Part 22

WWTBAM Prep, Part 22 (14-May-2019 to 20-May-2019)

Notes taken while watching the UK edition of WWTBAM, May 2019. New editions (2018 onwards, broadcast on ITV) are titled “NEW WHO:”, older editions are titled “WHO:” or “OLD WHO:” and were broadcast on Challenge; Celebrity editions, also broadcast on Challenge, are titled “SLEB WHO:”. Specific dates for these notes: 14-May-2019 to 20-May-2019 . [6,971 words in this piece.]

OLD WHO: Tue 14-May-2019, 10pm on Challenge, 4-2-06, 18-2-06

[15/05/2019 09:18] 10 new contestants: Martyn Ellis, Lizzie Owen, Amanda Jacobs, Steve Dodding, Jim Ord, Michael Drake, Ian Hodgson, Jayne Newman, Theresa Faloon, Colm Cronin

FFF: Start in America and work east, Airport Codes in order

CDAB gives us: JFK / LHR / ZRH / SYD

3/10 get it right, Ian Hodgson is fastest in 3.83s

From ST HELENS in Merseyside / looking for work, wife is at home, mother-in-law is in the audience, 2 kids at home / He used to commute to Kent every week but is now looking for something closer to home / doesn’t want to touch the cheques to tempt fate

1k: Roll-on Roll-off is most associated with (Ferry) transport

2k: Port Talbot is in (Wales)

4k: In 2005 Dutch international Edgar Davids joined TOTTENHAM HOTSPUR [I don’t remember that at all / Ask the Audience: 87% get it right]

[Chat about the commute, to Sevenoaks, and he would like to travel to Australia, New Zealand and Pacific islands, has done over 100,000 miles in 3 years on his commute]

8k: Ballroom dance based on a bullfight (Paso Doble) [That has been a quiz questions elsewhere in recent months, and our many hours of watching “Strictly Come Dancing” might help here / 50/50 also leaves Rumba]

16k: ARTIST who gave his name to a type of COLLAR and beard: VAN DYCK [Totally new fact there, probably wouldn’t have got it]

REVISE: Van Dyck is a type of collar and bears, named after the artist

32k: Pemberley in DERBYSHIRE is the residence of which fictional character: (Mr Darcy) [Phone-A-Friend: Heather, she doesn’t know, doesn’t guess / he goes for Darcy]

Cheque shows 4-2-06

REVISE: Name of Mr Rochester’s residence and other locations in 19th C novels, PEMBERLEY is “Pride and Prejudice”

64k: Drink named after a major in the Italian army: Sambuca / Prosecco / (Galliano) / Chianti [By elimination there]

REVISE: Derivation of Italian drinks: Sambuca / Prosecco / (Galliano) / Chianti, Galliano was a MAJOR in the Italian army

125k: SHEILA MERCIER, who played Annie Sugden in “Emmerdale”, is sister of which comedy actor: Ian Carmichael / William Franklyn / BRIAN RIX / Jack Douglas [I might have worked it out, but I looked it up while this was recording last night ]

REVISE: SHEILA MERCIER, who played Annie Sugden in “Emmerdale”, is sister of Brian Rix / 2019 notes: She’s 100 years old and still alive, she was born RIX and married a Mercier / She appeared in Farces with her brother, and was in “Emmerdale” from 1972 to around 1995, and has come back for appearances since then, including a funeral in 2008 for her TV son, played by an actor who died around then – she was at the actor’s funeral too / The Rix’s were raised in HULL / Brian Rix (Lord Rix as he became) campaigned for disability charities after having a child born with Down’s Syndrome]

Ian Hodgson leaves with 64k

FFF: Words in order in a Disney song

BADC gives us: Whistle While You Work

7/9 get it right, Colm Cronin is fastest in 2.21s

A financial research editor from “East Twickenham” in Middlesex / Wife Dawn is at home, 3 year old called Tighe, and another on the way / Would like to take things slower, and his wife has her eye on a bigger place just over the road

1k: Presenter who left GMTV in 2005: Fiona Phillips / (Eamonn Holmes) / Penny Smith / Andrew Castle [Ask the Audience: 95% get it right / I thought it was Holmes, based on what I heard when he was on the SLEB repeat recently – he was sick of the early starts, and now he starts even earlier at Sky, Tarrant reminds us of that]

2k: (3) Bronte sisters famously wrote poems and novels

4k: “Friday night and the lights are low” features in this Abba song (Dancing Queen)

8k: Anglo-Saxon kingdom that covered what is now known as the Midlands (Mercia) not Essex, Wessex or Northumbria [He used to live in Warwickshire and the local radio station was MERCIA FM]

16k: BUTTERFLY that shares its name with a kind of domestic cat: Brimstone / (TORTOISESHELL) / Swallowtail / Monarch [Phone-A-Friend: his wife is 90% sure it’s tortoiseshell]

REVISE: Butterflies: these appeared in a WHO question: Brimstone / (TORTOISESHELL) / Swallowtail / Monarch

32k: Star sign of someone born on St George’s Day: (Taurus)

The cheque shows 18-2-0 [which I assume is 18-2-06]

64k: Name of the first SPACE SHUTTLE, built as a test vehicle and on display at a space hangar in VIRGINIA: Resolution / Victory / Enterprise / Explorer [No idea, never heard of this / 50/50 leaves Resolution and Enterprise / I’d guess Resolution, so does he, but it was ENTERPRISE]

Colm Cronin leaves with 32k

REVISE: Space Shuttles, there are answers dotted around in other places, ENTERPRISE was the first, built as a test vehicle, now it’s on display at a space hangar in Virginia

10 new contestants, but we didn’t see them wave at us: Richard Newton, Heulwen Holt, Anne Grace, Ian Guyster, Joan Smith, Shaun Chatterton, Kate Joiner, Tricia Lauezzari, Martyn Ellis, Tom Foley

FFF: Start at the top of the body, health care workers in order of their expertise

CBDA gives us: Ophthalmologist / Dentist / Thoracic Surgeon / Chiropodist

3/10 get it right, Kate Joiner is fastest in 5.73s

[15/05/2019 09:47] And that’s the end of the show, we don’t even see her getting into the chair

OLD WHO: 15-May-2019 10pm on Challenge

[16/05/2019 10:05] On with the quizzing.

We start with Kate Joiner from the previous episode, no questions asked yet.

A club stewardess from SCUNTHORPE North Lincolnshire / husband at home, son James in the audience, daughter at home / usually works at weekends, but on a rare Saturday night at home she saw the show, made one phone call and here she is / wants to buy computers for the kids and to see Great Wall of China

1k: Caledonian refers to (Scotland)

[It’s a conservative club she works at / And she’s in a Scout Troop, she’s known as BADGER, working with BEAVER SCOUTS aged 6-8, before they become Cubs]

2k: Number of holes in a traditional artist’s Palette: (ONE) 1 2 3 4 [She goes for 1, for the thumb and she’s right]

REVISE: Artists’s Palette only has ONE hole, for the thumb, take a look at one

[Animals at home listed and a LOVEBIRD called Dick – you’re supposed to have 2, but one died]

4k: A DIVIDED HIGHWAY is the American term for: Dual Carriageway / One way street / Road with a pavement / Country Lane [I assume it’s a Dual Carriageway, but never heard of it / Ask the Audience: 96% go for DUAL CARRIAGEWAY, and it is]

8k: (Diana Ross) sang with Lionel Richie on the 1981 hit Endless Love [50/50 leaves the 2 she thinks it might be, Diana Ross and Donna Summer / Phone-A-Friend thinks Diana Ross, she thinks it’s Donna Summer, doesn’t risk it]

Kate Joyner leaves with 4k

FFF: A well known saying

DBCA gives us: Out of the / Frying Pan / Into the / Fire

[Same names as Kate Joiner’s list above)

5/9 get it right, Shaun Chatterton is fastest in 4.02s

A web developer from Leeds / partner Fran at home, his mate Chris is in the audience / Chris is also the lodger, in a ruin of a house that Shaun is doing up / Would take Fran somewhere hot and sunny that doesn’t have spiders

1k: (Troubadour) was a medieval poet or singer

2k: Gavin Henson plays international rugby for (Wales) [Ask the Audience: 84% get it right]

4k: Jean-Christophe NOVELLI is a (chef) [50/50 leaves Formula One Driver as the other option / Phone-A-Friend: He’s good at sport, thinks he’s a chef, but not 100%]

8k: (Tony Blair) prime minister who was a student at Fettes College Edinburgh

16k: Spam is a (Monty Python) sketch

[There’s a change of show at some point here, his girlfriend is in the audience]

32k: RSV referring to the Bible, S stands for (Standard) [He doesn’t know and takes the money / and then says, Nah, let’s go for it, and then he takes the money after all]

Shaun Chatterton leaves with 16k

10 new contestants: Sid Taberman, Barry Bates, Deborah Portman, Rick Williamson, Neil Young, Gerry Hodge, Thomas Lees, Brian Bowden, Adrian Murray, David Hollins

FFF: Items of formal wear in order from head to foot

DABC gives us: Top hat / Bow tie / Cummerbund / Spats

8/10 get it right, Thomas Lees is fastest in 3.89s

He only sent one text to apply for the show / An oral surgeon from Cheltenham at the A&E department of a hospital in Taunton / Wife Sarah is in the audience / would like to take time and travel / with a million she would like a big house / he’d be happy with a pipe and slippers

1k: (Les Dawson) was famous for his mother-in-law jokes

2k: (The Rat Pack) contained Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and Sammy Davis Junior

4k: (St Clements) is a non-alcoholic drink of orange juice and lemon [Ask the Audience: 100% get it right, never seen that before]

8k: British prime minister, subject of a 2004 biography by William Hague: Winston Churchill / Benjamin Disraeli / William Pitt the Younger / Stanley Baldwin [I think it’s PITT, and it is / Phone-A-Friend: his dad, in LARGS in Scotland thinks it’s Pitt, about 50% / 50/50 leaves Disraeli and Pitt]

REVISE: Books by William Hague, including Pitt the Younger, Boris Johnson and other politicians

[16/05/2019 10:33] And that’s the end of the show, only 28 minutes, quicker than usual

10.37 What next? There are no more recently recorded episodes of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” left to view

WHO: 17-May-2019 10pm on Challenge

[17/05/2019 11:19] Thomas (or Tom) Lees returns on 8k

16k: Cod liver oil is a particularly rich source of this vitamin: (A) [He doesn’t risk it, he leaves with 8k]

Thomas Lees leaves with 8k

FFF: US cities in order from North to South

ACDB gives us: Anchorage / Chicago / San Francisco / Honolulu

2/9 get it right, David Hollins is fastest in 4.02s

A mature student from Stamford in Lincs / His sister is in the audience, we see a photo of them as kids / He divides his time between studying for a business qualification and re-enacting battles from the Napoleonic Wars, on the continent, dressed as an Austrian Soldier, he’d use a big win to go to Austria and study some more at the archives

1k: An orb is (spherical)

[Born Aberdeen but moved away when young and doesn’t have a Scottish accent]

2k: (Malibu) a resort in California that shares its name with a liqueur

4k: Edith Piaf was born in (France) [Ask the Audience: 86% get it right]

8k: A dog called BOUNCER featured in this TV series (Neighbours)

16k: GRANADILLA is also a name for this fruit: Star fruit / Sharon fruit / PASSION FRUIT / kiwi fruit [I guessed this one right, not sure if I’ve heard it before / 50/50 revealed Star and Passion / Phone-A-Friend: not sure, she thinks it might be Star / He didn’t think it could be Passion, went for Star and loses 7k]

David Hollins leaves with 1k

REVISE: Fruit: granadilla is another name for PASSION FRUIT

FFF: characters in order they first appeared in literature

DCAB gives us: Bill Sikes / Professor Moriarty / Hannibal Lecter / Draco Malfoy

Only 1/8 gets it right, Neil Young in 7.28s

A gardener from Edinburgh / his brother is in the audience / was in the civil service for over 20 years and has switched to gardening, and loves it / Has spent a night in the Edinburgh Chamber of Horrors, alone, and has handled snakes at the City Zoo

1k: (Eight) kings name Henry

2k: (Hydrogen Peroxide), chemicals to make hair lighter

4k: Elvis Costello’s backing band: (The Attractions)

8k: Most westerly province of Canada: (British Columbia)

16k: Complete this Winnie-the-Pooh observation: I am a bear of very little brain and long words: Confuse me / BOTHER ME / Upset me / Disturb me [I would probably have gone for Confuse me / Ask the Audience: 59% go for Bother and 32% Confuse]

REVISE: a Winnie-the-Pooh quote: “I am a bear of very little brain and long words BOTHER ME”

32k: Famous awards named in honour of ANTOINETTE PERRY in this field: Literature / Fashion / THEATRE / Architecture [50/50 leaves Fashion and Theatre / Phone-A-Friend: not sure, thinks maybe theatre / he doesn’t risk it / It is THEATRE, these are the Tony Awards]

Neil Young leaves with 16k

REVISE: ANTOINETTE PERRY, the TONY awards are named after her

10 new contestants: Martin Sempers, Andrew Keech, Jerry Walder, Alison Tansey, Tony Bonter, Sean O’Neill, Daryl Ackers, Joy Collins, Graeme Marley, Andy Booth

FFF: A James Bond film

DBAC gives us: You Only Live Twice

9/10 get it right, Jerry Walder is fastest in 2.03s

A patent agent from Suffolk / Wife in the audience, a 1 year old son being looked after by his mum / ONE text got him onto the show / would like a place with a bigger garden for baby Charlie to play in / He has a background in law and chemistry, and can’t talk about his work – client confidentiality and all that

1k: (Primaries) are US elections where voters select the Presidents candidates

2k: (Christopher Plummer) played Captain von Trapp in the film version of “The Sound of Music”

4k: Bryn Terfel is (Welsh)

8k: 1972 Sporting event held in Sapporo Japan: (Winter Olympics) / Football World Cup / Two Thousand Guineas / Baseball World Series [I knew it anyway, but the other answers made it very easy / Phone-A-Friend: 90% sure it’s the Winter Olympics]

[17/05/2019 11:42] And that’s the end of the show, 655 words and 23 minutes

OLD WHO: Fri 17-May-2019, 10pm on Challenge

[19/05/2019 23:39] Jerry Walder returns

16k: Constituency of Michael Howard MP: (Folkestone and Hythe)

32k: The house called MENDIPS, in Menlove Avenue, in the Liverpool suburb of WOOLTON, is the childhood home of whom: Jimmy Tarbuck / Roger McGough / JOHN LENNON / John Peel [Ask the Audience: 79% get it right]

Cheque reads 4-3-06

REVISE: MENDIPS, in Menlove Avenue, in the Liverpool suburb of WOOLTON, is the childhood home of John Lennon

64k: “Blood and Fire” is the motto of: (Salvation Army) Not Jehovah’s Witnesses, Christian Scientists or 7th Day Adventists

125k: How many US States have the word “North” in their names: (2) [Easy peasy and right up my street]

250k: Actor who was knighted in 1953: Laurence Olivier / Charlie Chaplin / John Mills / (John Gielgud) [I looked this up while it was on, on Friday night: it’s Gielgud, the same year that he was prosecuted for cottaging / Olivier was 1947, Mills was 1976 and Chaplin was 1975 / 50/50 leaves him with Mills and Gielgud / He goes for John Mills and loses 93k]

Jerry Walder leaves with 32k

Famous bald men in the order they were born

CADB gives us: Aristophanes / Yul Brynner / Telly Savalas / Duncan Goodhew

448BC / 1915 / 1924 / 1957

7/9 get it right, Andy Booth is fastest in 3.07s

A customer service clerk from Ringwood in Hampshire / His friend Jan is there / deals with customer service queries and is training to be a massage therapist, and would like to go on another long trip

1k: (Passing out) refers to completion of training in the military

2k: You will find tracts of land called savannahs in: (Kenya) not Poland, Greece of Scotland

4k: (Stalin) was known as “Uncle Joe”

8k: “Assiette” in French means (plate)

16k: The daughter of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas is called: Bronwen / CARYS / Megan / Myfanwy [Phone-A-Friend: “I really don’t have a clue” / Ask the Audience: 79% get it right]

REVISE: Sleb children names: Carys is the daughter of Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas

32k: The second of Henry VIII’s wives to be beheaded: Jane Seymour / Anne of Cleves / (Catherine Howard) / Catherine Parr [50/50 leaves the 2 Catherines / he doesn’t risk it

Andy Booth leaves with 16k

10 new contestants: Tim Richardson / Helen Walmsley / Mick Mantell / Colin King / Gabriel Kemlo / Miranda Sedgwick / Charles Dickson / Paul Roe / Yvonne Penney / Jed Thurlow

FFF: Surnames of Gail from “Coronation Street” in chronological order

CDBA gives us: Potter Tilsley Platt Hillman

3/10 get it right, Paul Roe is fastest in 3.35s

Civil servant living in Southfields / he grew up in Worcestershire village of North Piddle / wanted to get on while he’s young enough to remember the answers / youngish, confident

1k: (Water cooler) is where office workers gather and gossip

2k: The most famous Bloomingdale’s store is in (New York)

4k: Initials that are not the name of a successful band: ELO / XTC / (PDQ) / REM [50/50 leaves him with XTC too, Ask the Audience: 92% get it right]

8k: Spy who was an art advisor to the Queen: (Anthony Blunt)

16k: The sparkling wine CAVA takes its name from the Spanish for: Cork / CELLAR / Carafe / Cask [Phone-A-Friend: eventually, 3s to go, says Cask / he goes for it and loses 7k]

Paul Roe leaves with 1k

FFF: Famous soldiers in the order they were born

BDAC gives us: William Wallace / Oliver Cromwell / Duke of Wellington / Field Marshal Montgomery

1270 / 1599 / 1769 / 1887

4/9 get it right, Charles Dickson is fastest in 3.94s

A financial adviser from Hindhead in Surrey, wife in the audience, 4 kids at home / we see a photo / He claims the family are “rather high maintenance”, even a million wouldn’t mean he could give up work but it might shave a few years off his likely retirement age of 95

1k: Comedian famous for his squeaky voice (Joe Pasquale)

[20/05/2019 00:06] And that’s the end of the show Charles Dickson to return at some point / 27 minutes for that show

OLD WHO: Sun 20-May-2019 10pm is a repeat of Mon 13-May-2019 1am on Challenge, (repeat, expanded notes elsewhere), from 11-12-00, 14-12-00, also repeated

[20/05/2019 00:42] Sun 20-May-2019 10pm is a repeat of Mon 13-May-2019 1am on Challenge, from 11-12-00, 14-12-00, also repeated

OLD WHO: Sun 20-May-2019 11pm is a repeat of 9-Feb-2019 11pm, 18-12-2000, notes elsewhere

[20/05/2019 00:56] I’ve just checked through it – so that’s 4 hours of recordings that can go

OLD WHO: Sun/Mon 20/21-May-2019 0.00am to 1am is a repeat 10-Feb-2019 midnight to 1am, 21-12-2000, 23-12-00, notes in other Snips document

[20/05/2019 01:03] Yup, another hour I don’t need to watch

OLD WHO: Mon 21-May-2019 1am, is a repeat from 30-Jan-2019 [From 23-12-2000], notes elsewhere

[20/05/2019 01:09] Okay, so this one, which begins with ADRIAN POLLOCK coming on, is playing NOW. This means that all 4 hours of the show tonight are repeats: good. Time for bed

OLD WHO: Sat 18-May-2019, 10pm on Challenge, 10-6-06

[20/05/2019 14:48]

10 new contestants: (We see Colin Chapman waving but Kevin Forgie appears in the list), Mick Dolan, Sam Hicks, John Bain, Peter Woodman Turner, Brian Wilkins, Kevin Bright, John Pringle, Phil Duffy, James Lucy

Start in Britain and work east, items of clothing in order of country

CDAB gives us: Tam-o’-Shanter / Lederhosen / Sari / Kimono

7/10 get it right, Brian Wilkins is fastest in 4.80s

An IT support technician from Shepperton Surrey / wife in the audience, 2 kids at home, various jobs including picking cabbages, has a degree in Chinese from Cambridge / Would like to travel by bike across Europe to Africa

1k: (Bank of England) sets the Base Rate

2k: Ikea founded in (Sweden)

4k: (Alma Mater) Latin phrase referring to someone’s old school or library

[The contestant and his wife train guide dog puppies]

8k: (Virginia Woolf) played by Nicole Kidman in “The Hours”

16k 2006 was 250th anniversary of birth of (Mozart) [Phone-A-Friend: Knew that Mozart was born in 1756]

32k: Second university to be established in England (Cambridge) not Liverpool Durham or Exeter

Cheque shows 10-6-06

64k: (Mrs Lovett) according to folklore made meat pies from the bodies killed by Sweeney Todd [Ask the Audience: 51% get it right, 22% for Mrs Dobson]

125k: William Holman Hunt was most associated with this group of artists: (Pre-Raphaelites) not Cubists, Surrealists, Pop Artists [I’d take this question for my 125k, easy-peasy]

250k: Hosted the first British Comedy Awards in 1990: David Frost / Michael Aspel / Michael Parkinson / Angela Rippon [50/50 leaves Aspel and Parkinson, they were the 2 that I went for – I’d go for Aspel, but it’s PARKINSON]

Brian Wilkins leaves with 125k

REVISE: Michael Parkinson hosted the first British Comedy Awards in 1990

10 different names appear after fastest finger first but they’re not the same as the names immediately above here: Colin Chapman, Maddy Evans, Malcolm Langran, Dean Hodgson, Mike Connolly, Bob Hendry, Katie Dorse, Peter Ediss, Nick Duffy, Tim Richardson

FFF: European Capitals in order from north to south

DBAC gives us: Oslo / Dublin / Budapest / Madrid

Only Nick Duffy gets it right, in 3.08s

From Preston Lancs, manages various rock bands including The Uncomfortables, the lead singer is in the audience

1k: Ship’s sails are normally made of (Canvas)

[I think we’re on a different episode from the original broadcasts / He dropped out of university and would like to go back to finish]

2k: Horseshoes are normally made from (iron)

4k: Charlton Heston played (Moses) in the 1956 film “The Ten Commandments”

8k: Angels on horseback are (Oysters) wrapped in bacon, not Olives, Shallots or strawberries [He thinks it’s olives / Ask the Audience: 41% say Olives, 33% say Oysters / He goes with them and loses 3k]

Nick Duffy leaves with 1k

FFF: Men in order they became British prime minister

DCAB gives us: Robert Walpole / Robert Peel / Neville Chamberlain / John Major

3/9 get it right (the list immediately above), Colin Chapman is fastest in 4.13s

A recruitment consultant from the village of IDE in Devon / His mate Richard is in the audience, wife and 3 year old son are home / Hoping that nothing else in the house will fall apart – a wall collapsed in their 300 year old cottage a week after they moved in / He’d like to play golf in Vegas, “Disneyland for grown-ups”

1k: In Ice hockey a (stick) is used to hit the puck, not a bat or racquet

2k: A “Tog” measures the warmth of a (duvet)

4k: Grimsby lies on the estuary of the (Humber) river, not Severn, Mersey or Dee

8k: Jeudi in French = (Thursday) [Ask the Audience: 74% get it right]

16k: Henry Kissinger was appointed US Secretary of State by this President: (Richard Nixon) [50/50 also leaves Jimmy Carter]

[20/05/2019 15:07] And that’s the end of the show

OLD WHO: Sat 18-May-2019, 11pm on Challenge, 24-06-06, 64k, 1k (loses 7k), 1k (loses 15k)

[20/05/2019 15:10] Let’s see if I can get through it in 20 minutes / Colin Campbell on 16k

32k: Actress who married former Casualty star MAXWELL CAULFIELD in 1980 (JULIET MILLS) not Joanna Lumley, Julia Foster or Jane Asher

REVISE: husbands of actresses JULIET MILLS (it’s MAXWELL CAULFIELD), Joanna Lumley, Julia Foster Jane Asher, Hayley Mills

64k: (China) launched the manned spacecraft SHENZHOU VI in 2005, not Japan, India or Cambodia [Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know, would guess Japan or China]

Cheque shows 24-6-06

REVISE: China launched the manned spacecraft SHENZHOU VI in 2005

125k: Published 1960, the Classic “French Provincial Cooking” was written by: Fanny Craddock / (Elizabeth David) / Jane Grigson / Marguerite Patten [He thinks it’s Elizabeth David but doesn’t risk it / August 2021: I would probably have gone for Marguerite Patten here]

REVISE: Published 1960, the Classic “French Provincial Cooking” was written by Elizabeth David

Colin Campbell leaves with 64k

Chris Marr, Barbara Thompson, Damian Wall, Andy Freeman, George Sheldrick, Hugh McGivern, Barney Perkins, Jane Price, Dave Clark, Geoff Sweetenham

FFF: Start with most senior, Dad’s Army in order of military rank

BDAC gives us: Mainwaring / Wilson / Jones / Pike

6/10 get it right, Barney Perkins is fastest in 2.36s

A picture researcher from Clapham / his sister is in the audience, he digs out old photos, they show one of his sister as a child / Another sister is in Australia, she has a new-born child he hasn’t met yet

1k: XVI in Roman numerals = (16)

2k: the footballer Shaun Wright Phillips is the adopted son of TV star (Ian Wright)

4k: Saxon market town of THETFORD is in: Cornwall / (Norfolk) / Somerset / Somerset [Ask the Audience: [Ask the Audience: 82% get it right]

8k: “What we did last summer” is a DVD featuring a Robbie Williams gig at: (Knebworth) / Royal Albert Hall / Madison Square Garden / National Arena [Phone-A-Friend: Mark, “Who knows about rubbish music”, doesn’t know / 50/50 leaves Royal Albert Hall as well]

16k: “The Goldfish Bowl”, a book about life at Number Ten, by: Margaret Thatcher, CHERIE BOOTH, John Major, Norma Major [He’s gone for Norma Major and he loses 7k]

Barney Perkins leaves with 1k

REVISE: “The Goldfish Bowl” is a book about life at Number Ten by Cherie Booth

FFF: Famous Germans in order of birth

BDAC gives us: Karl Marx / Marlene Dietrich / Helmut Kohl / Boris Becker

1818 / 1901 / 1930 / 1967

5/9 get it right, Dave Clark is fastest in 3.85s

A teacher from Port Talbot in South Wales / Wife and 5 kids, one of the kids is in the audience / Teaches in Neath / He would carry on even with a big win / Likes researching family history [There have been 4 millionaires up to this point]

1k: Use of plants for their medicinal properties: (Herbalism) not fruitism or fungism

[He teaches English]

2k: (Train) is normally assembled in a MARSHALLING YARD

4k: First name of photographer Lord Lichfield: (Patrick) not George, Andrew or David

8k: Beatles songs And I love her and Can’t buy me love feature on (Hard Day’s Night)

16k: Feast of the Assumption relates specifically to (Mary) [50/50 leaves him with Abraham too]

32k: Film director Milos Forman was born in: France / Italy/ (Czechoslovakia) / Hungary [Phone-A-Friend: not sure, thinks he’s Hungarian / Ask the Audience: 55% go Hungary, 39% go Czechoslovakia, he goes for Hungary and loses 15k]

Dave Clark leaves with 1k

FFF: A famous expression in the right order

ACDB gives us: Least / Said / Soonest / Mended

4/8 get it right, Andy Freeman is fastest in 3.23s

An antiques dealer in Aspley Heath in Bedfordshire / wife in the audience, nieces and nephews and dogs / He sells at auction, recently a mate found a carpet in a skip that sold for 3.5k / He would like to sail around the world

He uses Ask the Audience on the 500 Quid question: (Fisheye) lens gives a wide field of view, not Frogeye, Ferreteye or Foxeye: 80% get it right

[20/05/2019 15:38] And that’s the end of that one

WHO: BOOK: 50 x 1m pound questions scribbled on A4 sheets

[20/05/2019 21:09] Either side of 6pm I scribbled the 50 questions in my book of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” questions. I probably knew 20 of the answers; I couldn’t be confident of the other 30.

I was reading them on my Kindle, went through other questions and made notes on the other PC. I’ll take a look there now.

21.33 And so I did.

OLD WHO: Sat/ Sun 18/19-May-2019, midnight, on Challenge, 1-7-06

[20/05/2019 21:35] Andy Freeman is back after his 500 quid fisheye question

1k: food that is most likely to be grown in groves: (Olives) not potatoes or cabbages

2k: Magnus Magnusson was born in (Iceland)

4k: Greece achieved independence from (Turkey) in the 19th C [50/50 leaves him with France too]

8k: Competitors wear a MAWASHI in: Surfing / Skiing / Snooker / (Sumo wrestling)

REVISE: Mawashi is worn in Sumo Wrestling [“It’s the big nappy they wear” says Tarrant]

16k: Shakespeare play that features the line “Slings and arrows of outrageous fortune”: (Hamlet)

32k: “Everything’s coming up roses” comes from which musical: (Gypsy) [No way I’d have known this 13 years ago, but I’m confident about it now having seen the film and the TV presentation of the stage production, starring Imelda Staunton / Phone-A-Friend: 90% sure it’s Gypsy]

Cheque says 1-7-06

64k: Real first name of the politician known as Rab Butler: Robert / (Richard) / Rupert / Rex [I should have been more confident about this, as he’s such an iconic Cambridge figure / Richard Austen Butler / he goes wrong, with Robert]

Andy Freeman leaves with 32k

10 new contestants: Ann Carr, Jayne Newman, Maxime Le Tocq, Kevin Goodchild, Jan Tovey, Viv Varley, Paul Hopkins, Eileen Daniels, Ann Shelley, James Lucy

FFF: Start in North America and move east, put these airlines in order of their country of origin

DABC gives us: Air Canada / Aer Lingus / KLM / Qantas

6/10 get it right, Paul Hopkins is fastest in 3.79s

A web developer from Manchester / Brother Simon is in the audience, wife at home / Wants to go and watch volcanoes and needs 8k to enter a big poker contest / he plans to leave with 1k, 32k, 1m, nothing in between

1k: Lunge and touché are terms used in this sport: (Fencing)

[His partner couldn’t come to the show, she had a big work thing to prepare for and wasn’t allowed the time off]

2k: Innsbruck is a city in (Austria)

4k: In the Disney film BAMBI, FLOWER is: Otter / Raccoon / Skunk / Rattlesnake [He doesn’t know, and neither do I / Ask the Audience: 79 go for SKUNK, which is right]

REVISE: characters and plot of BAMBI / Flower is a SKUNK

8k: Amanda Platell is a famous name in (Journalism) [Phone-A-Friend: 100% sure]

16k: ROQUEFORT is usually made from the milk of: Cow / Buffalo / Camel / Sheep [It’s SHEEP, I wasn’t sure of that one]

REVISE: Cheese made from sheep’s milk, including ROQUEFORT

32k: Born in a NORFOLK Rectory in 1758: John Keats / (Horatio Nelson) / Charles Dickens / Benjamin Disraeli [From the dates it turns out to be easy, the rest were all much later than 1758 / 50/50 leaves him with Dickens too but he goes right]

[He was a speech therapist in Arizona, his dad still teaches, and was Morrissey’s teacher, in Manchester I assume, he’d like to make enough so that his dad can retire]

64k: Animal that’s classified as a PINNIPED: Camel / WALRUS / Stoat / Bat

REVISE: PINNIPEDS, like walruses, possibly seals as well

Cheque shows 1-7-06

125k: Australian State known as the Golden State: Victoria / New South Wales / Queensland / South Australia [He doesn’t know and doesn’t risk it / it’s VICTORIA]

Paul Hopkins leaves with 64k

REVISE: Australian States: VICTORIA is known as the Golden State, same as California / Do any other Australian states have the same nicknames as US States?

OLD WHO: Sun 19-May-2019, 1am, on Challenge, 9/9/06 [repeated Wed 5-Jun-2019, 10pm]

[20/05/2019 22:00] On with the next one, that one took me 25 minutes, not bad, but I had seen bits of it live while it was recording

Tarrant says: “Welcome to a brand new series…”

10 new contestants: Gary Calvert, Peter Scott, Mike Abbott, Peter Swanson, Tricia Lauezzari, Ian Carter, Kim Alley, James Lucy, Michael Moore, Tim Richardson

FFF: Famous mathematicians in the order they were born

BDAC gives us: Archimedes / Isaac Newton / Albert Einstein / Carol Vorderman

4/10 get it right, Mike Abbott is fastest in 3.02s

A company director from Shoreham-by-the-Sea West Sussex / was in the Air Force, a forces mate in the audience / has a 25 year old daughter, he’d like to pay off her mortgage / He’d go cruising on French canals with Rick Stein as his personal chef and Susan George as his personal friend

1k: In a shop, “bin end” would be (wine)

2k: Metal grille sometimes attached to the front of a motor vehicle: (Bull Bar) not Bear, Bison or Baboon Bar

4k: Dance most associated with 1970s disco craze: (Hustle) not Mambo, Jitterbug or Lindyhop

8k: In the TV comedy series, The Kumars at No 42 live in: Winchester / Worthing / (Wembley) / Windsor [Ask the Audience: 81% get it right]

16k: Shakespeare died during the reign of (James I)

32k: Plant that takes its name from the Chinese meaning MAN, its forked root resembles a man’s legs: Aloe / Ginseng / Dandelion / Witch hazel [I’d go Ginseng there I think / 50/50 leaves him with Ginseng and Dandelion – no way that it’s Dandelion / GINSENG]

Cheque reads 9/9/06

REVISE: Plants: Ginseng takes its name from the Chinese meaning MAN, its forked root resembles a man’s legs / Whatever happened to Ginseng? Wasn’t everyone raving about it in the 1970s as something to transform your energy levels, and indeed your whole life?

64k: LANGHORNE was the maiden name of this politician: Barbara Castle / Margaret Thatcher / Jennie Lee / Nancy Astor [Not Thatcher, but I don’t know / It’s NANCY ASTOR and he works it out]

REVISE: Maiden names of politicians, check Barbara Castle, Nancy Astor’s maiden name was LANGHORNE

125k: Body of water that separates China and Korea: Sea of Japan / Yellow Sea / South China Sea / Andaman Sea [I think it’s the Yellow Sea / Phone-A-Friend: says Yellow Sea, Go for it / It is, YELLOW SEA]

REVISE: The Yellow Sea separates China and Korea

250k: The first of the Road to films to star Bob Hope, Bing Crosby and Dorothy Lamour: Road to Morocco / Bali / Singapore / Zanzibar [No idea, he doesn’t even have a guess / it’s SINGAPORE]

Mike Abbott leaves with 125k

REVISE: The “Road to” movies, ROAD TO SINGAPORE was first, in 1940 / There are SEVEN: Singapore, Zanzibar, Morocco, Utopia, Rio, Bali, Hong Kong

FFF: Start in Texas and work EAST, sports teams in order of their location

DCAB gives us: Dallas Cowboys / New York Yankees / Lazio / Wallabies

5/9 get it right, Michael Moore is fastest in 5.23s

From Richmond Surrey / has just started work for a software company, his wife is in the audience / they’d like to sail to South Africa even though they have no ocean-going experience

1k: Narrowest part of the back: (Small)

2k: Oscar-winning actress who married Coldplay’s Chris Martin in 2003 (Gwyneth Paltrow)

4k: According to legend, which of these outlaws died in a shoot-out in Bolivia: Billy the Kid / Jesse James / (Butch Cassidy) / William Hickok

REVISE: According to legend, Butch Cassidy died in a shoot-out in BOLIVIA

8k: Largest city in New Zealand: (Auckland) / Christchurch / Dunedin / Hamilton [Ask the Audience: 60% go Auckland, 32% go Christchurch]

16k: Writer of a collection of poems, Roman Triptych, which has sold over one million copies: John Lennon / John Updike / (John Paul II) / John F Kennedy [Phone-A-Friend: His father-in-law, thinks it’s Updike / 50/50 leaves Lennon and JPII]

32k: 2006 was Chinese Year of (Dog) not Ox, Snake or Rat [He doesn’t know, and doesn’t risk it]

Michael Moore leaves with 16k

FFF: Phrases in order for a famous proverb

CDAB gives us: The proof of / The pudding / Is in / The eating

7/8 get it right, James Lucy is fastest in 2.93s

From Woodbridge in Suffolk, has been a soldier, technical author, and has run a computer company / Now a full-time carer for his wife Felicity who has MS, he met her when he was a soldier in Germany / 2 children of 17 and 23, the latter, his daughter, is in the audience / He would like to make the house more wheelchair friendly

1k: Feather of this bird commonly used in pillows (Ducks)

2k: Kevin Pietersen represents England at (Cricket)

4k: The Dail is the LOWER house of parliament in (Ireland)

REVISE: Make up of Irish parliament, the DAIL is the lower house

[We’re into a new show from the original broadcasts because his son is in the audience now]

8k: James Bond in 1977 film The Spy Who Loved Me (Roger Moore) [He did intend to study Bond films for the show but didn’t get around to it / Ask the Audience: 66% get it right]

[20/05/2019 22:30] And that’s the end of that one

OLD WHO: Sun 19-May-2019, 2am, on Challenge, Ingram Wilcox is the 5th person to win 1m

[20/05/2019 22:34] And on with the next one, James Lucy returns

16k: Stargazy pie ingredients: Pigeons / Frogs Legs / (Fish) / Snails [Phone-A-Friend: pretty sure of the right answer]

32k: 45th wedding anniversary: Sapphire / Ruby / Pearl /. Crystal [50 leaves Sapphire and Pearl, it’s SAPPHIRE, I think I might have gone for Ruby]

REVISE: SAPPHIRE wedding anniversary is 45th

Cheque shows 16-9-06

64k: A landlocked country: Somalia / Nigeria / Sierra Leone / Zambia [Damn, I should know this, I’ve looked up landlocked African countries / I’d go for Zambia from that lot, mainly by elimination / he’s gone for Sierra Leone but that’s wrong / It is Zambia]

James Lucy leaves with 32k

10 new contestants: Stuart Bonehill, Ian Bayley, Mike Banks, Les Gibbings, Peter Ediss, Brian Davies, Ray Stidwell, Daniel Maxwell, Conor Robertson, Ingram Wilcox

FFF: Months in order they appear in the rhyme “30 days hath September”

DABC gives us: September / April / June / November

2/10 get it right, Ingram Wilcox is fastest in 2.16s (very quick)

A semi-retired civil servant from Bath, still working part time for the DWP / 5 grown-up children, one of them in the audience / He would like to retire full time and would like to visit Japan, but hates travelling

1k: Kaye Adams is a regular presenter on (Loose Women) not Laughing, Lazy or Little Women [Ask the Audience: 96% get it right]

2k: KODIAK Bear is native to; Europe / Africa / NORTH AMERICA / Australia

REVISE: KODIAK Bear is native to North America

[He’s started learning Japanese / he’d like to pay off his children’s student debts / He’s been working on a sci-fi comic for over 20 years, called Wall Tree]

4k: Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is a F1 venue in: CANADA / Brazil / France / Belgium [That’s 2 low-value questions in a row where I didn’t know the answer but might have guessed right / August 2021: I would get this answer easily now]

8k: Jake Shears is a member of (Scissor Sisters) [Phone-A-Friend: 75% sure of the answer]

16k: (Charles Kingsley) wrote The Water Babies

REVISE: Plot and characters of the Water Babies, I have no idea what it’s about

32k: Emperor played by Peter Ustinov in 1951 film Quo Vadis: Claudius / Nero / Hadrian / Augustus [I’m pretty sure it’s Nero / 50/50 leaves Nero and Hadrian  / It is NERO]

Cheque says 16-9-06

REVISE: Actors playing emperors, Peter Ustinov plays Nero in 1951 film Quo Vadis

64k: A famous painting by Thomas Gainsborough: Mr and Mrs Brown / Mr and Mrs Andrews / Mr and Mrs Jackson / Mr and Mrs Bennett [He’s seen it, and I think I have too, can’t remember the name / It is Mr and Mrs ANDREWS, and it’s in the National Gallery / August 2021: again, I’m confident about this one now, but wasn’t in 2019]

125k: The majority of the kings of France were crowned in: Dijon / (Reims) / Limoges / Toulouse

250k: Beethoven originally dedicated his EROICA Symphony to: George Washington / (Napoleon Bonaparte) / Horatio Nelson / Lord Byron

500k: Deepest lake in the world: (Lake Baikal) / Lake Superior / Caspian Sea / Lake Victoria

[It’s a new show from the original broadcasts, he’s in a blue shirt rather than a red one / he’s talking about Known knowns and known unknowns]

The cheque now shows 23-9-06

1m: Boxer famous for striking the gong in the introduction to J Arthur Rank films: (Bombardier Billy Wells) / Freddie Mills / Terry Spinks / Don Cockell [I have heard this name many times in recent years: Ken Bruce has mentioned it on his Radio 2 show more than once]

This is a million-pound winner / I did see them in a YouTube clip, but didn’t realize it was coming / Tarrant is getting rather excited: “You are so cool … I love you”

INGRAM WILCOX wins one million pounds, the fifth person to do so

[20/05/2019 23:00] And that’s the end of the show one more “Who wants to be a millionaire?” recording from the weekend left to see (from 5am on Sunday morning). I won’t watch it tonight, I’ve done THREE hours of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” in the last 90 minutes and typed 7400 words today / Mondays are often big typing days