Part 20

WWTBAM Prep, Part 20 (8-May-2019 to 14-May-2019)

Notes taken while watching the UK edition of WWTBAM, May 2019. New editions (2018 onwards, broadcast on ITV) are titled “NEW WHO:”, older editions are titled “WHO:” or “OLD WHO:” and were broadcast on Challenge; Celebrity editions, also broadcast on Challenge, are titled “SLEB WHO:”. Specific dates for these notes: 8-May-2019 to 14-May-2019 . [6,886 words in this piece.]

SLEB WHO: 4-May-2019 10pm on Challenge, 31-12-05, Bell and Dawson, Coe and Nell

[08/05/2019 13:44] Here’s one I haven’t seen before, Martin Bell and Matt Dawson / Bell, MP for TATTON, against Neil Hamilton (who has already been on the show)

Dawson: Played for Wasps, 72 caps so far, most capped SCRUM HALF in English rugby to that point

His girlfriend Joanne was a former Miss Ireland, he took her to the Sydney Opera House the night before the England Rugby World Cup victory in 2003

Charity: Unicef, all the WHO shows around the world will be supporting it throughout 2006 / Bell is a Unicef ambassador, mentions 50m AIDS orphans worldwide

1k: (Field Glasses) are binoculars chiefly for outdoor use

2k: (M40) links London and Birmingham

4k: Hagrid in the Harry Potter films played by (Robbie Coltrane) [The stunt double for Hagrid is one of Matt’s best friends]

8k: Gas most likely to be found in a light bulb: (Argon) / Chlorine / Methane / Hydrogen [Rather a lot of discussion before using 50/50 and being left with Chlorine too, they use Ask the Audience: 98% get it right, they get there eventually]

16k: Tourist would visit the ABU SIMBEL temples in: Turkey / Libya / Egypt / Greece [Phone-A-Friend: Bell’s nephew Oliver knows it’s EGYPT, a new one on me]

REVISE: ABU SIMBEL temples are in Egypt

32k: NOT a letter of the Greek alphabet: Gamma / Epsilon / (Meta) / Chi [Lots of discussion, they kind of know it’s Meta, but don’t risk it]

Bell and Dawson leave with 16k

Next pair: Sebastian Coe and NELL MCANDREW

Baron Coe of RANMORE / at this point the only man to win back to back 1500m Olympic golds

Nell was also an athlete, has run various marathons for charity / Bank clerk, model, was the human form of LARA CROFT / TV shows: MAN O MAN, the jungle with Ant & Dec

Her charity: NCH / His: PSP Association [Progressive Supranuclear Palsy], his mum died of it, he was involved from around 1993

She was an ambassador on the Olympic bid, helped to turn things rounds in Yorkshire, and ran the marathon in a time that would have been good enough to run for England some years

1k: In 2005 Malcolm Glazer took over (Man U)

[They’ve each had a glass of red wine out the back / They have a chat about the Olympic bid, and the night before the announcement, in Singapore, numerous multiple award winners saidthat they would swap all their medals to get over the line the next day]

2k: Americano is a (coffee)

4k: Joan Sutherland was a leading figure in this branch of the arts (Opera)

8k: Vermicide is used to kill (worms) [Ask the Audience: 25% worms, 26% snails, 7% frogs, 42% wasps / 50/50 leaves frogs too / Phone-A-Friend: her friend, Bill German, head of Hampton Hill Junior School Twickenham, would go with worms 60/40]

[And before they get the right answer Coe says, “We’ll make up the difference if we’re wrong”, which annoys me]

16k: A type of FABRIC: Annette / Georgette / Mariette / Suzette [She thinks GEORGETTE and she’s right, get in there; she says, “I don’t know Latin but I know my fabrics”]


32k: Capital of the region of Tuscany: Turin / (Florence) / Bologna / Genoa [He’s not sure but they go for it, “I broke a world record in Florence”, he says, and I can’t picture where the athletics stadium would be]

Cheque shows 31-12-05

64k: Professor Peach in the 1969 film “The Italian Job”: Dick Emery / Charlie Drake / Norman Wisdom / (Benny Hill) [Coe knew it]

125k: SIR MORTIMER WHEELER was most famous in this field: Astronomy / Medicine / Acting / ARCHAEOLOGY [Coe was pretty sure, I’d never heard of him]

REVISE: Sir Mortimer Wheeler was famous as an ARCHAEOLOGIST

250k: fictional detective who first appeared in the 1962 novel “Cover Her Face”: Lord Peter Wimsey / Hercule Poirot / Adam Dalgliesh / Kay Scarpetta [It’s one of two: Dalgleish or Scarpetta, and I’d go for the latter / But it’s ADAM DALGLIESH by PD JAMES – I didn’t even know that she had written those books / maybe it was a bit early for Kay Scarpetta]

Coe and Nell leave with 125k

REVISE: ADAM DALGLIESH by PD JAMES, Cover Her Face, was the first book to feature him, 1962 / Check who wrote Kay Scarpetta books, and when

[08/05/2019 14:13] Okay, let’s make a start on the next one

SLEB WHO: 5-May-2019 10pm on Challenge, Russell Grant and Sheila Ferguson

[08/05/2019 14:14] Russell Grant and Sheila Ferguson / He was on Celebrity Fit Club

Grant: Born Uxbridge, holds title of LORD OF The MANOR OF ASHFORD IN MIDDLESEX / Lives in North Wales, gave public reading to Queen Mother in 1978, which brought him to public acclaim

Sheila: Born Philadelphia, met Marvin Gaye something she really wanted to do, shared a bill at the Harlem Apollo, joined Three Degrees in 1966 / was in 4th series of “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”

Her charity: Parentalk, the importance of giving your children a hug, “There wouldn’t be so many people in prison if we all gave our children a hug”, parenting advice generally / His: WISE Communities, for young and old, partners other charities, currently Alzheimer’s and Dementia Trust, and a big project with Leukaemia Research for Anthony Nolan Trust, big T20 club competition with a final at the Rose Bowl

[08/05/2019 14:19] Interrupted

[08/05/2019 19:20] And now I’m back, for a few minutes at least

1k: (Ribbons) usually hang down from a maypole

[And now they’re wearing different clothes, he’s in a bright pink shirt – it was white, with a Union Jack tie]

2k: Plants that are native to mountain districts (Alpines)

4k: Harry Kewell joined (Liverpool) in 2003

8k: Duck or other meat cooked slowly in its own fat: Compote / Coulis / (Confit) / Consomme

16k: That’s living alright, song associated with TV series (Auf Wiedersehen, Pet) not Red Dwarf, Edge of Darkness or Between the Lines [Ask the Audience: 87% get it right]

REVISE: TV series: characters in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet, what even was Between the Lines?

32k: The resort of MONASTIR is in TUNISIA [Never heard of it, Russell Grant knew it]

REVISE: holiday resorts, MONASTIR is in TUNISIA

64k: Monarch when the Battle of Trafalgar was fought: (George III)

Cheque shows 22-4-06 (we didn’t see the first one)

125k: MILES COVERDALE made the first translation of which work into English: Bible / Koran / Magna Carta / Domesday Book [I’d guess the Koran, Phone-A-Friend said so too, but 50/50 has left us with Bible and Domesday Book / It’s The BIBLE, and they’ve gone for it]

REVISE: MILES COVERDALE, first translation of the Bible into English – how come I didn’t know that?

250k: In Greek mythology, the Hesperides guarded: Gateway to the Underworld / Fountain of wisdom / (Tree with golden apples) / Home of the Gods [They’re confident that it’s Gateway to the Underworld, and they lose 93k]

Russell Grant and Sheila Ferguson leave with 32k

Next pair: Oh no, it’s Piers Morgan and Ann Widdecombe / Her: Elected for Maidstone in 1987, Shadow Home and Health

Her charity: Safe Haven for donkeys in the Holy Land / His: Fire Services Benevolent Fund

1k: In the abbreviation ASBO the B stands for (Behaviour)

2k: Matthew Hoggard is most associated with (cricket)

[They’ve mentioned Morgan getting thumped by Clarkson more than once and also I Heart Ann Widdecombe underwear, which apparently was a big seller in 2001 election campaign]

4k: Ostriches are native to this continent (Africa) [Ask the Audience: 89% get it right]

[08/05/2019 19:43] And that’s the end of the show

8 hours of quizzing so far today

[08/05/2019 19:53] It’s less than I hoped for, but it comprises the following: 1x “The Chase” / 4x “Eggheads” / 3x “Who wants to be a millionaire?”

There were also FOUR episodes of Pop Master, so well over 8 hours there

I also flicked through “The Only Quiz Book You’ll Ever Need” and read about 90 questions (6 x 15 I think). I was doing this more for new knowledge than as a test: there were tricky questions about sport, like Olympics, Football World Cup and top women sportsmen / Also politics and religion

19.56 The Ajax v Spurs game will be on. I’ll keep at least one eye on that one.

22.03 Bloody hell, Spurs have just won the game 3-2 with almost the final kick of the game, and they’re through to the final. I’m going to watch some quizzes.

QUIZ: 60 mins: OLD WHO: 7-May-2019 10pm on Challenge, 10-12-05

[08/05/2019 22:04] Emma Jensen returns

16k: “On a clothes care label, what does a triangle with a cross through it mean?” Do not iron / Do not tumble dry / Do not dry clean / Do not bleach [Ask the Audience: 18% 24% 28% 30%, in that order / 50/50 leaves Do not tumble dry and DO NOT BLEACH, which is the right answer]

REVISE: Clothes care labels, I looked them up in Schott’s Miscellany, and all the triangles are to do with BLEACH / A triangle with a cross through it means Do Not Bleach / A square with a circle inside is tumble dry, and the number of DOTS in the circle = heat, 1 2 or 3 /

32k: “Which instrument features in the score to the classic film comedy Genevieve?” Oboe / Trumpet / Violin / Harmonica [Phone-A-Friend: her dad, doesn’t know / she doesn’t risk it / I think it’s HARMONICA, and it is]

Emma Jensen leaves with 16k

FFF: Items of food and drink in the order they would normally be consumed at a meal

CDBA gives us: Gazpacho / Boeuf Bourgignon / Zabaglione / Liqueur

6/9 get it right, same names as Emma Jensen’s list above, Lyn Pringle is fastest in 4.28s

A hospitality manager from York, has a friend in the audience / husband Keith is a Phone-A-Friend, daughter and dog at home / She wants to build a mud room for the dog’s muddy paw-prints

1k: Former Goodie Bill Oddie now presents shows about (Nature)

[She starts as a hospitality manager at Betty’s Tea Rooms the following Monday]

2k: Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger, who became Pope in 2005, was born in (Germany) [Bavarian]

4k: According to a folk song, on which moor might you be found “baht ‘at” (Ilkley Moor)

8k: (Kim Clijsters) tennis player who broke off her engagement to Lleyton Hewitt in 2004 [Ask the Audience: 55% get it right, 30% go for Capriati / 50/50 leaves Serena as well]

16k: Actor Bela Lugosi best known for (Horror) films

32k: Margaret Thatcher took a degree in (Chemistry) at university

[Her suit looks similar, but Tarrant is definitely in new gear, so this is a new show from the original broadcasts]

64k: London square named after a 16th century-born Earl: Berkeley Square / Leicester Square / Sloane Square / Trafalgar Square [Leicester I think, definitely not Sloane or Trafalgar / Phone-A-Friend: pretty sure it’s LEICESTER SQUARE, and it is]

Cheque shows 10-12-05

REVISE: Leicester Square is named after a 16th century earl / Who is Berkeley Square named after?

125k: The Vistula River empties into this body of water: (Baltic Sea) / Black Sea / Adriatic Sea / Caspian Sea [If North Sea had been there, I might have gone for it, but it must be the Baltic / she doesn’t risk it]

Lyn Pringle leaves with 64k

10 new contestants: Tony Hussey, Amanda Brooks, Phil German, Bridget Rose, Mick Clark, Elizabeth Northey, Mike Reeves, Rick Williamson, Joy Cavell, Eric Kilby

FFF: ITV programmes in the order they were first seen

CADB gives us: Ready steady go / Emmerdale Farm / Spitting Image / Pop Idol

63 / 72 / 84 / 01

6/10 get it right, Elizabeth Northey is fastest in 3.85s

A wife and mum from Guernsey / Her step-daughter is in the audience, husband and twins are at home, grandchildren too / Loves the show, has wanted to get on it since it was first broadcast, loves knowing the answer before the 4 options come up

1k: (King) is the only piece in chess that can be put in check

[Born in England after her dad was evacuated in 1940, she first visited Guernsey in 1965 on holiday, the 3 kids all loved it, and wanted to live there; the following year they moved back as a family / She speaks clearly and in detail about 8k and 16k questions that would have left her at a standstill]

2k: Band that reformed in 2005 for Live 8 in Hyde Park: (Pink Floyd) not Boney M, Abba or Slade [Ask the Audience: 95% get it right]

4k: Nationality of the Marquis de Sade (French)

[They talk about having a boat, a 30ft cruising yacht that’s 12 years old]

8k: Charlie Chaplin was born in (London)

16k: Art movement that began in the 1950s: Art Nouveau / Surrealism / (Pop Art) / Art Deco

32k: 18th century baker from Bath, after whom a teacake was named: (Sally Lunn) / Sarah Siddons / Polly Perkins / Nell Gwynn

Cheque reads 10-12-05

REVISE: cakes and bakers, Sally Lunn from Bath 18th C baker, a teacake is named after her / Who was POLLY PERKINS?

64k: Orson Welles 1938 broadcast of War of the Worlds featured an alien invasion of GROVERS MILL in which US state? Delaware / Washington / California / New Jersey [50/50 leaves Washington and New Jersey / It’s NEW JERSEY / Tough question]

REVISE: Orson Welles 1938 broadcast of War of the Worlds, alien invasion of GROVERS MILL in New Jersey

125k: Britain’s oldest professional football club: (Notts County) / Stoke City / Port Vale / Tranmere Rovers [Phone-A-Friend: 90% sure]

[08/05/2019 22:36] And that’s the end of the show

OLD WHO: 8-May-2019, 10pm on Challenge, 10-12-05 and 17-12-05

[09/05/2019 12:07] Okay, will try and get this done in 30 minutes / Unfamiliar contestants and questions

Elizabeth Northey returns on 125k on 10-12-05

[A story about her being in the Miss Guernsey competition in 1972 – because they were short of competitors]

250k: In 1969 Olof Palme became prime minister of (Sweden) Luxembourg Belgium Switzerland [She goes for it, after some hesitation, and then a break]

It’s still 10-12-05

500k: The FIRST Astronomer Royal: John Flamsteed / Edmund Halley / William Herschel / Isaac Newton [Not Newton, I think it’s Flamsteed / she doesn’t know or risk it, she would have gone for Newton / It is FLAMSTEED]

Elizabeth Northey leaves with 250k

REVISE: Astronomers Royal, the FIRST was JOHN FLAMSTEED /

FFF: Animals in order of average length, start with LONGEST

ADBC gives us: Blue Whale / Nile Crocodile / Ferret / Harvest Mouse

6/9 get it right, it’s the same list as above with Bridget Rose, Bridget Rose is fastest in 3.30s

A former civil servant from Lewes in East Sussex, partner John is in the audience / She would like a home with a balcony overlooking Lake Como

1k: Main diet of a cormorant: (Fish)

2k: Oliver Letwin is a (Tory) [50/50 leaves Green Party too]

4k: (Mel Gibson) directed The Passion of the Christ

8k: The scientist Hertz, after whom the unit of frequency is named, was (German), not Italian French or Spanish

REVISE: FIRST name of German scientist Hertz, unit of frequency named after him

16k: Topped the charts in 1957 with Cumberland Gap (Lonnie Donegan) [Ask the Audience: 74% get it right]

32k: The bridge known locally as the BLINKING EYE spans this river (Tyne), not Dee Severn or Irwell

REVISE: Bridges, the BLINKING EYE spans the Tyne

64k: Author who lived at GREENWAY HOUSE in Devon: Arthur Conan Doyle / Dorothy L Sayers / (Agatha Christie) / GK Chesterton [I think that this came up recently on a quiz, where someone was a fan of Agatha Christie and had visited her house, I think she said Greenway / the contestant has heard of it too]

Cheque shows 17-12-05

REVISE: GREENWAY HOUSE in Devon was the home of Agatha Christie

125k: 1954, First BBC “Sports Personality of the Year”: Stirling Moss / Mary Rand / (Chris Chataway) / Jim Laker [I’m pretty sure it’s Chataway / Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know, would guess Stirling Moss, she would have gone for Chris Chataway if she’d had to guess, and it’s the right answer]

REVISE: SPOTY winners, just seen the first quiz question for a while [09/05/2019 12:24] about first winner, 1954: it was Chris Chataway [2021: I have revised my SPOTY winners, and Blogged about them, so I’m much more comfortable about these questions now]

Bridget Rose leaves with 64k

10 new contestants: Gerry Hodge, Steve Riddell, David Saunderson, Andrew Lyman, Jon Hayward, Don Abbott, Brian Crowther, Chris Wall, Phil Bennion, Mark Bytheway [not a woman among them]

FFF: Island groups in order from north to south

DACB gives us: Orkneys / Balearics / Galapagos / Falklands

4/10 get it right, Andrew Lyman is fastest in 3.51s

A site supervisor from Castleford in West Yorkshire / His mate Peter in the audience, wife and 2 kids at home / Wants to take a boat to New York / He hates flying so much that even airport signs make his palms sweaty / we are shown a photo of him aged 18 months, crying because he hasn’t got what he wants, holding an empty purse

1k: Foxes belong to this family of animals: Bear / Weasel / Dog / Cat [Tough 1k question there, I’d go for DOG / 50/50 leaves dog and weasel / Ask the Audience: 86% go for dog, and it’s the RIGHT answer] [Male fox is called a DOG fox]

REVISE: Foxes belong to this family of animals: DOGS

2k: Richard Clayderman is most associated with (Piano)

4k: Vet and author James Herriot is most associated with: Fens / (Yorkshire Dales) / East End / Lake District

[Finbar the leprechaun is his good luck symbol, given by his neighbour]

8k: David Sheppard, former Bishop of Liverpool, CAPTAINED England in (Cricket) [I didn’t know he was captain, I thought he just played]

16k: Amendment to the US Constitution that guarantees free speech: (First) / Fifth / Seventh / Tenth

REVISE: Amendments to US Constitution / 18th = Prohibition, 21st = end of Prohibition

32k: Frederic CHOPIN airport is in: Vienna / Budapest / (Warsaw) / Prague [I assume it’s Warsaw because he’s Polish / Phone-A-Friend: Is sure it’s Warsaw]

Cheque shows 17-12-05, and Finbar the Leprechaun holds onto it, stuck in his shirt pocket

REVISE: Airports named after people, plenty of new ones that I probably haven’t come across / Frederic CHOPIN airport is in Warsaw

64k: Colour that takes its name from French word for FLEA: PUCE [I might have guessed that, but it’s good to know]

REVISE: The colour PUCE takes its name from the French word for FLEA

[09/05/2019 12:38] And that’s the end of the show, 31 minutes of my time

3 hours of quizzing this morning, including some “Eggheads”, over 1500 words of typing

Andrew Lyman to return next time

WHO: 9-May-2019 10pm on Challenge, 14-1-06 definitely, end of 17-12-05 as well?

[10/05/2019 10:14] Andrew Lyman returns

125k: The tallest US President: Harry S Truman / James Madison / George Washington / Abraham Lincoln [I’m pretty sure it’s Lincoln, especially with the alternative answers, he’d have gone for Truman, but it was LINCOLN, 6ft4in]

REVISE: Tallest US President: Lincoln was taller than Madison, Washington, Truman / Was he the tallest ever? And how tall was he?

Andrew Lyman leaves with 64k

FFF: Answers to sums in order from largest to smallest

I went wrong again, with CADB, putting things in the wrong order

It should be BDAC: 12 cubed / 12 squared / 12 divided by 3 / 12 divided by 4

4/9 get it right, Don Abbott is fastest in 6.94s [same names as previous episode]

A mature student from Carmarthenshire, his uncle Tony is in the audience / His 19 year old son, sent a text saying “I still wuv ya”

1k: Hunter (gatherers) exist on food obtained in the wild

2k: A bustard is a (bird)

4k: Comic-book character who is a “Mild-mannered reporter”: Bruce Wayne / Peter Parker / (Clark Kent) / Billy Batson [Ask the Audience: 88% get it right]

REVISE: Comic-book characters Bruce Wayne / Peter Parker / Clark Kent / Billy Batson – who is BILLY BATSON?

8k: A country with a monarch: Taiwan / Tanzania / Tunisia / (Thailand) [50/50 leaves Tunisia too]

REVISE: Thailand monarchs, didn’t it change recently?

16k: In Greek mythology ATLAS was a member of this race: (Titans) / Cyclops / Centaurs / Gorgons [I feel confident about this one, but would I be so confident in the hot seat? I think so, especially by elimination. Phone-A-Friend: he’s sure]

32k: PENINSULAR War of 19th C took place on this peninsula: Balkan / Scandinavian / (Iberian) / Ukrainian [“That’s all she wrote, I’m out of here” he says, and “No ways” / He would go for Balkans if he had to answer it]

Don Abbott leaves with 16k

10 new contestants: Tony Barton / Theresa Faloon / Neil Bown / Peter Lock / James Plaskett / Gordon Milne / John Kirwin / Shelley Clossick / Luke Hutchings / Jim Biss

FFF: Animal films in order of release

CBAD gives us: Lassie Come Home / Born Free / Babe / Finding Nemo

1943 / 66 / 95 / 03

7/10 get it right, Luke Hutchings is fastest in 4.28s

A solicitor from Spalding Lincs / Brother in the audience / Back living with his parents after doing his degree, would like to put down a deposit on a new home / some of his colleagues think they should buy a pub together around the corner from their office

1k: “Bookie” is an abbreviation of (Bookmaker)

[He likes a bet / As well as the idea of buying a pub, maybe buying a Caribbean island for running a casino, with his brother, passing trade from cruise ships / he’s 26]

2k: Event that features in Samuel Pepys Diary: (Great Fire of London)

4k: (Grease) film musical set in and around RYDELL HIGH, it’s not Moulin Rouge, Fame or Little Shop of Horrors

8k: Branch of philosophy that covers reasoning and argument: (Logic) / Metaphysics / Ethics / Aesthetics [Ask the Audience: 76% get it right]

16k: US astronaut elected a Democratic SENATOR FOR OHIO in 1974: Buzz Aldrin / Neil Armstrong / (John Glenn) / Alan Shepard [50/50 leaves Aldrin too]

REVISE: For the record, John Glenn was elected as Democrat Senator for OHIO in 1974

32k: Background to the Isle of Man flag is this colour: Blue / White / Gold / RED [Nope, didn’t know that, can’t picture it and it’s NOT on my flags poster]

Cheque shows 14-1-06

REVISE: UK regional flags like Cornwall, Isle of Man (which has a RED background)

64k: LORD OF The ISLES and PRINCE AND GREAT STEWARD of SCOTLAND: Prince Philip / PRINCE CHARLES / Prince Andrew / Prince Edward [He’s gone for it – I wasn’t sure if it was Philip or Charles]

REVISE: More Royal Titles: Lord of the Isles and Prince and Great Steward of Scotland: PRINCE CHARLES

125k: The AUNT in Graham Greene’s Travels with my aunt: Esmerelda / Hilda / Augusta / Jemima [I think it’s Augusta / Phone-A-Friend: “No idea” but would guess Augusta / I’ve just checked my Penguin edition and it is AUGUSTA]

Luke Hutchings leaves with 64k

REVISE: Graham Greene books, AUGUSTA is the aunt in Travels with my aunt, published 1969

FFF: Authors in order they were born

CDAB gives us: Aesop / William Shakespeare / Charles Dickens / JRR Tolkien

He says Aesop was 6th century, should that be 6th century BC? / 1564 / 1812 / 1892

7/9 get it right, James Plaskett is fastest in 3.03s

A chess grandmaster and writer originally from Bedford now lives in ALICANTE / Friend and fellow Grandmaster Stu is in the audience / Wife Fiona and 9 year old son are in Spain / He doesn’t want to tempt fate by saying what he would spend the money on, but would like another house back here in the UK because he misses it so much

1k: (Silver bullet) is said to kill a werewolf

2k: Usually kept in a JARDINIERE: cigars / Jewellery / Plants / Wine [Never heard of this, nor has he, I assume it’s PLANTS, but it’s a tough question for 2k / It is PLANTS]

REVISE: A Jardiniere is used to keep PLANTS

4k: Actress gave birth to twins Hazel and Phinnaeus in 2004: Catherine Zeta-Jones / Liv Tyler / Julia Roberts / Angelina Jolie [No idea, apart from it’s NOT Liv / He says Julie Roberts Final Answer very quickly and he’s right: JULIA ROBERTS]

REVISE: Celebrity births and names / JULIA ROBERTS twins, born 2004, are Hazel and Phinnaeus

[10/05/2019 10:49] And that’s the end of the show, I’m relieved about that, it’s many hours since I watched and noted a quiz show

OLD WHO: 10-May-2019 10pm on Challenge, 21-1-06

[10/05/2019 23:44] James Plaskett is back, the chess grandmaster from the last show

8k: AVEBURY is in (Wiltshire) [I wasn’t sure if it was there or Somerset]

16k: Hob and gill are the male and female of this animal: Fox / Squirrel / Rabbit / FERRET [Never heard of that]

REVISE: Animals, Hob and Gill are male and female FERRET

32k: The 2004 film De-Lovely is a biopic of which American composer: George Gershwin / (Cole Porter) / Jerome Kern / Irving Berlin [At last, one that I know / He keeps doing this thing of sounding like he’s guessing very quickly but getting it right]

Cheque covers 21-1-06

[“I’m not really feeling anything at all” / 35,000 questions in the computer per series, says Tarrant, “How can you prepare?”]

64k: To whom did Agatha Christie dedicate her novel “The Mirror Crack’d from Side to Side”? David Suchet / Joan Hickson / Margaret Rutherford / Peter Ustinov [It’s Margaret Rutherford, which I might have guessed at / I am watching in REAL TIME for a change, rather than fast-forwarding, and it’s SLOW]

There have been 4 millionaires up to this point

125k: Mother of Charles II and James II: Anne Boleyn / Eleanor of Aquitaine / (Henrietta Maria) / Anne of Denmark [Another one I can work out, children of Charles I / He’s doing it again, saying the answer really quickly after going on for a minute or two / Anne of Denmark was wife of James I, the other two answers are way earlier]

250k: Crispin is the patron saint of which craftsmen: Thatchers / (Shoemakers) / Coopers / Clockmakers [Another one I know / He’s using his first lifeline, Phone-A-Friend: his wife, she thinks it’s shoemakers but wouldn’t risk it / 50/50 leaves Clockmakers too, which he has already questioned and dismissed / He laughs at the word Clockmakers, “You’re getting hysterical now James” / He has been talking about “The wisdom of the crowd” for a few minutes and now uses Ask the Audience: 62% get it right / He’s done that thing again, eyes closed, deep breath, look away, “Final answer, shoemakers”]

500k: Astronaut who never set foot on the moon: JIM LOVELL / Edgar Mitchell / James Irwin / Charles Duke [It is odd watching it in real time, I’m so used to forwarding through episodes / He says, again very quickly, “Take-the-money” / His thought was Charles Duke / My first thought was Jim Lovell, who I think was played by Tom Hanks in Apollo 13, and if so he never made it back to the moon]

James Plaskett leaves with 250k

REVISE: all the men who have set foot on the moon: JIM LOVELL did NOT / the following did: Edgar Mitchell, James Irwin, Charles Duke / From memory I think that there have been 12, and Alan Cernan was the last

10 new contestants: Paul Wheeler, Beth Davies, Marcus Brant, Mike Reeves, Eddie Charlesworth, Tony Wild, Roger Canwell, Karen Dack, Dot Fell, Phil German

FFF: Bibilical characters in order they first appear in Old Testament

I went wrong with CABD: Adam / Eve / Abel / Cain

It should be CADB: Adam / Eve / Cain / Abel

Sloppy, I should have known that CAIN was older than Abel

Only 1/10 gets it right, Eddie Charlesworth in 5.65s

A credit controller from Reading Berkshire / neighbour Angie is in the audience / 19 year old son, would buy 2 cars with a big win, one for the son and an open-top red Ferrari for himself

1k: Black Forest gateau comes from (Germany)

2k: Occupation of Ashley Peacock in “Coronation Street”: Baker / (Butcher) / Haberdasher / Teacher [That’s information from when I used to watch “Coronation Street”, not sure I’d know about characters from the last 10 years]

4k: SPITHEAD is a stretch of water between mainland Britain and this island: Anglesey / Isle of Man / Isle of Aran / Isle of Wight [ISLE OF WIGHT, he’s sure of that]

REVISE: UK islands, SPITHEAD is stretch of water between mainland Britain and Isle of Wight

8k: DENNIS RODMAN is most associated with: (Basketball) / American football / Baseball / Ice hockey [68% get it right]

REVISE: Basketball players, DENNIS RODMAN, I just looked him up – he played for the Chicago Bulls and the Detroit PISTONS, San Antonio Spurs, LA Lakers – was known as The WORM / he’s in the news today [11/05/2019 00:24] over accusations that he was in a trio who robbed a Yoga Studio]

16k: First Scottish solo singer to make her debut in the singles charts at #1: Annie Lennox / Lulu / Sheena Easton / (Michelle McManus) [Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know, thinks it’s Lulu / 50/50 leaves Lulu too / He goes for Lulu and loses 7k / It has to be MM: None of the others have had a solo UK #1 single]

Eddie Charlesworth leaves with 1k

FFF: North to south, TV sitcoms and where they’re based

CDBA gives us: Rab C Nesbitt / Likely Lads / Last of the Summer Wine / Dad’s Army

5/9 get it right, Roger Canwell is fastest in 4.69s

A former accountant from Norwich / a son in the audience and another at home / A 6 year old granddaughter too /

[And just before the 500 quid question there’s a change of shirt, from red to white, so we’re in a different show in the original broadcasts]

1k: (4) months of the year do not contain the letter R

2k: A BAFTA award is in the shape of: Hand / (Face) / Chest / Foot [Ask the Audience: 85% get it right]

4k: The INDIVIDUAL PURSUIT is a discipline in this sport: Gymnastics / (Cycling) / Athletics / Show Jumping

[11/05/2019 00:38] And that’s the end of the show, Roger Canwell will return at some point

OLD WHO: And I’ve found the Mark Labbett episode, recording onto the hard drive now

[11/05/2019 01:54] It was on the TV box, from 27 May 2018, missing a few minutes at the start, but everything from the TARTE TATIN question through to his 64k question, which he got wrong

1.56 And now it’s time for bed

OLD WHO: 11-May-2019 11pm on Challenge, 6-5-06 [repeated Mon 27-May-2018 10pm]

[12/05/2019 00:14] Watching without subtitles, because I forgot to turn them on when recording onto the hard drive

Dennis Shannon returns, he doesn’t look familiar

16k: (Therese) is the saint associated with Lisieux, he doesn’t risk it

Dennis Shannon leaves with 16k

10 new contestants: Leana Ayres / Maria Broughton / Paul Dando / Maria Shackleton / Brian Storey / Bill Balfour / Simon Barnett / Helen Walmsley / Ann Shelley / Colin Edwards

FFF: people in order they married one of the queen’s children

CADB gives us: Mark Phillips / Sarah Ferguson / Sophie Rhys Jones / Camilla Parker-Bowles

1973 / 1986 / 1999 / 2005

6/10 get it right, Maria Shackleton is fastest in 3.48s

Just one call, because the family have a big VAT bill to pay / A hairdresser from Borden in Hampshire / husband and 2 sons at home / son’s boyfriend in the audience / would like a big holiday in Egypt and then buy a villa in Tuscany

1k: (Butter), not yogurt, cheese and so on, is a type of bean

[Chat about being a hairdresser, she says it’s a great job if you’re nosy]

2k: Fabric that’s most likely to be stone-washed: (Denim)

4k: In TV sitcom Open All Hours, what was the relationship of Granville to Arkwright: Nephew / Brother / Son / Cousin [NEPHEW, I thought so, but it’s another one where I might not have been so confident in the hot seat]

8k: Port Vale FC is based in (Stoke-on-Trent) [Ask the Audience: 64% get it right]

16k: “The game is afoot” is a phrase most associated with this fictional detective: (Sherlock Holmes) / Inspector Maigret / Miss Marple / Inspector Wexford [50/50 leaves Sherlock and Maigret /

32k: NOT the name of a space shuttle: Endurance / Endeavour / Atlantis / Discovery [Tough one, I wouldn’t have enjoyed these questions at all / Phone-A-Friend: her husband, he thinks Endurance / I think it’s Atlantis but I’m wrong / She goes for Endurance and it’s right]

REVISE: Space Shuttles: Endeavour, Atlantis and Discovery were all shuttles, but ENDURANCE was NOT

Cheque shows 6-5-06

64k: Who was archbishop of Canterbury when the Church of England first ordained women priests? Donald Coggan / George Carey / Robert Runcie / Geoffrey Fisher [I’m pretty sure it’s Carey, but I have not enjoyed these questions at all / definitely not Coggan or Fisher / She goes for Runcie and that’s it for her, it is GEORGE CAREY]

Maria Shackleton leaves with 32k

REVISE: Archbishops of Canterbury / George Carey was in office when the Church of England first ordained women priests / Check dates of primates post-1900: Donald Coggan / George Carey / Robert Runcie / Geoffrey Fisher

FFF: Start with USA and work east, musicals in order of geographical setting

DBCA gives us: Westside Story / Oliver! / The Sound of Music / The King and I

3/9 get it right, Simon Barnett is fastest in 5.71s

A hypnotist from Shipston-on-Stour in Warwickshire  / wife in the audience, 2 kids at home (we see a photo) / He’s using self-hypnosis to clear his mind of clutter, he says

1k: (Cuckoo) Bird whose song is traditionally a sign that spring has arrived

[More chat about hypnosis and trance]

2k: Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata was composed for (Piano)

4k: Country that is a monarchy: (Netherlands) / Germany / Italy / Portugal

8k: Nationality of F1 driver Giancarlo FISICHELLA: French / Italian / Brazilian / Finnish [Ask the Audience: 71% say ITALIAN, which is right / I think I might have gone Brazilian, I’m not into this show’s questions at all: I certainly wouldn’t have been ready for them in May 2006, when it was broadcast]

[He and his wife met at the bar at Guy’s Hospital / he was fixing dentures, her necklace was broken, he fixed it for her in his lab]

16k: City where Abraham Lincoln was assassinated: Chicago / New York / New Orleans / Washington DC [I’m pretty sure it’s Washington DC / Phone-A-Friend: Washington “for sure, 100%”]

32k: The title of Cilla Black’s autobiography, published in 2003: Surprise Surprise / Something Tells Me / Step Inside Love / What’s it all about [I’d go for What’s it all about / 50/50 leaves him with that and Step inside love / Bloody hell, watching in real time is really tedious / He clearly doesn’t recognize Step Inside Love as a Cilla Black song and finally he goes for it: it is WHAT’S IT ALL ABOUT]

Cheque shows 6-5-06

[12/05/2019 00:51] And that’s the end of the show

REVISE: Cilla Black autobiography was called What’s it all about

OLD WHO: Sat/ Sun 11/12-May-2019, midnight to 1am, Simon Barnett 32k 6-5-05, Richard Parnell 125k 13-5-06 [repeated Tue 28-May-2019, 10pm]

[12/05/2019 00:52] straight on with the next one, and Simon Barnett is back on 32k

64k: John OPIE, born in the 18th century, was famous in which field: Mathematics / Painting / Music / Medicine [No idea / He goes for Medicine eventually, but the right answer is PAINTING]

Simon Barnett leaves with 32k 6-5-05

REVISE: John OPIE and painting [August 2021: I don’t recall coming across John Opie again in the 2+ years since I originally made these notes]

10 new contestants: Richard Parnell, Paul Matthews, Juliet Kay, Stephen Armstrong, Andrew Adams, Gabriel Kemlo, Paul Copley, Lisa Ford, Sian Dolan, Mike Abbott

FFF: Tennis players in order of winning 3 consecutive Wimbledon titles

CADB gives us: Fred Perry / Bjorn Borg / Pete Sampras / Roger Federer

5/10 get it right, Richard Parnell is fastest in 2.78s

[12/05/2019 01:01] That’s all I’m going to watch, there’s most of the show still to watch on the hard drive

It ends with Paul Copley on 32k / WHO: the next one, 1am on Sun 12-May-2019 starts with Paul Copley on 32k (and getting to 64k on 27-5-06) and it’s recording for the next 2 hours – there are FIVE hours of shows tonight, from 10pm to 3am (1 SLEB and 4 usual) and I don’t have notes on ANY of them

[14/05/2019 00:09] Okay, I’m back to clear this hour’s worth of TV

He’s a teacher from Cardiff / childhood friend in the audience, his nickname was Pancake / he wants to spend the money on renovations, especially his dodgy bathroom

1k: Masai people can be found on this continent (Africa)

[More chat: he organized trips to Europe after college, was a cop in London for 5 years, now teaches English as a 2nd language to immigrants from Eastern Europe]

2k: (Prettily) is the adverb in “The loud bell rang prettily”

4k: English county and a 4-wheeled horse-drawn vehicle (Surrey) [A recent quiz question was “How many wheels does a Surrey have?” and I didn’t know it was 4]

8k: Coley is: (Fish) / Poultry / Fungus / Vegetable [Ask the Audience: 90% get it right]

16k: Ricky Hatton is known for (Boxing)

32k: BISHOP ROCK lighthouse was built near: Scilly Isles / Channel Islands / Lundy / Anglesey [No idea / 50/50 leaves Scilly Isles and Lundy / Phone-A-Friend: he knows it’s SCILLY ISLES]

REVISE: Rocks, lighthouses, BISHOPS ROCK is a lighthouse near Scilly Isles

Cheque shows 13-5-06

64k: (Michael Heseltine) brandished the mace in the House of Commons in 1976

125k: Robert de Niro’s first film as director: (A Bronx Tale) not Manhattan, Queens or Brooklyn

250k: Abba song that did NOT reach #1 in the UK charts: Super Trouper / Dancing Queen / (SOS) / Mamma Mia [That’s an easy 250k question for me / he doesn’t risk it, but would have gone for SOS if there was no money at stake – it got to #6]

Richard Parnell leaves with 125k

FFF: Starting with spring, seasonal features in order they are usually first seen

DABC gives us: Blossom on trees / Wimbledon tennis / Falling leaves / Christmas Cards

7/9 get it right, Paul Copley is fastest in 3.00s

A former science teacher from BURLEY in WHARFEDALE / Wife Roz in the audience, 2 kids at home / He’s trying to decide what career to pursue next / With 1m he would cry a lot and need champagne to help him get over the shock

1k: Roasting and grinding is part of making (coffee)

2k: BATEAUX MOUCHE are (pleasure boats) in Paris

4k: A plant with edible leaves: (Swiss Chard) not French, Belgian or Norwegian

8k: (Ding Dong Merrily on High) is the Christmas carol with a chorus that ends “Hosannah in excelsis” [50/50 also leaves In the Bleak Midwinter]

16k: David Cameron’s youngest son, born February 2006: Frederick / Harold / Arthur / Albert [No idea, Ask the Audience: 55% go Arthur, 24% Frederick, 12% Harold, 9% Albert, Phone-A-Friend: She knows it’s Arthur]

REVISE: prime minister children, David Cameron’s son born Feb 2006 is ARTHUR, and wasn’t there another child born when he was PM?

32k: Where did THOMAS MINTON found his pottery factory: Worcester / Limoges / Chelsea / Stoke-on-Trent [Another one I’ve never heard of / He has a go at STOKE-ON-TRENT, and it’s the right answer]

REVISE: THOMAS MINTON founded his pottery factory in Stoke-on-Trent

Cheque shows 13-5-06

[14/05/2019 00:34] And that’s the end of the show / The next one is much further down, at 14-May-2019