Part 6

WWTBAM Prep, Part 6 (27-Feb-2019 to 5-Mar-2019)

Notes taken while watching the UK edition of WWTBAM, February 2019. New editions (2018 onwards, broadcast on ITV) are titled “NEW WHO:”, older editions are titled “WHO:” or “OLD WHO:” and were broadcast on Challenge. Specific dates for these notes: 27-Feb-2019 to 5-Mar-2019. [5,987 words in this piece.]

WHO: 27-Feb-2019 on Challenge, from 26-Feb-2001 and the show before that

[28/02/2019 10:56] Continuing on with: Alistair, product manager from Ely, whose last question was: Dylan Thomas play (Under Milk Wood)

2k: A region of Northern Europe (Scandinavia) not Iberia Arabia or Liberia

4k: (Farrow) means a litter of pigs, not Harrow, Barrow or Narrow [Phone-A-Friend knew it]

8k: ‘The Four Seasons’ is a famous concerto by (Vivaldi)

16k: America’s First Lady: Barbara (Laura) Rosalynn Patricia [Ask the Audience: 52% go right, he uses 50/50 and is left with Patricia / He doesn’t risk it / This was when Laura Bush was First Lady]

Alistair McDowell leaves with 8k

FFF: Singers in age order when they had their first UK #1

ACBD gives us: Jimmy Osmond / Helen Shapiro / Billie Piper / Britney Spears

9 / 14 / 15 / 17

Only 1/8 got it right, Stewart Duncan in 8.5s

[I caught a bit of this before heading to bed]

A Ford planning manager from Burnham-on-Crouch in Essex / He was in Cologne Germany, supposed to be in a meeting with his American bosses and his team, but was called back for this show / They were very understanding about going, because the show is on in the USA

1k: (Roy of the Rovers) long-running cartoon strip about a footballer

REVISE: Comic strips and the papers they appear in, like Roy of the Rovers, and Andy Capp, The Bassets and so on / Are either of those 2 still in the papers? A trip to the library might be in order, just to flick through the day’s papers / Andy Capp first appeared in The Daily Mirror (it was a question on a SLEB edition) /

2k: Minaret is most closely associated with this type of building (mosque)

4k: Co-star with Humphrey Bogart in “The African Queen” (Katherine Hepburn) [“Coincidence Corner”: I was looking it up just 24 hours earlier / and this is the question I heard when I went up to bed]

8k: Flemish is an official language in (Belgium)

REVISE: Official languages, in Asia and Africa especially

16k: Created the character Eliza Doolittle: (George Bernard Shaw), not Henry James, DH Lawrence or Thomas Hardy [Ask the Audience: 63% go right]

32k: The village of ZERMATT lies at the foot of which mountain: Ararat / Everest / Matterhorn / Mont Blanc [It’s C or D but I don’t know which / It’s MATTERHORN, I’d probably have gone for Mont Blanc, unless 50/50 eliminated it]

Revise: Swiss mountains and villages / ZERMATT is at the foot of the MATTERHORN – is the MATT part significant there?

The cheque shows 24-2-01

64k: What kind of dessert is ‘Sachertorte’ Ice cream / (chocolate cake) / Apple Turnover / Lemon tart [He’s breaking it down, “Chocolate would have chocolate in it – it would be chocolate tort”, a bit like the guy who as convinced that Winchester is in Kent (“Well, it was last time I looked”) / 50/50 leaves him with Lemon Tart as well / He’s gone for lemon tart]

Stewart Duncan leaves with 32k

10 new contestants including Joan Uncles and someone called Ceri from Cardiff

FFF: programmes in the order they were first shown

DACB gives us: Blue Peter / Magic Roundabout / Clangers / Grange Hill

58 / 65 / 69 / 78

2/10 got it right, Alan Scrutton is fastest in 7.01s

An insurance negotiator from Bucklesham in Ipswich / a former cycle speedway rider, formerly captain of England / A Labelogist, collecting beer bottle labels, about 350 so far / he steams or soaks off the labels

REVISE: Buckland Abbey and other places in Devon – was that the one associated with Francis Drake?

1k: Anthony Worral Thompson best known as a (chef)

2k: Eugene O’Neill play ‘Long day’s journey into…’ (Night) [Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know / he goes for Night anyway]

Revise: Eugene O’Neill plays and characters

4k: Sharleen Spiteri is lead singer of (Texas), and the other answers were things like Florida and California – no actual groups there

8k: (York) , not Durham, Salisbury or Manchester, has a large Gothic church known as a Minster

16k: Refers to German-speaking cultures or people (Teutonic) not Gallic Nordic or Hispanic

32k: Largest member of the cat family Tiger / Cheetah / Lynx / Leopard [Hmm, I assume it’s TIGER, but where is lion in that list? It is Tiger]

Cheque shows 26-2-01

64k: Piece of music that takes its name from the Italian word for joke: Rondo / Fugue / Aria / Scherzo [Nope, I was expecting Capricioso or something similar / I’d guess Rondo from that lot / 50/50 gives us Rondo and Scherzo, which are the 2 I was thinking of – sure it’s neither Fugue or Aria / Ask the Audience: 38% Rondo, 62% Scherzo / It’s SCHERZO, that’s a new one on me]

Revise: Musical Terms, meanings of Fugue, Aria, Rondo and especially SCHERZO, which means JOKE in Italian

Good Advice: “Make sure you wear a shirt with a pocket”

125k: The Koran, the Muslim holy book, was originally written in this language: Latin / Sanskrit / (Arabic) / Greek [I’ve confidently gone for Arabic, but it could be Sanskrit / He doesn’t risk it, doesn’t have an inkling, and says, “If I had an inkling I would inkle with it” / It IS ARABIC]

Alan Scrutton leaves with 64k, and that’s the end of the show [28/02/2019 11:30]

SLEB WHO: Sat 23-Feb-2019, S1Ep1 of the Sleb editions, 22-9-01

[28/02/2019 22:13] Couples including Jonathan Ross, Steve Redgrave, Emma Forbes, Jasper Carrott

FFFF: TV soaps in order of geographical setting, north to south

DABC gives us: Take the High Road / Brookside / Crossroads / “Eastenders”

Jenny Davis, daughter of Jasper Carrott, is quickest in 5.7s or so

Jasper real name BOB DAVIS / Sunfield Kids is the charity, a home for kids with SEN and autism

1k: German place, no food named after it: (Rottweill) Hamburg

2k: (Prologue) intro piece that sets the scene for The Canterbury Tales

4k: Andy Capp first appeared in: Daily Mail (Daily Mirror) Guardian Financial Times [It’s an easy one with those other options]

8k: A variety of garden flower: Lammas rose / (Michaelmas Daisy) / Candlemas Pansy / Martinmas Lily

Revise: Flowers: Michaelmas Daisy is a garden flower, Candlemas Pansy isn’t

16k: NSYNC is a boy band from (USA) [Ask the Audience: 88% get it right]

32k: Sporting event won for 3rd consecutive year by Lance Armstrong in 2001: (Tour de France)

Date of cheque: 22-9-01

64k: Cobweb and Mustardseed appear in this Shakespeare play (“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”) [Phone-A-Friend: Bob Monkhouse thinks it’s MND, they go for it]

125k: The ruins of Herculaneum are in Egypt / Israel / (ITALY) / Greece [They don’t risk it, I looked it up and I now know that it’s near Pompeii, also covered in volcanic ash]

FFF: Famous Scotsmen in the order they were born

ABDC gives us: Robert the Bruce / Rob Roy / Robert Burns / Sean Connery

Martin Frizell is quickest in 5.93s, he’s married to Fiona Phillips

Martin was a TV journalist and correspondent in hot-spots, became Editor of GMTV so he was Phillips’ boss at this time, when she was hosting GMTV with Eamonn Holmes / Charity: USA Fund

1k: Day of the week considered a day for religious observance: (Sabbath) / Ides / Calends / Consecration

CHECK: what do Ides and Calends mean

2k: (Fennel) is a herb

4k: Roald Dahtl’s granddaughter Sophie is a (model)

8k: In 1857, title conferred on Albert, husband of Queen Victoria: King Consort / Crown Prince / (Prince Consort) / Prince Regent [He thinks it’s Prince Regent, she thinks it’s Prince Consort / Ask the Audience: 46% go right, 30% for Regent / Phone-A-Friend is Judith Keppell / She’s 80% sure]

16k: Rock star married to Liza Goddard (Alvin Stardust)

32k: School subject where you would be most likely to learn about polymers (Chemistry)

64k: US President at time of the first manned moon landings: Kennedy / Johnson / (Nixon) / Ford

Revise: Manned moon landings, how many and when, and how many men have walked on the moon, and check if Nixon was President for all of them

125k: Tennis player Carlos Moya is (Spanish) [50/50 leaves them with Chilean as well, which he thinks it is, but they don’t risk it]

Frizell and Phillips leave with 64k

FFF: Animated films in the order they were first released

BCAD gives us: Aladdin / Pocahontas / A Bug’s Life / Toy Story 2

92 / 95 / 98 / 99

Tricky, I was expecting things like Dumbo and “The Jungle Book”

4/6 got it right, Jane Goldman is fastest in 7.82s / Jonathan Ross and Jane Goldman are the next couple

Tommy’s the baby charity and Lowe Syndrome Trust, helping familes who care for children with the disease

1k: The only one of these sports to use a ball: Ice hockey / (Squash) / Badminton / Curling

[28/02/2019 22:42] And that’s the end of the show

WHO: Thu 28-Feb-2019 on Challenge, 26-2-01 [repeated Sat 30-Mar-2019, 11pm]

[01/03/2019 08:29] Within 12 hours of recording it

FFF: Title of a Shakespeare play

BCAD gives us: Much Ado about Nothing

7/9 get it right and Ceri Andrews is fastest in 4.61

A sales exec from Cardiff / Her mum dated Andy Fairweather Lowe and her grandad dated Sylvia Syms / She’s brought her ex-boss to the show

1k: (Global village) the world considered as a single community

2k: (Twitcher) informal term for a birdwatcher [Ask the Audience confirms it with 93%]

4k: MOD = Ministry of (Defence)

8k: (Richard Gere) starred with Debra Winger in ‘An Officer and a Gentleman’

16k: The yacht in which Ellen MacArthur sailed the world: Albatross / Pelican / Seagull / Kingfisher [Would I have known this back in 2001? It’s KINGFISHER]

REVISE: Ellen Macarthur’s yacht was KINGFISHER, other yachts and sailors / people who circumnavigated the globe

32k: (Tapping) is the process by which rubber is obtained from trees, not capping rapping or lapping [50/50 left her with lapping too]

Cheque shows 26-2-01

64k: How many operas make up Wagner’s Ring Cycle: four / five / six / seven [I’d guess FOUR but don’t know / Phone-A-Friend: Simon guesses at 7 but doesn’t have a clue / she goes for five / It IS FOUR, she leaves with 32k]

REVISE: Four operas make up Wagner’s Ring Cycle / They are: Das Rheingold, Die Walkure (The Valkyrie), Siegfried, Gotterdammerung (Twilight of the gods)

FFF: Items in order of where they are traditionally worn, from the top down

ADCB gives us: Contact Lens / Bow tie / Cummerbund / Sock

7/8 got it right, Chris Jones is fastest in 5.84s

A civil servant from West Yorkshire, and there’s no more chat than that

Up to 200 quid he’s wearing a green shirt, then a very pale green shirt, almost white, so there were 2 different shows for his questions

1k: An easy way of getting money or other benefits (Gravy Train) not Soup Coach, Custard Bus and so on

His house has subsidence so the 1k will pay the excess

2k: A table of charges or a kind of tax: (Tariff) not Bailiff, Mastiff, Sheriff [Note the spelling of all of those [They all have 2 Fs, Tariff and Sheriff have 1 R 2 Fs]

There’s more chat now, about war re-enactments and the difference in size between him and his wife

4k: You would find a flyleaf (in a book)

8k: Ropes, hoops, clubs, balls and ribbons are used in: Gliding / Surfing / Synchronized Swimming / (Rhythmic gymnastics)

16k: Mountain resort of Chamonix is in (France) not Switzerland

REVISE: Mountain resorts: Chamonix is in France

32k: A small stocky breed of horse: Half Horse (Quarter Horse) Eighth Horse / Sixteenth Horse

Cheque shows 1-3-01, clearly

64k: A podiatrist would treat this part of the body (Feet)

125k: US President famous for his ‘fireside chats’ on the radio: FRANKLIN D ROOSEVELT / Harry S Truman / Dwight Eisenhower / John F Kennedy [50/50 leaves him with Truman and FDR / Phone-A-Friend doesn’t know / Ask the Audience goes down the middle, 51% FDR and 49% Truman / He says he doesn’t want to gamble, but then he does and goes for Truman]

REVISE: FDR was famous for his “fireside chats” on the radio

Chris Jones loses 32k and leaves with 32k

10 new contestants including Russell Barnes

FFF: Sailors in the order they were born

DACB gives us: Francis Drake / James Cook / Francis Chichester / Chay Blyth

1540 / 1728 / 1901 / 1940

REVISE: Dates of sailors, what they did, when they circumnavigated the globe, that sort of thing / Clarify in your mind CABOT, Amerigo Vespucci, that Portuguese guy, Drake, Raleigh, Columbus, and more recent people / Ellen MacArthur’s boat was called KINGFISHER

5/10 get it right, Jo Blacker is fastest in 5.70s

A company administrator from Wickford in Essex, husband in the audience / They have EIGHT bull terriers and 3 kids / When the girls play the boys at the game they swap 500 quid and 32k questions around / one of her Phone-A-Friends is Jimmy Greaves’s son – his kid is friends with one of her kids / as you can see, there’s quite a lot of chat here before the questions

1k: Medical device used to regulate the heartbeat (Pacemaker)

[01/03/2019 09:08] And that’s it

WHO: Challenge Fri 1-Mar-2019, From 1-3-01 [repeated Sat/Sun 30/31-Mar-2019 at midnight]

[04/03/2019 08:34] It’s the next one in line, 3 days after making my last set of notes, Jo Blacker continues

2k: Coconut (Shy) is a fairground attraction

4k: British coin in current circulation [in 2001] has a Tudor rose surrounded by a crown on its reverse side: 2p / 5p / 20p / 50p [Hmm, 20p I think [Ask the Audience: 56% 20p and the rest are between 9% and 20% or so / it IS 20p]

8k: Who won 1999 F1 drivers World Championships: Eddie Irving / Mika Hakkinen / Michael Schumacher / David Coulthard [I might have known back then, it’s either Hak or Schu because the others didn’t win it / It is HAKKINEN]

REVISE: Mika Hakkinen won F1 Drivers Championship twice (1998, 1999) / Michael Schumacher’s 7 were in: 94, 95, 00, 01, 02, 03, 04 [5 consecutive years there] / Lewis Hamilton, 7 to date: 08, 14, 15, 17, 18, 19, 20 [4 in a row at time of writing]

16k: 1970s #1 Don’t give up on us (David Sould)

32k: Main chemical used in the tips of matches: Mercury / Uranium / Krypton / (Phosphorus) [Easy thanks to the other options / her Phone-A-Friend is sure too]

Cheque shows 1-3 and no year visible but I know it’s 1-3-01, from the last episode

64k: Baton Rouge is the capital of (Louisiana) [She goes 50/50 and is left with Wisconsin as well, which she goes for]

Jo Blacker leaves with 32k

10 new contestants, more than half of them women

FFF: Beatles in alphabetical order of surnames [Good Challenge, I’ve never done this before, and not quite enough time to order them in my mind beforehand]

CABD gives us: Harrison Lennon McCartney Starr

I thought that they’d give us the options John Paul George Ringo, to make it harder, but they just gave us the surnames

NOTE: Their first names are also in the same alphabetical order AND there are no overlaps: first names GJPR, surnames HLMS

7/10 got it right, Matt Freeman is fastest in 4.67s

A bus driver from Brighton, he drives the 49 / he says “Apparently so” to an answer / One of his Phone-A-Friends has had his phone cut off so he would want to pay their bill to get them reconnected

1k: (Herd) of elephants

Revise: Groups of animals, troops, Crashes and so on

2k: It means both a keeper of official records and a medical worker: Matron / Surgeon / (Registrar) / Houseman

4k: Lincoln’s famous speech, referring to “Government of the people, by the people and for the people”, was in (Gettysburg) not Nuremberg, Hamburg or Pittsburgh

8k: Lisa, Faye, Claire, Lee and H are members of (Steps)

16k: As what did TRACY EDWARDS achieve fame: Yachtswoman / Astronaut / Balloonist / Mountaineer [Ask the Audience: 72% go yachtswoman, I didn’t know that]

REVISE: Tracy Edwards, Ellen MacArthur and other yachting people

32k: The famous Yankee Stadium is in this US city: (New York)

REVISE: Exactly where is Yankee stadium, is it the Bronx? Yes / Shea Stadium was in Flushing Meadow- Corona Park Queens, Citi Field was opened in 2009 to replace it

Cheque says 3-3-01

64k: Manuel Noriega was the leader of: Chile Mexico Venezuela (Panama) [My initial thought was Nicaragua, and so was his]

125k: Who famously shot JR in an episode of the TV soap ‘Dallas’ in 1980? Lucy / Kristin / Sue Ellen / Pam [His Phone-A-Friend, his mum, doesn’t know / 50/50 gives us Kristin and Pam / I thought it was Sue Ellen – thing is, they dragged it out for so long at the time I was never sure / I think it’s Kristin and so does he, but he takes the money / It’s KRISTIN]

REVISE: Dallas characters, and who shot JR – it was KRISTIN – and actors, the women especially

FFF: Lakes in order of size

I went wrong with DACB: Lake Windermere / Lake Geneva / Lake Victoria / Lake Superior

It asked for LARGEST first, I wasn’t really concentrating there, so the right answer is:

BCAD: Superior / Victoria / Geneva / Windermere

3/9 get it right, Liz Richards is fastest in 5.77s

She’s “deliberately unemployed” and is there with her mum / She made just one call to the show, wants to open a top London bar / She was an insurance adviser but it wasn’t too interesting / She’s off to travel the world next Saturday / She’s got 2k and a credit card, with around 1k on it already / States, Fiji, New Zealand, Australia, Asia is her itinerary

1k: Small tree-dwelling AFRICAN mammal: (Bushbaby) not treebaby, twigbaby, branchbaby

2k: Lawrence Dallaglio associated with (rugby union) [Ask the Audience: 87% get it right]

4k: Plural for Cactus: Cactum (Cacti) Cacto Cactus

8k: Patagonia is on which continent: Antarctica / Australia / Africa / (South America) [She’s thinking of Africa / Phone-A-Friend is almost certain it’s South America]

REVISE: Patagonia: Is it all in Argentina or is it shared with another country? Ah, Tarrant says it’s Argentina and Chile

16k: This character appears in a number of Shakespeare plays: Maiden Speedy (Mistress Quickly) / Widow Hasty / Lady Rushmore [50/50 leaves her with Lady Rushmore too / She goes right]

And that’s the end of the show, Liz Richard will be back to play for 32k around 3-3-01

SLEB WHO: Sat 2-Mar-2018 Challenge s1ep3

[04/03/2019 09:08] Onto the 3rd of the Sleb editions, Richard Keys and Andy Gray on 16k

Which poet wrote “A thing of beauty is a joy for ever?” (Keats) Byron [That’s what was left after 50/50, they dither and eventually go for Keats, and there’s a break]

Cheque shows 4-3-0, final digit isn’t visible, they’re playing for Macmillan Cancer Relief Sparks according to the cheque / It’s 4-3-02, we see it on the 64k cheque

64k: Ewart was the middle name of this prime minister (Gladstone) [Keys guesses right]

125k: Who is the heroine of Verdi’s opera ‘La Traviata’? Rosetta / Delphinetta / VIOLETTA / Marietta

Revise: La Traviata in particular and other operas, Rigolotto comes to mind, and I’ve looked up things like Turandot and Tosca before / VIOLETTA is the heroine of La Traviata

Next up: Dermot O’Leary and his dad Sean

1k: (Bedlam) hospital name that is used to mean confusion

2k: (Jennifer Aniston) plays Rachel in “Friends”

4k: The Isle of Thanet is in Cornwall Essex Lincs (Kent)

8k: Australia Dawn Fraser is an Olympic gold medallist in SWIMMING, NOT athletics

16k (Faust) Legendary German scholar who supposedly sold his soul to the devil, not Tannhauser Lohengrin or Fafnir [50/50 leaves Tannhauser as the other answer]

32k: One of the Wonders of the Ancient World, what type of building was constructed at Helicarnassus in the 3rd C BC? (Mausoleum) Lighthouse Zoo Library [Sean thinks it’s Lighthouse / Phone-A-Friend is Norman from Colchester / He thinks it’s Mausoleum / they go with it, finally]

The cheque is for CAFOD, on 5-3-02

64k: Which of these countries shares a land border with Russia: Pakistan / Nepal / Bangladesh / (Mongolia)

125k: This bishop is not automatically a member of the House of Lords: Winchester / Durham / London / Salisbury [I think I’d go Salisbury / they think, or rather the dad thinks it’s London / and they’re wrong, they lose 32k by going for London / It is SALISBURY]

Next guests: KAYE ADAMS and fellow TV presenter Ross Kelly, playing for SNIP, Special Needs Information Point, a small charity

1k: (fool) is a puree of stewed fruit mixed with cream or custard

2k: (Shrew) is the only four-legged animal to appear it a Shakespeare play title

4k: (Smoking gun) refers to a piece of damning and irrefutable evidence in criminal prosecutions, not smoking fish, paper or book

8k: Bikini Atoll lies in this ocean: Atlantic (Pacific) Arctic Indian

16k: Artist who died in 1926; Rembrandt / (Monet) / Botticelli / Caravaggio [very easy because of the other choices, they get there eventually]

This is a new episode of the original show, continuing on in this episode from Challenge, she’s now wearing a red top and Tarrant has referred to them carrying on where they left off – the bickering on Tuesday has continued on to Saturday

32k: In Greek mythology, a puzzle about the three ages of man was called the Riddle of the: Phoenix / Centaur / (Sphinx) / Minotaur [Their Phone-A-Friend Jack is sure it’s Sphinx]

Cheque shows 9-3-02, and 32k safeguards their charity’s funding for a year

64k: Tender is the night was written by (F Scott Fitzgerald)

[04/03/2019 09:31] And that’s the end of the show, and I have cleared 2 hours from the hard drive in an hour

Okay, so the midnight and 1am shows from last night: first there’s a question about Bill Wyman early on / And then the 200 quid question about port and starboard / Okay, and both episodes are on the same recording

SLEB WHO: S1Ep4 Sun 3-Mar-2019 on Challenge, 9-3-02

[04/03/2019 11:34] Kaye Adams and Ross Kelly return

64k: Which of these pop shows was broadcast first? Ready Steady Go / Six-Five Special / Top of the Pops Oh Boy!  [Ask the Audience is split, with a bit more on Six-Five / They go 50/50 and are left with Oh Boy and Six-Five / And then we get a break / It’s SIX-FIVE SPECIAL, I think I might have gone for Oh Boy]

Cheque shows, clearly, 9-3-02

REVISE: The Six-Five Special was broadcast before these other pop shows: Top of the Pops, Ready Steady Go and Oh Boy!

125k: First name of SWISS hotelier Ritz, who opened the Ritz Hotel in London in 1906: Cesar / Pierre / Christophe / Michel [No idea, they have no lifelines and don’t risk it / It’s CESAR]

REVISE: CESAR Ritz was the SWISS hotelier who opened the Ritz Hotel in London in 1906

Next up, Gabby Logan and Ally McCoist / their charities: Moorcroft Children’s Centre Fund [Special Needs School in Renfrew] and Cardiomyopathy Association

1k: Actress who married PERCY GIBSON in 2002: (Joan Collins) Stephanie Beacham / Kate O’Mara / Jane Asher

REVISE: spouses of Stephanie Beacham / Kate O’Mara / Jane Asher, and Joan Collins’s previous husbands

2k: Tony McCoy and Adrian Maguire are famous names in (horse-racing)

4k: What was a common name for a chamber pot? Jimmy JERRY Jacky Johnny [Ask the Audience: 33% Jerry, 46% Johnny, but they’re wrong, and Gabby and Ally leave with 1k]

Next couple: Esther Rantzen and her son Joshua, who is studying Physics and Philosophy at Oxford

1k: Smallest result (3/3) Compared to 3×3, 3+3 and so on

2k: (Aries) star sign of someone born on 1 April [Ask the Audience: 90% get it right]

4k: 2002 NT7, which scientists thought might collide with earth in 2019, is: (Asteroid) Comet / Space Station / Planet

REVISE: NT2 was an asteroid discovered in 2002, first object observed by NASA’s NEO programme, thought to have a small chance of collision with earth, but known long in advance that it would pass on 13 January 2019, over 37m miles away

8k: Composer who died in 1958: (Vaughan Williams) Tchaikovsky / Schubert /

16k: In animated TV series ROOBARB AND CUSTARD, what colour was Custard the Cat: Green / Pink / Yellow / Orange [I thought it was PINK, and it was, and it took a while to get there / Phone-A-Friend, a TV critic, didn’t know / the audience are voting on every question and 63% went yellow, 17% pink, 15% green and 5% orange / He thinks pink, she says green]

Esther Rantzen and her son Joshua leave with 8k

REVISE: Kids TV, in Roobarb & Custard, Custard the CAT was pink, Roobarb the Dog was green / 30 episodes made, first broadcast 1974 / Richard Briers provided the voices

Next pair: Charlie Higson and Neil Pearson / Pearson: National Council for One Parent Families, he talks about how tough it is to bring up children, especially on your own, advice about jobs, benefits, claims, a helpline / HE was brought up by a hard-working noble heroic single parent /

[04/03/2019 12:00] And that’s the end of it 26 minutes to get through it, and that included a break to hear Trevor Horn’s “Tracks of my years”

SLEB WHO: s1ep2 Challenge 23-Feb-2019,

Jonathan Ross and Jane Goldman carry on

2k: responsibility for party discipline (whip)

4k: What kind of insect is a glow worm: moth / (beetle) / Flea [50/50 left flea and beetle]

8k: (Super Furry Animals) are a pop group from Wales

16k: Alicante is on which Spanish coast: Costa Brava / (Costa Blanca) / Costa de la luz / Costa del sol [Ask the Audience: 52% go for Blanca / Phone-A-Friend: Stewart Goldman, her dad / He says NOTHING]

REVISE: Spanish Costas

32k: What episode number did “Coronation Street” reach on 11 March 2001: 1000 / 5000 / 10,000 / 15,000 [they’re gambling on C, 10,000 / I’d go 5,000 I think for that year (2002) / They’re wrong, it is 5,000]

Next up: James and Kate Redmond, not sure who these people are / they’re playing on behalf of Oxfam, but there’s no other chat / And it looks like they’ve stitched this in from another episode – Tarrant is wearing a different shirt and tie

300 quid: Spaniard JOAQUIN CORTES is a leading exponent of (Flamenco) dancing

1k: (Muse) is an artist’s inspiration

2k: (Kent) one of the Home Counties

4k: 2002, this fashion designer announced his retirement after 40 years in the industry: Jean-Paul Gaultier / Christian Lacroix / Yves Saint-Laurent / Giorgio Armani [50/50 leaves JPG and YSL, so it’s YSL, that’s handy]

8k: First name of character played by Catherine Zeta-Jones in The Darling Buds of May: Margery / Marion / Mariette / Marlene [I think it’s Mariette / Ask the Audience: 69% go for Mariette and that’s correct]

16k: Main ingredient of Welsh dish laver bread: Offal / (Seaweed) / Liquorice / [Phone-A-Friend asks a question first: “When’s Tiswas coming back?” Nice / He knows it’s seaweed before the options come up]

32k: UK #1 in 1964 with “Juliet” (Four Pennies) [He’s gone for Four Seasons, oh dear, they lose 15k]

Jamie and his sister Kate leave with 1k

Next pair: Richard Keys, Andy Gray

Their charities: Macmillan Cancer Nurses and Sparks

1k: (12) court cards in a pack of cards

2k: Gordon Burns was original host of (The Krypton Factor), not Argon, Neon or Helium

4k: Haifa is in (Israel) India / Libya / Lebanon

8k: Boxer known as the “Clones Cyclone”: Lloyd Honyghan / Chris Eubank / Nigel Benn / (Barry McGuigan)

16k: Starred opposite Marilyn Monroe in the 1957 film ‘The Prince and the Showgirl’: (Laurence Olivier) not Tony Curtis, Clark Gable, Tom Ewell [Ask the Audience goes down like a set of steps, 40% 28% 25% 4% / Phone-A-Friend: It’s Judith Keppel and she knows before they read all the options]

[04/03/2019 12:55] And that’s the end of the show, time for a SWIM

Old WHO: Repeats over the weekend, for the record

For the record, Sunday morning’s midnight episode (3/3/19 on Challenge was the one with Keith Wilcock winning 250k, which I have notes for elsewhere, from 13/2/19

The 1am show on Sunday 3/3/19 starts with the cop from Scotland, Brian Adams, in a purple shirt

The 11pm show on Saturday 2/3/19 starts with Innes Scott, and I have notes for that further back

Okay, that saves me from recording and viewing all of them again. Potentially, that’s 3 hours (or 1.5 hours) that I don’t need to go over – although it shows the benefit of taking notes. I hardly recognize things from shows that I saw within the last month.

OLD WHO: 11pm, 3-Mar-2019 Challenge, from 18-9-00

[05/03/2019 08:54] Down to just 13 hours free on the hard drive again, I’d better clear some space

This is Ange, I think, not sure when she got to the chair

1k: (Éclair) = pastry

2k: Magic Johnson is an American legend in (Basketball)

4k: Red Ensign is the flag of which organization: Royal Yacht Squadron / Merchant Navy / Royal Navy / RNLI [Ask the Audience went wrong: 41% on RN and RNLI / I thought it was Merchant Navy when I caught a bit of this live, only 11% went for it / Phone-A-Friend guesses Royal Navy, but it’s the MERCHANT NAVY]

Ange leaves with 1k

REVISE: Red Ensign is the flag of the Merchant Navy

FFF: Disney films in order they were released

DBAC gives us: Sleeping Beauty / Aristocats / Beauty and the Beast / Pocahontas

1959 / 1970 / 1991 / 1995

Only 2/8 get it right, Peter Gaynor is fastest in 10.28s

He puffs out his cheeks like he’s run a marathon / Not much chat before the questions begin, we don’t learn anything about him / he’s wearing white trousers and a light blue shirt, and he’s got a moustache

1k: (Michael Crawford) played Frank Spencer in Some Mothers do ave em

2k: (Metropolitan Police) established by Robert Peel

[And now, without a break, he’s in a yellow shirt with dark trousers, so we’re clearly onto a different show from their original broadcasts, but it’s run straight on in this episode on Challenge]

4k: (Mermaid) played by Darryl Hannah in Splash

8k: Suggs is lead singer of (Madness)

16k: British political party formed in 1900 (Labour)

32k: Litmus paper, in contact with acid, turns (red) [Phone-A-Friend, a chemistry teacher, knows it, obvs]

Cheque says: 18-9-00

64k: Which saint founded the monastery at Iona: (St Columba) / St Augustine / St Benedict / St Patrick

125k: PAPER SIZES, which is largest: Royal / Imperial / Elephant / Crown [50/50 leaves Imperial and Elephant / I looked this up while it was recording, and it’s IMPERIAL, though DOUBLE ELEPHANT would be bigger / Ask the Audience: 78% go for Imperial / He doesn’t play

REVISE: Paper sizes: Imperial is bigger than Royal, Elephant or Crown, but Double Elephant would be bigger

Peter Gaynor leaves with 32k

10 new contestants and Patrick Boozer is one of them

FFF: Robert Redford films in order of release

BADC gives us: The Sting / All the President’s Men / Indecent Proposal / The Horse Whisperer

73 / 76 / 92 / 98

4/10 get it right, John Cunningham is fastest in 6.27s

Again, no chat before the questions are displayed / This is all new stuff for me

1k: Lift me up was a 1999 #1 for (Geri Halliwell) not Cher, Celine or Madonna [Ask the Audience: 91% get it right]

2k: (8) pints in a gallon

4k: (Dick Whittington) panto based on Mayor of London

8k: Jasper Conran is famous as a (Fashion Designer)

16k: The voice of Wallace in the Wallace & Gromit films: Richard Wilson / (Peter Sallis) / David Suchet / David Jason

32k: the explorer who discovered Victoria Falls: Ferdinand Magellan / Mungo Park / Vasco da Gama / (David Livingstone)

Cheque shows 18-9-00

REVISE: explorers and discoveries, Ferdinand Magellan / Mungo Park [what did he do?] / Vasco da Gama / David Livingstone

64k: “In Japan, what is the Shinkansen?” A: Sumo wrestling champion B: Emperor’s palace C: Tokyo Stock Exchange D: High speed rail line

[That is exactly how the question appears / He’s gone for Phone-A-Friend: she doesn’t give an answer, ran out of time, too long spent asking for the questions / 50/50 leaves Emperor’s palace and HIGH SPEED RAIL LINE, which I thought it was / He’s gone for Emperor’s Palace]

John Cunningham leaves with 32k

REVISE: In Japan, SHINKANSEN is: High speed rail line

FFF: Start with NORTHERNMOST, National Parks in order

BCDA gives us: Northumberland / Peak District / Brecon Beacons / Dartmoor

5/9 get it right, Andy Down is fastest in 5.89s

Again, there’s no chat before the questions begin

He starts the low-money questions in a light green shirt, and then he’s in a light blue shirt, so it’s a new show in the original broadcasts, and we’re getting some chat – the 2 year old TRIPLETS think he’s become a Teletubby because he’s on TV

1k: In Germany the Autobahn is a (Motorway)

2k: British Fashion Designer (Vivienne) Westwood not Katherine, Betty or Bella

REVISE: British Fasion designers (Vivienne) Westwood, Katherine, Betty, Bella

4k (July) is when Americans celebrate Independence Day

8k: Petri Dish will be used by a (scientist)

And that’s the end of the show

OLD WHO: 10pm, 4-Mar-2019 Challenge, 3-3 and 5-3-01 [repeated 1am Sun 31-Mar-2019]

[05/03/2019 09:27] On with last night’s Challenge episode, the girl who’s going travelling having given up her job / It’s LIZ RICHARDS

32k: Sugar snaps are: Brittle toffee bars / Almond biscuits / (Salad Peas) / Sweet potato chips [She’s going for the right answer and Tarrnat is doing that annoying thing of “Why would you call salad peas “Sugar Snaps”?” / She goes for it anyway]

Cheque shows 3-3 and year isn’t visible

64k: Which type of number indicates order of sequence: Decimal / Cardinal / Fractional / (Ordinal) [Tarrant really drags out telling her she’s right, and we don’t see the cheque]

She’s wearing a burgundy top before the ad-break, and a blue top after it, so we’re into a different episode from the original broadcasts, but still the same one on Challenge

125k: In which country was the pianist and entertainer Victor Borge born: Germany / Denmark / Russia / Italy [I think it’s DENMARK, and it is / she would have gone Germany but doesn’t risk it / We learn that she is 26]

Ah, and the 64k cheque shows us 5-3-01

Liz Richards leaves with 64k, that would have helped her travel round the world in 2001

10 new contestants including Joe Kelly from Middlesex

FFF: Starting with the INNERMOST, put these layers of Earth in order

DABC gives us: Core Mantle Crust Atmosphere

Wasn’t sure it was right, and took too long, I got my Crust and Mantel mixed up

5/10 get it right, Sue McCord is fastest in 6.12s

Some chat this time: She’s a production manager from Stockport in CHESHIRE / her husband is a grave-digger

1k: Cocktail made with coffee liqueur and vodka: (Black Russian), not Green Italian, Blue German, Yellow French

2k: Gordon and Irish are breeds of which dog: Retriever / Setter / Poodle / Spaniel [It’s Setter isn’t it? I’m really not good on dogs and cats / She’s not sure either / Ask the Audience: 87% go setter, which is right]

4k: (Dannii) is Kylie Minogue’s singing sister

8k: In the Bible, what are seraphim? Prophets / Samaritans / Psalms / (Angels) [Phone-A-Friend, her brother-in-law: 75% sure they’re angels]

16k: Craven Cottage is the home of Derby County / Exeter City / (Fulham) / Gillingham [She doesn’t know, has gone 50/50 and been left with Exeter and Fulham, which she goes for, and now it’s a break before we find out that she’s right]

Revise: football grounds, specifically Gillingham and Exeter

32k: The cities in the title of the Dickens novel “A Tale of Two Cities” are London and where else: Orleans / Rheims / Bordeaux / (Paris) [Really? For 32k? She goes for it, eventually, though she wasn’t sure]

Once again the cheque shows 5-3-01

64k: The film for which Sean Connery won an Oscar: The Name of the Rose / The Hunt for Red October / Highlander / (The Untouchables) [She’s thinking out loud, with 2 wrong answers, and goes for Highlander]

Sue McCord leaves with 32k

FFF: Words in the order they appear in a Paul Newman film

CBAD gives us: Butch Cassidy Sundance Kid

4/9 get it right, Alison Grinney is fastest in 4.60s

“Oh, it’s Ladies Night,” says Tarrant

A word processor operator from Kent, kids Oliver, Imogen and Erica

She nearly goes wrong on the 200 quid question, “To develop rapidly”: Leek / Pepper / Squash / (Mushroom) [She was going for pepper but Tarrant said to take her time / Ask the Audience: 74% get it right]

500 quid is tricky: Which form of transport usually stands on an APRON while waiting for passengers to board: Jet Airliner / Taxi / Long-distance coach / Hot-air balloon [Jet plane, surely? She’s not sure either / Phone-A-Friend is her husband Ray and he’s confident that it’s a jet]

1k: (Cameo) role, small part in a film

2k: A type of bird: Typist bird / accountant bird / (Secretary bird) / Clerk bird [African, says CT, the crest is like a QUILL PEN]

4k: (Lewis Carroll) based ‘Through the Looking Glass’ on a CHESS GAME

8k: Ant & Dec were known as (PJ & Duncan)

16k: US city situated on a Great Lake: Baltimore (Chicago) / Kansas City / Cincinnati [She says “Not Chicago” and 50/50 leaves her with Baltimore and and Chicago / She’s drawn towards Baltimore; don’t do it, girl / No, she’s taking the money]

And that’s the end of the show