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More about Breakonium, and Search Engines

Back in February I wrote this piece about Breakonium, a non-existent element described by Nicholas Lezard in the New Statesman as “the most fragile substance on Earth”. I noted that a search for the word on The World’s Most Popular Search Engine yielded “about 19 results”. At the time the World’s Most Popular Search Engine… Continue reading More about Breakonium, and Search Engines

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Gloria Grahame and me

Last weekend I began a rather long piece about the 1979 movie “A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square”, which features Gloria Grahame, one of my favourite actresses. I noted: “She died in 1981 and her relationship with a young actor, Peter Turner, is recorded in his book “Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool”. You’re likely… Continue reading Gloria Grahame and me


“He stated firm”, anyway, and other misheard lyrics

I don’t dwell too much on misheard lyrics. There are a few examples of memorable misunderstandings, and some of them still amuse me, but if you stretch it too far the idea can become a little tedious. I remember many years ago finding a website that had numerous instances of them and by the time… Continue reading “He stated firm”, anyway, and other misheard lyrics

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Word of the week: alphabetical

“Alphabetical” is a weekday afternoon quiz show, another one we have added to the “series record” list on our multi-channel box. It sits alongside “The Chase”, “Pointless”, “Countdown”, “University Challenge”, “Mastermind” and “Only Connect”. Combined with episodes of “Have I Got News for You”, “Strictly Come Dancing” and “Upstart Crow”, and over 100 “Top of… Continue reading Word of the week: alphabetical