Part 16

WWTBAM Prep, Part 16 (20-Apr-2019 to 24-Apr-2019)

Notes taken while watching the UK edition of WWTBAM, April 2019. New editions (2018 onwards, broadcast on ITV) are titled “NEW WHO:”, older editions are titled “WHO:” or “OLD WHO:” and were broadcast on Challenge; Celebrity editions, also broadcast on Challenge, are titled “SLEB WHO:”. Specific dates for these notes: 20-Apr-2019 to 24-Apr-2019. [5,867 words in this piece.]

OLD WHO: Fri 19-Apr-2019, 10pm on Challenge, first of 8 hours of shows

[20/04/2019 01:56] Here’s the first of the EIGHT hours being broadcast between Friday night and Saturday morning

New series, 10 new contestants: Tony Schendel, Paul Palmer, Ivy McMillan, Callum Davidson, Paula Blake, Geoff Davies, Kelly Medcalf, Garry Wilkins, Brian Dodson,

FFF: Films in order according to the number in the title

CDBA gives us: Men and a Baby / Dalmatians / A Space Odyssey / Leagues under the sea

3/10 get it right, Garry Wilkins is fastest in 7.4s

Car tyre fitter from Higham Ferrers in Northamptonshire / Fiancée Terri in the audience, 2 kids at home / He would take his son to Disneyland, by cruise because he’s afraid of flying

1k: London’s Harley St is associated with (Medicine)

2k: TV celebrity became MP for the City of Chester in 1992: (Gyles Brandreth) not Carol Vorderman, Des Lynam or Shane Richie [I didn’t know it was Chester / Ask the Audience: 86% get it right]

4k: RIKKI-TIKKI-TAVI in the Rudyard Kipling story is a: Cobra / Tiger / Mongoose / Bear [Never heard of it / 50/50: Cobra and MONGOOSE]

REVISE: RIKKI-TIKKI-TAVI in the Rudyard Kipling story is a Mongoose

8k: Famous rocks off the western tip of the Isle of Wight: Seven Sisters / Beachy Head / The Needles / The Mumbles [No idea, tough pair of questions there / Phone-A-Friend: his dad, says The NEEDLES, and he’s right]

REVISE: The Needles are famous rocks off the western tip of the Isle of Wight

16k: Cava is sparkling wine from (Spain) [He doesn’t know and leaves with 8k]

Garry Wilkins leaves with 8k

FFF: Spouses of prime ministers in the order they occupied 10 Downing Street

BCAD gives us: Clementine Churchill / Mary Wilson / Denis Thatcher / Norma Major

7/9 get it right, Callum Davidson is fastest in 6.52s

From Perth, Fiancée in the audience, son at home / they run a restaurant in Perth, only their 2nd day off this year /

1k: Habeus Corpus, Affidavit and Subpoena are words used in (Legal) profession

2k: Film series with John McClane as the hero: (Die Hard)

4k: English county originally divided into Ridings: (Yorkshire) [Ask the Audience: 83% get it right]

[And now he’s in a different shirt, so it’s a different show from the original broadcasts]

8k: Backing Group called the Crickets: (Buddy Holly)

16k: First passenger railway ran between Stockton and (Darlington) [Phone-A-Friend: 100% Darlington]

32k: Edward Kennedy is Senator for which state: New Hampshire / Maryland / Vermont / (Massachusetts) [50/50 leaves New Hampshire as well / he thought it was one of those 2, doesn’t know which one, he doesn’t risk it]

Callum Davidson leaves with 16k

10 new contestants: Neil Rousseau, Susan Skipsey, Rick Lawless, Keith Rumney, Michael Latham, Helen Williams, David Kilty, Dave Ferguson, George Highmoor, Paul Deakin

FFF: Longest rivers, in order from longest

CABD gives us: Amazon / Mississippi / Zambezi / Thames

3/10 get it right, Rick Lawless is fastest in 4.88s

From TODMORDEN in West Yorkshire / partner & 3 kids at home / has had a variety of jobs, now looks after property / would take Tilly his partner on the holiday of a lifetime, with Steve Harley to serenade them – he’s a fan

1k: An impala is: (Antelope) / Bear / Crocodile / Duck [Ask the Audience: 81% get it right]

2k: Molly Malone wheels her wheelbarrow in (Dublin) according to the traditional song

4k: MR JEREMY FISHER in Beatrix Potter is: Frog / Hedgehog / Squirrel / Mouse [Phone-A-Friend: 100% sure he’s a frog, fishes on a lily-pad for sticklebacks]

REVISE: Jeremy Fisher in Beatrix Potter stories is a Frog

8k: Family name of rulers of Monaco: (Grimaldi) [50/50 leaves him with Bourbon as well / he doesn’t know but guesses right]

16k: Name of Duke of Wellington’s famous horse: Burmese / Old Rowley / Bucephalus / (Copenhagen)

Rick Lawless leaves with 8k

FFF: Notable events of last 50 years in order

BDAC gives us: Elizabeth II’s Coronation / First man on the moon / Decimalization / Live Aid Concert

5//9 get it right, Dave Ferguson is fastest in 8.09s

From TENBY in Pembrokeshire / wife in the audience / Many jobs, he now runs his own cleaning company / 3 sons at home / He wants to buy a CAMPERVAN, travel across Siberia, Alaska and down to the USA

1k: Location of island of Corfu: (Mediterranean Sea) not Black, Red or Dead Sea

2k: Famously had an affair with Emma, Lady Hamilton: (Horatio Nelson)

4k: D’Artagnan is a character in (The 3 Musketeers)

8k: A zoo founded by Gerald Durrell on this island: Isle of Wight / Isle of Man / (Jersey) / Guernsey

16k: (Iris) is the coloured part of the eye that surrounds the pupil, not Cornea, Retina or Lens

[20/04/2019 02:29] And that’s the end of the show, Dave Ferguson will return for his 32k question

32k: Actor married to Joan Plowright: (Laurence Olivier)

64k: Famous horse race held at Churchill Downs: Oaks / (Kentucky Derby) / Melbourne Gold Cup / 1,000 Guineas [50/50 leaves Kentucky and Melbourne]

We didn’t see a 32k cheque, but the one for 64k shows 6-11-9 and the final digit is covered by Tarrant’s thumb

125k: POMOLOGY is the name of the science and study of growing: potatoes / fruit / vegetables / grain [Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know / Ask the Audience: 50% go potatoes, 28% go fruit / he doesn’t risk it]

Dave Fergusion leaves with 64k

REVISE: POMOLOGY is the study of FRUIT

[20/04/2019 02:36] That’s all I’m going to watch of this one for now

[21/04/2019 22:11] Time to carry on with this recording

FFF: Starting with most, in order according to the song the 12 days of Christmas

BDAC gives us: Gold Rings / Calling Birds / French Hens / Turtle Doves

1/8 gets it right, Keith Rumney in 7.84s

[No chat on this recording, we don’t know who he is or where he comes from]

1k: West Ham nickname: (The Hammers)

2k: A city on the Mississippi river: Boston / Chicago / San Francisco / (New Orleans) [Ask the Audience: 83% get it right]

4k: Father Christmas is commonly associated with this saint: (Nicholas)

8k: Official residence of the President of France: Louvre / (Elysee Palace) / Versailles / Sorbonne [Phone-A-Friend: it’s Dave from last night, who’s just got home to Pembrokeshire with his 64k, he’s 100% sure of the answer and this guy asks him THREE times]

16k: Artist famous for his “Blue Period”: (Picasso) [50/50 leaves Dali and Picasso / He thinks it’s Picasso but he’s going to take the money]

Keith Rumney leaves with 8k

[We have 10 new contestants, but they’re not introduced to us – we only learn this through the 10 new names after this fastest finger first: Paul Gane, Gerry Lennon, Nigel Ladd, Ben Bartle, Lee Crane, Martin Malone, Derrick Mathieson, Steve Duffield, Guy Chamberlain, Andy Watters; that’s TEN guys

FFF: Starting with LOWEST, French numbers in numerical order

CADB gives us: Un / Deux / Trois / Quatre

4/10 get it right, Ben Bartle is fastest in 5.07s

Self-employed, from London, has lived and worked all over the world / would like to donate to Action Aid and help at least one child on every continent

1k: Leader known as “Il Duce”: (Mussolini)

2k: U2 lead singer: (Bono)

4k: Rupert Murdoch born in (Australia)

8k: Became manager of Newcastle United FC in 1999: Kevin Keegan / Kenny Dalglish / (Bobby Robson) / Bryan Robson

16k: “Mildew”, which attacks plants, paper, wood and fabric is: (Fungus) / Alga / Moss / Lichen

32k: European Commission is based in: Brussels / Strasbourg / The Hague / Luxembourg [Hmm, I thought it was BRUSSELS, so does he, and we’re right]

Cheque shows 7-11-99 [But the final digit is almost obscured, and it’s clearer on the next cheque]

64k: In Judaism, the festival known as Yom Kippur: New Year / (Day of Atonement) / Feast of Dedication / Passover

125k: For what type of 18th C antique is GEORGE HEPPLEWHITE famous Jewellery / Glassware / Pottery / FURNITURE

REVISE: George Hepplewhite is famous for 18th century FURNITURE

250k: Which of these peninsulas is the largest: Iberian / Alaskan / Scandinavian / Arabian [50/50: leaves Alaskan and Arabian / Phone-A-Friend: Barbara isn’t sure and would go for Alaskan, so would he but still not sure / 90% sure it’s Arabian, but he takes the money / it is ARABIAN]

REVISE: Peninsulas: Arabian is larger than: Iberian / Alaskan / Scandinavian

Ben Bartle leaves with 125k

FFF: Varieties of berry in alphabetical order

DABC gives us: Blackberry / Loganberry / Raspberry / Strawberry

1/9 gets it right (yes, really) Gerry Lennon in 6.74

[NO chat for this contestant either – they’re being a bit inconsistent here]

1k: (Boris) Yelstsin President of Russia

2k: in nursery rhyme Tom the Piper’s son stole: (Pig) not muffin, sheep or spider

4k: A walk that follows a route from Derbyshire to the Scottish borders: Ridgeway / Pilgrim’s Way / Cotswold Way / (Pennine Way)

REVISE: these routes: Ridgeway / Pilgrim’s Way / Cotswold Way / (Pennine Way)

A change of shirt, from red to dark grey, shows us that this is a different show from the original broadcasts

8k: NOT a flatfish: Halibut / Flounder / Sole / (Mullet)

16k: Nationality of Voltaire: (French)

32k: OPEC is concerned with trade in (oil)

Cheque shows, clearly, 8-11-99 

64k: Sport played on a RINK: Badminton / BOWLS / Rounders / Shinty

REVISE: BOWLS is played on RINK, that’s a new one on me

[21/04/2019 22:40] And that’s the end of the show

OLD WHO: 19-Apr-2019, 11pm on Challenge, 8-11-99, 10-11-99

[21/04/2019 22:40] Gerry Lennon is back

125k: Largest African country by area: (Sudan) / South Africa / Swaziland / Sierra Leone [It’s changed now, it’s Algeria / Tarrant goes wild, ruffling up his very short hair]

250k: What is a bichon frise: (Dog) / Lettuce / Wind / Muscle [Ask the Audience: 93% get it right / 50/50 leaves Wind as well / He uses Phone-A-Friend: thinks it’s a dog, as a guess, tells him to take the money and run / He should have gone for it, but he takes the money]

Gerry Lennon leaves with 125k

10 new contestants: Craig Jefford, Sarah Bunker, Gary Whewell, Tom Marchbank, Geraldine Cleveland, Rod Staines, Sandra Crawford, Steven Edwards, Andy Maken, Michael Nelson

FFF: starting with youngest, queen’s children in age order

DABC gives us: Edward / Andrew / Anne / Charles

4/10 get it right, Craig Jefford is fastest in 3.11s

[No chat, just straight into the questions]

1k: (Black) Sabbath and Lace are 2 musical acts

2k: (Obstetrics) is medical speciality concerned with pregnancy and childbirth [Ask the Audience: 79% get it right]

4k: NOT a French car manufacturer: Peugeot (Fiat) Citroen Renault

8k: Romulus and Remus were legendary founders of (Rome) [Phone-A-Friend: Uncle Roger near Croydon, gets it right]

[New shirt for his and his friend in the audience, so this is a different recording from the original broadcasts]

16k: Dian Fossey is most associated with (Gorillas) [50/50 leaves Chimpanzees too, he doesn’t risk it]

Craig Jefford leaves with 8k

For the next fastest finger first they’re showing 10 people again, but they haven’t introduced them to us, maybe it still includes this chap / it definitely includes Liz Whitlock

The names, we learn after the fastest finger first: Jamie McElroy, Phil Walls, Liz Whitlock, Nick Barnes, David Crombleholme, Alison Thompson, Chris Gilks, Colin Harmer, Cathy Thomson, Martyn Bannister

FFF: Start with earliest, words they occur in the rhyme Ride-a-Cock-Horse

I went wrong with BCDA: Cross / Music / Rings / Toes

It should be BDAC: Cross / Rings / Toes / Music]

Only 2/10 get it right, David Crombleholme is fastest in 9.26s

[Again, no chat, just straight into the questions]

500 quid: uses Ask the Audience for “Which surname did the Royal Family adopt in 1917” 93% go for (Windsor)

1k: sabres and foils are used in (Fencing)

2k: (Margaret Thatcher) given the nickname “The Iron Lady”

4k: In Sheridan’s “The Rivals” (Mrs Malaprop) is famous for her misuse of words [Phone-A-Friend: she’s confident about it]

8k: Growing organisms that produce the phenomenon of a “fairy ring”: Creeping buttercups / (Mushrooms) / Couch grasses / Wild rose runners [50/50 leaves the first 2 / He’s not confident, he takes the money]

David Crombleholme goes back to LIVERPOOL with 4k

FFF: Books of the Bible in order

DBCA gives us: Genesis / Exodus / Mark’s Gospel / Revelation

3/9 get it right (same names as most recent list above), Liz Whitlock is fastest in 5.83s

“It’s a woman! Thank God, a woman at last!” says Tarrant, apart from that there’s no chat before the questions begin

1k: NOT one of Snow White’s dwarfs: (Cheeky)

2k: Equity is the union for (Acting)

4k: Pure gold is (24) carats

8k: Mediterranean island most associated with the Mafia: (Sicily)

REVISE: Mediterranean islands like Sardinia, Corsica, Capri, Sicily, which were all on that most recent question on “Who wants to be a millionaire?”

She’s now in a new top, lavender rather than orange, so again it’s adifferent show from the original broadcasts

16k: Lapis Lazuli is White / (Blue) / Green / Yellow

32k: Carlos Menem is President of which South American country: Brazil / Chile / Paraguay / (Argentina) [Phone-A-Friend: her dad Brian / He thinks it’s between Brazil and Argentina but runs out of time to explain further / 50/50 leaves those same 2 countries / Ask the Audience: 64% get it right, 36% wrong]

[That’s a surprising amount of kissing from Tarrant there, almost like he’s eating her cheek – it wouldn’t happen these days]

Cheque shows, clearly, 10-11-99

64k: City with the largest population in Africa: Nairobi / Johannesburg / (Cairo) / Algiers [This is schoolboy trivia, I would have known this in the 1970s / She’s spending a while to get to her wrong answer, Nairobi, or J-Burg / She goes for Nairobi]

Liz Whitlock leaves with 32k

REVISE: Populations of African cities / how much bigger is Cairo than the rest of them?

We see 10 new names after this next fastest finger first question but have not been introduced to them / I get rather confused about this: Jim Hearn, Richard Parry, Fiona Lindsay, Carl Waring, Steve Sinclair, Ian Penn, Barbara McGee, Pete Walsh, Wendy Jolly, Archie McAllister

FFF: Army ranks in order, from lowest upwards

BADC gives us: Lieutenant / Major / Brigadier / Field Marshal

2/10 get it right, Pete Walsh is fastest in 9.54s

[21/04/2019 23:20] That’s the end of the show, and 2 more hours to delete from the hard drive, the only reocordings left from Good Friday’s recordings / I still have 2 from Saturday night and 1 from Thursday 18-April

SLEB WHO: 2 repeats Sat 20-Apr-2019 1am, 2am on Challenge, already noted

[20/04/2019 02:48] SLEB WHO: Sat 23-Feb-2019, S1Ep1 of the Sleb editions, from 22-9-01 / SLEB WHO: s1ep2 Challenge 23-Feb-2019, both noted in previous posts

SLEB WHO: 2 more repeats, Sun 10-Mar-2019 and Sat 16-Mar-2019, Peasgood, Morrissey and Weir, Jim Davidson, Cowell & Fox

[21/04/2019 02:44] These have been playing since 1am, 2 editions that I have already noted and don’t need to see again. Here’s what we had:

2am (Current): Paul O’Grady and Lesley Garrett

3am Next: Paul O’Grady and Lesley Garrett continue, then Julie Hesmondhalgh and her old school-friend Connie Hyde / Fern and Schofield

4am:  Fern and Schofield continue / Tim Rice and Alice Beer / Dermot Murnaghan and Angela Rippon

5am: [was on Sun 24-Mar-2019 10pm] Dermot Murnighan and Angela Rippon continue / Antony Worrall Thompson and Rory Bremner

SLEB WHO: 3 more repeats

[22/04/2019 10:13] 3 hours of sleb “Who wants to be a millionaire?” last night, all noted in other posts, here’s what they were:

Holmes & Ferguson / Aspel & Smillie / Richard & Judy / Pinsent and Black / Radcliffe & Edwards

4th hour: starts with Joan Collins & Percy Gibson / Stephen Fry & Nigella /

5th Hour: Fry & Nigella continue

OLD WHO: 18-Apr-2019, 10pm on Challenge, 16-4-05

[22/04/2019 22:02] This was the calm before the storm – the following 4 nights saw OVER THIRTY episodes of the show.

Greg Condry is back having just won 125k on the BARONESS AMOS question

Cheque shows 16-4-05

250k: NAM CO, located in Tibet is this kind of geographical feature: LAKE / Mountain / Gorge / Peninsula [He would have gone Gorge but doesn’t risk it]

Greg Condry leaves with 125k

REVISE: NAM CO, a lake in Tibet, and big Peninsulas

FFF: Prehistoric creatures in alphabetical order

ADCB gives us: Brachiosaurus / Brontosaurus / Pterodactyl / Tyrannosaurus

6/8 get it right, Ian Simms is fastest in 3.84s

A logistics quality manager from Middlesbrough / wife in the audience, 2 teenage kids / he tried to fix the washing machine, it blew up / He made 5 Internet applications for the show

1k: Salzburg is in (Austria)

2k: Bill Nighy Christmas is all around features in (Love Actually)

4k: Tiny Tim is son of (Bob Cratchit) created by Charles Dickens [There’s chat about the Muppet movie]

8k: Animal type, name taken from Latin for Shell (Crustacean) not Primate, Insect or Arachnid

16k: Alva was the middle name of this inventor: (Thomas Edison) not Isaac Singer, Benjamin Franklin, Samuel Morse

32k A SOLA TOPI protects this part of the body from the sun: HEAD / Shoulders/ Arms / Knees [Ask the Audience: 67% get it right / 50/50 leaves shoulders as well]

64k: CAPTAIN OF The TITANIC: EDWARD SMITH not Frederick Jones, James White or Charles Brown [Not sure if any of those other names are significant as captains, or just made up / Phone-A-Friend: 90% it’s Smith, right at the end]

REVISE: Edward Smith was captain of the Titanic / Were Frederick Jones, James White or Charles Brown (the alternative answers) also famous ship captains?

Cheque shows 23-4-05 so we’ve jumped on a week

125k: JANE GLOVER is most associated with this branch of the arts: Painting / MUSIC / Architecture / Sculpture

Ian Simms leaves with 64k

REVISE: Jane Glover is associated with MUSIC

[22/04/2019 22:16] Okay, 31 minutes in and 10 new contestants

10 new contestants: Gordon Barrass, Joan McNeil, Pat Smith, Ron Birch, Sue Fraser, Anne Brohn, Jim Eccleson, Andrew Knox, June Berry, Brian Maguire

FFF: Famous Edwards in order of birth

ACDB gives us: Edward The Black Prince / Edward Jenner / Edward Lear / Edward Woodward

1330 / 1749 / 1812 / 1930

3/10 get it right, Sue Fraser is fastest in 4.43s

A head teacher from Oxfordshire, Brightwalton Primary School in Newbury / Fellow teacher and friend in the audience, 2 grown up children of her own / Sting and Robbie Williams are the men she’d like to snog / she’d like to travel to Mount Stromboli because she’s fascinated by volcanoes

500 quid: She uses Ask the Audience for This variety of lettuce: (Little Gem) not Little jewel, treasure or precious, 97% get it right

1k: Dan Brown bestseller: (The Da Vinci Code) [Phone-A-Friend: her niece Jackie is 100% sure]

2k: Sport that does not have a net across the court: (Netball) not volleyball, tennis or badminton

4k: Plays evil wizard SARUMAN in the “Lord of the Rings” film trilogy: Alan Rickman / (Christopher Lee) / Jeremy Irons / Ian McDiarmid [50/50 leaves her with Lee and McDiarmid and she guesses wrong]

Sue Fraser leaves with 1k

FFF: Dustin Hoffman films in order of release

BDCA gives us: Midnight Cowboy / Tootsie / Rain Man / Hook

Only 1/9 gets it right, Gordon Barrass in 8.31s, that’s my kind of fastest finger first question

A civil servant from ASHINGTON in Northumberland / time to settle some bills, get his bank balance back in the black / would like to get to the USA to see some baseball, a big fan but has only seen it on TV / No mention of wife, partner or kids

1k: Replaced Colin Powell as US Secretary of State in 2004 (Condoleeza Rice)

2k: Band that announced it was splitting up in 2005: (Busted) / Franz Ferdinand / Liberty X / Oasis [I think I would have known this at the time]

Would see the Chicago Cubs play baseball and get his mum a new artificial knee, because of her arthritis

4k: March 2005, first solo non-stop flight around the world without refuelling: Brian Jones / STEVE FOSSETT / Bertrand Piccard / Richard Branson [50/50 left Jones and Fossett]

REVISE: Steve Fossett and other pilots Brian Jones / Bertrand Piccard / Richard Branson / Fossett did the following: March 2005, first solo non-stop flight around the world without refuelling

8k: Small republic at the southern tip of the MALAY Peninsula: Yemen / (Singapore) / Chile / Somalia

16k: Hollywood legend who played herself in the disaster film “Airport 1975”: Joan Crawford / GLORIA SWANSON / Elizabeth Taylor / Bette Davis

[22/04/2019 22:37] And that’s the end of the show

OLD WHO: Sat 20-Apr-2019 10pm on Challenge, 10-11-99

[22/04/2019 22:39] And straight on with the next one: I might manage THREE before bed

Pete Walsh carries on, low money questions, we’ve had no chat about him and what he wants, his wife is in the audience

1k: (Kevin Costner) star and director of Dances with wolves

2k: Krugerrand is a (coin)

4k: (Putney) Bridge start of the Boat Race, not Chiswick, Hammersmith or Wandsworth [Ask the Audience: 63% get it right]

8k: Bill Sikes appears in (“Oliver Twist”)

16k: A pet TETRA would most likely be kept in: Cage / Hutch / Kennel / TANK

REVISE: What is a pet TETRA? It would be kept in a tank

32k: Robert ALLEN Zimmerman is the original name of (Bob Dylan)

Cheque reads 10-11-99, and they’re both wearing poppies

64k: Artist commonly associated with paintings of ballet dancers: Gauguin / Chagall / Renoir / (Degas) [50/50 leaves the last 2 / he goes for Renoir]

Pete Walsh goes back to CHESTERFIELD with 32k

FFF: British prime minister in chronological order

DBCA gives us: William Pitt the Younger / David Lloyd George / Harold Wilson / Margaret Thatcher

7/9 get it right, Barbara McGee is fastest in 4.72s

No chat before the questions begin

1k: (Iron Curtain) said by Winston Churchill to divide the eastern and western halves of Europe

2k: (Four Weddings and a Funeral) featured Wets single Love is all around

4k: Mrs Doyle on Father Ted was a (Housekeeper)

8k: I in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet (India) [Ask the Audience: 68% get it right]

16k: (Swiss Guard) is the Pope’s bodyguard [50/50 leaves Spanish Guard too]

32k: On a compass, directly opposite north-northwest: (south southeast)

Cheque shows 10-11-99, like the last contestant

64k: Where was the Queen Elizabeth liner destroyed by fire: Hong Kong / Long Beach / Casablanca / Tokyo [Phone-A-Friend: says “Hong Kong Harbour, 100%” / I thought it was Hong Kong ]

REVISE: Queen Elizabeth liner destroyed by fire in Hong Kong, check the year

Different suit for Tarrant now, but still the poppy in place

125k: Angus Deayton’s character in “One foot in the grave”: (Patrick) / Peter / Philip / Paul

Barbara McGee goes back to Liverpool with 64k

FFF: Starting with earliest, husbands of Elizabeth Taylor in chronological order

I went wrong with DACB: Eddie Fisher / Richard Burton / Nick Hilton / Larry Fortensky

NICK HILTON was first, so it should have been CDAB: Nick Hilton / Eddie Fisher / Richard Burton / Larry Fortensky [a builder]

1950 / 59 / 64 & 75 / 91

We are not introduced to the 10 new contestants but their names are: Alan Freear, John Taylor, Bernard Marco, Peter Burnes, Gene Hunt, Chris Blamey, Peter Boakes, Steve Daly, Henryk Tomaszewski, Bert Thompson

Only 1/10 gets it right, Bernard Marco in 10.42s

Once again in this series of shows we don’t get any chat before the questions

1k: Royal yacht decommissioned in 1997 (Britannia)

2k: Gallic means things that come from (France)

He couldn’t afford a diamond wedding ring before so he’d like to get his wife Mavis one with a big enough win

4k: Liza Minnelli is daughter of (Judy Garland)

8k: Volcano on the island of Sicily: (Etna) / Vesuvius / Lascar / San Pedro

REVISE: Etna is on Sicily, where is Vesuvius, and are Lascar and San Pedro also volcanoes?

16k: 1997, First female Secretary of State in the US: Janet Reno / Hillary Clinton / (Madeleine Albright) / Geraldine Ferraro

32k: “Devils on horseback”, bacon is wrapped around: Cherries / Shrimps / (Prunes) / Eggs [50 leaves eggs as well / Ask the Audience: 85% say prunes]

Cheque shows 11-11-99

64k: A unit of temperature measurement: Mole / Candela / (Kelvin) / Ampere [Phone-A-Friend: Melvin says Kelvin]

[22/04/2019 23:09] And that’s the end of the show

OLD WHO: Sat 20-Apr-2019 11pm on Challenge, 11-11-99

[22/04/2019 23:10] Bernard Marco is back for his 125k question

125k: Who designed the GUGGENHEIN Museum in New York: FRANK LLOYD WRIGHT / Raymond M Hood / Cass Gilbert / Walter Gropius

Bernard Marco leaves with 64k

FFF: Start at south, 4 places in order from south to north

DBAC gives us: Reading / Shrewsbury / Barnsley / Carlisle

5/9 get it right, Gene Hunt is fastest in 6.07s

(Gene is a woman, and there’s no chat before the questions]

[ISAAC Singer is mentioned again, in a 500 quid question about his invention (Sewing Machine)]

1k: (Edmund) is Blackadder’s first name

2k: (Cyclops) Greek mythology, race of giants with one eye in the middle of their foreheads

4k: Father of Queen Elizabeth II: (George VI) [Ask the Audience: 76% get it right]

8k: Musical NOT composed by Andrew Lloyd Webber: (Chess) [50/50 also leaves Aspects of Love]

16k: Group named after its bassist and drummer: (Fleetwood Mac) [Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know]

Gene Hunt goes back to Essex with 8k

FFF: Stringed instruments in size order, starting with biggest

DABC gives us: Double Bass / Cello / Guitar / Violin

3/8 get it right, Peter Burnes is fastest in 6.47s

Again, no chat before the questions

1k: In “Alice in Wonderland” the sleepy character at the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party is: Alice / March Hare / (Dormouse) / Mad Hatter

2k: Colosseum is in (Rome)

4k: Professor (Higgins) played by Rex Harrison in “My Fair Lady”

8k: Gastric relates to (Stomach)

16k: Established in the US by ALLAN Pinkerton in 1850s: (Detective Agency) [The agency was mentioned in Murder on the Orient Express, which I saw part of on Saturday]

32k: Elizabeth Barrett married this poet (Robert Browning)

Once again, cheque reads 11-11-99

Tarrant has mentioned more than once that this is the chap’s 2nd day in a new job

64k: Battle of Rorke’s Drift in 1879, British fought: (Zulus) not Boers, French or Turks

125k: Shakespeare play that features a clown called Touchstone (“As You Like It”) [50/50 leaves “Much Ado about Nothing” as well / Ask the Audience: 65% get it right / Phone-A-Friend: mother-in-law Joan Clark, she thinks, or guesses, it’s “As You Like It” / he won’t gamble on this]

Peter Burne leaves with 64k

10 new contestants: Ian Wright, Richard Norton, Derek Cunningham, Mary Randall, Ian Copland, Michael Banks, John Stainton, Zulma Dudgeon, David Shill, John Stevenson

FFF: Start with largest, 4 countries in order of population

CDBA gives us: India / USA / France / Australia

At the time: 900m, 270m, 59m, 19m

7/10 get it right, David Shill is fastest in 5.60s

Again, no chat before the questions

1k: (Florida) is the Sunshine State

2k: Act of Union 1707, united England and Wales with: Ireland / USA / France / (Scotland) [Ask the Audience: 66% get it right]

4k: Cobol, Basic and Fortran are (computer languages)

8k: Fictional Detective who solves crimes in KINGSMARKHAM: Wexford / Wycliffe / Frost / Dalgliesh [It’s a while since I had a low-money question I didn’t know, and here’s one, I’d guess Wexford / Phone-A-Friend: She’s sure it’s Wexford]

REVISE: fictional detectives and where they’re based, Wexford (KINGSMARKHAM), Wycliffe, Frost, Dalgliesh

16k: The Baht is the unit of currency in (Thailand) [50/50 left China too]

32k: Richard Rodgers and (Oscar Hammerstein) wrote “The Sound of Music”

Cheque shows 12-11-99

64k: Mount Rushmore is in (South Dakota)

125k: Country that left the Commonwealth in 1972 and rejoined in 1989: PAKISTAN not South Africa, Fiji or Nigeria [I would have gone for South Africa here, and so would he, but doesn’t risk it]

David Shill leaves with 64k

REVISE: PAKISTAN left the Commonwealth in 1972 and rejoined in 1989

FFF: 4 months in alphabetical order

DCBA gives us: December / November / October / September

Only 1/9 got it right, Zulma Dudgeon in 9.53s

[22/04/2019 23:42] And that’s the end of the show, before a single question

And it looks like the 11pm show tonight is something I already have notes on, which would be a time-saver, specifically: 20-Jan-2019 on Challenge, Peter Lee wins 500k 18-1-00, Margaret Whittaker 250k 19-1-00

The 10pm show features MIKE SACKETT winning 32k on 17-1-00, for which I don’t have notes for yet

The Midnight show, Tue 0.00am 23-Apr-2019, is a repeat of this one: Sun 20-Jan-2019 11pm on Challenge, Denise Fowler 32k 20-1-00, David Guest 1k, Sarah Black 16k

From 1am through to 5am there are FIVE episodes of SLEB “Who wants to be a millionaire?”

[23/04/2019 08:38] Notes made the following morning

1am: Trish Goddard and husband / Greg and Lucy Rusedski

2am: the Rusedskis continue [New to me], Alistair Campbell and partner, Edwina Currie and DEREK LAUD (Big Brother contestant and Tory speechwriter)

3am: includes Gloria Hunniford [New to me] and the Spandau Ballet boys

4am: Hadley and the other Spandau boy continue [New to me], Bill Oddie and Lynda Bellingham, newsreader and Katie Derham [this is all on the hard drive]

5am: not seen yet, not on the hard drive yet, [23/04/2019 08:54] just started, and it begins with Louis Walsh and Martine McCutcheon

[23/04/2019 00:26] I have set the hard drive to record from 12.20am through to 4am, but unless I stay up and press the odd button, the TV box will switch itself off in 2.5 hours or so, but I should at least get to see some of the 3am show, so I’ll know if I have made notes on it already

OLD WHO: 21-Apr-2019 10pm on Challenge, 14-11-99

[24/04/2019 22:20] Lance Jones is back on 16k

32k: (Damascus) is capital of Syria

Straight away he’s in a shirt and tie, after being in shirt before, so it’s a new episode from the original broadcasts, and they’re wearing poppies

64k: (Edward VI) succeeded Henry VIII as monarch

Cheque shows 14-11-99

And, schoolboy error, I didn’t record with subtitles, so I can’t forward through it quite so quickly

125k: William Herschel discovered (Uranus) in 1781 [He doesn’t risk it and would have gone for Saturn]

10 new contestants: David Willis, Kate Brookes, Pete Matthews, Chris Palmer, Jan Lawry, Malcolm Cawley, Sarah Vallotton, David Wade, Heather Rice, Stewart Botting

FFF: Musicals in order they first appeared

DBAC gives us: Hello Dolly / Godspell / Cats / Aspects of Love

2/10 get it right, Malcolm Cawley is fastest in 6.66s

A retired schoolteacher from Pembroke / daughter in the audience, another at home, no mention of wife / Was drummer in a band, would like to go to the US and seek out his musical heroes

1k: (Fleet Street) traditionally associated with journalism

2k: (Beatrix Potter) wrote The Tale of Peter Rabbit

4k: A bob was a (shilling)

8k: The WHITWORTH Art Gallery is in: Manchester / Liverpool / Birmingham / London [I don’t know, and I think I caught bits of this a few months ago / Ask the Audience: 33% Manchester, 27% Liverpool, 28% Birmingham / Phone-A-Friend: repeats the answers twice, runs out of time, says nothing / 50/50 leaves Manchester and Liverpool / It’s MANCHESTER]

REVISE: Art galleries in UK cities, in Manchester, Liverpool, Bristol, Glasgow, locations of Tate and V&A Museums and Galleries, St Ives, Dundee and so on / The WHITWORTH Art Gallery is in Manchester

16k: Because it’s long and thin (Chile) has the nickname “the bootlace of South America”

32k: Individual leaf of fern, bracken or palm: (Frond) not spring, stalk or tendril

Cheque reads 14-11-99

64k: (Typewriter) can be written using only the top line of a keyboard

125k: In Hockney’s “Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy”, Percy is (cat)

Malcolm Cawley leaves with 64k

FFF: Zodiac signs in order in astrological calendar

CDBA gives us: Taurus / Virgo / Libra / Scorpio

4/9 get it right, Sarah Vallotton is fastest in 7.14s

A civil servant from Crystal Palace / has had a tough old year, would like to throw a big party for all the people who have helped her / cats and a dog at home, the cat is called Sober, the only thing that was on Christmas Day when she got it / would like to break in a rodeo horse, catch a wild mustang and break it in

1k: (Twickenham) is home to Rugby Football Union

2k: Gilbert and Sullivan operetta The Pirates of (Penzance) [first performed 1879]

4k: C = (100) in Roman Numerals [Ask the Audience: 71% get it right]

8k: (6) feet in a fathom [50/50 leaves 120 as well]

16k: Jane Horrocks plays (Bubble) in Ab Fab

32k: A town in Wiltshire: Loughborough / Farnham / Maidenhead / (Trowbridge)

Cheque reads 14-11-99, like the previous 2 contestants

64k: Make of car that has won the most Le Mans 24-hour races: Ferrari / Porsche / Ford / Jaguar [Phone-A-Friend: her brother / I would guess Ford, he thinks Porsche and he’s right: PORSCHE has won most Le Mans 24-hour races]

REVISE: PORSCHE has won most Le Mans 24-hour races, check other Le Mans facts and most wins for car makers in F1

125k: Theatre that is not part of the National Theatre on the South Bank: (Gielgud) / Cottesloe / Lyttleton / Oliver [She doesn’t want to guess]

Sarah Vallotton leaves with 64k

At this stage, after 5 series, no woman had ever gone beyond 64k

FFF: Historical documents in chronological order

BDAC gives us: Dead Sea Scrolls / Domesday Book / Magna Carta / US Declaration of independence

4/8 get it right, Kate Brookes is fastest in 8.20s

A sales manager from Bristol / Friend Rob in the audience, 3 sons at home with their dad / 4k would change her life

[24/04/2019 22:53] She gets to 300 quid / And that’s the end of the show, straight on with the next one