Part 3

WWTBAM Prep, Part 3 (12-Feb-2019 to 19-Feb-2019)

Notes taken while watching the UK edition of WWTBAM, February 2019. New editions (2018 onwards, broadcast on ITV) are titled “NEW WHO:”, older editions are titled “WHO:” or “OLD WHO:” and were broadcast on Challenge. Specific dates for these notes: 12-Feb-2019 to 19-Feb-2019. [6,869 words in this piece.]

OLD WHO: On Challenge 9-Feb-2019 10pm, 11-12-2000

[12/02/2019 21:00] This is a THREE HOUR recording from Saturday night/ Sunday morning. It starts with Gareth Welch, in an orange shirt on 11-12 (and the year is completely obscured)

32k: Which novelist also writes under the name Barbara Vine (Ruth Rendell) not PD James [I have notes on the episode BEFORE this, or at least I kept an eye on it [Just checked, it’s in a Temp document, from 24/1/2019, with the head teacher from Hatch End / but this is the first time I’ve seen the 64k question]

64k: Which denomination Bank of England note portrays a cricket match between Dingley Dell and All-Muggleton? £5 £10 £20 £50 [He uses Ask the Audience and they’re pretty evenly split, 32% 10 and 32% 50 / I think I’d go £10, as he has – I think it’s Dickens

REVISE: Dingley Dell and All-Muggleton, the cricket match on the back of the old £10 note, from Dickens I assume / Other Dickens characters and places as they arise

Okay, it’s 11/12/00, clearly shown on the 64k cheque

125k: “Which weather forecasting sea area surrounds the Orkneys and the Shetlands?” Fisher / Viking / Dogger / Fair Isle [If there was no money on it I’d probably have gone Fair Isle / so would he, and it’s the right answer: Fair Isle]

Gareth Welch leaves with 64k

Revise: Shipping forecast areas: FAIR ISLE surrounds the Orkneys and Shetlands, NOT Fisher Viking or Dogger: where are they?

10 new contestants

FFF: “Coronation Street” characters in the order they first appeared:

CBAD gives us: Ken Barlow / Stan Ogden / Percy Sugden / Les Battersby

6/10 got it right, John McCool in 4.15s is quickest

There’s chat before the questions this time / sometimes they just jump in with the questions, and this chat includes this guy’s dream dates – Kylie and Elle McPherson in his case, in Sydney

1k: Silver Service in a (restaurant)

2k: Top 10 hit for Fat Les in 1998 (Vindaloo)

4k: (Dick van Dyke) plays Bert opposite Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins [He uses Ask the Audience and 94% give the right answer]

8k: (Willow) is the wood used to make cricket bats

16k: State capital of Texas is (Austin)

32k: “According to classical mythology what was given to those who ate “ambrosia”, the food of the gods?” Strength / Beauty / Immortality / Wealth [I assume it’s immortality, but I don’t know / he uses Phone-A-Friend / she thinks so too but isn’t sure / It IS IMMORTALITY]

REVISE: Greek Myth, AMBROSIA, food of the gods, would give immortality

The cheque shows 14-12-00

64k: Starting point for the Great North Run to South Shields: Gateshead / Newcastle / Sunderland / Tynemouth [I think it’s Gateshead, but am not sure / He thinks so too, but he’s wrong: it’s NEWCASTLE]

John McCool gets 32k on 14-12-00

REVISE: Great North Run, figures and route / Starts: Newcastle, finishes: South Shields

FFF: Starting with the lightest, put these winds in the order they feature on the Beaufort Scale

BDCA gives us: Light breeze / Strong breeze / Gale / Hurricane

Revise: The Beaufort Scale [Here’s 4 of them, in order, from a FFF: Light breeze / Strong breeze / Gale / Hurricane]

6/9 got it right, Gary Bishop is fastest in 4.16s

Again, we have chat before the questions, he’s from Brentwood and wearing Homer Simpson socks

1k: A herb: (Basil) not Bob or Bertie

2k: A sport in which the British nickname the pitch “The park”: Soccer / Lacrosse / Cricket / Polo [He’s used Ask the Audience and they’re split / he’s using Phone-A-Friend / It’s a poorly phrased question I think –it could be cricket, “He’s hit him all over the park” or football, as in “We played them off the park” / 50/50 shows us soccer and polo / it’s “soccer”]

4k: Morrissey is in the (Smiths)

8k: Not a member of the Commonwealth: Ghana / Malaysia / India / (Philippines)

REVISE: Commonwealth countries and Games / Philippines is NOT in the Commonwealth

16k: A suitable Boy written by (Vikram Seth)

He doesn’t know and he’s used all his lifelines so he walks with his 8k

FFF: Answers to sums, starting with the smallest

BDCA gives us: 15/3 / 15-3 / 15+3 / 15×3

4/8 got it right, Stephen Jappy in 6.94 is fastest

He’s an electrician from Scotland, wants the money for an extension for the 7-month-old baby

1k: Gene Kelly film Singin’ in the (Rain)

2k: Weapons traditionally held in a quiver (arrows) [he’s used Ask the Audience, 87% sure]

4k: Pikachu and Squirtle are characters in (Pokemon)

Revise: Pokemon characters, think in terms of “Which of these is NOT a Pokemon character” / Chris asks if the contestant understands them, neither of them do

8k: A shade of blue: (azure) not Magenta, sepia or Ecru [He’s using Phone-A-Friend / He’s 100% sure it’s azure]

REVISE: Colours, what is ECRU?

16k: “In which US city is the National Air and Space Museum?” Washington / San Francisco / Philadelphia / New York [I think it’s San Francisco / He goes 50/50 and is left with Washington and San Francisco / It’s WASHINGTON / That surprises me]

He’s taking the 8k

Revise: US museums, especially National Air and Space Museum in WASHINGTON, and whatever there might be in California

OLD WHO: On Challenge 9-Feb-2019 11pm, 18-12-2000

[12/02/2019 21:38] I’m carrying straight on with the 2nd hour of this 3-hour recording, from late 2000

A new set of 10 contestants: Gerald Cooper / Nigel Shirley / Rhys Davies / Joan Flower / Dave France / Yvonne Holley / Marion Davies / Wik Stankiewicz / Roger Waldron / Beverley Ives

FFF: Historical events in order

BDCA gives us: Birth of Shakespeare / Great Fire of London / Boston Tea Party / Opening of Suez Canal

5/10 got it right, Gerald Cooper is fastest in 7.19s

He’s a student, about 40 I’d say, from Canons Park in Middlesex, partner Edwina and they have 3 kids

1k: Privet shrub used for (Hedging)

2k: A famous composer of film music: (John Williams) NOT Esther, Robin or Shirley

4k: A thin slice of meat: (escalope) not escargot, escalator or escapade

8k: (Tremeloes) 1967 #1 with “Silence is Golden” [He uses Ask the Audience / 80% get it right]

16k: Fabien Barthez, international goalkeeper is (French)

32k: Musical note equal to 4 quavers: Crotchet / Minim / Semibreve / Breve [MINIM, I had to think about that one / He uses 50/50 and is left with Minim and Semibreve / He thought it was Crotchet before that / Phone-A-Friend: he took a while before telling him to go for it]

64k: Mary Ann Evans was (George Eliot)

The cheque says: Gerald Cooper 18-12-00

125k: A type of cotton fabric: Grass / Field / Lawn / Meadow [I think I’ve seen this but maybe didn’t make notes on it / I did look it up, and can’t remember the right answer / He’s going for Field / But it’s LAWN

REVISE: A type of cotton fabric: LAWN

Gerald Cooper loses 32k and leaves with 32k

FFF: Starting with MOST medals received at the 2000 Sydney Olympics, put these countries in order

CBDA gives us: USA Australia Great Britain Cameroon

4/9 got it right, Wik Stankiewics is quickest in 4.94s

A market gardener from Chorley in Lancashire

1k: (Beverley Hills) is an affluent area in southern California, surrounded by Los Angeles, it’s not Audrey Heights, Carly Humps or Dorothy Heaps

2k: England beat (West Germany) in the 1966 Football World Cup FInal

4k: (Barbara Taylor Bradford) is a famous English novelist, not Anna Miller York, Jackie Baker Sheffield and so on

8k: Best Actor for his role in “Shine” (Geoffrey Rush)

16k: Prince featured in the title of an opera by Borodin: Prince David / Prince Dmitri / (Prince Igor) / Prince Boris [He uses Phone-A-Friend who thinks it’s Igor or Boris / He uses Ask the Audience, and 62% say Igor, he goes for it]

32k: Food named after the Indian City of Patna: (Rice) Potato Tea Banana

The cheque for WIk Stankewicz says 18-12 and year covered up – I assume it’s 2000

64k: “Distaff side” refers to females of a family, so which word refers to the male side: Sword / Macho / (Spear) / Kindred [50/50 gives him Sword or Spear / He goes Sword and he’s wrong]

Wik Stankewicz leaves with 32k

REVISE: SPEAR and DISTAFF side males and females in a family line [This is a repeated note – it’s somewhere else in these posts as well]

FFF: The Queen’s children in the order they were married

BCAD Anne Charles Andrew Edward

4/8 got it right, Roger Waldron in 4.44s is quickest

Computer programmer from Bristol / Girlfriend in the audience, 3 kids at home, they’ve been engaged for 3 years / She hopes that he’ll win enough money and they’ll be able to get married / his stomach has been churning like a washing machine

[12/02/2019 22:03] 63 minutes of viewing, haven’t got up even to stretch my legs, and this recording is 105 minutes in

1k: Carrier (pigeon) carries messages

2k: (The Oaks) is a classic horse race, not the Elms, Beeches or Cedars [He uses Ask the Audience, 80% right]

4k: Star of 1999 film “Inspector Gadget” (Matthew Broderick)

8k: (Daniel Defoe) wrote Robinson Crusoe

16k: “Coronation Street” began transmission in (1960) not 58 62 or 64

32k: Which British Monarch was the last of the Hanoverians? Edward VIII / William IV / Victoria / George IV [Tricky one this, and I think I made a note of it somewhere [YES, it’s in another post as well] / but I’m not confident about it now, so it’s worth revisiting / I think they give Victoria as the answer [He’s using Phone-A-Friend / he’s 99% certain it’s Victoria / and it is VICTORIA]

OLD WHO: On Challenge 10-Feb-2019 midnight to 1am, 21-12-2000, 23-12-00, also on Challenge 29-Jan-2019 10pm

[12/02/2019 22:12] It took me 72 minutes to get through the first 2 hours of this recording and we’re now onto another new episode from Challenge, a cheque for Roger Waldron for 32k, reading 21-12 and with the year obscured, and he says he will definitely marry his girlfriend

64k: Timbuktu is in (Mali) not Niger Ghana or Libya

The cheque shows 21-12-00 clearly

125k: “Which famous violinist was said to be in league with the devil?” Antonio Stradivari / Stephane Grappelli / Niccolo Paganini / Nigel Kennedy [I think it’s Stradivari / He uses 50/50 and is left with Grappelli and PAGANINI, so it’s Paganini]

Revise: violinsts, when was Paganini? He was said to be “in league with the devil” (by whom, and when?)

250k: Birthstone for January: Topaz / Ruby / Garnet / Amethyst [I think it’s Garnet, from looking it up before / he’s gone for Garnet and is right]

REVISE: Birthstones and months, GARNET = January

500k: “What is the name for the wind-blown hairy seed of a ‘dandelion clock’?” Floccule / Pappus / Crinite / Cilium

He leaves it there / He thinks it’s Cilium but it’s PAPPUS

REVISE: PAPPUS is the name for the wind-blown hairy seed of a dandelion

10 brand new contestants: Justin Farrell, Tim Brown, Dave Rodgers, Mike Napper, Eric Bernstein, John Brandon, Ian Wilkins, Jane Moffat, Jim Enright, Charles Saunders

FFF: Starting with smallest in diameter, put these current UK silver coins in order

ACBD gives us: 5p 20p 10p 50p

8/10 got it right, Tim Brown in 4.25s is fastest

He’s from Southport, never seen a thousand pounds in his life, has done various jobs including taxi driver and plasterer

1k: Gnat is a (fly)

2k: M in GMT stands for (Mean)

4k: rice with cooked, flaked fish and hard-boiled eggs is: Piccalilli / Sauerkraut / Welsh rarebit / (Kedgeree)

REVISE: What exactly is Piccalilli? And any other foods I haven’t tasted, like Sandwich spread: do they still even make it?

8k: Royal Palace in Pall Mall, London (St James’s Palace) / Hampton Court Palace / Buckingham Palace / Kensington Palace [He uses Ask the Audience / 47% say SJP and 40% say BP / He’s using Phone-A-Friend who’s sure it’s SJP]

16k: “Which Charles Dickens character declares: ‘the law is a ass – a idiot’?” Mr Pickwick / Mr Pecksniff / Mr Micawber / Mr Bumble [50/50 gives us Micawber and Bumble / He’s gone for Micawber, but it’s BUMBLE]

REVISE: Charles Dickens character who says: ‘the law is a ass – a idiot’?” Mr BUMBLE

FFF: A proverb

BDAC gives us: Once Bitten Twice Shy

5/9 get it right, John Brandon is fastest in 4.99s

He’s a railway manager and I’ve caught the end of his time on another show /

1k: Prince Andrew is Duke of (York)

Yup, I have notes on the rest of this from a different PC, from watching it live on Tue 29-Jan-2019, exactly 2 weeks ago, additional notes below in square brackets

2k: R in R&A Golf = (Royal)

4k: Fashion designer associated with the brand “Polo” (Calvin Klein) [He used Ask the Audience for this, 88% got it right]

8k: (Ronald Reagan) Assassination attempt in 1981

16k: (campanologist) associated with a belfry

32k: the disease rickets affects (bones)

64k: Jewish New Year is: (Rosh Hashanah) Yom Kippur / Bar Mitzvah / Hanukkah [He uses Phone-A-Friend for this one

He knew it wasn’t Bar or Han and used his Phone-A-Friend to confirm that it’s not Yom Kippur, so he went for Rosh Hashanah

125k: In science, which name is used as the basic unit of inductance: Cecil / Reginald / Henry / Gilbert

He used 50/50 to leave Henry and Gilbert, and goes for HENRY, the right answer

REVISE: HENRY is the SI unit of Conductance

He’s up to 125k, and that’s the end of the show

The cheque for 64k shows clearly that it’s 23-12-00

Revise: birthstones again

Revise: SI Units, for things like inductance and resistance /

Revise: Jewish feasts, again; PURIM for instance, and Sukkoth was on “Mastermind” on Fri 15-Feb-2019 REVISE: Jewish Holidays: Rosh Hashanah = New Year, Yom Kippur, Hanukkah

[12/02/2019 22:42] Okay, 102 minutes for that 3-hour recording, all done, noted and deleted and that last 45 minutes’ worth was a repeat, for which I had brief notes. The more detailed notes are better for me: they save me going back over these things

OLD WHO: Challenge Fri 8-Feb-2019, from 22-1-01

[15/02/2019 19:55] An attempt to clear another hour from the hard drive in about 30 minutes / [10/06/2019 14:13] Not sure if I missed the start of this, but here are the questions from 8k onwards, from a repeat on 9/6/2019, it started with the Elton John question:

8k: Which of these artists has spent most weeks in UK singles chart (Elton John) Bowie / Shaking Stevens / Tom Jones [Not straightforward that one, and he used 50/50 to be left with Elton John and Bowie]

16k: “Coronation Street” characters who was run over by a tram: (Alan Bradley) Des Barnes / Samir Rachid / Brian Tilsley [Tarrant went through the other deaths: Des killed by drug dealers / Samir mysteriously died near the canal / Brian stabbed outside a nightclub]

Here’s the exact question: “Which “Coronation Street” character died when he was knocked down by a Blackpool tram?” Brian Tilsley / Des Barnes / Samir Rachid / Alan Bradley [Ask the Audience: 90% went for Alan Bradley]

32k: Last English king to be beheaded (Charles I) [He uses Phone-A-Friend, Ian Bayley, for this one]

Cheque for 32k, David Stainer, 22-1-01

64k: Kim Basinger won Best Supporting Actress for her role in (LA Confidential)

125k: What type of creature is a silverback: Toad (Gorilla) Fish Snake [He thinks it’s a snake but doesn’t risk it and goes home with 64k]

REVISE: “Coronation Street” deaths: Alan Bradley run over by a Blackpool tram / Des Barnes killed by drug dealers / Samir Rachid mysteriously died near the canal / Brian Tilsley stabbed outside a nightclub

REVISE: Primates: SILVERBACK is a gorilla

FFF: Words in the order they appear in Nelson’s famous signal before Battle of Trafalgar

BDCA gives us: England Expects Man Duty

3/8 get it right Bryan Williams is fastest in 4.68s

We’re getting some chat, he’s a computer programmer in Coulsden Surrey, his wife Jo is there

1k: geographical feature or colouring of horses (Bay)

2k: Insectivorous plant (Venus flytrap) not Jupiter Saturn or Neptune

4k: WWI Armistice date in 1918 (11-Nov)

8k: Easter Island is in (Pacific) Ocean [He uses Ask the Audience 64% get it right]

And there’s a change of shirt, from lilac or blue to red – the next questions must be from a different show

16k: Chicle is a basic main ingredient in which American foodstuff (chewing gum) [He uses 50/50 and is left with the right answer and doughnuts]

32k: Doctor created by AJ Cronin: (Dr Finlay) Dr Who / Dr Phibes / Dr Dolittle [He uses Phone-A-Friend, who guesses at Finlay]

REVISE: AJ Cronin, who created the Dr Finlay books

He takes the money, Bryan Williams leaves with 16k

10 new contestants: Nigel Hurst, John King, Elwyn Davies, Rebecca King, Jim Brickley, Chris Bolstridge, Susan Joyce, Innes Scott, John Norman, Tony Stevens

FFF: Starting with the HIGHEST put these levels of the Order of the British Empire in order


Only 1 got it right, Tony Stevens in 9.2s

He’s from Warrington in Cheshire, a golf professional / His mate Anton is in the audience, wife and kids at home, he finished 8th in the 1986 European Open, pro at a club / Once ate a 48oz steak, but not the salad

1k: City furthest from London (Vancouver) Valencia Venice Vienna

2k: (“Wuthering Heights”), novel and Kate Bush’s first hit

4k: Spiced lentil and nuts (Bombay Mix) not Delhi Combination and similar

8k Listeria is (Bacteria)

16k: The Open University is based in (Milton Keynes) [He uses Ask the Audience and 68% get it right]

32k: London theatre, shares its name with a chemical element: (Palladium)

64k: Russia a rouble is made up of 100 (Kopeks) [He goes 50/50 and is left with Stotinki and the right answer]

[10/06/2019 14:21 probably the most straightforward set of questions up to 64k for me]

Cheque for 64k, for Tony Stevens, 25-1-01

125k: “In the abbreviation VSOP, used to describe certain drinks, what does the letter ‘P’ stand for?” Port / (Pale) / Proof / Portugal

He goes for Proof and he loses 32k, Tony Stevens goes home with 32k

REVISE: Drinks, VSOP, P = Pale, check the rest / SLIVOVITZ and other types of Schnapps or brandy

FFF: Beatles albums in order they were first released

DBCA gives us: With the Beatles / Help! / Revolver / Abbey Road

3/9 get it right, Innes Scott in 6.94s is quickest

[15/02/2019 20:18] And that’s the end of that recording, 23 minutes to get through it: good

OLD WHO: 14-Feb-2019 on Challenge, no dates: nobody gets a cheque

[15/02/2019 20:20] Let’s go for another one

FFF: Teams from east to west: Spartak Moscow / Roma / Marseille / Valencia

It starts with John Stockdale having just won fastest finger first

1k: Male rabbit is a (Buck)

2k: (Breathless Mahoney) played by Madonna in Dick Tracy [He uses Ask the Audience and 82% get it right]

REVISE: Madonna film roles including Breathless Mahoney in Dick Tracy / Check who else is in it, and in Bugsy

4k: Tate Britain is in (London) Glasgow Manchester Liverpool [He’s using Phone-A-Friend / she doesn’t know / he uses 50/50, is left with Manchester and London, he goes wrong and leaves with 1k]

FFF: Put these famous Edwards in the order they were born

CABD gives us: Edward the Confessor / Edward Lear / Edward G Robinson / Edward Woodward

8/10 got it right, Anton Johnson is quickest in 3.34

He looks like the mate of someone earlier, the golf pro, yes he is – he’s TONY’S mate and was in the audience when he was on earlier, and now the roles are reversed / he’s a hairdresser from Warrington

1k: The men who drafted the US Constitution: (Founding Fathers), not Bounding, Grounding or Sounding Fathers [He uses Ask the Audience, 93% get it right]

2k: Alistair McGowan is a known as (Impressionist) [He uses Phone-A-Friend / he’s 80% sure of the right answer]

4k: The Big O was (Roy Orbison) [He uses 50/50 and is left with Roy and Billy Ocean]

8k: Utensil in a carving set used to sharpen the knife: The Iron / (The steel) / The tin / The diamond

REVISE: The Steel is used to sharpen knives, check other utensils and kitchen equipment

16k: Former kingdom of Castile comprises much of which modern country: France / Italy / Germany / (Spain)

He doesn’t risk it, thinks it’s France, he leaves with 16k

FFF: Prime ministers in order of age when they took office:

DCBA gives us: Tony Blair / John Major / Margaret Thatcher / James Callaghan

3/9 get it right, Peter Williams is fastest in 6.27s

He’s a car broker from Huddersfield, he exfoliates and moisturizes every day, his wife Zoe is in the audience

1k: Singapore is in (Asia)

2k: A singer and a Henry Fielding novel (Tom Jones) [He’s using Ask the Audience, 86% get it right]

4k You would (lie) on a futon, not eat it

8k: A type of white wine: Claret / Merlot / Chianti / (Chardonnay)

16k: Ptarmigan is a fish / (bird) / Rodent / Marsupial [He uses Phone-A-Friend / she has no idea / he goes 50/50 and is left with bird and rodent]

He goes for rodent and leaves with 1k

REVISE: Ptarmigan is a bird, check what kind of bird – note, a WHO contestant thought it was a rodent and lost 15k

FFF: Mohs Scale from softest to hardest

CBDA gives us: Talc Gypsum Topaz Diamond

REVISE: Mohs Scale, again, 4 of them here in order: Talc Gypsum Topaz Diamond

7/8 got that right, Ged Taylor is fastest in 5.12s

He’s from Solihull

1k: (Romans) invaded Britain in 1st C AD, not Cossacks, Aztecs or Egyptians

2k: (Monica and Ross) are the brother and sister pair in “Friends” [He uses Ask the Audience and 89% get it right]

4k: “Which of these is the name of a dish of seasoned mashed potato baked in the oven?” Countess / Marchioness / (Duchess) / Baroness [He uses Phone-A-Friend and she gets the right answer]

[15/02/2019 20:45] And that’s the end

REVISE: potato dishes, sauces, chicken dishes (Hunter Chicken and whatever was in “Fifteen to One”, chicken chasseur, ingredients in a Caesar salad, things like that) / DUCHESS potatoes are seasoned mashed potato baked in the oven


16k: Created “Mr Men” books: (Roger Hargreaves)

That was the end of a previous show, seen on 6-Feb

[17/02/2019 01:29] The next part of this woman’s time on “The Chase” is being recorded now, onto the hard drive before I go to bed

32k: Set of rhapsodies by Liszt, composed and named after his home country: Austrian Rhapsodies / Swiss Rhapsodies / German Rhapsodies / (Hungarian Rhapsodies) [She used Phone-A-Friend, he didn’t know she didn’t risk it]

REVISE: Liszt Hungarian Rhapsodies

VAL BRADLEY leaves with 32k

FFF: Criminal Courts in order of precedence

DABC gives us: Magistrates Court /Crown Court / Court of Appeal / House of Lords

6/9 got it right, Wesley McGookin is fastest in 8.something

[17/02/2019 01:33] Okay, that will TOTALLY do, I can watch the rest on the hard drive quicker than watching it live / 16-Feb-2019 10pm, and there’s an 11pm episode too, but the midnight and 1am episodes were REPEATS for which I have notes already

WHO: a note of episodes to see

Well, we’re 25 minutes into this episode from Saturday, which I recorded onto the hard drive on Monday morning (18-Feb), and I definitely don’t have notes on it. We’ve had questions about Rebecca and Felixstowe (which is in SUFFOLK) / CO2 is the main gas on Mars, someone has just got to 32k and that was the 64k question: he went for Methane but it’s CO2

MILLER’S THUMB was a 125k question later on (ANGLERS would be interested in it, not ornithologists or butterfly collecters)

REVISE: Cologne is on the RHINE

Monty Python was first broadcast in 1969

That was all from Saturday 11pm to midnight

There is the episode from FRIDAY 15-Feb, which I don’t have notes on either – the 16k question was about Marat Safin being Russian; the contestant didn’t know so he left with 8k.

I haven’t checked any of last night’s THREE episodes (that’s from Sunday 17-Feb), which I recorded

11.41 And the next bit of recording is happening now, from Friday 15 February, Ged who didn’t know that Marat Safin is Russian.

12.38 And now I’m back, with another episode of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” going from the TV box to the hard drive, it’s from 10pm last night, and again I don’t have notes on this one.

OLD WHO: 15-Feb-2019, no big wins, no cheques with the date on, 16k, 1k, 1k, 16k, 1k, some bad guesses

[18/02/2019 22:09] to [18/02/2019 22:37] Ged Taylor carries on

8k: A type of fish (eel) / sperm whale [Ged went 50/50 and that’s what he was left with, no lifelines left]

16k: Musical instrument with a fret: Flute (Guitar) Tuba Harpsichord

32k: Nationality of Marat Safin, winner of 2000 US Open (Russian)

REVISE: Marat Safin is Russian (I knew that) but the question reveals that he WON THE US OPEN in 2000

He doesn’t know and doesn’t guess, Ged leaves with 16k

10 new contestants

FFF: Stages of traditional pancake-making in order

DBAC gives us: Break eggs / beat eggs / Toss pancake / Add sugar and lemon

3/10 got it right, Sam Smith in 5.89s is fastest

There’s chat, and I heard some of this when it was recording / he’s a process manager from Alfreton, wife and 4 kids, they have been visited by an angel in the past / the wife found an angel and they think it might have happened again

1k: Best-selling novel Captain Corelli’s Marzipan / Margarine / (Mandolin) / Mandarin [He uses Ask the Audience for this, 84% get it right]

2k: In Essex: Northampton / Southport / Eastbourne / (Westcliff-on-Sea) [He uses Phone-A-Friend, his dad, who doesn’t know / Then he uses 50/50 / he goes Eastbourne and leaves with 1k]

REVISE: Westcliff-on-Sea is in ESSEX, I knew it from the other options (3 places NOT in Essex) but not sure if I’d have known it the other way round

Sam Smith leaves with 1k

FFF: British bridges from north to south

ADCB gives us: Forth Road Bridge / Humber Bridge / Menai Suspension Bridge / Clifton Suspension Bridge

5/9 got it right, Mike Ratcliffe in 5.66s is fastest

More chat: he’s an operations manager from Leicester

[LOYD GROSSMAN used to present Through the Keyhole]

1k: Title of a Shakespeare play: “As You Like It” / “As You Want It” / “As You Wish It” / “As You Love It” [He’s using Phone-A-Friend, she knows it]

2k: Mozzarella cheese is made from the milk of: sheep / goat / moose / (buffalo) [He’s gone for goat, 2 lifelines left, he’s wrong]

REVISE: Cheeses, which ones are made with sheep’s milk and so on / Mozzarella is buffalo /

Mike Ratcliffe leaves with 1k

FFF: Start with the oldest, actresses in the order they were born

DABC gives us: Lauren Bacall / Goldie Hawn / Winona Ryder / Christina Ricci

3/8 get it right, Pete Pearce in 7.84s is fastest

More chat: he went to Saudi Arabia, they offered him a whole sheep / wife, kids, 6 grand-children, he’s had premonitions, like knowing that he was going to be on the show

1k: Ran after the farmer’s wife in the nursery rhyme (three blind mice)

2k: C in CND stands for (Campaign)

4k: Monkey puzzle is (pine tree) / maze / string game / knot [He uses Ask the Audience, 81% get it right]

8k: Elgar’s first name (Edward)

16k: Aster is a (Plant) / insect / fish / Semi-precious stone

REVISE: Aster is a plant, yes, but what kind, and what does it look like?

32k: American state that borders Canada: Colorado / Florida / (Montana) / Texas [He uses 50/50 and is left with Colorado and Montana, uses Phone-A-Friend who guesses it’s Montana / he doesn’t risk it]

REVISE: US geography: Montana borders Canada; which other states do?

Pete Pearce leaves with 16k

FFF: football clubs in the order they finished the 1999/2000 season:

ADBC: Man U / Leeds / Middlesbrough / Sheffield Wed /

4/8 got it right, Dave Pink in 5.04s is fastest

More chat, he’d like to go to New Zealand with Lulu

1k: Famous thriller starring Cary Grant (North by Northwest)

2k: Slicks in Motor Racing are: Pistons / Spoilers / Cylinders / (TYRES)

REVISE: Slicks in motor-racing are TYRES / Any other terms?

4k: US President in 1981 (Ronald Reagan) [He uses Ask the Audience 86% get it right]

8k: Largest planet in the solar system (Jupiter) [He uses 50/50 and is left with Jupiter and Saturn / He’s gone Saturn and he leaves with 1k

OLD WHO: Sun 17-Feb-2019 11pm Challenge, 7-9-00

1k: Silent letter turns nit nave and new into document words (k)

2k: (Glenys) name of Neil Kinnock’s wife

4k: (rooks) occupy 4 corners of the board at the start of a chess game

8k: Leader of an Orchestra plays the (violin)

16k: (SQUIRRELS) live in dreys, not Badgers, hares or otters (Ask the Audience, 52% give right answer he uses Phone-A-Friend, she gives him the right answer]

REVISE: Animal homes: Squirrels live in DREYS – came up in a later WHO as well, with Clarkson

32k: NOT a Carry on Film: Matron / Doctor / Nurse / (Sister)

Revise: Carry On films

He shows him the cheque but we don’t get a close-up

64k: In 19th C Australia who or what were bushrangers? Policemen / Farmers / OUTLAWS / Preachers [50/50 gave him policemen and Outlaws, he chose policemen]

REVISE: Australian terms, Bushranger = OUTLAWS

James goes home with 32k – we didn’t see a close-up of the cheque, so I don’t know his name or the date [It’s James MARKWICK, we find out from the next episode]

FFF: F1 World Champs on order

DBCA gives us: Jackie Stewart / James Hunt / Nigel Mansell / Damon Hill

5/9 get it right, Phil Davidson is fastest in 4.48s

Chat: he’s a police sergeant from Cumbria

500 quid: (Snakes) chased out of Ireland by St Patrick (Ask the Audience: 73% are right)

1k: (Monsieur) = French for Mister

2k: Hudson Bay is a large inland sea in (Canada)

REVISE: Hudson Bay is a large inland sea in (Canada)

4k: P in RSPCA stands for (Prevention)

8k: (Marilyn Monroe) married Joe DiMaggio [He’s using Phone-A-Friend /

16k: Planet and a hit for Bananarama (Venus)

32k: First footballer to win 100 caps for England: (Billy Wright) / George Best / Bobby Charlton / Bobby Moore [50/50 has left him with Wright & Charlton / he won’t risk it ]

Phil Davidson leaves with 16k

10 new contestants, all guys

FFF: Events in Queen Elizabeth II’s life in order

CADB gives us: Edward VIII’s abdication / Married / Prince Charles born / Crowned

THAT’S the kind of question I want – only ONE out of 10 got it right, Roger Neuberg in 12.32s

Roger Neuberg from Leicester, obstetrician / gynaecologist, women come up to him and say he’s the man who made them pregnant / had nightmares about being in the chair / he sounds South African

1k: (Bricks) carried in a hod

2k: London Zoo is in (Regent’s Park)

4k: OGEN and Cantaloupe are types of (melon)

REVISE: OGEN and Cantaloupe are types of (melon)

8k: Dan Maskell commentated on (tennis) [Ask the Audience, 54% get it right]

16k: Tempelhof Airport is in Brussels / Amsterdam / Vienna / (Berlin)

REVISE: airports, Tempelhof Berlin

32k: Novel not written by HG Wells History of Mr Polly / (The Martian Chronicles) / The Time Machine War of the Worlds [50/50 gave him Polly & Martian]

It’s from 7-9-2000, the cheque is clearly shown this time

64k: Chlorine, Bromine and iodine belong to this group in the Periodic Table: Inert gases / Metals / Metalloids / (Halogens) [Used Phone-A-Friend]

REVISE: Periodic Table groups, Inert gases, Halogens, Metals, Metalloids / Chlorine, Bromine and Iodine are Halogens [17/07/2021 30 months later and I am much more familiar with the Periodic Table]

125k: Which space shuttle was launched first by USA: Atlantis / Endeavour / (Columbia) / Discovery

He doesn’t know, Roger Neuberg leaves with 64k

REVISE: Order of SPACE SHUTTLES: Atlantis / Endeavour / Columbia / Discovery / LUNAR programmes and so on / COLUMBIA was the first US Space Shuttle (April 1981)

FFF: Sums in order

DBAC gives us: 10/2 10-2 10+2 10*2

6/9 get it right, Edd Oliver is fastest in 7.5s, and that’s the end of the show

OLD WHO: Sun 17-Feb-2019, 10pm to 11pm, 5-4-2000

[19/02/2019 00:38] Okay, another episode and then bed I think

It starts with Jim Titmuss in the chair, had already got to 1k / a computer analyst from Harrow, I caught bits of this while it was recording

2k: Big Yin is (Billy Connolly)

4k: (Oscar Wilde) wrote The Importance of being Earnest

8k: Noddy Holder was vocalist in (Slade)

16k: In Spain, what would you buy in a bodega (wine) not books, fish or clothes [Ask the Audience gives 61% to right answer]

32k: Clipping and trimming hedges into ornamental shapes (Topiary)

The cheque clearly shows 5-4-00

64k: Luxembourg’s head of state (Grand Duke) not Crown Prince, King or Emperor

125k: English cathedral designed by Basil Spence (Coventry) not Truro Rochester Norwich [Phone-A-Friend gives him the right answer]

250k: Where was highwayman Dick Turpin hanged in 1739: Glasgow / Carlisle / Norwich / (York) [50/50 leaves him with Carlisle and York and he says confidently that it’s Carlisle, but he’s wrong and loses 93k]

REVISE: Highwaymen and PIRATES / Dick Turpin was hanged in 1739 in YORK

Jim Titmuss leaves with 93k on 5-4-00

10 new contestants

FFF: UK #1 hits in chronological order

BDCA gives us: She loves you / Puppy Love / Saving all my love for you / Love is all around

2/10 got it right, Stephen McCrudden is fastest in 9.47s

Chat; he’s from Brighouse, Morrissey is a hero of his

500 quid: (Royal Albert Hall) venue for London’s Henry Wood Promenade Concerts [He used Ask the Audience]

1k: The name of the cabin suspended from an airship or balloon: Yacht (Gondola) Canoe Coracle [Phone-A-Friend gives him the right answer]

REVISE: GONDOLA is the name of the cabin suspended from an airship or balloon

2k: Aintree racecourse is in a suburb of (Liverpool)

4k: The film star Lassie was a (Collie) Alsatian Setter Spaniel

Revise: Film dogs and history, especially Lassie and Rin Tin Tin

8k: The vast area of marshland and mangrove in Southern Florida: Tallahassee / Florida Keys / (Everglades) / Cape Canaveral [50/50 leaves him with Keys and Everglades]

16k: Oberon and Titania are in (“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”)

32k: “On the lens adjustment of a camera, what is meant by the symbol resembling a figure eight on its side?” Aperture / Shutter Speed / Infinity / Macro [I’d go Infinity here / He doesn’t know and leaves with 16k: It IS Infinity]

REVISE: symbols on a camera, lens adjustment and so on: “figure 8 on its side” is Infinity; what about Aperture / Shutter Speed / Macro?

Steve McCrudden leaves with 16k

FFF: US States in order from south to north

My answer is WRONG: ADCB: North Carolina / New Jersey / Massachusetts / Hawaii

NOPE, I was way out on that one, the correct order is:

BADC: Hawaii / North Carolina / New Jersey / Massachusetts

Only 2/9 got it right, Harry Nock is fastest in 13.62s

Ah, between the 200 and 300 quid questions he’s in a different shirt, so the original broadcast was over 2 nights

1k: (Camp David) is American President’s official retreat in MARYLAND, was called Shangri-La, renamed by EISENHOWER after his grandson

REVISE: Camp David is in MARYLAND, Shangri-La, renamed by EISENHOWER after his grandson

2k: I in CIA = (Intelligence)

4k: Taunton is administrative centre of SOMERSET, not Devon, Cornwall or Dorset: Somerset, Somerset, Somerset

Revise: Administrative centres, like Trowbridge in Wiltshire (check), Taunton Somerset

8k: A hind is a female (Deer)

16k: “Which food is traditionally cut from a TRUCKLE?” Ham / Pate / Cheese / Bread [No idea on this one / he uses Ask the Audience / they don’t know – it’s split between 2% bread and 30-odd % on each of the other 3 / Phone-A-Friend suggests it might be pate / 50/50 leaves pate and cheese / he gambles on pate, but it’s CHEESE]

REVISE: Truckle, cheese, but 2 years later I must have heard this again, because I was pretty sure that Truckle is cheese

Harry Nock leaves with 1k

It looks like 10 new contestants, but we weren’t introduced to them

FFF: British Royal Houses in chronological order

ABDC gives us: Normandy / Tudor / Hanover / Windsor

6/10 got it right, James Markwick in 5.28s is fastest

OLD WHO: Sat 16-Feb-2019 on Challenge, from 11-1-01

[19/02/2019 01:11] Okay, I’m going for my FOURTH show of the night, someone called Greg in a pink shirt already in the chair

2k: Russet is a kind of (apple)

4k: Member of the royal family who appeared in live 40th anniversary edition of “Coronation Street”: (Prince Charles) [Ask the Audience, 91% get it right]

8k: Stepsister of Lorna Luft: Liza Minnelli [50/50 gives him Liza and Cher / Phone-A-Friend thinks it’s Liza]

He takes the money, Greg goes home with 4k

10 new contestants

FFF: Historical figures in the order they were born

BDCA gives us: Julius Caesar / Oliver Cromwell / Napoleon Bonaparte / Winston Churchill

6/10 get it right, Paul Leigh in 5.09s is fastest

1k: Subutteo is table-top (football)

2k: (eucalyptus) is staple food of koalas

4k: (Tchaikovsky) wrote the music for “Sleeping Beauty”

8k: Novel written by Daphne du Maurier (Rebecca)

16k: TV comedy first seen in 1969: (Monty Python) [Ask the Audience goes wrong, majority on Steptoe & Son / 50/50 gives him “Fawlty Towers” ]

32k: County that Felixstowe is in (Suffolk) Essex Norfolk

Cheque shows 11-1-0, can’t read the final digit [We see from a later contestant that it’s 11-1-01]

64k: Main constituent gas on Mars: (CO2) Methane Nitrogen Helium

He goes wrong with Methane, Paul Leigh leaves with 32k

FFF: Supermarket Products in alphabetical order

CBDA gives us: Macaroni Margarine Marmalade Mayonnaise

9/9 got it right, Jonathan Hughes is fastest in 6.37s

He’s an accountant from BISHOPS STORTFORD

1k: “I’m Free” catchphrase in (Are you being served)

2k: Pituitary gland is in the (Brain)

4k: Cologne stands on which river: Rhine Danube Oder Main [Phone-A-Friend thinks it’s the Rhine, not that sure]

REVISE: Cologne is on the RHINE (Largest city on the Rhine, and largest in most populous federal state of North Rhine-Westphalia and the fourth-most populous city in Germany]

8k: Phil Collins’ song “You’ll be in my heart” features in what Disney film (Tarzan) [Ask the Audience: 62% get it right]

REVISE: Disney songs in all those cartoons I haven’t seen, like Tarzan, “You’ll be in my heart” Phil Collins

16k: Not an element: (Brass)

32k: Miss World 1999 & 2000 both represented (INDIA) Austria Sweden Venezuela

REVISE: Miss World 1999 & 2000 represented INDIA – does this competition even happen these days?

Cheque shows 11-01-01

64k: Canada’s National Day is (July  1st) [50/50 left him with July 1st & October 1st, other answers were January 1st and April 1st]

REVISE: Canada’s National Day is 1 July

125k: (John Steinbeck) wrote “East of Eden”

250k: “Which of these people would be particularly interested in a ‘miller’s thumb’?” Butterfly collector / Gardener / Ornithologist / Angler [He doesn’t risk it

It’s ANGLER – Chris Tarrant knew it

REVISE: Miller’s Thumb would be used by an ANGLER; what is it, exactly?

Jonathan Hughes leaves with 125k

FFF: Countries in the order they hosted the last 4 Olympic games, from the earliest

ADBC gives us: South Korea / Spain / USA / Australia

Only 1/8 got it right, Tom Davies in 10.66s

And that’s the end, after the 200 quid question

1.40 And now I’m recording the Sunday night / Monday morning midnight to 1am show, onto the hard drive on Timer, and then I’ll head to bed