Part 13

WWTBAM Prep, Part 13 (5-Apr-2019 to 8-Apr-2019)

Notes taken while watching the UK edition of WWTBAM, April 2019. New editions (2018 onwards, broadcast on ITV) are titled “NEW WHO:”, older editions are titled “WHO:” or “OLD WHO:” and were broadcast on Challenge; Celebrity editions, also broadcast on Challenge, are titled “SLEB WHO:”. Specific dates for these notes: 5-Apr-2019 to 8-Apr-2019. [6,393 words in this piece.]

SLEB WHO: Tue 2-Apr-2019 3am on Challenge, Maitlis and Morgan “S3Ep11” 

[05/04/2019 22:23] Right, let’s try and do 3 before midnight  

Emily Maitlis and Piers Morgan [He was with Ann Widdecombe last time] 

Her: Sparks / Him: Wellbeing of Women / He fell off a SEGGWAY not long before the show, has 3 broken ribs  

1k: Wimbledon tennis lasts (2 weeks)  

2k: Night of the (Iguana) Tennessee Williams play 

5k: Medical abbreviation GMC, C stands for (Council)  

10k: TV series set in the fictional village of CARDALE: Take the High Road / Peak Practice / Howards Way / The House of Elliott [No idea, would probably have gone for Peak Practice by elimination, they use 50/50 and are left with PP and Howards Way / it’s PEAK PRACTICE] 

REVISE: These TV shows: Take the High Road / Peak Practice / Howards Way / The House of Elliott, Peak Practice is set in CARDALE  

20k: (Glockenspiel) takes its name from German words for BELLS and PLAY  

50k: The town of WADI HALFA, in SUDAN, stands on this river: Limpopo / Orange / Niger / Nile [I assume it’s the Nile / Phone-A-Friend is 100% it is] 

REVISE: African rivers, WADI HALFA in Sudan stands on the Nile, check the location of Limpopo, Orange, Niger  

75k: JOJOBA Oil, widely used in cosmetics, is extracted from which part of the plant: Petals / Leaves / Roots / Seeds [Ask the Audience: 45% go roots, 34% go seeds / 17% leaves / It’s SEEDS, but they went for roots] 

REVISE: JOJOBA Oil, widely used in cosmetics, is extracted from SEEDS 

Emily Maitlis and Piers Morgan leave with 50k 

Next couple: Vanessa Feltz and Ben Ofoedu  

Their charity: Breast cancer care / He was the vocalist in PHATS & SMALL  

1k: (Joie de vivre) is a French phrase to describe an exuberant mood  

2k: Broadway New York is in this borough: (Manhattan)  

5k: Edith Bowman is a (DJ) 

TURN AROUND changed his life – a dance record that crossed over / I don’t know it / it was big in places like Kazakhstan and China / Okay, it’s the one that goes “Hey, what’s wrong with you” / Jason Phats and Russell Small were the DJs who didn’t want the limelight, HE did the promotion, he was the vocalist and people called him Phats & Small  

10k: Country that topped the medals table at the 2006 Commonwealth Games: Australia / England / Canada / Jamaica [I assume it’s Australia, surely they’re always top of the table at these games / Ask the Audience: 87% go Australia / 

20k: Berwick-upon-Tweed is in this English county: (Northumberland) / Cheshire / Shropshire / Lancashire / Phone-A-Friend: 100% sure] 

50k: Mercury and (Venus) are known as the “inferior planets”, not Neptune, Jupiter and Saturn [50/50 leaves Jupiter and Venus / he’s 80% sure it’s Venus] 

75k: Capital of US state of Nebraska: (Lincoln), not Coolidge, Eisenhower or Roosevelt [Lincoln sounds familiar to her, and they get it right] 

150k: Only Eurythmics #1 in the UK: (There must be an angel)  

250k: Fruit that features on Catherine of Aragon’s coat of arms: Apple / Gooseberry / Orange / Pomegranate [I thought Pomegranate / they don’t risk it / It’s POMEGRANATE] 

Vanessa Feltz and boyfriend Ben leave with 150k  

REVISE: Royal coats of arms and the like, POMEGRANATE is on Catherine of Aragon’s coat of arms  

[05/04/2019 22:53] And that’s the end of the show  

UK Top 10 movies: 5 feet apart / Instant Family / How to train your dragon 3: The HIDDEN WORLD / THe WHITE CROW, Ralph Fiennes directs, David Hare script about Rudolf Nureyev in Paris / Lego Movie 2: The Second Part / Fighting with my family / What MEN Want Taraji P Henderson (check spelling) / Fishermen’s Friends (a band from Cornwall) / US, JORDAN PEEL horror flick US, follow-up to GET OUT / Captain Marvel, starring Brie Larson   

SLEB WHO: Wed 3-Apr-2019 3am on Challenge, “S3Ep12” 

[05/04/2019 22:58] And after that run-through of the UK Top 10 we’re onto the next one 

England rugby heroes Martin Johnson and WILL GREENWOOD  

MJ: The Professional Rugby Players Benevolent Fund / WG: The Child Bereavement Charity / Greenwood lost their little boy Freddie on 19-Sep-2002  

1k: King of England defeated at Battle of Hastings: (Harold)  

2k: In 2005, this chef declared that women can’t cook to save their lives: Gary Rhodes / James Martin / Ken Hom / Gordon Ramsay [I assume it’s Ramsay, but never heard this quote / Ask the Audience: 89% go Ramsay] 

5k: Where on the body would a SHRUG be worn: On the head / Around the shoulders / On the foot / Round the hips [Never heard of that, I assume it’s shoulders / It is / a short cardigan thing, called a shrug] 

10k: opposite 4 on a standard dice: (3)  

20k: “Coronation Street” actress Sue Nicholls married the actor who played which character: Ernest Bishop / Des Barnes / Alan Bradley / Don Brennan [I assume it’s BRADLEY / Phone-A-Friend: His dad, and asked if mum was there, she wasn’t, so he didn’t even read the question, just talked about the weather and golf / 50/50 leaves Ernest Bishop and Alan Bradley / they go for Bradley and it is]  

50k: The SILMARILLION is a posthumously published collection of tales by (JRR Tolkien) [They think it might be Tolkien but don’t risk it] 

Johnson and Greenwood leave with 20k  

Next couple: Max and Paddy, or comedians Peter Kay and Paddy McGuinness  

Kay: Derian House Children’s Hospice / McGuinness: British Heart Foundation  

That Peter Kay thing, Phoenix Nights and its spin-off MAX AND PADDY’S ROAD TO NOWHERE / McGuinness was a school friend from Bolton, worked at various things and was at a leisure centre, as fitness instructor and lifeguard when Kay (now rich and famous) invited him to be in his repertory company, and the Road to Nowhere show is about the 2 hapless doormen from Phoenix Nights  

1k: Casablanca is in (Morocco)  

2k: Won the FIFA World Cup in 2006 (Italy) [McGuinness is supposed to know all the football questions but his mind’s gone blank / Ask the Audience: 72% go Italy, 15% France]  

5k: National flag of China features five: (Stars)  

10k: In children’s books by DICK BRUNA, Miffy is: (Rabbit) [They take a while, and they do that thing of saying, “We could add 2k each if we’re wrong” – or rather McGuinness does] 

20k: The HOME INSURANCE BUILDING, one of the world’s first skyscrapers, was in which city: Boston / Chicago / New York / Los Angeles [I looked this up when I caught this while recording, it’s CHICAGO / Phone-A-Friend: It’s Kevin from “Eggheads”, he’s pretty sure it’s Chicago] 

[05/04/2019 23:30] And that’s the end of the show, time for a stretch 

OLD WHO: Wed 3-Apr-2019 10pm 

[05/04/2019 23:39] The recording starts during the 10 new contestants being introduced, and once again Barry Simmons is there, in a red shirt, Margaret King from Devon, Ruth Chew also from West Yorkshire (like Barry)  

FFF: Words in alphabetical order 

BDAC gives us: Unison / Union / Unite / Unity  

4/10 get it right, NOT BARRY again, Steve Jones in 16.77s was the slowest, Ruth Chew is fastest in 5.54s 

She’s in a bit of a state / A GP from Ripponden in West Yorkshire, husband Simon in the audience is also a GP / 3 children at home, she’s very nervous and hasn’t eaten for days  

I don’t have notes about this, as far as I know, but it looks familiar – I’ve probably caught a bit of it in the last 6 months  

1k: A (stickler) insists on a certain quality of type of behaviour 

2k: Jamie Cullum is most associated with (jazz)  

4k: Ffestiniog Railway is a tourist attraction in (Wales)  

8k: (JG Ballard) wrote “Empire of the Sun” [Ask the Audience: 49% get it right, 24% go HG Wells, 2% Orwell] 

16k: professional most likely to use the phrase “Corpus Delicti”: Lawyer / Surgeon / Chef / Musician [Lawyer or surgeon, Lawyer I think / Phone-A-Friend: he thinks lawyer, more or less sure] 

REVISE: Corpus Delicti and other legal phrases  

32k: Broadcaster Ludovic Kennedy is married to which former ballerina: Beryl Grey / Lynn Seymour / Antoinette Sibley / Moira Shearer [She doesn’t know] 

Ruth Chew leaves with 16k 

REVISE: Ballerinas, I assume that all of these are ballet dancers: Beryl Grey / Lynn Seymour / Antoinette Sibley / Moira Shearer 

FFF: Measures of capacity from largest to smallest 

I went wrong with a SCHOOLBOY ERROR, BCDA gives the order from smallest to largest: Gill / Half pint / Pint / Gallon  

It should be ADCB: Gallon / Pint / Half pint / Gill  

4/9 get it right, including Barry Simmons in 5.0s, Larry Murray is fastest in 3.19s  

An off-licence manager from York, runs the drinks department of a well-known supermarket, and visits distilleries, vineyards and breweries / his partner Barbara is in the audience  

1k: Agatha Christie’s Death on the Nile is set in: Morocco / Tunisia / (Egypt) / Kenya  

2k: (Harry Hill) presents his TV Burp series  

4k: In 1983 the Sunday Times was tricked into buying the alleged diaries of (Hitler)  

8k: Meat that has a cut known as scrag-end: beef / pork / (mutton) / rabbit [Ask the Audience: 62% mutton, 20% beef]  

16k: Tree that does NOT have cones: Laburnum / Pine / Larch / Cedar [50/50 leaves laburnum and larch, he goes larch but it’s LABURNUM, he loses 15k] 

REVISE: Trees with cones: Pine / Larch / Cedar, they all have cones, but LABURNUM doesn’t  

Larry Murray leaves with 1k 

FFF: goalkeepers in the order they first appeared for England 

I went wrong with CABD: Gordon Banks / Peter Shilton / David James / David Seaman  

It should be CADB: Banks / Shilton / SEAMAN / JAMES 

88 / 97 for those last 2 – I thought James got his first cap much earlier than that, maybe 1992 /  

4/8 get it right, again NOT Barry Simmons, Kieron McPartland is fastest in 3.79s and is giving it the full fist in the air thing 

A refinery co-ordinator from HALTON in Cheshire / son Peter is in the audience, daughter Louise is a Phone-A-Friend / He wants to stop working weekends and shifts  

500 quid: He doesn’t know that a (prequel) is a story or film which precedes an existing work, but then goes for it 

1k: (White) heather is considered to be lucky  

2k: CHARLES WORTHINGTON is a famous name in: furniture design / Hairdressing / Film Directing / Show-jumping [Ask the Audience: 84% go for hairdressing, and I’ve never heard of him / And looking through these notes 2 years later I would still have gone for furniture; his name has not cropped up in more recent quizzing] 

REVISE: Famous hairdressers, including CHARLES WORTHINGTON  

4k: 2004 film starring Paul Bettany and Kirsten Dunst, named after a sporting venue: (Wimbledon)  

8k: Jerry Garcia was guitarist and singer with (Grateful Dead) [Phone-A-Friend: is 100%] 

16k: Principal character in a play: Propagator / Promissory / Proponent / (Protagonist)  

32k: Queen Mary II belonged to which British royal house: York / Lancaster / Tudor / (Stuart) [50/50 leaves Tudor and Stuart, as you’d expect / He thinks it’s Stuart but doesn’t risk it] 

Kieron McPartland leaves with 16k  

FFF: It’s a different set of people, 6 of them, and if Barry is there he’s either changed seats or he’s changed from his red shirt / Nope, he’s not there, they’ve really mucked about with the order of shows here, we’ve got Kerrie Regan, John Martin, Tim Barton, Mike Gostick and Nishil Patel – HE was in the audience a few shows back   

FFF: US States in order of how many syllables they have 

BDCA gives us: Maine / Utah / Ohio/ Colorado  

1/6 get it right, Lindsay Tulloch in 8.44s  

[06/04/2019 00:14] And that’s the end of the show  

OLD WHO: Thu 4-April-2019 10pm on Challenge, 11-12-04 

[06/04/2019 00:16] Oh, let’s go for another one, Lindsay Tulloch continues 

A Learning development officer from Sutton Coldfield / a friend in the audience, husband at home / grandma in California is about to celebrate her 105th birthday  

1k: (“The Wizard of Oz”) features the song Ding Dong the Witch is Dead  

2k: (Edinburgh) has hosted a famous annual military tattoo for over 50 years  

4k: Lennox Lewis won Olympic boxing gold medal in 1988 for (Canada)  

8k: Former Miss World WILNELIA MERCED is married to (Bruce Forsyth)  

16k: The world’s largest poisonous snake: Sidewinder / King Cobra / Boomslang / Carpet Python [50/50: leaves King Cobra and Boomslang / it’s KING COBRA] 

REVISE: Snakes: Sidewinder / King Cobra / Boomslang / Carpet Python / NOTE:  KING COBRA is the largest poisonous snake  

32k: Referred to the Abdication Crisis as “a pretty kettle of fish”: Stanley Baldwin / King George V / Queen Mary / President Roosevelt [No idea, never heard of this / Ask the Audience: 37% Baldwin, 19% George V, 22% Mary and Roosevelt / I assume that it CAN’T be George V, because he was dead / Phone-A-Friend is CERTAIN it’s Queen Mary, and it is] 

She wants to go to the LACKSHADWEEP islands in the Indian Ocean  

REVISE: More Royal Stuff, Queen Mary was Mary of Teck, wife of George V, she lived until 1953, and described the Abdication Crisis as “a pretty kettle of fish” 

64k: HELEN PORTER MITCHELL was better known as: Nellie Melba / Mrs Beeton / Anna Pavlova / Lillie Langtry [No idea, but it’s NELLY MELBA – I must have come across that somewhere] 

Cheque shows 11-12-04  

125k: How many astronauts have set foot on the moon: 7 / 10 / 12 / 15 [Good, I wanted to look this up, now I’ll have the answer from an actual show / She doesn’t risk it] 

Lindsay Tulloch leaves with 64k  

REVISE: TWELVE 12 Men have walked on the moon from Neil Armstrong in 1969 to EUGENE CERNAN in 1972, and he’s the guy who left his daughter’s initials on the moon FOREVER, as featured in an episode of “Modern Family”  

10 new contestants, but we haven’t met them  

FFF: Ghosts in order that they visit Scrooge in Charles Dickens’s A Christmas Carol  

DABC gives us: Jacob Marley / Christmas Past / Christmas Present / Christmas Yet to Come  

2/9 get it right, Darren Martin in 2.60s [and Richard Sherry took a bit longer] 

John Kelly, Paula Jenkins and Tim Humfrey are also there   

An IT Consultant from Chorley in Lancashire / Wife Suzanne in the audience / 3 kids at home  

1k: (China) Largest of 4 countries named  

2k: Food marketed as “live”: (Yoghurt)  

4k: (Green) is most associated with Lincoln  

8k: football club known as the Pilgrims: Southampton / (Plymouth Argyle) / Portsmouth / Bournemouth  

16k: 2004 marks the 150th anniversary of the birth of this author: Enid Blyton / Walter Scott / Daniel Defoe / (Oscar Wilde) [easy from the other 3 answers] 

32k: In geometry, a straight line that cuts a curve in 2 or more parts: Parabola / Integral / Prism / (Secant)  

REVISE: What exactly is a SECANT, described in WHO as a straight line that cuts a curve in 2 or more parts 

Cheque shows 11/12/04  

64k: How many bones in the human skull: 11 / (22) / 33 / 44 [That was on a question earlier today, somewhere, “Mastermind” or “The Chase” a question about a bone being one of the 22 in which part of the body] 

125k: Word derived from the name of a legendary Scandinavian warrior Amok / (Berserk) / Chaos / Delirium [Ask the Audience: 54% get it right, 37% Amok, 4% and 5% on the others / 50/50 leaves Amok and Berserk, of course / he’s gone for Amok, and he loses 32k] 

Darren Martin leaves with 32k 

REVISE: Derivation of AMOK, and more about Berserk or Berserker 

10 new contestants, and we are introduced to them / they include Bill Rainbow, Rachel Hunt, Rob Pyey  

FFF: Famous Spaniards in the order they were born 

DACB gives us: El Cid / Salvador Dali / King Juan Carlos / Sergio Garcia  

1043 / 1904 / 1938 / 1980  

3/10 get it right, Laurence Barnacle is fastest in 5.01s  

A parking patrol officer from Leicester / His mate Alan is in the audience, has a son who wants help paying his student debts  

1k: (Mrs Worthington) was advised not to put her daughter on the stage by Noel Coward [Ask the Audience: 82% get it right] 

2k: Not normally written in poetic style: (Prose) [He’s gone for 50/50, been left with Limerick as well, and he’s gone for that] 

Laurence Barnacle leaves with 1k 

FFF: Words in order of how many times the letter “I” appears in them 

DCAB gives us: Isobar / Intimate / Idiosyncratic / Initiation  

4/9 get it right, Steve Haughton is fastest in 4.81s 

An IT manager from Penarth in the Vale of Glamorgan / wife in the audience, 10 year old son at home, a picture shown of him (the dad) in a Sealed Knot uniform  

[06/04/2019 00:53] And that’s the end of the show, 4 episodes in 2.5 hours  

SLEB WHO: 4-Apr-2019 3am on Challenge, Kay and McGuinness return, Torvill & Dean 

[06/04/2019 21:56] I am recording EFL football from Quest + 1 onto the hard drive for the evidence of Leeds’s failure today but while it’s recording I’ll try TWO episodes of “Who wants to be a millionaire?”  

50k: By what name is Beethoven’s Symphony No 6 in F Major popularly known? Choral / Emperor / Moonlight / (Pastoral) [50/50 leaves Moonlight and Pastoral / Peter Kay thought it was Pastoral, McGuinness went Moonlight and they lose 19k] 

Kay and McGuinness leave with 1k, Kay says he’ll give 19 grand  

REVISE: Beethoven symphonies, Emperor, Pastoral and so on / 6th = Pastoral  

Next couple: Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean 

DEMELZA JAMES charity (nurses spend time with families of children with life-limiting diseases), Royal London Society for the Blind, based in Sevenoaks   

1k: In 2007 David Beckham signed for US soccer team (LA Galaxy) 

2k: Cornish town on the coast: Bodmin / Camborne / Launceston / (Newquay)  

REVISE: Cornish Towns, check the map, and these 4 were named in a WHO question: Bodmin / Camborne / Launceston / Newquay 

5k: 2007 Nobel Peace Prize awarded to: Bob Geldof / Bono / Michael Moore / (Al Gore)  

10k: In a standard limerick, which of these lines should rhyme with each other: First and third / second and third / (third and fourth) / third and fifth [They don’t know / Ask the Audience: 39% get it right, 23% go B 22% go D, 16% go A] 

20k: The phrase “TREBLE BOB MAJOR” is associated with which activity: Archery / Bell-ringing / Camping / Dog training [Phone-A-Friend: Kay Burley, she doesn’t know, 50/50 leaves Bell-ringing and camping, and it’s BELL RINGING, they get it right] 

50k: Shakespeare play featuring “The course of true love never did run smooth”: (“A Midsummer Night’s Dream”) [She thinks it’s Romeo and Juliet / but they don’t want to risk it] 

Next couple: Bonnie Langford and Jason Gardner  

Her: Playing for CDLS Foundation, Cornelia de Lange Syndrome, little-known genetic disorder, leads to learning and physical disabilities / Him: Prostate cancer  

1k: How many months begin with J: (3)  

2k: First novel by Zadie Smith: (White Teeth) / Black Hair / Red Lips / Blue Eyes [50/50 leaves Blue Eyes too / Ask the Audience: 88% get it right] 

5k: USA’s southern border is with (Mexico)  

10k: Type of sausage usually sold rolled in a flat circular coil: (Cumberland)  

20k: (Linford Christie) won 100m at 1992 Summer Olympic Games 

50k: 19th C-born scientist WILLIAM THOMSON was better known by what title: Lord Faraday / Lord Herschel / (Lord Kelvin) / Lord Harvey [Phone-A-Friend: would guess at Faraday / so would Bonnie / they don’t risk it] 

REVISE: Scientists, LORD KELVIN was William Thomson, check basic facts on Faraday, Herschel, Harvey  

SLEB WHO: 5-Apr-2019 3am on Challenge 

[06/04/2019 22:36] I’ve just seen LUFC’s shocking defeat at Birmingham and didn’t bother with most of the chat  

First couple: Ian Waite and Penny Lancaster Stewart 

Their charities: Lowe Syndrome Trust / Wellchild  

500 quid: (China) is the world’s largest producer of rice 

1k: (Julie Walters) is the dance teacher in the film “Billy Elliott” 

2k: In a car engine this device passes electric current to each spark plug in turn: Dispenser / (Distributor) / Diffuser / Divider  

5k: Strangers Gallery is in (House of Commons) [Ask the Audience: 80% get it right] 

10k: S in FRCS stands for (Surgeons) [Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t say anything / 50/50 leaves Sailors as well] 

20k: KARL LAGERFELD famous for carrying this accessory: FAN / Baseball cap / Rose / Silk Handkerchief  

50k: Tennis player Gaston Gaudio is: (Argentinian) / Croatian / Spanish / French  

REVISE: Current tennis players and NATIONALITIES  

Penny and Ian leave with 20k  

Next couple: Christopher Biggins and Anna Ryder Richardson, she’s known as an interior designer, in Changing Rooms, and she was also in the jungle / LUKEWARM was his Porridge character / He appeared in Bad Girls in 2003 as himself for 2 episodes and was held hostage / He won the jungle in 2007, says Tarrant 

Her charity: Yorkhill Children’s Foundation [Scottish equivalent of Great Ormond St Hospital], she had 2 babies born prematurely and they helped / Him: Muir Maxwell Trust, a boy with severe epilepsy in Edinburgh 

REVISE: JUNGLE winners  

1k: a TREADLE Is operated with the (foot)  

2k: (Golf) is a “good walk spoilt”  

5k: Main diet of a toucan: FRUIT / fish / insects / mice  

10k: NOT a monarchy: Denmark / (Finland) / Norway / Sweden  

20k: FOREVER YOUNG is the autobiography of (JIMMY YOUNG) not Will or Kirsty  

50k: Volcano that last erupted in 1944: Ararat / Fuji / Kilimanjaro / Vesuvius [Ask the Audience: 54% VESUVIUS and that’s right] 

REVISE: Volcanoes, Vesuvius last erupted in 1944 

75k: Mickey Mantle was a star of this sport: American football / Ice hockey / (baseball) / basketball [Phone-A-Friend: gets it right] 

150k: Chancellor of the Exchequer who holds record for longest continuous Budget speech: Winston Churchill / Harold Macmillan / William Gladstone / Stanley Baldwin [50/50 leaves Churchill and Gladstone, I’d go GLADSTONE, which is right] 

Biggins and Anna Ryder Richardson leave with 50k 

[06/04/2019 22:56] And that’s the end of the show  

OLD WHO: 6-Apr-2019 11pm is a repeat from 5-Mar-2019, 10pm, notes elsewhere 

[06/04/2019 23:11] It’s recording anyway, onto the hard drive, on Timer, right through till 2am – this and the next two, 3 of the FIVE episodes of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” that are being shown tonight.  

OLD WHO: Fri 6-Apr-2019 on Challenge 

[06/04/2019 23:13] I’ll try one more, which means THREE hours of shows can be cleared / Steve Haughton is back, the Sealed Knot guy from the previous evening’s show  

300 quid: he uses Ask the Audience for help on you shouldn’t “tell tales out of” (School) [83% get it right] 

1k: Fraulein is from (German)  

2k: In2003, Tony Blair featured on which US TV comedy show: “Friends” / Will and Grace / Coupling (“The Simpsons”)  

4k: PADDY HOPKIRK is most associated with this sport: boxing / rallying / rugby union / cycling [Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know / 50 leaves boxing and rallying / I don’t know either / It’s RALLYING] 

REVISE: RALLYING stars, PADDY HOPKIRK is legendary according to Tarrant 

8k: Outstanding Contribution to Music award at 2004 Brit awards: DURAN DURAN / Spandau Ballet / Culture Club / Soft Cell  

REVISE: Outstanding Contribution BRIT awards: Pink in 2019, Duran Duran in 2004, Rod Stewart around 1993 as I recall, U2 I think in 2001 

16k: Utrecht is a city in: Belgium / Germany / (Netherlands) / Switzerland [He’d have gone for Switzerland but doesn’t risk it] 

Steve Haughton leaves with 8k  

FFF: First names of British prime ministers in chronological order 

CBDA gives us: Benjamin Ramsay Winston Margaret  

5/8 get it right including Rachel Hunt, Bill Rainbow and Rob Pye, Bryan Hartley is fastest in 3.98s  

A vet from STANTON ST JOHN in Oxfordshire / wife in the audience / was an engineer, switched to animals, wants to take his mum and dad to San Francisco to see his identical twin brother  

1k: Castanets most associated with (Flamenco) dance  

2k: “Iron Mike” is (Mike Tyson) 

4k: (Cutlass) sword with a curved blade associated with sailors  

8k: Alternative therapy SHIATSU originated in: China / India / Greece / (Japan) [Ask the Audience: 79% get it right] 

16k: Where did ABBA win the 1974 Eurovision Song Contest: (Brighton) [Phone-A-Friend: Not sure but thinks it’s Brighton / 50/50 leaves Bristol as well]  

32k: Sikh religion was founded in this part of Asia: (Punjab) / Mesopotamia / Mongolia / Indochina  

Cheque shows 8-1-05  

64k: Common name for the garden plant LUNARIA BIENNIS: Jealousy / Envy / Charity / (Honesty)  


125k: City that shares its name with the river on which it stands: Adelaide / Brisbane / Hobart / Perth [He’s not sure and doesn’t risk it / I think it’s Adelaide / But it’s BRISBANE]  

Bryan Hartley leaves with 64k 

REVISE: Australia cities and rivers, Adelaide is on the TORRENS, Brisbane is on the Brisbane, Perth is on the Swan, Hobart is on the Derwent 

10 new contestants, lots from West Yorkshire, names including Mark Bytheway and Keith Pottage, also Maxine Difford, Tom Spencer, Colin Agnew, Simon Curtis  

FFF: Start in America and work east, dances in order of country of origin  

CDAB gives us: Charleston / Morris / Tarantella / Cossack  

3/10 get it right, Keith Pottage is fastest in 3.46s 

A writer from OSSETT in West Yorkshire / partner in the audience / he makes a living writing for the tabloids, wants to publish a book / does amateur dramatics and would like to tour a play he wrote / He was a TV critic for 7 years / he’s fed up with writing, wants to give it up  

1k: Site of a famous airfield: (Biggin Hill) not lake, glacier or something else  

2k: (Acrylic) is a type of paint and an artificial fabric  

4k: On TV, JUSTIN RYAN and COLIN MCALLISTER are experts on: Cookery / Interior Design / Music / Cars [Ask the Audience: 92% go for Interior Design, which is the right answer] 

He was hospitalized for months with hiccups that wouldn’t go away, and lost 4 stone  

8k: Metal most likely to be found in solder: Mercury / Sodium / (Lead) / Aluminium  

He’s seen every episode of the show since it went out in September 1998 (and I assume this ones is from January 2005)  

16k: Became Vice President of the US in 1993: Walter Mondale / George W Bush / (Al Gore) / Dick Cheney [50/50 leaves Cheney too] 

32k: fictional character who set sail on a ship called the HOPEWELL: Jim Hawkins / Captain Ahab / (LEMUEL GULLIVER) / David Balfour 

REVISE: More about books, and these characters who set sail on ships: Jim Hawkins / Captain Ahab / Lemuel Gulliver sailed in the HOPEWELL / David Balfour 

[06/04/2019 23:45] And that’s the end of the show, well before midnight  

OLD WHO: 6-Apr-2019 11pm Challenge is a repeat from 5-Mar-2019, 10pm, elsewhere 

[07/04/2019 11:20] I was a bit confused there, AFTER flicking through 3 hours’ worth of episodes – all FOUR hours of regular “Who wants to be a millionaire?” episodes from last night (Saturday) have been noted now.  

OLD WHO: Sat/Sun 6/7-Apr-2019, midnight on Challenge, this must be the one I missed on 6-Mar-2019 

[07/04/2019 10:28] 10 new contestants including Mike Willcock, Jon Long, Paul Lavin, Margaret Thompson, Margaret Upton,  

FFF: TV Medical dramas in order they were first seen 

DABC gives us: Emergency Ward Ten / Marcus Welby MD / Angels / Peak Practice  

57 / 69 / 75 / 93  

3/10 get it right, Mike Willcock is fastest in 6.80s  

A self-employed chauffeur from Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire / wife in the audience, twins at home / he’s driven kd lang, Dawn French, Peter Stringfellow, Les Dennis, would like to travel the UK’s canals by narrowboat 

1k: Wayne Slob and Tim Nice-but-Dim played by (Harry Enfield) 

2k: (Calamity) Jane is a film starring Doris Day  

4k: Member of the Royal Family born 8/8/88: (Princess Beatrice) not Eugenie or Prince William or Prince Harry [Ask the Audience: 49% get it right, 33% go Eugenie, the others are below 15%] 

REVISE: Royal grandchildren and weddings, which Princess of York got married last year, and to whom / I know, confidently, that Beatrice was born before Eugenie – their names are in alphabetical order: Beatrice 1988, Eugenie 1990  

8k: (Canberra) is the capital of Australia 

16k: (Joe Orton) wrote “Entertaining Mr Sloane” [He’s gone 50/50 and also been left with Harold Pinter / Phone-A-Friend: a transport manager who thinks it’s Pinter, 65-70% / he goes for it and loses 7k] 

Mike Willcock leaves with 1k 

FFF: Conditions in order of the body part they usually affect, from head to toe  

CABD gives us: Stye / Laryngitis / Gastric ulcer / Verruca  

4/9 get it right, Alan Ritchie is fastest in in 6.75s  

An office manager from Sunderland / wife in the audience, 6 kids at home  

1k: (League of Gentlemen) a successful TV comedy team, not Union of Girls, Group of Boys, Band of Ladies [Ask the Audience: 91% get it right] 

2k: Greek citizen Plato was a: Musician / Actor / Athlete / (Philosopher)  

4k: LORIKEET and Parakeet are types of this bird: (Parrot) / Pigeon / Penguin / Puffin  

8k: First names of aviation pioneers The Wright Brothers: (Orville and Wilbur)  

16k: Movie star Uma Thurman married which other film actor in 1998: Keanu Reeves / Christian Slater / Johnny Depp / (Ethan Hawke) [Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know / 50/50 Slater and Hawke / He’s speculating, that Uma and Ethan are Jewish names, so maybe they’re Jewish and married within the faith / He doesn’t risk it] 

Alan Ritchie leaves with 8k  

REVISE: Film actor marriages, are Uma Thurman and Ethan Hawke still together? I assume not 

FFF: Items of kitchen equipment in alphabetical order 

ADCB gives us: Colander / Kettle / Rolling pin / Spatula  

10 new names up there, and we weren’t introduced to them, including Norman Farrimond, Lindsay Farquharson, Phil Keane, Stuart Miller, Reg Butlery, Paul Clearly  

5/10 get it right, Dave Bowles is fastest in in 4.78s 

A freelance DJ from Sittinbgourne in Kent / His brother is in the audience, he’s sick of playing that Pop Stars #1 / He would like to be Kylie Minogue’s drummer because the view would be fantastic / Says he’s leaving with 1k, 32k or 1m, nothing in between 

1k: (Board) can follow side and card to make new words 

2k: (National Trust) preserves places of historical interest or natural beauty  

4k: Kurdistan is in (Middle East) not South Africa, Caribbean, Scandinavia  

8k: Plays Clarice Starling in 2001 film Hannibal: Cate Blanchett / Gillian Anderson / Cameron Diaz / (Julianne Moore)  

16k: French Revolutionary slogan, accompanies Liberty and Equality: (Fraternity) not Chastity, Honesty, Charity [Ask the Audience: 44% get it right, 28% go for Honesty, 12% and 16% the others] 

32k: Precedes Romeo in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet: Queenie / Quaker / (Quebec) / Quango [Phone-A-Friend: 85% sure of the right answer] 

He doesn’t want to see the cheque, so we don’t get to see the date 

64k: What does the constellation Orion represent: (Hunter) / Great Bear / Little dog / Winged horse [50/50 leaves Winged Horse as well 

125k: Surname of the first father and son to hold the office of US President: Harrison / (Adams) / Madison / Roosevelt [He decides to take the money, and not go for the million]  

We didn’t see the cheque at all 

FFF: TV science fiction series in the order they were first seen 

CDAB gives us: “Dr Who” / Star Trek / Blake’s 7 / The X Files 

6/9 get it right, Phil Keane is fastest in 6.92s  

From BURTON ON STATHER in North Lincolnshire / multiple jobs including lumberjack, bookie, stable hand, now he’s a psychiatric nurse / wife in the audience, daughters at home / Wants to celebrate silver wedding anniversary in Las Vegas / wedding and honeymoon were very rushed, the latter was in a tent in a field, cold  

[07/04/2019 11:01] And that’s the end of the show, before Phil Keane gets to 1k  

OLD WHO: Sun 7-Apr-2019 1am on Challenge [notes elsewhere, from 7-Mar-2019] 

[07/04/2019 11:02] Carrying straight on, Phil Keane playing for 1k  

1k: (Top Brass) people of high military rank, not Top Pewter and other alloys  

2k: Hove lies adjacent to (Brighton)  

He’s followed by Nathan Birtle and then Trevor Luscombe and finally Angie Reddy gets on just before the end  

OLD WHO: Sun 7-Apr-2019 2am on Challenge [notes elsewhere, from Fri 8-Mar-2019] 

[07/04/2019 11:14] I’m just flicking through this one, from last night’s recording, and I have notes about it already: Mark Starkey, Angie Reddy, Peter Inwood 

OLD WHO: Mon 8-Apr-2019 10pm on Challenge, 15-1-05 

[08/04/2019 22:23] Keith Pottage carries on, having got to 32k 

64k: Feast day on July 29th, patron saint of Norway: St Florian / St Brigitta / St Canute / (Saint Olaf) [Phone-A-Friend: Steve Kidd, who won a quarter of a million not long before, and he waited a few seconds before saying Saint Olaf 100%] 

Date on the cheque: 15-1-05 

125k: Paul Newman won a Best Actor Oscar for his performance in which film: (The Color of Money)  

250k: First name of the philosopher Wittgenstein: (Ludwig) [He doesn’t know, so he doesn’t risk it] 

Keith Pottage leaves with 125k  

[08/04/2019 22:41] I have been making these notes while eating my post-swim dinner of salad and fish, will watch the end of today’s “University Challenge”, Durham v Edinburgh before heading back to “Who wants to be a millionaire?” 

[08/04/2019 22:54] Back again for the end  

FFF: English place names in order from north to south 

ADBC gives us: Worksop / Walsall / Winchester / Weymouth 

[I got it wrong when watching this bit live, got the first 2 mixed up] 

4/9 get it right, Simon Curtis is fastest in 3.08s 

Works in probation service / admin officer from Castleford in West Yorkshire / wife at home, 17 year old son in the audience, 2 daughters at home  

1k: (Swagger stick) is a cane carried by a military officer 

2k: REDBACK spiders are native to this continent: Asia / South America / Australia / Africa [I don’t know but would guess Australia from the name, tough question for 2k / Phone-A-Friend: 100% sure it’s AUSTRALIA]  

REVISE: SPIDERS, Redback is native to AUSTRALIA / Brazilian salmon pink bird eater is a (spider) 

[32k would pay off all his credit cards and leave a bit left over] 

4k: Cyclist Lance Armstrong’s nationality: (American)  

8k: Former Neighbours star had a #1 with Any Dream will do in 1991: (Jason Donovan) / Holly Valance / Natalie Imbruglia / Kylie Minogue 

16k: Argentine refers to this metal: (Silver)  

32k: FRANK NUGENT and BOB CHERRY are schoolmates of which fictional character: Harry Potter / Billy Bunter / Jennings / William Brown [50/50 leaves Harry Potter and Billy Bunter, I’d go for Billy Bunter / Ask the Audience: 96% go Billy Bunter]  

REVISE: BILLY BUNTER, his schoolmates are Frank Nugent and Bob Cherry  

Cheque shows 15-1-05 again 

64k: Colour of the crystals of the compound copper sulphate: (Blue)  

125k: European country that experienced a “Velvet Revolution” in 1989: Germany / Hungary / Poland / (Czechoslovakia)  

And now he’s in a white shirt, the previous one was red, so this was a different show when originally broadcast 

250k: Oscar-winning film based on a novel by WINSTON GROOM: Forrest Gump / Rain Man / Driving Miss Daisy / Out of Africa [He says Forrest Grump before the answers come up, I know it’s either that or Rain Main] 

REVISE: Sources of Oscar-winning films: WINSTON GROOM novel for Forrest Gump / what is Rain Man based on?  

Next cheque is 22-1-05  

500k: In ancient Greece LYSIPPUS was a famous: Sculptor / Actor / Musician / Scientist [No idea, for him or me / It’s SCULPTOR] 

Simon Curtis leaves with 250k  

REVISE: LYSIPPUS and other ancient Greeks, he was a SCULPTOR  

10 new contestants, no familiar faces, Rachael Evans, David Clifford, Martin Parkinson, Peter Langley, Ann-Marie Carroll  

FFF: “Coronation Street” couples in the order they married 

BDAC Ken and Valerie / Rita and Len / Alf and Audrey / Ashley and Maxine  

62 / 77 / 85 / 99 

2/10 get it right, Brene Hully is fastest in 4.71s 

A teacher from Cardiff / wife is at home, and is a Phone-A-Friend / son Sam is at home / He teaches at Stanwell School in PENARTH / Would like a holiday home in France / was in the crowd at the 1966 Football World Cup Final  

1k: A quantity of paper: Chain / Peck / Troy / (Ream) 

2k: US TV comedy featured a coffee shop manager called Gunther: (“Friends”) / Will and Grace / “Seinfeld” / Suddenly Susan [Ask the Audience: 84% get it right]  

REVISE: US comedies, what was Suddenly Susan? Names of characters in Will & Grace, Family Guy, Modern Family, King of the Hill, South Park 

4k: Rachel Stevens was a member of (S Club)  

[08/04/2019 23:20] And that’s the end of the show  

Other notes:  

Incipit = “Here Begins” at the start of a written work / Charles I and Andrew Carnegie both born in Dunfermline / Alexandrian rhyme pattern, 12 syllables per line in Racine / PAUL SAMUELSON first US winner of Nobel Prize for Economics, 1970, author of what is believed to be the best-selling Economics textbook of all time.