pm on Challenge, Joan Collins & Percy Gibson, Stephen Fry & Nigella 

[12/04/2019 20:31] No “Mastermind” tonight (Masters highlights instead), I would watch it if there were, so I’ll go through this one  

Joan Collins and PERCY GIBSON< husband #5 / playing for a children’s hospice 

1k: Bert’s occupation in Mary Poppins (Chimney sweep) 

Chat about the money in TV – she was broke before she did Dynasty, but the money “Now” is incredible – earnings on Series 3 of Desperate Housewives, more than Series 9 of Dynasty  

2k: Heidi Klum famous for (modelling)  

4k: Became manager of Newcastle United in 2004 (Graeme Souness) not Hoddle, Strachan or Houllier [Ask the Audience: 78% get it right] 

8k: Father (McKenzie) in Eleanor Rigby  

16k: Shakespeare play set during the siege of Troy (“Troilus and Cressida”) [50/50 leaves Lear as well and they’re still not sure / Phone-A-Friend: knows it] 

32k: Current “Father of the House” (Tam Dalyell) at the time, other options: John Gummer, Alex Salmond, Menzies Campbell [They don’t know and stop there] 

16k for Joan Collins and Percy Gibson  

Next pair: Stephen Fry and Nigella Lawson  

Her charity: Head and Neck Cancer, set up after her first husband died, and they do useful work creating voice libraries for people who lose their voices / His: Terence Higgins  

1k: Brigitte Nielsen was married to (Sylvester Stallone)  

2k: Elan sports car model associated with (Lotus)  

4k: Pronto, meaning quickly, is derived from (Spanish) not German, French of Dutch [I might have been less sure if Italian was an option] 

8k: Autobiography “So Me” published 2004 (Graham Norton) not Robbie Williams, Beckham or Peter Andre 

16k: Spaniard Hernan Cortes conquered this empire: (Aztec) not Roman, Ottomon or Mongol [Again, a different option, like Inca, would have made me think] 

32k: In 2003 this singer became romantically involved with Tour de France champion Lance Armstrong: (Sheryl Crow) Shania Twain / Kylie Minogue / Dannii Minogue [She’s pretty sure, he doesn’t know, they use Ask the Audience: 60% get it right, 29% go or Dannii / Phone-A-Friend: Paul Ross, thinks it’s Sheryl but isn’t certain / This is taking a long time, 5 minutes or more on the one question / 50/50: Sheryl and Kylie / FINALLY they go for it] 

64k: Month in 1805 that Battle of Trafalgar was fought: (October)  

[12/04/2019 20:46] And that’s the end of the show, I had caught quite a lot of the chat while recording it, so it only took 15 minutes to go through it 

OLD WHO: Wed 10-Apr-2019 10pm on Challenge, 5-2-05 Barry Simmons  

[12/04/2019 20:50] Duncan Jones returns on 2k 

4k: Kyran Bracken is famous for playing (Rugby) 

8k: Martina Cole is a famous name in (fiction) [Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know and runs out of time, not much use at all / 50/50 leaves cookery and fiction] 

16k: Singer known as “The Walrus of Love”: (Barry White) 

32k: 1907, first woman to be appointed to the British Order of Merit: Lottie Dod / Nancy Astor / (Florence Nightingale) / Gracie Fields [He doesn’t risk it, thinking it’s Nancy Astor] 

Duncan Jones leaves with 16k 

FFF: Descriptions of champagne, from driest to sweetest  

I went wrong with DBCA: Sec / Demi-sec / Doux / Brut  

Once again I did it the wrong way round, and got it wrong, it should be ADBC : Brut / Sec / Demi-Sec / Doux 

Only 2/8 gets it right, Margaret Marshall in 10.42s 

A former nurse from HIGHAM FERRERS in Northamptonshire / sister-in-law in the audience, 2 kids at home, a grandchild too / Lots of jobs in the past / Would like to tour the UK in a chauffeur-driven camper-van  

1k: Tampa is a resort in (Florida)  

2k: Larry Grayson’s catchphrase (Shut that door) 

4k: “I don’t mean to be rude, but” autobiography of: Jeremy Paxman / Germaine Greer / SIMON COWELL / Sharon Osbourne [Ask the Audience: 59% Paxman, 30% Cowell / 50/50 left Cowell and Osbourne]  

8k: Won an Oscar for writing the music for Chariots of Fire: (Vangelis)  

REVISE: American football teams, where is Green Bay?  

10 new contestants, including Barry Simmons from West Yorkshire, Anne Thomas, Mike Edwards, Andrew Knox, Donna Palmer, Charles Allen, Andy Matthews 

FFF: Landmark Buildings and structures in the order they were built 

BADC gives us: Great Pyramid / Westminster Abbey / Eiffel Tower / London Eye  

6/10 get it right, Barry Simmons is fastest in 3.9s  

Usually I forward through the chat, but this is in real-time 

An IT Systems Developer from Leeds / Friend and successful former Millionaire contestant DIANE HALLIGAN is in the audience / Wife Janet is at home, 2 kids Mark and Rachel / He wants to climb Kilimanjaro / Graphologist, can tell a lot about people from their handwriting  

1k: TV couple launched a book club in 2004: (Richard and Judy)  

Son Mark is 27, has travelled, and Barry would like to travel around too / Kilimanjaro is the only place where you can go through every habitat in one place / He lost his job recently, gave back his company car the day before, and he’d be happy to win enough for a car  

2k: Main religion in South America: (Christianity)  

His friend Diane won 250k / he brought her along for luck / The graphology came from employing someone who was an absolute disaster, he bought a book on graphology from a 2nd hand book stall and the disastrous employee’s handwriting was all over it, as it were / if he’d known that stuff he wouldn’t have employed the guy / CT asks about his wife – married for 30 years – “She’s not only my wife, she’s also my best friend”, but he did fluff that line a bit, “and her handwriting is perfect”  

4k: Famous for her “Complete hip and thigh diet”: Delia Smith / (Rosemary Conley) / Geri Halliwell / Nigella Lawson  

8k: An animal with antlers: Walrus / WAPITI / Wolf / Wombat [By elimination if nothing else] 

REVISE: WAPITI is an animal with antlers  

16k: Pastry used to make the cream dessert Millefeuille: Filo / (Puff) / Choux / Suet [Ask the Audience: 48% puff 38% filo / Phone-A-Friend: 90% sure it’s puff] 

REVISE: Pastry dishes using Puff, Filo, Choux and Suet / Millefeuille is made with PUFF 

32k: Kevin Rowland was vocalist with which 80s band: (Dexy’s Midnight Runners) [50/50 has left him with Bad Manners too] 

They didn’t show us the cheque  

64k: Wrote the novel “One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest”: (Ken Kesey) 

We see the 64k cheque: 5-2-05 

125k: This Channel Island has a hereditary overlord known as the ‘Seigneur’: Jersey / Guernsey / Alderney / SARK [He doesn’t know, would guess Guernsey or Jersey, but doesn’t risk it and thinks it definitely ISN’T Sark, but it is] 

[The question says “an hereditary”, which is not my way] 

Barry Simmons leaves with 64k  

[12/04/2019 21:19] And that’s the end of the show  

Six hours of quizzing so far, compressed into 3 hours (and I made it to 8 hours by 11.20pm)  

At this stage I was often watching six hours of shows per day, sometimes 8 hours, e.g. 3x “Who wants to be a millionaire?” and 3x “The Chase” today: fast-forward with subtitles was a handy way to watch things in double time 

OLD WHO: Thu 11-Apr-2019 10pm on Challenge, 5-2-05 

[13/04/2019 08:47] immediately after Barry Simmons won his 64k, 9 contestants left 

FFF: Surnames of Deirdre in “Coronation Street” in chronological order 

BCAD gives us: Hunt / Langton / Barlow / Rachid  

[I caught this while recording it, didn’t know that HUNT was her first name] 

2/9 get it right, Michael Reid is fastest in 2.67s (That’s quick)  

A hotel worker from SOUTHSEA in Hampshire / would throw a big party for his co-workers / would like a chauffeur, he can drive, but prefers being a passenger / Not much other chat – nothing about friends and family, and we haven’t heard about anyone being in the audience for him 

1k: In a fleet of ships, this one carries the commanding Admiral: (Flagship) Not prime, main or first  

2k: Pythagoras was (Greek)  

4k: ROSANNA DAVISON, Miss World in 2003 is daughter of this singer (Chris de Burgh)  

8k: ESTIMA is a variety of vegetable: Onion / Cabbage / Potato / Carrot [Tough one, I think it’s potato / Ask the Audience: 59% potato, 19% cabbage]  

REVISE: varieties of potato, including ESTIMA 

16k: Composer of LITTLE RUSSIAN symphony first performed 1873: Beethoven / Handel / Mozart / (Tchaikovsky) [the year gives it away] 

32k: Spanish city located north of Madrid: Malaga / (Bilbao) / Valencia / Seville  

Cheque shows 5-2-05  

64k: Entertainer who once played professional football for Brentford: Les Dennis / Shane Richie / Joe Pasquale / (Bradley Walsh) [50/50 leaves Pasquale too] 

125k: In Scottish legend, a KELPIE haunts lakes in the shape of which animal: wolf / horse / sheep / bear [I think it’s horse / he’s using Phone-A-Friend: hotel manager, doesn’t say anything useful, runs out of time / he doesn’t know, thinks it’s bear but doesn’t risk it / It is HORSE] 

Michael Reid leaves with 64k   

10 new contestants including Mark Bunting, Duncan Stevenson, Nicola Chalder, Greg Meredith, Mick Dolan, George Taylor, Gill Johnston  

FFF: TV comedy characters in the order they were first seen 

BCAD gives us: Harold Steptoe / Frank Spencer / Edmund Blackadder / Victor Meldrew  

6/10 get it right, Ken Owen is fastest in 3.77s 

A promotional products manager from Rochester in Kent / His mate Tony is in the audience / 3 girls at home, no mention of a wife / He’s calm apart from fear of sharks, since “Jaws”, and wants to swim with sharks to conquer his fear / He says “Respect the questions” 

1k: Brendan Cole, Anton du Beke, PAUL KILLICK are top names in this field: (Ballroom Dancing) [Ask the Audience: 80% get it right] 

2k: Poitiers is in (France)  

He says he’s just had the worst year of his life and 64k would go a long way to help rebuild things 

4k: Bonnie Tyler is (Welsh) [Born in Swansea] 

8k: Ewoks feature in (Star Wars) film series  

16k: The Don Valley Stadium is in (Sheffield)  

32k: Architect who designed The Royal Pavilion Brighton for the Prince Regent: Robert Adam / (John Nash) / Christopher Wren / Inigo Jones  

Cheque shows 26-2-05 so either they’ve skipped a few shows, or there was a gap of 3 weeks between them  

64k: Mark Twain described this vegetable as “Cabbage with a college education”: Chicory / Brussels sprout / Artichoke / (cauliflower)  

125k: Who married FANNY NISBET in 1787: William Wordsworth / George Washington / George III / Horatio Nelson [Not Washington or George III, and I think it’s too early for Wordsworth, right time for NELSON / Phone-A-Friend: Runs out of time, “It’s not Washington because his wife was Martha, I think it’s …” / 50/50 leaves Wordsworth and Nelson, wouldn’t you know it / He goes for it, and it IS NELSON] 

250k: KERMIT was the middle name of which First Lady of America: Mamie Eisenhower / Edith Roosevelt / Patricia Nixon / Nancy Reagan [He agonizes, and then goes for Nancy Reagan / But it’s EDITH ROOSEVELT, Ken loses 93k] 

Ken Owen leaves with 32k 

REVISE: First ladies Mamie Eisenhower / Edith Roosevelt / PATRICIA Nixon / Nancy Reagan, Edith Roosevelt’s middle name was KERMIT  

[13/04/2019 09:20] And that’s the end of the show  

OLD WHO: Fri 12-Apr-2019 on Challenge, 26-2-05 

[13/04/2019 09:52] Later start than planned, playing piano including practising #1s from 00, 14, 10, 11,  

FFF: Words of a Police song in order  

BADC gives us: Every / Breath / You / Take 

All 9 get it right, Tony Ramsden is fastest in 2.53s 

An IT CONSULTANT from Bolton Lancs / Wife refused to come / she’s home with their son / his brother is in the audience instead / She wants to buy lots of new furniture  

1k: (Michael Caine) associated with the phrase “Not a lot of people know that  

2k: Former Atomic Kitten Kerry Katona married (Bryan McFadden) in 2002, other members of Westlife named 

4k: A French person who works for the SURETE: Banker / Doctor / POLICE OFFICER / Tax inspector [I didn’t know that / It’s like the CID, Inspector Clouseau was in the SURETE] 

8k: The Silver Fern is a symbol of (New Zealand) 

16k: The Riverside is a county cricket ground in (Durham) [That’s a whole lot more difficult than the 1m question about Chester-le-Street in an early series / 50/50 gives him Essex as well / Ask the Audience: 57% Durham, 43% Essex, he goes for it] 

32k: The resort of INTERLAKEN is in which country: Germany / Austria / Slovenia / SWITZERLAND [He knew it, I didn’t] 

Cheque shows 26-2-05 

64k: The Parable of the Good Samaritan is featured in this book of the Bible: Matthew / Mark / Luke / John [I assume it’s Luke but wasn’t 100% / He’s using Phone-A-Friend, who says 99.9% sure it’s Luke / it is: LUKE] 

125k: Appointed Master of the Queen’s Music in 2004: Harrison Birtwistle / Peter Maxwell Davies / Michael Berkeley / Richard Rodney Bennett [I think it’s DAVIES / he gambles on Harrison Birtwistle, the only one he’s heard of / he loses 32k / It is PETER MAXWELL DAVIES, for 10 years, so there must have been a new one in 2014] 

Tony Ramsden leaves with 32k 

REVISE: Master of the Queen’s Music, Peter Maxwell Davies, appointed 2004 

10 new contestants including Iain Ashby / Louise Dennis / June Toner / Alan Chapman / Lynn Haigh 

FFF: South Americans in the order they were born  

ABDC gives us: Simon Bolivar / Che Guevara / Pele / Juan Pablo Montoya  

1783 / 1928 / 1940 / 1975  

3/10 get it right Will Jones is fastest in 3.60s 

A computer technician from Gravesend Kent / His brother and part-time chauffeur is in the audience / he’s failed his test NINE times /  

1k: Won the FOURTH series of “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”: (Joe Pasquale) / Janet Street-Porter / Fran Cosgrave / Sophie Anderton [I don’t think any of the others ever won it] 

REVISE: “I’m a celebrity get me out of here” winners  

2k: Clerk of works usually employed in (Building) not law, education or retail  

4k: NOT usually considered part of the Indian subcontinent: (Vietnam) not India, Bangladesh or Pakistan 

8k: “Blott on the Landscape” is by (Tom Sharpe) Kingsley Amis / Evelyn Waugh / Anthony Powell [Phone-A-Friend knows it] 

16k: Actor whose dad was once Lord Chancellor (Nigel Havers) [He doesn’t have a clue, 50/50 would be no use / Ask the Audience: 74% get it right, they sometimes do / EVENTUALLY, he goes for it] 

32k: Fred Quimby is famous as producer of (Tom and Jerry) [50/50 leaves The Simpsons too]  

Cheque shows 12-3-05, so again they’ve either jumped a few episodes or there were big gaps between shows in their original broadcasts 

64k: An item of cutlery: Disciple knife / Missionary fork / Preacher scoop / (Apostle Spoon) [For me that’s an easy 64k question, especially with the alternatives [He goes for apostle spoon because it sounds right]  

125k: LIVINGSTONE HOUSE, in MIKINDANI, the home of the missionary and explorer is in this African country: Ghana / Uganda / Tanzania / Angola [It’s Uganda or Tanzania, I’d guess, because my rudimentary African geography tells me that Ghana and Angola are in the wrong parts of Africa / It’s TANZANIA]  

REVISE: LIVINGSTONE HOUSE, in MIKINDANI, the home of the missionary and explorer is in Tanzania  

FFF: Primates in order of average adult size, starting with LARGEST 

BDAC gives us: Gorilla / Orang-utan / Chimpanzee / Marmoset  

3/9 get it right, Peter Askins is fastest in 2.64s  

An office administrator from FEATHERSTONE in West Yorkshire / his friend SIMON CURTIS is in the audience, who won 250k / he’s single, wants to travel  

[13/04/2019 10:27] And that’s the end of the show, after the 100 quid question  

Peter Askins will return next time on 200 quid  

OLD WHO: Sat 13-Apr-2019 11pm is a repeat, from 12-3-01, shown 11-Mar-2019 on Challenge 

[14/04/2019 00:28] Well, that saves me some time: this is a repeat of the MIKE POMFREY edition  

OLD WHO: Sat/Sun 13/14-Apr-2019 midnight is a repeat, first Couples Show, shown 12-Mar-2019 on Challenge  

[14/04/2019 00:31] This is the one with Rod & Vicky from Huntingdon in Cambridgeshire  

I will continue recording from about halfway through, till the end  

There is a SLEB special, with Griff Rhys-Jones, that played at 10pm.  

OLD WHO: Sun 14-Apr-2019 1am is a repeat, another Couples Show, shown 13-Mar-2019 on Challenge  

[14/04/2019 21:53] So that’s another 30-60 minutes saved  

OLD WHO: Sun 14-Apr-2019 2am is a repeat, another Couples Show, I missed the start shown 14-Mar-2019 on Challenge / now it’s complete, 6-1-01 

Some missing questions from the NEXT episode 

16k: Mandible is (jawbone) 

32k: Island of SUMATRA belongs to (INDONESIA) 


Cheque reads Rob Sawyer 6-1-1 

64k: Three Little Maids in the following Gilbert and Sullivan operetta: The Mikado / The Gondoliers / HMS Pinafore / The Pirates of Penzance [Ask the Audience: 72% The Mikado]  

REVISE: Three Little Maids in the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta The Mikado 

125k: Fish that catches insects by spitting at them and knocking them in the water: Targetfish / Archerfish / Dartfish / Spitterfish [He’s sure it’s ARCHERFISH and it is] 

REVISE: ARCHERFISH catches insects by spitting at them and knocking them in the water 

250k: Real name of American singer Garth Brooks: Enos / Troyal / Dilbert / Tregal [Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t say ANYTHING in response to the question – not a word / They don’t risk it / It’s TROYAL] 

Rob and Corinne Sawyer leave with 125k 

REVISE: Garth Brooks real first name: TROYAL  

10 new contestants 

FFF: Deadly sins in alphabetical order 

BCDA gives us: Avarice / Gluttony / Lust / Sloth 

6.10 get it right, Rod & Ann are fastest in 4.73s 

OLD WHO: Sun 14-Apr-2019 3am is a repeat, another Couples Show, I missed the start shown Fri 15-Mar-2019 on Challenge / now it’s complete, 15-3-01 

[14/04/2019 22:21] It’s taking a bit longer to flick through these, but here’s another that I missed the start of / We’re back with Lin and Ste on 64k 

64k: Bakewell, Edale and Castleton lie in which National Park: Lake District / North York Moors / Northumberland / Peak District [They’ve gone North York Moors but it’s PEAK DISTRICT] 

Lin and Ste leave with 32k 

Cheque reads Lin Morris 15-3-01  

FFF: Woody Allen films in order of release 

BDAC gives us: Sleeper / Annie Hall / Hannah and her Sisters / Bullets over Broadway 

4/8 get it right, David & Meriel fastest in 9.02s 

Civil engineer and Learning Support Assistant from Haverfordwest Pembrokeshre / 4 kids at home / They will pay son Matthew’s student loan if he stops his house looking like landfill / Her fancy: Ken Barlow, his: Lulu, “to make an interesting foursome” / She was his first girlfriend, he was her first boyfriend, married for 35 years