My first 38 gigs listed (1974-77) 

In a couple of recent posts on this Blog I have been revisiting some of the first gigs that I attended.  As mentioned in this one (“More about 1970s gigs, and a correction”), I have created a list of the first 38 that I went to, from November 1974 to late December 1977. It appears at the end of this piece, along with photos… Continue reading My first 38 gigs listed (1974-77) 

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More about 1970s gigs, and a correction

My recent memories of a gig by Cado Belle at the Music Machine, recorded here, have prompted me to make a list of the first 30 gigs that I attended. The first dozen or so are as fixed in my memory as my 8 Times Table. They’ve been there for 40 years and haven’t gone anywhere yet. I could recall them, in order, without any difficulty, but I… Continue reading More about 1970s gigs, and a correction

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Colin Tully RIP and Cado Belle at the Music Machine 

In addition to its daily Obituaries page, the Guardian publishes a series called “Other Lives” two or three times a week. It is introduced online as follows: “Obituaries pages traditionally describe and celebrate the lives of the great and good, the famous and infamous. There is another type of life that deserves noticing: people less in the… Continue reading Colin Tully RIP and Cado Belle at the Music Machine