My first 38 gigs listed (1974-77) 

In a couple of recent posts on this Blog I have been revisiting some of the first gigs that I attended.  As mentioned in this one (“More about 1970s gigs, and a correction”), I have created a list of the first 38 that I went to, from November 1974 to late December 1977. It appears at the end of this piece, along with photos… Continue reading My first 38 gigs listed (1974-77) 

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More about 1970s gigs, and a correction

My recent memories of a gig by Cado Belle at the Music Machine, recorded here, have prompted me to make a list of the first 30 gigs that I attended. The first dozen or so are as fixed in my memory as my 8 Times Table. They’ve been there for 40 years and haven’t gone anywhere yet. I could recall them, in order, without any difficulty, but I… Continue reading More about 1970s gigs, and a correction

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Colin Tully RIP and Cado Belle at the Music Machine 

In addition to its daily Obituaries page, the Guardian publishes a series called “Other Lives” two or three times a week. It is introduced online as follows: “Obituaries pages traditionally describe and celebrate the lives of the great and good, the famous and infamous. There is another type of life that deserves noticing: people less in the… Continue reading Colin Tully RIP and Cado Belle at the Music Machine 

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UK #1s that contain multiple pronouns in their titles

I return to the subject of pronouns, something I wrote about in this post back in 2016. In case you need a reminder of what pronouns are, there are explanations in that earlier piece. You might receive emails these days from people who specify their preferred use of pronouns, typically he/him, she/her or they/their. I… Continue reading UK #1s that contain multiple pronouns in their titles

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“The piccalilli was the lurid colour of jaundice”

I continue to read very little. At the start of the year, I wrote this piece about “Reader’s Block”, prompted by Nigella Lawson using the phrase in a feature called “Books That Made Me”. I have read the odd book since January but am mostly out of the habit. My 14-year-old daughter has been making… Continue reading “The piccalilli was the lurid colour of jaundice”

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Nearly 13 weeks to fit a new coil

This post is the third and final instalment of a brief series about getting our car repaired. It has nothing to do with birth control.  Yesterday evening I collected our car (a 13-year-old Peugeot 307) from the service department of our local dealership. It had been there for exactly 13 weeks. It cost slightly less to repair than the initial quote, and for almost all of its… Continue reading Nearly 13 weeks to fit a new coil