1 Swimming in Brentford

We had swimming lessons in Brentford on a Monday night. Jim and I had lessons, Roseanne was too young. She sat on the balcony above the changing rooms with Mum. Mum helped to dry me and dress me the first few times, then I had to do it myself. It took so much longer, trying to dry myself and keep my feet dry while I was putting on my socks. It was so much easier with someone to help you.

We took a bus to get to Brentford and a bus to get home. We never had to wait for the bus going there but we always had to wait for one going home. Between the swimming pool and the bus stop, round the back of the football ground, there was a chip shop run by Chinese people. We always got a bag of chips on the way to the bus stop, with salt and vinegar. They were the best chips we ever tasted. Sometimes Mum told us to eat them quicker, we wouldn’t be able to eat them on the bus, but they were always gone by the time the bus came.