Part 12

WWTBAM Prep, Part 12 (1-Apr-2019 to 5-Apr-2019)

Notes taken while watching the UK edition of WWTBAM, April 2019. New editions (2018 onwards, broadcast on ITV) are titled “NEW WHO:”, older editions are titled “WHO:” or “OLD WHO:” and were broadcast on Challenge; Celebrity editions, also broadcast on Challenge, are titled “SLEB WHO:”. Specific dates for these notes: 1-Apr-2019 to 5-Apr-2019. [7,099 words in this piece.]

OLD WHO: Sun 31-Mar-2019 11pm on Challenge, 21-10-00, 23-10-00 

[01/04/2019 12:18] I have caught some of this one before, but not made notes on it, Duncan Bickley starting out with 4k, on 21-10-00 

8k: Nuts used to decorate a Dundee cake (Almonds)  

16k: Author who used the name Boz (Charles Dickens) [Phone-A-Friend knows it, he suspected it] 

32k: Directed “The Maltese Falcon” and “The African Queen”: (John Huston) / Alfred Hitchcock / Howard Hawks / George Roy Hill [Ask the Audience: 63% get it right] 

Cheque shows 21-10-00 clearly  

64k: “Cochineal” is (red)  

125k: New Testament book that details the Apocalypse: (Revelation)  

250k: What type of growth is a potato: Bulb / Taproot / Corm / (Tuber) 

REVISE: Plant growth, what are taproots and corms, find other types of tuber, and check common bulbs  

500k: AMY JOHNSON’S plane, in which she flew solo to Australia in 1930: Achilles / Pegasus / Hercules / JASON [He goes 50/50, is left with Jason and Pegasus, goes for the latter, loses 218k] 

Duncan Bickley leaves with 32k / At the time, 500k was the most anyone had won on this show / and 218k was the most anyone had ever lost  

REVISE: Old planes and pilots, AMY JOHNSON’S plane was JASON, she flew solo to Australia in it in 1930  

FFF: TV dramas in the order they were first seen 

DBCA gives us: The Forsyte Saga / Upstairs Downstairs / Brideshead Revisited / House of Elliott  

3/9 get it right, Mike Hanson is fastest in 7.66s 

Another flier – that last guy was a Helicopter trainer I think – he’s a flight captain from Twickenham or Teddington and would ban night flights, so he wouldn’t have to do them, and so that his wife and child could get a good night’s sleep  

1k: A villain in “Eastenders”: (Nick Cotton) not Silk or other fabrics  

2k: (Snooker) involves spots, rests and pockets  

4k: George Michael’s first UK #1 (Careless Whisper)  

8k: Co-starred with Mel Gibson in the Lethal Weapon movies: (Danny Glover)  

16k: Which of these African countries is the largest in area: Ghana / Kenya / SOUTH AFRICA / Nigeria [Phone-A-Friend: 70% it’s South Africa / 50/50 leaves Nigeria too  

32k: Frenchman AUGUSTE ESCOFFIER was famous in this field: Escapology / Motor racing / (Cookery) / Mountaineering [Ask the Audience: 56% go for Mountaineering, 25% for cookery / He goes with the audience and loses 15k] 

Mike Hanson leaves with 1k  

REVISE: AUGUSTE Escoffier, chef, check if he was the head chef at the SAVOY, there was a WHO question about the field he was famous in 

10 new contestants 

FFF: Starting with LONGEST, men’s garments in order 

DBAC gives us: Flares / Plus Fours / Bermuda shorts / Boxer shorts  

5/10 get it right, Joe Fletcher is fastest in 7.97s 

A farmer from CRAIGAVON in County Armagh / Wife Julie is in the audience / he proposed to her on the Eiffel Tower, would have a double date with Arnold Schwarzenegger and Davina McCall / And would take a 6-month cruise around the world to work out what to do with the money  

1k: (Thatching) involves making roofs from straw  

2k: (Lollipop) associated with Kojak  

4k: Fish used in Scandinavian dish gravlax: (Salmon) / Trout / Herring / Shrimps [Ask the Audience: 56% get it right, the same percentage that thought that Escoffier was a mountaineer  

8k: The Spanish Armada set sail for England in: 1215 (1588) 1815 1914 

16k: How did Helen Sharman make history in May 1991: (First Briton in space) / Oldest to swim Channel / First female vicar / Youngest pools winner [Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know / 50/50 leaves Channel swimming too]  

32k: Ancient city destroyed by an eruption of Mount Vesuvius (Pompeii) [They both pronounce it Pomp-eye-ee] 

Cheque shows 23-10 and we know it’s 23-10-00 

64k: A SISKIN is a: Seed pod / Barrel / Bird / Leather Pouch [It’s a BIRD, I looked I up last night while this was on live / He goes for leather pouch and leaves with 32k]  

Joe Fletcher leaves with 32k  

REVISE: Birds and insects: A SISKIN is a bird  

[01/04/2019 12:53] And that’s the end of the show  

OLD WHO: Sun/Mon 31-Mar to 1-Apr-2019 midnight on Challenge, 23-10-00 

[01/04/2019 12:55] Carrying straight on with the next one 

FFF: Battles in order  

BCAD gives us: Bannockburn / Waterloo / Somme / Battle of Britain  

7/9 get it right, Roger Tozer is fastest in 5.36s 

Currently between jobs, he’s from Leighton Buzzard in Bedfordshire, one child in the audience (who wants a driving licence and a trip to Rhodes with his mates) / other kids at home / Karaoke fan but he’s colour-blind so it’s tricky to read the way the words appear on the screen  

1k: Chuck Berry song, Roll Over (Beethoven) 

2k: When you stand with arms “akimbo” they’re resting on your (hips) [Ask the Audience: 74% get it right, less than I thought it would be] 

4k: (Tony Blair) represents the constituency of Sedgefield 

8k: Official language of Brazil: (Portuguese)  

16k: (Frank McCourt) wrote Angela’s Ashes  

32k: The siege of the Alamo was in this US State: (Texas)  

Cheque shows clearly, briefly, 23-10-00 

64k: In Australia, what is often called a “laughing jackass”: Dingo / Mule/ KOOKABURRA / Emu [He thinks it’s Kookaburra, Phone-A-Friend thinks so too, about 90%]  

REVISE: Australia animals and nicknames: KOOKABURRA is often called a “laughing jackass” 

125k: Sport played by the BOSTON BRUINS and the PHILADELPHIA FLYERS: Baseball / American football / ICE HOCKEY / Basketball [50/50 leaves Ice Hockey and Basketball / he’s not sure but risks ice hockey, and it’s right ] 

REVISE: American sports again, BOSTON BRUINS and the PHILADELPHIA FLYERS are ice hockey teams, check champions in that sport – is The Stanley Cup the biggest tournament? Is it the only tournament? And what about basketball? I caught a bit of the college Championship last night on BT Sport but what about the NBA Teams? [July 2021: The Boston Bruins have featured often in episodes of “Cheers”, which I have been watching this year, so I know for sure that they’re ice hockey] 

250k: Founded the Jesuits, also known as the Society of Jesus: Martin Luther / John Calvin / (Ignatius Loyola) / Thomas Aquinas [Straightforward for a Catholic boy like me, based on the other choices, but he can’t decide between the last two / he thinks it was Aquinas, he doesn’t risk it] 

Roger Tozer leaves with 125k 

And straight on to 10 new contestants 

FFF: Bride and groom responses in order from the traditional marriage service [I caught this live, and didn’t know the answer]  

CDAB gives us: To have and to hold / For better or worse / For richer for poorer / In sickness and in health  

REVISE: The words of the marriage ceremony, To have and to hold / For better or worse / For richer for poorer / In sickness and in health  

1/10 got it right, Ann Cronin in 14.58s [So that was tricky for all of them] 

She’s a civil servant from Bromley in Kent, son Steve is in the audience, he’s 18 and wants a red Ferrari / She wants to go on a ranch-style holiday with Eamonn Holmes, “because he’s so cuddly” and she’d like to sack her husband and take his job  

200 quid: JAMES BUTLER HICKOK was better known as Wild Bill  

500 quid: Jambon is French for (ham) [She uses Ask the Audience: 82% get it right] 

1k: “Grotto” refers specifically to a (cave) 

2k: Ian Woosnam is associated with (golf)  

4k: SELBY is in (North Yorkshire) not Kent, East Sussex or Northamptonshire [Phone-A-Friend: thinks it’s Yorkshire, 50% sure] 

8k: Comedy drama starring Michael Elphick: Chancer / Spender / (Boon) / Lovejoy [50/50 leaves Chancer and Boon] 

REVISE: These TV dramas, Chancer / Spender / (Boon) / Lovejoy, actors, characters, plots / who was Spender, and who was Chancer?  

16k: The HINDENBURG disaster occurred in: France / Germany / Great Britain / (United States) [She thinks it’s Germany but doesn’t risk it] 

Ann Cronin leaves with 8k 

FFF: Singers in the order they had their first UK #1 singles  

DACB gives us: Cilla Black / Donna Summer / Whitney Houston / Lisa Stansfield  

3/9 get it right, Alan Bennett is fastest in 7.54s 

An engineering surveyor from Preston / Wife Brenda is in the audience / 2 17 year olds at home who want cars, and an 11 year old Kevin who just wants to hear his name / Many years in submarines / They’d like a double date with Jo Brand and Ben Elton, and do something to do with Formula 1  

1k: In legend, the sweetheart of Robin Hood: (Maid Marian) 

2k: Standard North American term for a shop selling 2nd-hand clothes and goods (Thrift Store) [Ask the Audience: 63% get it right] 

4k: 1999 film, Being John (Malkovich)  

8k: “Until recently, Slovenia was a constituent part of” (Yugoslavia) [Phone-A-Friend: either Yugoslavia or Czechoslovakia, she’s not sure / 50/50 leaves those 2 answers / he doesn’t risk it] 

Alan Bennet leaves with 8k 

[01/04/2019 13:23] And that’s the end of the show, 28 minutes, I can’t do them much quicker than that, time for a stretch and a coffee] 

OLD WHO: Mon 1-Apr-2019 1am on Challenge,  

[01/04/2019 13:29] Anyway, my coffee’s on and I have 30 minutes to get through this one  

FFF: US States in order of how often the letter A appears 

DCAB gives us: Utah / South Dakota / Alaska / Alabama 

Only 2/8 get it right, Pete Joslin is fastest in 8.54s 

Again, this is familiar stuff, as was the first of today’s episodes, but no notes on it / HGV driver from Chelmsford, wife in the audience, 2 daughters watching at home / as prime minister for the day he would take all women drivers off the road (bloody hell) / And he says “they shouldn’t be there, really” (again, bloody hell)  

1k: Aspic: you would (eat it)  

2k: First name of French underwater explorer (Jacques) Cousteau  

4k: “Chutzpah” is from this language: (Yiddish) [Ask the Audience: 77% get it right] 

8k: US Index of stock-exchange prices: (Dow-Jones average) not Nikkei Stock Average, FT-SE 100 Index or Hang Seng Index  

16k: Victoria Falls are on this river: Limpopo / Nile / ZAMBESI / Congo [I thought it was Zambesi to begin with, he went 50/50 and was left with Limpopo too] 

REVISE: AFRICAN rivers, the Zambesi is on the border between Zimbabwe and Zambia, and Lake Victoria is on it 

**32k: Which flowers were “In the hospital” according the Manic Street Preachers 1993 hit: Roses / Carnations / Lilies / Poppies [That’s a **REALLY TOUGH question for 32k, it would be tough on Pop Master let alone a general knowledge quiz / It’s ROSES, only 3 weeks in the chart, got to #15 / Phone-A-Friend doesn’t know, and wouldn’t guess either]  

Pete Joslin leaves with 16k 

FFF: Start with MOST POPULOUS, areas of England in order 

ADBC gives us: Greater London / West Midlands / Kent / Northumberland  

2/7 get it right, Ryan Wilkinson is fastest in 3.76s 

An accountant from Dudley in the West Midlands / his wife is in the audience, they were sweethearts at primary school but didn’t get together till they were in their 20s, life guards at the local leisure centre / Chat about dressing up, storm-trooper uniforms, cowboys  

1k: (Ballet dancers) would perform a “pas de deux”  

REVISE: Ballet basics, first position, pas-de-deux, basic moves  

2k: Politician Nehru was most associated with (India) [Ask the Audience: 65% get it right, 19% go South Africa, 13% Mexico]  

4k: Ming dynasty in (China)  

8k: Star sign of someone born on Bonfire Night: (Scorpio) [50/50 leaves him with Libra too / Phone-A-Friend is sure it’s Scorpio] 

16k: Basic Unit of currency in LEBANON, EGYPT and SYRIA: POUND / Dinar / Riyal / Lira  

REVISE: Countries with currency called the Pound, including LEBANON, EGYPT and SYRIA / have any of those changed? Is Syria still the pound?  

32k: SNAEFELL is the highest point in this part of the British Isles: Grampian Mountains / Lake District / ISLE OF MAN / Pennines [Another new fact for me / he thinks it’s Lake District, and couldn’t be Isle of Man but doesn’t risk it] 

REVISE: SNAEFELL is the highest point in this part of the British Isles: ISLE OF MAN 

10 new contestants 

FFF: Foods in calorific order, NOPE, didn’t get this  

A Avocado / B Butter / C Cheddar cheese / D Cottage cheese  

It’s DACB: Cottage cheese / Avocado / Cheddar cheese / Butter  

Only 1/10 got it right, Dorothy Bramham in 9.3s   

A retired PE teacher from Barrow in Furness / her friend Joyce is in the audience / she made her make the call, after they had got back from America / she won a bottle of mulled wine last week, so maybe she’s on a roll / 32k would give her a holiday in the sun in the winter, and she’d take her friend Joyce, whose husband stays behind  

1k: (Elvis Presley) starred in 1957 film Jailhouse Rock 

2k: Goulash originated in (Hungary)  

REVISE: MEAT used in Goulash and other meat dishes 

4k: Nottingham stands on the river (Trent) 

8k: (Special Boat Service) is the Royal Navy equivalent of the SAS 

16k: The MARKKA is the basic unit of currency in: Denmark / FINLAND / Sweden / Iceland [I knew it wasn’t Denmark or Sweden and 50/50 has left her with the other 2, no surprise there / Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know / but Dorothy guesses Finland anyway] 

She’s in a different top now, so we’re onto a different show from the original broadcasts 

32k: Salvador Dali artistic movement: (Surrealism) / Impressionism / Cubism / Fauvism [Ask the Audience: 63% get it right] 

Cheque shows 28-10-00 

64k: Day of the Triffids was by (John Wyndham)  

125k: Bee Gees were born on this island: (Isle of Man) [She thinks it’s Isle of Man but doesn’t risk it] 

Dorothy leaves with 64k  

FFF: Michael Caine films in order of release  

ACBD gives us: Alfie / Man who would be king / Educating Rita / Little Voice  

Only 2/9 get it right, Deb Hunter is fastest in 6.77s  

Part-time student and full-time mum from LITTLE HAYWARD in Staffordshire / Her mum is in the audience / husband and 2 kids are at home, 8½ year old girl, 2 year old son / She’s training to be a midwife / Personal fitness trainer would be Ronan Keating, she likes him  

[01/04/2019 14:01] And that’s the end of the show, 3 hours of TV in 93 minutes 

SLEB WHO: Fri 29-Mar-2019 3am on Challenge, Turnbull and Sian, Loose Women, the Vine Brothers 

[02/04/2019 08:23] Bill Turnbull and Sian Williams return for a 150k question and still playing for Marie Curie  

150k: Which Booker Prize winner was awarded the 2003 Nobel Prize for Literature: Salman Rushdie / Margaret Attwood / (JM Coetzee) / AS Byatt [They both think Coetzee and Ask the Audience: 75% go for it, maybe because the 2 news people think so too] 

250k: Which English bishop signs himself DUNELM: Derby / Durham / Hereford / London [I think it’s DURHAM, so does she but they don’t risk it / It is Durham] 

REVISE: DUNELM and other bishoprics, Dunelm = Durham  

The cheque has no date 

Next couple: Sherry Hewson and Carol McGiffin, a couple of Loose Women / playing for Only Foals and Horses [A sanctuary up in OSWALDWISTLE] / She was Maureen in “Coronation Street” / Carol: Help the Hospices [Hospices are increasingly reliant on charitable donations, the government keeps cutting funds], was at GLR 1988, Talk Radio 1995, still on LBC, joined Loose Women in 2003 – it’s been on for a long time   

1k: NOT one of the Goodies: (Clive Anderson)  

2k: Theresa May represents (Conservative) party 

5k: GHENT is a city in (Belgium) [Ask the Audience: 90% go Belgium] 

10k: Film actress who married Roberto Rossellini: (Ingrid Bergman)  

20k: Carl Hooper played international cricket for: (West Indies) [Phone-A-Friend: Johnny Goulds, he knows it] 

50k: Friar Lawrence is featured in this Shakespeare play: (Romeo and Juliet)  

75k: Future monarch born in Pembroke Castle in 1457: (Henry VII) / Edward VI / Mary I / Edward I [It’s one of those where the other answers make it easy / 50/50 leaves them with Edward I as well / Sherry knows enough about dates to go for Henry VII but Carol won’t guess, and they’re going pretty wild at getting it right] 

150k: US President who was a member of the ROUGH RIDERS in the 1898 war against the Spanish: Harry S Truman / Theodore Roosevelt / Abraham Lincoln / Herbert Hoover [Well, Lincoln was dead, Truman would have been too young, or not even born, so it’s Teddy or Hoover / I think I’d go for Hoover – Roosevelt was in politics at the time / But No, it was ROOSEVELT]  

Carol and Sherry leave with 75k 

REVISE: THEODORE Roosevelt was known as the ROUGH RIDER, had been in the 1898 War against the Spanish / he was also the Bull Moose / Revise MILITARY US Presidents 

Next Couple: Tim and Jeremy Vine / playing for Fire Services Benevolent Fund / Tim was in the Sketch Show, and entered Guinness Book of Records in 2004 with his joke-telling / about the charity: JV talks about Angus Campbell and the 21/7 bombers (21/7? Who were they?) 

1k: A name that also means truth: (Verity)  

2k: Starred in the ITV drama series AT HOME WITH THE BRAITHWAITES: Amanda Redman / Amanda Burton / Amanda Holden / Amanda Donohoe [TOUGH one for me and for them, never saw it, they think it’s HOLDEN / this is exactly where you use Ask the Audience: 73% go for Amanda REDMAN]  

REVISE: At home with the Braithwaites, and whatever drama series come to mind: Happy Valley, The Durrells, Call the Midwife, Line of Duty, Silent Witness, I just don’t watch this stuff / maybe watch a few trailers at least to get some visual prompts / They are at least easily available on things like iPlayer]  

5k: A resort in the Rocky Mountains: Albany / (Aspen) / Akron / Amarillo  

10k: Animal known as the “LITTLE GENTLEMAN IN BLACK VELVET”: Badger / Hedgehog / Mole / Squirrel [Never heard of this / It’s MOLE, logically enough] 

REVISE: The animal known as a “little gentleman in black velvet” is a MOLE  

20k: a vegetable sold as a bulb: Parsnip / Broccoli / Spinach / (Fennel)  

OLD WHO: Fri 29-Mar-2019 10pm on Challenge  

[02/04/2019 08:53] It’s Philip Brough, the guy with the pony-tail, starting out on 200 quid, something about a PAGAN wedding, a Norwegian Lord, Thor’s Hammer to bind the hands of the married couple, and drinking mead out of a horn / they’re all wearing poppies  

1k: Dr ROBERT Atkins best-known for best-selling books about (diet) 

2k: (Pork) pie shares its name with a brimmed hat [Ask the Audience: 85% get it right] 

4k: Last episode of this long-running TV programme shown on 4 NOVEMBER 2003: (Brookside) / Casualty / The Bill / Heartbeat [Phone-A-Friend: She’s sure of the answer] 

REVISE: Shows that have finished, is HEARTBEAT still on? Brookside ended 4 Nov 2003 / What about Eldorado, The Bill, other shows / and US comedy – dates of Cheers, Frasier, “Friends”, “Seinfeld”, Third Rock, Mad About You, Will & Grace 

[We learn that this guy casts RUNES] 

8k: England rugby union star who is the nephew of a 1966 Football World Cup winne: (Ben Cohen) [50/50 leaves him with Phil Vickery too, and he thought that when it came up / He takes a while to make up his mind and decides to take the money] 

PHILIP BROUGH leaves with 4k  

[02/04/2019 08:59] That’s it for now 

[02/04/2019 20:08] Back again, over 11 hours later  

FFF: Put these body parts in order from highest to lowest  

ADCB gives us: Cerebrum / Thorax / Patella / Metatarsus  

2/9 get it right, Gary Bundy is fastest in 4.05s 

A sales engineer from Barrow-in-Furness in Cumbria / wife and daughter are at home, his mate Craig is in the audience  

500 quid: Ladybird is a (beetle)  

1k: Myfanwy is a name from (Wales)  

2k: Harriet Harman is a member of (Labour) party [He uses Ask the Audience: 82% get it right] 

4k: CRUFTS SUPREME CHAMPION 2004: Miniature poodle / WHIPPET / Boston terrier / Doberman Pinscher [No idea on this one / 50/50 leaves Whippet and Doberman Pinscher, he goes for Whippet and it’s right] 

REVISE: Dog breeds and Crufts winners, a 4 year old WHIPPET called Dee Dee won it in 2004 

8k: “Hang on a minute lads, I’ve got a great idea” is the last line of (The Italian Job)  

16k: Coldest planet in the solar system: Jupiter / (Pluto) / Saturn / Uranus [Back when Pluto was still a planet, so I guess it’s Pluto]  

32k: Flavour of the liqueur Triple Sec: (Orange) [I know that now, from my time drinking Cointreau / Phone-A-Friend: Vic, hasn’t got a clue, he doesn’t risk it] 

Gary Bundy leaves with 16k  

FFF: Periods from English history in chronological order;  

BCAD gives us: Saxon / Tudor / Jacobean / Victorian  

3/8 get it right, Dave Briggs is fastest in 4.55s  

A civil servant from Bolton Lancs / His mate Dave is in the audience / 2 kids Jane and Katie, 9 and 13 / pets all named, no mention of a wife  

1k: (Kings) is the title of 2 Books of the Old Testament [He says he doesn’t know anything about religion, Ask the Audience: 94% get it right] 

2k: (Hercule Poirot) detective famous for his waxed moustache  

4k: Town closest to Hadrian’s Wall (Carlisle) not Cambridge, Cardiff and so on 

[There’s a change of clothing here, the end of one show and the start of another when originally broadcast] 

8k: A type of masonry on a wall: (Coping) Dealing Running Treating  

16k: Salwar kameez is traditional dress in (Asia) not Africa, North or South America [He used 50/50 and was also left with South America] 

32k: First Australia city to host the Olympic Games (Melbourne) [Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know / He doesn’t risk it, and would have gone for Sydney]  

Dave Briggs goes home with 16k 

[02/04/2019 20:25] Time for dinner time 

[02/04/2019 20:57] And back for the last bit  

10 new contestants 

FFF: Michael Douglas films in the order they were first released  

CBAD gives us: Romancing the Stone / Fatal Attraction / Basic Instinct / Traffic  

5/10 get it right, Steve Kidd is fastest in 3.44s [NB: That’s very quick]  

A mature student from Pontefract in West Yorkshire / 4 kids, and there’s a photo of him and the kids – again, no wife  

[02/04/2019 21:01] And that’s the end of the show, before we get to the 1k question  

SLEB WHO: Sat 30-Mar-2019 3am on Challenge, the Vines  

[03/04/2019 08:29] Tim and Jeremy Vine are back 

50k: The D in Dwight D Eisenhower stands for: Dennis / David / Donald / Damien [Never heard this / Tim Vine thinks it’s Donald / But, after some time, we learn that it’s DAVID] 

Tim and Jeremy Vine lose 19k and leave with 1k  

REVISE: Presidents and their middle names, Harry S Truman, the S didn’t stand for anything / Dwight DAVID Eisenhower  

Next couple: Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt from Status Quo / Francis Dominic Michael Nicholas Rossi: Playing for the EBBISHAM Association Friendship Scheme [The old name for EPSOM, and the charity is for adults with learning disabilities, at a loose end after hospitals have closed down in recent years] 

Rick Parfitt was in a trio called The Highlights, met Rossi at Butlin’s in Minehead in 1965, then joined The Spectres two years later, who became Status Quo / Playing for Nordoff Robbins [music therapy “for autistic children”]  

This is from around 2007, 10 years after Parfitt’s heart troubles  

1k: El Tel is (Terry Venables) 

2k: (Tasmania) is the only Australian state entirely surrounded by water  

5k: NOT a regular member of the Monty Python team: (Graeme Garden)  

10k: “Louis Quatorze” is most likely to refer to a style of (furniture) [Ask the Audience: 77% get it right] 

20k: Cartoon character suffers unrequited love for the LITTLE RED-HAIRED GIRL: Bart Simpson / Barney Rubble / (Charlie Brown) / Dick Dastardly [That’s a new one on me, but you could work it out from the others] 

50k: The GLADSTONE Pottery Museum is in: Manchester / Nottingham / Portsmouth / (Stoke-on-Trent) [Again, never heard of this but it must be Stoke, surely / 50/50 leaves Nottingham and Stoke] 

75k: Author who won the 2006 Booker Prize: MJ Hyland / Kate Grenville / Sarah Waters / (Kiran Desai) [Phone-A-Friend doesn’t know / they guess Kate Grenville] 

The Quo boys leave with 50k  

Next couple: Dr Lady Ann Redgrave and Sir Steve Redgrave / Playing for Horizon Sports Club [small charity, 6th formers help local children with educational and physical disabilities] / She was Medical Officer to the GB Rowing Team 92-01 / The Redgrave Clinic opened 1990, specializes in back pain and musculo-skeletal troubles and sports injuries / SHE was also an Olympic rower, in 1984 / The Steve Redgrave Trust [Reached its 5m target when set up, just after he retired, small community-based projects like a hydrotherapy pool on the East Coast, providing a hoist for children in wheelchairs] / He was knighted in 2001 / Along with 5 Olympic golds in a row, 9 Gold 2 Silver 1 Bronze at the World Championships too  

500 quid: (Cocktails) are stirred with a SWIZZLE stick  

1k: Wild animal in Punch and Judy shows: elephant / Chimpanzee / (CROCODILE) / Giraffe [I didn’t know that for sure] 

REVISE: Punch and Judy shows, names, plots, CROCODILES feature in them apparently 

2k: (Bassinet) is a wickerwork cradle for a baby [That was in “Friends” recently]  

5k: Nico Rosberg is a famous name in (Motor racing)  

REVISE: F1, at least go through all previous questions, and remember the simple stuff like who do the big racers drive for? Schumacher is Ferrari, but what about the rest, past and present?  

10k: Birth and death of which writer commemorated on the same date: (William Shakespeare) [They don’t know, and use Phone-A-Friend: Joan in Spain, she’d go for Shelley or Browning, 50/50 leaves Browning and Shakespeare, they go for Browning, lose 4k] 

The Redgraves leave with 1k 

[03/04/2019 08:56] And that’s the end of the show  

SLEB WHO: Sat 30-Mar-2019 10pm on Challenge, Ferguson & Holmes, Smillie and Aspel, Richard and Judy 

[03/04/2019 23:30] Eamonn Holmes and Alex Ferguson 

1k: (Herring) gull is a type of bird 

2k: (John McEnroe) Tennis player who married Tatum O’Neal in 1986 

4k: Krugerrands are made of (gold)  

8k: The film “Runaway Jury” is based on a novel by (John Grisham)  

16k: Aspartame is most commonly used as (sweetener)  

32k: ANZAC Day is held on the anniversary of the beginning of which campaign: El Alamein / Dunkirk / (Gallipoli) / Somme 

REVISE: Gallipoli, El Alamein, WW1 & 2 battles, campaigns and operations  

Cheque shows 24-12-04 for Elizabeth Hardie Ferguson Charitable Trust Fund  

64k: Tom and Barbara’s cockerel in the TV sitcom “The Good Life”: Trotsky / Rasputin / Lenin / Stalin [No idea, I don’t remember this at all / Ask the Audience: 49% Rasputin, 33% Trotsky, 12% Lenin / 50/50 leaves Trotsky and Lenin / Phone-A-Friend: Brian McLair, doesn’t know, they go for Trotsky / It’s LENIN] 

Ferguson and Holmes leave with 32k 

REVISE: Tom and Barbara’s cockerel in the TV sitcom “The Good Life” was called LENIN 

Next couple: Michael Aspel and Carol Smillie / Her: Wheel of Fortune and Changing Rooms, was on This is your life in 1998 / He presented it for 15 years  

Charities: NCH / NSPCC 

1k: Tibet is in (Asia)  

2k: (Zip) to compress a computer file, not Velcro, Stud, Pin [Ask the Audience: 97% get it right] 

4k: Julie Burchill is best known in (Journalism) not golf, ballet, fashion design 

8k: 1974 film starring Peter Fonda and Susan George, Dirty Mary, Crazy: (Larry) not Leroy, Lloyd or Leonard 

16k: UMIST is a university based in (Manchester) [50/50 leaves London as well / Phone-A-Friend: 70% sure it’s Manchester]  

32k: “The Rachel Papers” was the first novel by (Martin Amis) [They take a risk on Will Self and lose 15k] 

Michael Aspel and Carol Smillie leave with 1k 

Next couple: Richard Madeley and Judy Finnigan / By now they had done 13 years on ITV and left for Channel 4, she had let it all hang out at a TV Awards ceremony and he had done his Ali G impersonation 

Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Caron Keating Foundation 

1k: Romania is in the continent of (Europe) 

2k: (Cat) is the animal used to describe someone who likes jazz, not donkey, horse or weasel  

4k: Grey and red are two types of this fish (Mullet) not Eel, Trout, Plaice  

[03/04/2019 23:56] And that’s the end of the show  

SLEB WHO: Sun 31-Mar-2019 10pm on Challenge, Richard & Judy, Pinsent and Roger Black, out of sequence, Edwards and Radcliffe 

[03/04/2019 23:58] Carrying on with the next one, Richard and Judy back for 8k 

8k: La Gioconda is another name for (Mona Lisa) 

16k: How many CLASSIC HORSE RACES are run in a British flat-racing season: 3 / 5 / 6 / 10 [Phone-A-Friend: The Oaks, Derby, St Leger, 1000 Guineas and 2000 Guineas / he’s sure it’s 5] 

REVISE: Classic horse races, time of year and race courses for: Oaks, Derby, St Leger, 1000 Guineas and 2000 Guineas, there are 5 classics in the flat-racing season / What are the main steeple-chases, apart from Grand National and Cheltenham Gold Cup? Or is that it?  

32k: International Women’s Day is in (March) [50/50 has left them with January too / Ask the Audience: 90% get it right]  

64k: George Washington’s wife’s name: (Martha) [They don’t know but go for the right answer] 

Cheque shows 25-12-0 but the last digit is covered 

125k: Composed the music for the ballet Cinderella: PROKOFIEV [He wanted to go for Tchaikovsky but she guessed right with Prokofiev, they don’t risk it] 

Richard & Judy leave with 64k 

REVISE: Prokofiev wrote the music for the ballet Cinderella  

Next pair: Matthew Pinsent and Roger Black  

Charities: Sparks and Surrey Care Trust 

1k: (Personnel) is sometimes known as Human Resources 

2k: ITV Dating Show “Love on a Saturday night” presented by: (Davina McCall) / Ulrika Jonsson / Denise van Outen / June Sarpong  

Athens Olympics is THREE months away from this recording / chat about Roger Black’s heart condition and Pinsent’s training for the Olympics 

4k: Invaders of Britain sometimes referred to as “Danes”: (Vikings)  

8k: Word that follows PALAZZO to give the name of an item of clothing: Jacket / Pants / Shirt / Boot [Never heard of that [Ask the Audience: 63% go for pants / they’re right] 

REVISE: PALAZZO Pants and other types of clothing 

16k: Country chosen to co-host Euro 2008 with Austria: (Switzerland) not Germany, Slovakia, Liechtenstein 

REVISE: EURO football Championships, locations in 2012 – I think it was Poland and Ukraine 

32k: Model Gisele Bundchen is (Brazilian)  

Cheque shows 15-5-2004, so they’ve bolted this onto the end of something that came 7 months later  

64k: Film starring Ed Harris as a famous American artist: (Pollock)  

At this point the highest amount won by a sleb couple was Baddiel and Skinner with 250k  

125k: A monument to this man near GREAT AYTON in North Yorkshire: Captain Scott / Captain Morgan / Captain Cook / Captain Bligh [Phone-A-Friend: Poppy Anderson, wife of the headmaster of Eton, she knows it, Captain COOK] 

REVISE: Monument to Captain Cook near GREAT AYTON in North Yorkshire 

250k: Occupation of ROLAND BERRILL, one of the founders of Mensa, “the high IQ organization”: Dentist / Electrician / BARRISTER / Farmer [50/50 leaves Electrician too / I looked this up when it was recording, and learnt that Berrill was at Lincoln College Oxford and never practised as a barrister in the UK / they don’t risk it] 

REVISE: ROLAND BERRILL, one of the founders of Mensa, “the high IQ organization” was a BARRISTER, studied at Lincoln College Oxford and never practised as a barrister in the UK 

Next couple: Jonathan Edwards and Paula Radcliffe / his triple jump record still stand, he won silver n Atlanta and gold in Sydney  

Charities: A heart for Russia, Asthma UK 

And it ends after the 100 quid question  

[04/04/2019 00:27] Okay, that’s done, and tonight’s episode has been recording simultaneously / time for bed.  

OLD WHO: Mon 1-Apr-2019 10pm on Challenge, 20-11-04, Steve Kidd 

[04/04/2019 18:27] This is the one with Steve Kidd who goes on to win 250k – I saw much of this live, and it has been on in the last few months / He used to be a miner, lived on Skye, in a council house, mature student at Sheffield (geography) and previously was an undergraduate at Leeds, talks about getting his job at a coal-mine  

1k: (Allergens) cause allergic reactions 

2k: Whistle and flute = (suit)  

4k: TERRIER is a nickname for someone in (Territorial Army)  

8k: (The Rolling Stones) took the band name from a song by Muddy Waters  

16k: (Regency) is period of history from 1811-20  

32k: City of Baton Rouge lies on this river: Colorado / Rio Grande / (Mississippi) / Potomac  

64k: Former Blue Peter presenter named CHIEF SCOUT by Scout association in 2004: (Peter Duncan) / John Noakes / Mark Curry / Simon Groom [Ask the Audience: 70% get it right] 

REVISE: Peter Duncan, former Blue Peter presenter was named CHIEF SCOUT by Scout association in 2004 

STEVE KIDD, cheque reads 20-11-04 

125k: Composer ordained as a priest in 1703: (Vivaldi) / Mozart / Beethoven / Wagner [The date makes that really easy for me these days, and probably would have in 2004] 

250k: Work of fiction set in LLAREGGUB: Under Milk Wood / The Old Devils / How green was my valley / The Quiet Man [Phone-A-Friend: 100% on that / UNDER MILK WOOD: This fact has come up at least 5 times in quizzes in the last 2 years] 

500k: Nationality of the artist Frida Kahlo: Greek / Egyptian / (Mexican) / Irish [50/50 leaves him with Irish as well, but he doesn’t know] 

Steve Kidd leaves with 250k 

FFF: Starting with fewest, names in order of how many vowels they have 

ACDB gives us: Ann / Jane / Joanne / Caroline  

7/9 get it right, Chris Beard is fastest in 3.91s 

An IT consultant from Sutton in Surrey / Wife Elena in the audience, son Yuri at Oxford University, and they’re both from Moscow  

1k: Ballerina: (on points), not On Tenterhooks and so on 

2k: In Germany “Wurst” is (sausage)  

4k: (X and Y) are the chromosomes that determine sex of a baby (XX is female, XY is male) 

8k: Known as the Athens of America: Boston / Dallas / New Orleans / Washington [51% Washington, 24% New Orleans, Boston 14% / 50/50 leaves Boston and New Orleans] 

REVISE: US nicknames, BOSTON is the ATHENS of America, as well as being known as Bean Town 

16k: SPORT featured in Hitchcock movie “Strangers on a train”: Golf / Tennis / Ice Hockey / Horse Racing [I thought it was TENNIS before the answers came up / Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know, he doesn’t risk it]  

Chris Beard leaves with 8k 

10 new contestants, no familiar faces 

FFF: TV soap characters in the order they first appeared  

I went wrong here with CADB: Hilda Ogden / Sheila Grant / Annie Sugden / Alfie Moon  

It should be CDAB: Hilda Ogden / Annie Sugden / Sheila Grant / Alfie Grant 

Years: 64 / 72 / 82 / 02  

4/10 get it right, Zoe Bedson is fastest in 4.78s 

A food and beverage assistant from LONGTON in Staffordshire, friend Sheri in the audience, mum Hazel and dad Roger at home / one of the youngest, and most nervous, contestants to date / She works in a health centre  

500 quid: She doesn’t know where Anthony Hopkins was born [Ask the Audience: 93% say Wales]  

[04/04/2019 18:55] And that’s the end of the show, 28 minutes to get through it  

OLD WHO: 2-Apr-2019 10pm on Challenge, from Nov-2004, 4 x 1k wins, nothing more 

[05/04/2019 09:53] Zoe Bedson is back, and she’s struggling with the 1k question 

1k: A phrase for people who really hate each other: (At daggers drawn) [50/50, also leaves “At spears pointed” / Phone-A-Friend: her dad knows it] 

2k: “Duchy Originals”, Prince Charles’s organization takes its name from Duchy of: (Cornwall) [She doesn’t know, goes for Edinburgh] 

Zoe Bedson leaves with 1k 

FFF: Words in the order they appear in a Christmas carol  

DCBA gives us: Wenceslas / Stephen / Frost / Fuel  

3/9 get it right, Mark Webb is fastest in 6.06s 

A chef and caterer from SHOEBURYNESS in Essex / a mate in the audience, wife Judith at home with 13 year old daughter / He’ll donate the first 1k to one of his favourite charities, and after that it’ll be a safari in Africa  

1k: In “Dallas” Sue Ellen was married to: (JR Ewing)  

2k: G-MEX Centre is in this British city: Bristol / Glasgow / Leeds / Manchester [He doesn’t know, goes for Glasgow, but it’s MANCHESTER] 

Mark Webb leaves with 1k  

FFF: Words in alphabetical order 

DBCA gives us: Quandary / Query / Question / Quiz  

3/8 get it right, Maureen Parry is fastest in 5.18s  

A bank assistant from Carrickfergus in County Antrim / 5 grandchildren, moved from Guernsey /  

1k: (Girls Aloud) name chosen for the band formed in Popstars – The Rivals not Girls Alone, Above, whatever  

2k: Coming of age rituals: Rites of (Passage)  

4k: ITV series “The Royal” is a spin-off from which other programme: Peak Practice / (Heartbeat) / My Uncle Silas / Where the Heart Is [Would I have been so confident in the answer if there was more money at stake? I might have used Ask the Audience] 

REVISE: these ITV shows: Peak Practice / Heartbeat / My Uncle Silas / Where the Heart Is, also Happy Valley and other PRIZE winners / The Royal is spin-off from Heartbeat 

8k: Horse race cancelled in 2001: 1000 Guineas / Grand National / St Leger / Cheltenham Gold Cup [I’m not sure if it was Grand National or CHELTENHAM GOLD CUP – it was the latter, it was a foot & mouth thing, and the Gold Cup and National are not far apart] 

REVISE: major stories of big horse races, Grand National and Cheltenham Gold Cup especially, also Derby and other Classics  

FFF: Put these words in order to give the full name of the Mounties 

BADC gives us: Royal Canadian Mounted Police  

5/7 get it right, and 4 of them are under 3s, very quick, quicker than me there; David Nicholl is fastest in 2.08s  

A sales rep from Lisburn in County Antrim / Wife Kay is in the audience, daughter and grandson Jacob back home, and we see a picture of baby Jacob / This was on the 27th of an unspecified month (November 2004 I assume)  

200 quid: He needs help on this one: Someone who behaves unpredictably: (Loose Cannon) not detached curate, Liberated vicar, unrestricted priest [Ask the Audience: 93% get it right] 

1k: Usual name for a woman who works in kennels: (KENNEL MAID) [It’s what I guessed, but it’s a new one on me] 

2k: 1950s TV series (Champion) The Wonder Horse 

4k: Variety of shark: Mayo / Mako / Mojo / Mono [I’m pretty sure it’s MAKO, he’s using Phone-A-Friend: he’s 100% sure it’s MAKO] 

REVISE: Sharks, again, MAKO is a type of shark 

8k: Italian for “Cheers”: Skal / Kia Ora / Prost / (Salute) [He goes 50/50 and is also left with Kia Ora / He thought it was Kia Ora but changed his mind for the right answer] 

16k: WILDFOWL TRUST in SLIMBRIDGE Gloucestershire founded by this naturalist: Gerald Durrell / Peter Scott / Thomas Bewick / David Bellamy [I’m pretty sure, from quizzing, that it’s PETER SCOTT / he’s going David Bellamy and he loses 7k] 

REVISE: Wildfowl Trust, now called Wildfowl & Wetland Trust, founded by Peter Scott (1909-89)  

David Nicholl leaves with 1k, 4th person in a row tonight  

[Must be a switch of show – we have 10 contestants on this one but we weren’t introduced to them] 

FFF: Starting in USA and moving EAST, bands in order of country of origin 

BDAC gives us: Beach Boys / U2 / Abba / INXS  

4/10 get it right, Kevin Dye is quickest in 3.20s  

A hotel duty manager from Liverpool / His friend Ruth is in the audience  

1k: (Water Lily) is a type of flower that has leaves called pads 

2k: “Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?” opening words to (Bohemian Rhapsody)  

4k: Rawalpindi is a city in (Pakistan) not Palau, Poland or Peru [Ask the Audience: 92% get it right] 

8k: Won her first Wimbledon title in 2002: (Serena Williams) / Martina Hingis / Justine Henin / Lindsay Davenport [Made easy by the other answers, Hingis was 97, Davenport around 99, Justine never won it / 50/50 leaves Serena and Justine, and he didn’t want that – he knew it wasn’t Hingis]  

16k: character played onscreen by Alec Baldwin Harrison Ford and Ben Affleck: Batman / Indiana Jones / Hannibal Lecter / (Jack Ryan) [Again, I can get this thanks to the other answers / Phone-A-Friend: Thinks it’s Jack Ryan but isn’t sure, he doesn’t risk it] 

Kevin Dye leaves with 8k  

[05/04/2019 10:24] And that’s the end of the show