Part 21

WWTBAM Prep, Part 21 (13-May-2019 to 14-May-2019)

Notes taken while watching the UK edition of WWTBAM, May 2019. New editions (2018 onwards, broadcast on ITV) are titled “NEW WHO:”, older editions are titled “WHO:” or “OLD WHO:” and were broadcast on Challenge; Celebrity editions, also broadcast on Challenge, are titled “SLEB WHO:”. Specific dates for these notes: 13-May-2019 to 14-May-2019 . [6,461 words in this piece.]

SLEB WHO: Sat 11-May-2019, 10pm on Challenge, Widdecombe and Morgan, Jerry Hall and James Somerville, Shaneka Williamson and Nicholas Owen, 20-5-06

[13/05/2019 08:59] I’ll try and get through this quicker than usual, 20 minutes would be good: it’s about the questions, not the chat.

Ann Widdecombe and Piers Morgan return

8k: (William) first name of Mr Penn, Quaker founder of Pennsylvania [Phone-A-Friend: he knows it]

16k: Played Mary Goodnight in 1974 Bond film “The man with the golden gun”: Diana Rigg / Honor Blackman / (Britt Ekland) / Ursula Andress [50/50 left Ursula too

REVISE: “Bond Girls”, Britt Ekland played MARY GOODNIGHT in Man with the Golden Gun / check Diana Rigg’s film, and Honor Blackman and Ursula Andress

32k: (Little Women) begins “Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents”, not “The Railway Children”, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Little Lord Fauntleroy

REVISE: Opening lines “Christmas won’t be Christmas without any presents” is LITTLE WOMEN, check if there is anything significant in “The Railway Children”, Uncle Tom’s Cabin, Little Lord Fauntleroy

Widdecombe and Morgan leave with 16k

Next couple: James Somerville (businessman who was helped with a 1k loan from the Prince’s Trust, after art school, his company is called ATTIC, because it was set up in his gran’s attic) and JERRY HALL (was Mrs Robinson on stage, naked)

1k: Romaine is a variety of (lettuce)

2k: JFK was assassinated in (Texas)

4k: (Rattle and Hum) an album by U2

8k: Used to identify a pharmacy in France (Green Cross)

16k: (Prettier) can be written on just one row of a typewriter [Ask the Audience: 72% get it right]

32k: Writer who lived in the reign of Charles II: Chaucer / Dickens / (Samuel Pepys) / Samuel Johnson [Phone-A-Friend: not sure / 50/50 leaves Chaucer too, rather a long time for them to get that answer]

Cheque shows: 20-5-0 [It’s 06 because that was the year that all Sleb shows were for Prince’s Trust]

REVISE: Samuel Johnson, birth and death, house in London and name of cat or dog

64k: “News from No man’s land” is a volume of memoirs by a journalist: Rageh Omar / Bridget Kendall / John Pienaar / (John Simpson)

REVISE: journalist memoirs: “News from No man’s land” is a volume of memoirs by a journalist: John Simpson

125k: Country located on Gulf of Finland: Kazakhstan / (Estonia) / Uzbekistan / Turkmenistan

250k: In NORSE mythology which plant killed the god Baldur: Holly / Ivy / Mistletoe / Rose [I’d have guessed Mistletoe if there was no money at stake, and it is MISTLETOE / July 2021: I have come across this fact a few times since 2019, in various places]

James Somerville and Jerry Hall leave with 125k on 20-5-06

REVISE: Norse mythology and PLANTS: In NORSE mythology MISTLETOE killed the god Baldur

Shaneka Williamson and Nicholas Owen (ITV newsreader) / Shaneka was Prince’s Trust’s young achiever of the year, tough childhood, her grandma contacted the trust, she trained as a carer, works with disabled and elderly and won the award the previous year

1k: (Tourists) name for an international cricket team visiting from abroad

2k: The song “WE’LL KEEP A WELCOME IN THE HILLSIDE” is most associated with: England / Scotland / Ireland / WALES [Never heard of it, TOUGH 2k question that]

REVISE: National songs, there has been something about who wrote Flower of Scotland, and “WE’LL KEEP A WELCOME IN The HILLSIDE” is associated with WALES

4k: Janet Reger is best known for designing (underwear)

8k: The HOPE and CULLINAN are this type of gemstone: Sapphire / Emerald / Ruby / (Diamond) [Ask the Audience: 66% get it right]

[13/05/2019 09:18] End of the show / Great, that one’s done in 19 minutes

Last night’s 3 hours of regular WHO were all repeats

[13/05/2019 09:24] I have notes on all of them, but I feel that I should go through them, update the notes I have (which are from February and are all over the place)

WHO: Sun 12-May-2019 11pm on Challenge, on Challenge (repeat, expanded notes HERE)

[13/05/2019 09:33] This episode has been noted in various ways since February: starts with Gen, notes elsewhere [08/05/2019 08:33] / Then it’s Karl Duerden, notes above in the same place, right up to SAGAS are from Iceland / Then it’s Mike Collins and finally it’s Dave Anderson

[13/05/2019 09:50] And now it’s finished, with Dave Anderson on 32k, notes elsewhere with same timestamp as this note [13/05/2019 09:50]

WHO: Sun/Mon 12/13-May-2019 midnight on Challenge, (repeat, expanded notes HERE), 9-12-00

[13/05/2019 10:01] Begins with Dave Anderson’s cheque for 32k, on 9-12-00, notes on another PC, and here they are in full / Some of these notes are duplicated in another piece on this site

Dave Anderson, 9-12-2000, up to 32k, here comes the 64k question

64k: Robert and James Adam 18th C Scottish brothers were famous in which field? (Architecture) Acting Agriculture Astronomy

125k: FDR elected President of USA: 2 3 (4) 5 [This is where I LEARNT this fact back in 2000, and from memory – from over 18 years ago – I’m guessing that this is where he pulled out / yes he does, after using Phone-A-Friend: thinks it’s 2 or 3 and runs out of time before saying anything useful / Ask the Audience / they went for 3, by 65%, but he didn’t accept their answer, he changed his mind a few times, “Final answer?” Yes, No, I can’t risk it that sort of thing]

The cheque shows 9-12-00

Dave Anderson leaves with 64k

10 new contestants: Les Brown, Simon Rosenberg, Alisa Aitken, John Dixon, Claire Murphy, Kevin Dunn, Brenda Dawes, Andy Gillies, Jan Heywood, Gareth Welch

FFF: Detective writers in the order they were born

CBAD gives us: Edgar Allen Poe / Arthur Conan Doyle / Agatha Christie / Ruth Rendell

8/10 correct, Andy Gillies in 5.5s is fastest

He’s from Edinburgh, works in Pensions Admin / fiancée in the audience, doesn’t have a dream date, he’s very happy with Heather / They’re getting married in March, and the size of the win would decide their honeymoon / SHE would have a dream date with Leonardo DiCaprio

1k: Dorothy and her friends followed the (Yellow Brick Road) in “The Wizard of Oz”

2k: Island of Anglesey is part of (Wales) [Ask the Audience: 60% get it right, 24% go for Scotland]

4k: Daley Thompson was an Olympic gold medallist in (Decathlon)

8k: Sinclair C5 is a (Vehicle)

16k: Setting for the Hobbit and “Lord of the Rings”: (Middle Earth) [This was 2000, before the movies came out, not sure it would be a 16k question these days / He used his Phone-A-Friend who was sure it was Middle Earth]

32k: “The Downing Street Years” and “The Path to Power”: political memoirs of (Margaret Thatcher) [He went 50/50, was left with Thatcher and Heath, but he’s not going to risk it / he leaves with 16k]

FFF: Channel Islands, largest to smallest

I was way out with this one, with DCBA

It should be CBDA: Jersey / Guernsey / Alderney / Sark

6/9 get it right, Simon Rosenberg is fastest in in 4.66s

[13/05/2019 10:09] From Hatch End, head-teacher of a school for children with Special Needs / Wife Shelley in the audience, 5 year old and 18 month old at home / He would like to buy one of Paul McCartney’s bass guitars, but he’s right handed / Big Beatles fan / “I just think they are brilliant” / “If you find yourself in a hole, stop digging”

1k: E in PAYE stands for (Earn)

2k: Jocky Wilson is a former world champion in (Darts)

4k: Mao Tse-tung became leader of (China) in 1949 [And that’s how they spelt it on the show]

8k: Specific name for an inhabitant of Los Angeles: (Angeleno) / Angina / Angelus / Angelica [50/50 left him with Angelus too]

16k: Ace of Base originate from (Sweden) [Ask the Audience to confirm it: 87% get it right]

32k: Which character in “Alice in Wonderland” remarks ‘curiouser and curiouser’: Cheshire Cat / White Rabbit / Mad Hatter / (Alice) [Phone-A-Friend: not sure, he thinks it was the Cheshire Cat / he thinks it’s White Rabbit, doesn’t risk it]

Simon Rosenberg leaves with 16k

This is where he bails out, after using Phone-A-Friend: it’s Alice, and I have seen this recently. We seem to be in some kind of a loop, in late 2000 / no problem with that, I just need to rationalize my notes and recordings [13/05/2019 10:14] That’s what I wrote in February, and I’m STILL trying to rationalize recordings 3 months later, but my habits have changed – I make notes on other things now, and record the names of all contestants

I’ve found a Google Books list of winners from around this time so I know that Simon Rosenberg (16) is followed by Gareth Welch (64k)

Title of a Popular 70s sitcom

BADC gives us: Man about the house

6/8 get it right, Gareth Welch is fastest in 3.07s

I have notes for this – and for Simon Rosenberg – on 24-Jan-2019 / We get as far as Barbara Vine being RUTH RENDELL

This is the guy in the orange shirt, from FAREHAM whose mate is in the audience, and he wants him to get enough to buy a car so that he – or rather his girlfriend – won’t have to keep giving him lifts / He wants to buy suits like Tarrant, because “they really flatter the larger, more mature figure” / Stay cool, says his mate, because he has a tendency to boisterousness

1k: (Pipe Dream) is a fanciful plan

2k: Football World Cup finals held every (4) years

[He’s a Bournemouth fan, and this was many years before they became a Premier League club]

4k: (Salt Lake City) is the capital of Utah

8k: General elections are traditionally held on (Thursday) in the UK

16k “Robert de Niro’s Waiting” was a hit for (Bananarama) Applejacks / Peaches & Herb / The Strawbs

32k: Novelist who writes under the name Barbara Vine: (Ruth Rendell) [50/50 left PD James too / Phone-A-Friend: “It’s Ruth Rendell 100%”]

[13/05/2019 10:25] And that’s the end of the show in this 13-May-2019 repeat, and that’s taken me 24 minutes – so much for saving time]

[04/02/2019 09:01] Okay, I’ve been through that recording one more time, and deleted it

OLD WHO: Mon 13-May-2019 1am on Challenge, (repeat, expanded notes HERE), from 11-12-00, 14-12-00, also repeated Sun 20-May-2019 10pm

[13/05/2019 10:26] This is taking me longer than I  thought, to go through episodes that I have already seen and noted, in some way

This starts with Gareth Welch getting his cheque for 32k after the RUTH RENDELL Barbara Vine question

The cheque shows 11-12-00, and I have notes on this one from [12/02/2019 21:00] already posted. I have copied them all below anyway

64k: Which denomination Bank of England note portrays a cricket match between DINGLEY DELL AND ALL-MUGGLETON? £5 £10 £20 £50 [He uses Ask the Audience and they’re pretty evenly split, 32% 10 and 32% 50 / I think I’d go £10, as he has – I think it’s Dickens]

Okay, it’s 11/12/00, clearly shown on the 64k cheque

REVISE: Cricket match between DINGLEY DELL AND ALL-MUGGLETON in a Dickens novel, which one?

125k: “Which weather forecasting sea area surrounds the Orkneys and the Shetlands?” Fisher / Viking / Dogger / Fair Isle [If there was no money on it I’d probably have gone Fair Isle / so would he, and it’s the right answer: FAIR ISLE]

Gareth Welch leaves with 64k

Revise: Shipping forecast areas, FAIR ISLE is the answer to: “Which weather forecasting sea area surrounds the Orkneys and the Shetlands?”

10 new contestants: Karen Lynch, Jonathan Potter, Gary Bishop, Andy Botley, Carl Racey, Mike Moroney, Jack Wilson, John McCool, Stephen Jappy, Joe Pulling [nobody from London]

FFF: “Coronation Street” characters in the order they first appeared:

CBAD gives us: Ken Barlow / Stan Ogden / Percy Sugden / Les Battersby

6/10 got it right, John McCool in 4.15s is quickest

There’s chat before the questions this time / sometimes they just jump in with the questions, and this chat includes dream dates – Kylie and Elle McPherson in his case, on holiday to Sydney, he saw in the Olympics and liked the look of it / An accountant from KINGSWOOD in Surrey, his mum is in the audience / He’s single and thinks he might get a girlfriend after the show / Chipstead FC, he would spend a million to tidy the place out, 30 or 40k for tarmac, fencing, a new stand named after him /

1k: Silver Service in a (restaurant)

2k: Top 10 hit for Fat Les in 1998 (Vindaloo)

4k: (Dick van Dyke) plays Bert opposite Julie Andrews in Mary Poppins [He uses Ask the Audience and 94% give the right answer]

8k: (Willow) is the wood used to make cricket bats

16k: State capital of Texas is (Austin)

32k: “According to classical mythology what was given to those who ate “ambrosia”, the food of the gods?” Strength / Beauty / Immortality / Wealth [I assume it’s immortality, but I don’t know / he uses Phone-A-Friend / she thinks so too but isn’t sure / It IS IMMORTALITY]

The cheque shows 14-12-00

64k: Starting point for the Great North Run to South Shields: Gateshead / Newcastle / Sunderland / Tynemouth [I think it’s Gateshead, but am not sure / He thinks so too, but he’s wrong: it’s NEWCASTLE]

John McCool gets 32k on 14-12-00

REVISE: Great North Run, figures and route, it starts in Newcastle and ends in South Shields

FFF: Starting with the lightest, put these winds in the order they feature on the Beaufort Scale

BDCA gives us: Light breeze / Strong breeze / Gale / Hurricane

6/9 get it right, Gary Bishop is fastest in 4.16s

Revise: The Beaufort Scale, Here are 4 of them: Light breeze / Strong breeze / Gale / Hurricane

Again, we have chat before the questions, he’s a regional manager for a TV RENTALS company from Brentwood and is wearing lucky Homer Simpson socks / wife in the audience, 3 kids at home with the grandparents / He’s 40 / he looks after 430 staff / He drives past an Aston Martin showroom every day and would like to pop in on the way home and buy one

1k: A herb: (Basil) not Bob or Bertie

2k: A sport in which the British nickname the pitch “The park”: Soccer / Lacrosse / Cricket / Polo [He’s used Ask the Audience and they’re split / he’s using Phone-A-Friend / It’s an unsatisfactory question – I think it could be cricket, “He’s hit him all over the park” or football, as in “We played them off the park” / 50/50 shows us soccer and polo / it’s “soccer”: I’m not impressed by that question]

4k: Morrissey is in the (Smiths)

8k: Not a member of the Commonwealth: Ghana / Malaysia / India / (Philippines)

REVISE: Commonwealth countries and Games, Philippines is not in the Commonwealth

16k: A suitable Boy written by (Vikram Seth)

He doesn’t know and he’s used all his lifelines so he walks with his 8k

FFF: Answers to sums, starting with the smallest

BDCA gives us: 15/3 / 15-3 / 15+3 / 15×3

4/8 got it right, Stephen Jappy in 6.94 is fastest

He’s an electrician from Scotland, wants the money for an extension for the 7-month-old baby / Wife Karen in the audience “looking absolutely terrified”, the kind of thing that Tarrant used to say

1k: Gene Kelly film Singin’ in the (Rain)

2k: Weapons traditionally held in a quiver (arrows) [he’s used Ask the Audience, 87% sure]

4k: Pikachu and Squirtle are characters in (Pokemon) [Chris asks if the contestant understands them, neither of them do]

Revise: Pokemon characters, think in terms of “Which of these is NOT a Pokemon character” / Pikachu and Squirtle ARE in Pokemon

8k: A shade of blue: (azure) not Magenta, sepia or Ecru [He’s using Phone-A-Friend / He’s 100% sure it’s azure]

[And for the next question he’s switched from his lavender or purple shirt to a light brown or beige one, so it’s a different show from the original broadcasts]

16k: “In which US city is the National Air and Space Museum?” Washington / San Francisco / Philadelphia / New York [I think it’s San Francisco / He goes 50/50 and is left with Washington and San Francisco / It’s WASHINGTON / That surprises me]

He’s taking the 8k

Revise: US museums, especially National Air and Space Museum, and whatever there might be in California

[13/05/2019 10:44] And that’s the end of the show, this time round as well

SLEB WHO: Sun 12-May-2019, 10pm on Challenge, Shaneka Williamson and Nicholas Owen return, 20-5-06

[13/05/2019 14:00] Shaneka Williamson (also known as Pebbles) and Nicholas Owen return

16k: Angels and Demons is a best-selling novel by (Dan Brown) [50/50 left Helen Fielding too / Phone-A-Friend: Dan was sure it’s Dan Brown]

32k: Drax in North Yorkshire is Britain’s largest (Coal Power Station)

64k: A famous JACK VETTRIANO work: The Singing (Butler) not Valet, Maid or Cook

125k: The dish APPLE CHARLOTTE is said to be named after the wife of which king: Charles I / Edward VI / William IV / (George III) [My knowledge of kings and their wives is now good enough to know that only George was married to a Charlotte / Nicholas Owen thinks it’s William IV, they lose 32k]

Shaneka Williamson and Nicholas Owen leave with 32k

I think the rest of this show is from 2004, because they’re not playing for the Princes Trust, and the Colin Jackson / Sharron Davies bits are definitely 2004

Next Pair: Jamie Theakston and WENDY PETERS / Him: National Youth Theatre, worked for auctioneers, did a degree, traffic reports on radio, Live & Kicking with Zoe Ball, “Top of the Pops”, now the breakfast show on Heart FM, would like to take over from Michael Aspel on Antiques Roadshow / Her: CILLA BATTERSBY-BROWN on “Coronation Street”, “so thoroughly despicable” she makes Tracy Barlow look good, Soapstar Superstar

Her charity: Childline, it took her a long time to have her little girl, and her Corrie character is so bad she had to do something for children: 4500 calls per day, 2500 are answered / His: Nordoff-Robbins

500 quid: WASP WAIST is a slender waist – that’s a new one on me

1k: (North America), not Asia, Europe, Africa is part of the New World

2k: LIVERY refers to feeding and care of (horses)

4k: (Griff Rhys Jones) was a member of Not the 9 o’clock News

8k: Leigh Centurions play (rugby league) not cricket, basketball or ice hockey [50/50 leaves basketball too / Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know, and he’s a BBC sports correspondent, he would guess basketball / They go for that and lose 3k]

Theakston and Wendy leave with 1k

Hmm, this bit is from before the Athens Olympics in 2004, because they’re talking about Jackson going later that year

Next pair: Sharron Davies, Colin Jackson / Her Olympics: 1976, aged 13, silver in Moscow, retired from competing in 1994, modelling, TV presenter / CJ retired the previous year but still world record holder in 110m hurdles and indoors 60m hurdles

Her charity: SANYU Babies Home Uganda, a home that takes poor children, no running water or proper stove at the moment, they hand-wash nappies, a few thousand would go a LONG way, “I wanted to put them all in my suitcase” but she couldn’t / His: Sport Relief, he’s heavily involved now

1k: Phoenix Park and the James Joyce Museum are in (Dublin)

2k: The world’s largest liner, launched January 2004: Queen Victoria 1 / (Queen Mary 2) / Queen Elizabeth 3 / Queen Charlotte 4 [New information to me, but easy by elimination

4k: PC WREN novel Beau Geste mainly features this military outfit: SAS / Rough Riders / (French Foreign Legion) / Grenadier Guards [Ask the Audience: 92% get it right]

REVISE: PC Wren wrote the novel Beau Geste

8k: Explorer who said “I am just going outside and may be some time”: (Lawrence Oates) [50/50 leaves them with Mungo Park too / Phone-A-Friend: her father-in-law is sure of the answer]

REVISE: Mungo Park, who and when / George Mallory was Everest, check other early mountaineers

16k: (Snoop Dogg) played HUGGY BEAR in 2004 film version of Starsky & Hutch

32k: Country whose flag features a cross: (Iceland) / Indonesia / Ireland / Italy

Yes, the cheque says 22-5-04

64k: A type of butterfly: Gemstone / Flagstone / Touchstone / Brimstone [I thought it was BRIMSTONE, and it is, they reject it at first, ultimately go for Gemstone]

Colin Jackson and Sharron Davies leave with 32k

REVISE: Butterflies and moths, BRIMSTONE is a butterfly

[13/05/2019 14:27] That’s the end of the show, 27 minutes

WHO: Mark Labbett, 27-May-2018 10pm, 29-4-06, the one that didn’t record last weekend [and then completed, later]

[13/05/2019 22:06] Well, that’s handy, the ONE episode that failed to record was already on the TV box / I won’t bother keeping it, but it means that I now have a record of the main questions for Mark Labbett – I don’t have his 1k, 2k or 4k questions [30/05/2019 14:57] But now I do, from last weekend – it was on again on 24 May 2019

His friend Jane is in the audience / he’s currently single and wonders if his family’s history of 12lb babies is putting off the ladies / maybe a million quid will help his luck with the ladies / A supply teacher, at the time, from Newport South Wales

1k: Not a quadruped: (crane)

2k: A piece of knitting with a series of raised rows: (ribbed) spined skulled hipped [He uses Ask the Audience: 94% get it right]

4k: ESTORIL is a resort in: Turkey Italy France (Portugal)

8k: (Apple) is principal ingredient of a traditional Tarte Tatin [Phone-A-Friend: his friend Mo is sure of it]

16k: Long John Silver in Muppet Treasure Island: (Tim Curry) / Tim Brooke-Taylor / Tim Rice / Tim McInerney

32k: Thomas Jefferson was a (Lawyer) not Bishop, Carpenter, Veterinary Surgeon

Cheque shows 29-4-06

64k: Best-selling novel Miss Smilla’s Feeling for Snow is set chiefly in: Canada / (Denmark) / Switzerland / Nepal [50/50 left Canada and Denmark, he goes for Canada]

Mark Labbett leaves with 32k

10 brand new contestants: Dennis Shannon, Sally Wainman, Andy Palmer, Julian Elford, Alan Ramsden, Rick Williamson, Alun Powell, Martin Smith, Nichola Tobin, James Lucy

FFF: Old Testament books on order

BACD gives us: Genesis / Exodus / Leviticus / Numbers

6/10 get it right, Rick Williamson is fastest in 2.18s

An aerospace consultant from Preston Lancs / Wife Mo “looking absolutely bewildered” says Tarrant / 2 kids at university / childhood sweethearts married for 30 years / Looking for perfect beach, no jellyfish

1k: (Hosiery) means socks, stockings, tights

2k: (Harley Davidson) form of transport in Easy Rider

4k: (Rolf Harris) painted a portrait of the Queen as part of her 80th birthday celebrations [That wouldn’t happen these days]

8k: Actress married to singer Lyle Lovett 1993-95 (Julia Roberts) [Ask the Audience: 87% get it right]

16k: (Pantheon) = Temple to all the gods [Phone-A-Friend: vicar not absolutely sure but suggests the right answer]

32k: The SKERRIES are a group of rocks off this island: Anglesey / Isle of Man / Isle of Wight / Skye [50/50 leaves Anglesey and Isle of Wight / I would have gone Skye, he doesn’t risk it, it’s ANGLESEY / July 2021: I’m surprised that I’d have gone for Skye, Anglesey seems more logical – I’ve spent time in Skerries, Co Dublin, not that far away]

Rick Williamson leaves with 16k

REVISE: Group of rocks off ANGLESEY: The Skerries

FFF: Pieces of music in the order they were written

ADCB gives us: Greensleeves / New World Symphony / Lili Marlene / Hey Jude

6/9 get it right, Dennis Shannon is fastest in 3.65s

A health club manager from Manchester / Partner Rachel is at home, mate Andy in the audience / The biggest gym in central Manchester, some cast members of “Coronation Street” are members / Would love to buy a villa abroad, his mate would like a nightclub in Majorca

1k: Can Can most likely to be performed at this Paris landmark (Moulin Rouge)

[Rachel packed a lucky Buddha in his overnight bag]

2k: Brothers who founded village of Bourneville near Birmingham 1879 (Cadbury) [Tarrant used to work nights there many years ago]

4k: “Say you don’t need no diamond ring … “ is a line from (Can’t buy me love)

8k: “England expects every man to do his duty”, associated with (Nelson) [50/50 left him with Henry V as well]

16k: “Every Second Counts” is autobiography of: Lance Armstrong / Paula Radcliffe / Jonny Wilkinson / Steve Redgrave [Phone-A-Friend: is sure it’s LANCE ARMSTRONG, I didn’t know that]

REVISE: “Every Second Counts” is autobiography of: Lance Armstrong

[13/05/2019 22:30] And that’s the end of the show (it wasn’t a full hour)

OLD WHO: Sun 12-May-2019, 1am on Challenge, Paul Copley 27-5-06

[14/05/2019 00:39] At least part of the next one from the weekend, Paul Copley returns on 32k

64k: Richard Gere’s middle name: (TIFFANY)

125k: In 2004 it was claimed that this singer’s roots can be traced back 300 years to a blacksmith in a Scottish village (Elvis Presley) [He doesn’t know, doesn’t guess]

Paul Copley leaves with 64k

Cheque shows 27-5-06, we had a change of shirt up there, and this is 2 weeks after his original show, when his cheque read 13-5-06

10 new contestants: Scott Harrison, Sian Dolan, Mark Eddy, Dave Hodson, Sean O’Neill, Gary Stangoe, Tim Hanrahan, Philip Manson, Phil Duffy, John Birtles

FFF: Birds in alphabetical order

CDBA gives us: Woodchat / Woodcock / Woodpecker / Wood Pigeon [I thought that Wood Pigeon might go FIRST there]

5/10 get it right, Scott Harrison is fastest in 5.68s

A clerical officer from Nuneaton in Warwickshire / Mum in the audience, fiancée at home / he proposed in Paris, at the foot of the Eiffel Tower, as she’s scared of heights / He would like to try sky-diving

1k: (Takeaway) features in name of Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night show [Wow, that’s been going for over 13 years now]

[He works in Coventry City Council, in a community office, resource for local community to come in, sort out their problems / Chat about the wedding]

2k: (Silver Surfer) an older person on the internet

4k: Daryl Hall Musical partner (John Oates)

8k: In architecture, an ornamental vertical groove in a column: Oboe (Flute) Clarinet Piccolo

16k: Oceania refers to islands in (Pacific) Ocean [Ask the Audience: only 57% get it right]

32k: Actor who was in Cambridge crew in 1980 University Boat Race (Hugh Laurie) [50/50 left him with Stephen Fry as well]

Cheque shows 27-5-06

64k: Occupation of GP TAYLOR, author of the best-selling children’s book SHADOWMANCER: Clergyman / Dentist / Bus Driver / Gardener [Never heard of this / Phone-A-Friend doesn’t know, he guesses CLERGYMAN, and I think I would have too, and it’s the right answer]

REVISE: SHADOWMANCER best-selling children’s book by GP Taylor, who is a CLERGYMAN

125k: HEDERA HELIX is Latin name for: Wisteria / Rhododendron / Holly / IVY [he doesn’t risk it, and I had no idea]

Scott Harrison leaves with 64k

REVISE: HEDERA HELIX is Latin name for IVY

FFF: Phrases in order from the Elvis song

DCBA gives us: One for the money / Two for the show / Three to get ready / Go Cat Go

8/9 get it right, Sean O’Neill is fastest in 2.85s

A procurement manager from Ludlow Shropshire / wife at home, dad in the audience / would like a once-in-a-lifetime trip to Vietnam and Cambodia / Had a dream about the 1m question and has written the answer, will show it if he gets there

1k: In the nursery rhyme Jack Be Nimble he jumps over (the candlestick)

2k: (Minestrone) soup contains vegetables and small pieces of pasta

4k: Zeebrugge is in (Belgium)

8k: “Peter Stringfellow’s love child crossed with a mahogany hat stand”, a description of TV presenter: Des O’Connor / Cat Deeley / (David Dickinson) / Carol Vorderman [Ask the Audience: 82% get it right]

[NOT a great question that, beginning “Which TV presenter was described as …” By whom? When?]

16k: AMPLEFORTH College is in: Bradford / Liverpool / Manchester / York [Yorkshire definitely, I thought it was in the country somewhere / Phone-A-Friend: thinks it’s YORK, and it is]

REVISE: Ampleforth is in YORK

He’s in a light blue shirt, previously he was in a green one, so we’re on a different show from the original broadcasts

32k: Comedienne who was the niece of Conservative Politician Nancy Astor: Hylda Baker / Beryl Reid / Irene Handl / (Joyce Grenfell) [50/50 leaves Irene Handl too / He talks about going for Irene because it seems the least likely / He does it, and he loses 15k]

Sean O’Neill leaves with 1k

REVISE: Joyce Grenfell was the Niece of Conservative Politician NANCY ASTOR

[14/05/2019 01:06] Another one bites the dust, that’s the end of the show

OLD WHO: 13-May-2019, 10pm on Challenge, 28-1-06, 4-2-06

[14/05/2019 01:18] It’s recording live, and we’re on an ad-break now, and this is Roger (I think it’s Roger Canwell) on his 8k question

4k: Antibes is in (France)

8k: Popcorn is made from this grain: (Maize) Rice Wheat Barley [He didn’t think it was Maize or Rice / 50/50 left Wheat and Maize, he went for Wheat and lost 4k]

They just refer to him as Roger, haven’t confirmed his surname but I’m pretty sure this just runs on from a show that I already have notes on

[14/05/2019 08:12] Back again for this:

10 new contestants: David Bradshaw, David Evans, Aidan Esslemont, Kathleen Howe, Ian Marshall, Peter Clarke, Jane Burns, Andy Smith, Anne Brohn, Vince Hodges

FFF: Lines from a famous Beatles song in order

DACB gives us: In the town / Where I was born / Lived a man / Who sailed to sea

6/10 get it right, Jane Burns is fastest in 4.31s [“Cackling manically” says Tarrant]

An auditor from Ringwood in Hampshire / Mum in the audience, boyfriend at home looking after the cat Jeffrey / Would like a luxury 5-star skiing holiday

1k: (Esther Rantzen) founded the charity Childline

2k: Fusilli pasta is (spirals)

4k: County that does not have a coastline: Somerset / Lancashire / (Staffordshire) / Lincolnshire [Ask the Audience: 92% get it right]

8k: Released 2003 album Life for Rent: (Dido) Alicia Keys / Shakira / Norah Jones [Phone-A-Friend: Jeff knows it]

16k: PRIMATE with a RED NOSE and BLUE cheeks: Chimpanzee / Mandrill / Bushbaby / Gorilla [MANDRILL, by elimination – I thought that Bushbaby was a marsupial]

REVISE: Primates, MANDRILLS have a RED NOSE and BLUE cheeks / Is a BUSHBABY a primate or a marsupial?

32k: Shakespeare character that is not female: Hermia (Cymbeline) Perdita Regan [Nice question / She uses 50/50 and is left with Perdita as well]

Cheque reads 28-1-06

64k: In a Crossword, the proper name for the blank spaces to be filled in by letters: Blazes (Lights) Glares Flashes [She goes for Blazes and that’s it for her]

Jane Burns leaves with 32k

FFF: Monarchs in order of start of their reign

CDBA gives us: Edward VII / George V / George VI / Queen Elizabeth II

Only 2/9 get it right, Peter Clarke is fastest in 4.77s

A betting shop manager from Ballymena County Antrim / His wife is at home, icky tummy from something she picked up celebrating her 30th birthday / He would like to install his own sauna

[200 quid was about a (CHAIN) of mountains, not a phrase I have heard before]

1k: NOT a mammal: Bat cat rat (gnat)

2k: (Welsh) rarebit

4k: Island of Lesbos belongs to (Greece)

8k: “Warts and all” is associated with this statesman: (Oliver Cromwell) / Joseph Stalin / George Washington / Benito Mussolini

16k: LESLIE LAW won an Olympic gold for GB in 2004 in: Swimming / Three-day eventing / Archery / Fencing [No idea / Ask the Audience: 66% go for THREE DAY EVENTING, and that’s the right answer]

REVISE: Olympic gold medallists in sports I don’t know much about: LESLIE LAW won gold for GB in 2004 in THREE DAY EVENTING

32k: Record company executive TOMMY MOTTOLA is the ex-husband of which singing star: (Mariah Carey) / Shania Twain / Celine Dion / Alanis Morissette [Phone-A-Friend: she knows it]

Cheque shows 4-2-06, and his wife is in the audience now, so it’s a different show from the original broadcasts

[“This is the happiest moment of my life …” apart from marrying his wife perhaps]

64k: RIBES NIGRUM is Latin name for the shrub that bears this fruit: Redcurrant / Raspberry / Blackcurrant / Blackberry [50/50 leaves Blackcurrant and Blackberry / I’d go Blackcurrant, because of RIBENA and it is, it’s BLACKCURRANT, but he’s gone for Blackberry]

REVISE: Fruit and veg and LATIN names, RIBES NIGRUM is Blackcurrant

Peter Clarke leaves with 32k

[14/05/2019 08:37] Well, it’s nice to get through an episode before 9am

OLD WHO: Sun 12-May-2019, 2am on Challenge, no cheques, but it’s May or June of 2016 I think

[14/05/2019 12:02] Last remaining old episode of the show on the hard drive for now

10 new contestants: Darren Smith, Amanda Wilkinson, Bronagh Hasson, Patrick Chichester, David Shapiro, James Gordon, Peter Brook, Helen Siderfin, Mary Duncan, Stuart Symonds [2 from London in that lot]

FFF: Playing Cards in alphabetical order

DACB gives us: Ace Jack King Queen

5/10 get it right, Bronagh Hasson is fastest in 2.38s

A project manager from Sydenham, originally from Northern Ireland / fiancée is in the audience / getting married in 2007, would use money for an exotic honeymoon somewhere warm / itchy right hand, she thinks she might be in for a win / Her sister thinks she’ll become a celebrity and will be invited to switch on the Christmas lights in their hometown of Dungannon

1k: (Pumpkin) Pie is part of a traditional Thanksgiving Dinner

2k: (Asia) has a tradition of snake charming

4k: (Prince Charming) #1 for Adam and the Ants in 1981

8k: Emmerdale vicar played by JOHN MIDDLETON is Ashley: Stephen / William / Simon / Thomas [Ask the Audience: 81% go for THOMAS, which is the right answer / No chance for me on that one, exactly where you’d need Ask the Audience]

REVISE: “Emmerdale”, the vicar is ASHLEY THOMAS, played by John Middleton [or that was true in 2006]

16k: The LESTERS are awards given to participants in this sport: (horse racing) [Phone-A-Friend: he doesn’t know / 50/50 leaves Tennis too, she gets it right]

32k: FREYA is a goddess in this mythology (Norse) [She’s torn between Greek and Norse so she takes the money]

Bronagh Hasson leaves with 16k for her wedding

FFF: Words and phrases in order in a joke

CADB gives us: Knock Knock / Who’s There / Doctor / “Dr Who”

5/9 get it right, David Shapiro is fastest in 3.81s

A retail store manager from Durham / Wife at home, son in the audience, 2 sons at university, and they’d like their fees, drum-kit and cars paid for / He would like to drive Route 66 in an open-top Chevy / His wife read his Tea Leaves and they spelt out the letters TV

1k: Midi system is a (hi-fi)

[He’s into Rock and Blues and he had the band SAXON Boom booked at his last big birthday, and brought down part of the ceiling]

2k: A HACK is this kind of animal: Deer / Cat / Bear / (Horse) [Ask the Audience: 59% horse, 37% deer / he goes for 50/50 and is left cat and horse]

4k: (Michael Ball) played Caractacus Potts in premiere of stage musical Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, not Ian McShane, David Essex or Philip Schofield [His Phone-A-Friend doesn’t have a clue / He thinks it’s Ball or Schofield, goes for Ball, then changes his mind to Ian McShane and loses 1k]

David Shapiro leaves with 1k

FFF: British Spurting venues from NORTH to south

I went wrong here, with CBAD: Ibrox Stadium / Headingley / Brands Hatch / Millennium Stadium

It should be CBDA: Ibrox Stadium / Headingley / Millennium Stadium / Brands Hatch [I got Millennium and Brands Hatch the wrong way round]

REVISE: Where exactly are Brands Hatch, Castle Donington and Silverstone?

4/8 get it right, Darren Smith is fastest in 3.70s

A service engineer from CHINNOR in Oxfordshire / Has a mate in the audience, wife and 7 week old Taylor are at home / We see a photo of the baby / He would use a win to spend more time with the baby, and go diving with great white sharks

1k: (String Bean) is a kind of vegetable, not String cabbage, marrow, whatever

2k: Celebrity winner of Torvill and Dean’s TV show “Dancing on Ice”: David Seaman / Bonnie Langford / Stefan Booth / GAYNOR FAYE [I thought it was, but I should revise my knowledge of “Dancing on Ice”]

REVISE: “Dancing on Ice”, GAYNOR FAYE won it early on

4k: Vanilla comes from this part of the plant (pod)

8k: Best Director Oscar winner in 2006: (Ang Lee) / George Clooney / Steven Spielberg / Paul Haggis [Ask the Audience: 60% get it right, very good]

[He was in a yellow shirt, now he’s in a purple one and his wife is in the audience, so this must be a new show from the original broadcasts]

16k: Surname of REBECCA in Daphne du Maurier novel: (De Winter) not De Gaulle, De Vil or De Florette [Phone-A-Friend: mother-in-law Pet / She says C De winter just it time / 50/50 leaves De Vil as well, he goes for it]

32k: In 2003 BURBANK-GLENDALE-PASADENA Airport in LA was renamed in honour of this entertainer: Bing Crosby / George Burns / (Bob Hope) / Jack Benny [He thinks it’s Bob Hope but isn’t sure enough and takes the money]

REVISE: Another airport name: In 2003 Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena Airport in LA was renamed in honour of Bob Hope

[14/05/2019 12:32] All done