Part 17

WWTBAM Prep, Part 17 (24-Apr-2019 to 26-Apr-2019)

Notes taken while watching the UK edition of WWTBAM, April 2019. New editions (2018 onwards, broadcast on ITV) are titled “NEW WHO:”, older editions are titled “WHO:” or “OLD WHO:” and were broadcast on Challenge; Celebrity editions, also broadcast on Challenge, are titled “SLEB WHO:”. Specific dates for these notes: 24-Apr-2019 to 26-Apr-2019. [7,379 words in this piece.]

WHO: 21-Apr-2019 11pm on Challenge, 17-11-99, 16k, 16k

[24/04/2019 22:54] On with the next one, Kate Brookes on 300 quid, and I’ve got subtitles on – good, it was odd watching the last one without them / She describes herself as a single mum to 4 boys (referring to her husband and 3 sons)

1k: (Stetson) is a traditional cowboy hat

2k: Viennese Composer Johann Strauss the Younger was (the Waltz King) not Tango Emperor, Foxtrot Duke or Polka Prince [She uses Ask the Audience: only 64% get it right, 25% think Polka Prince]

4k: 3 letters to denote French high-speed trains (TGV) [She’s gone 50/50: DLV is the other one / Phone-A-Friend: Neil her brother, not sure but would guess TGV]

8k: Royal House that included Henry VIII (Tudor)

16k: Tony Hancock’s famous fictional address: (23 Railway Cuttings) / 24 Sebastopol Terrace / 46 Peacock Crescent / Mews Cottage, Oil Drum Lane

REVISE: fictional addresses from film TV and radio: 23 Railway Cuttings is Tony Hancock / 24 Sebastopol Terrace (I think it’s Eric Sykes), 46 Peacock Crescent (is that George and Mildred?) Mews Cottage, Oil Drum Lane (Steptoe and Son I think)

32k: M in IBM stands for (Machines) not Methods, Markets or Manpower

Kate Brookes leaves with 16k

10 new contestants but we haven’t seen them waving, here are their names from the fastest finger first list: Adam Hobson, Andrew Scully, Martin Wigley, Nick Clark, Ted Cadman, Ian Drew, George Major, Gus McKean, Nick Armstrong, Alan Davies

FFF: Order in which people won a Nobel Prize

ABDC gives us: Marie Curie / Albert Einstein / Mother Teresa / Nelson Mandela

1903 / 1921 / 1979 / 1993

5/10 get it right, Ted Cadman is fastest in 5.47s

No chat before the questions begin

1k: Percolator used to make (coffee)

2k: Penicillin is (antibiotic)

4k: Sacred text of Islam: (Koran)

8k: Dinosaurs were: Mammals / (Reptiles) / Amphibians / Birds [Ask the Audience: 80% get it right]

16k: In Norse mythology (Valhalla) was the name of the hall where the souls of heroes killed in battle were taken [50/50 leaves Valkyrie too, and the others answers had been Valletta and Valencia / Phone-A-Friend: Cathy is certain it’s Valhalla]

Now we’re onto a different show from the original broadcasts

32k: Scottish sailor Alexander Selkirk was the inspiration for (Robinson Crusoe) / Horatio Hornblower / Captain Blood / Long John Silver [He doesn’t risk it]

Ted Cadman leaves with 16k

Looks like 9 new names on the list after fastest finger first: Sean Clifton, Jim Morton, James McPeake, Derek Boyle, Iain McDonald, Jon Underwood, Fiona Evans, Geoff Taylor, Greg Anderson

FFF: Works of literature in date order

DCAB gives us: The Canterbury Tales / Gulliver’s Travels / Jane Eyre / Catch 22

5/9 get it right, Jon Underwood is fastest in 5.67s

Again, no chat before the questions on this one

1k: King Arthur’s court was at (Camelot)

2k: Title role in Gandhi (Ben Kingsley)

4k: (The Haywain) a painting by John Constable

8k: D in DVLA stands for (Driver)

16k: “Swallows and Amazons” written by (Arthur Ransome) [Ask the Audience: split, 39% Rudyard Kipling, 35% Ransome, 21% Charles Kingsley / Phone-A-Friend: 99% certain it’s Ransome]

REVISE: who was Captain Marryat, other children’s authors, names of books by Charles Kingsley

32k: (Dandy Nichols) played Alf Garnett’s wife in Till Death Us Do Part

Cheque reads 17-11-9 but I assume it’s 17-11-99

64k: In NORTHERN Hemisphere (Winter) ends at Vernal Equinox [He says Spring]

Jon Underwood leaves with 32k

Again we have different names of contestants, and we haven’t seen them wave, here’s the list from after fastest finger first: Charlie Pryde, Henrietta Rowe, James Williams, John Stewart, Robert Hipkiss, Tom Cottrell, John Webley, Stephen Kerrush, David Penman, John Shay

FFF: From heaviest downwards, weights in order

BCAD gives us: One Kilo / Half a Kilo / One Pound / Half a Pound

3/10 get it right, James Williams is fastest in 7.08s

No chat before the questions

[He uses Ask the Audience for the 500 quid question: Starred in the film Dr Zhivago 77% go for (Julie) Christie, rather than Tony, Agatha or Linford]

1k: (Perth) shares its name with the capital of Western Australia

2k: Fastest land animal over short distances: (Cheetah) / Jaguar / Tiger / Lynx

4k: General Assembly of the United Nations is in: Paris / Geneva / Washington / (New York) [50/50: Washington as well / Phone-A-Friend: he knows it]

8k: Newmarket racecourse is in: Surrey / Sussex / Somerset / (Suffolk) [He thinks it’s one of the first two but doesn’t risk it]

James Williams leaves with 4k

FFF: Saints days in date order from start of the year

BACD gives us: David / Patrick / George / Andrew

3/9 get it right, Charlie Pryde is fastest in 6.60s

[24/04/2019 23:26] No chat and we get to the end of the show before the 1k question

OLD WHO: Sun / Mon 21/22-Apr-2019 midnight, 17-11-99, 16-1-00

[24/04/2019 23:27] Charlie Pryde returns and uses Ask the Audience to confirm that (Senate) was the governing body of ancient Rome, 86% get it right, a few go for parliament, senate and Kremlin]

1k: (Astronomy) branch of science related to stars, planets and the universe

2k: A rose is part of a (watering can)

4k: Warm Pacific current affecting the world’s weather: Alto Mar Pacifico / California Current / (El Nino) / Equatorial Current [50/50: California Current too]

8k: Shakespeare play featuring Montague and Capulet families: (Romeo and Juliet) [He uses Phone-A-Friend, who knows it]

16k: William Webb Ellis Trophy for World Cup winners in (Rugby Union)

32k: Formerly mayor of Carmel in California (Clint Eastwood) [He thinks it’s Ronald Reagan, but doesn’t risk it]

Charlie Pryde leaves with 16k

[This means that they have given away 1m quid so far this series, in November 1999]

FFF: Four nations in order of the number of countries they border, starting with the MOST

DBCA gives us: China / France / USA / [Not sure, I typed China again, foolishly, but it was somewhere that bordered only one country, Portugal perhaps?]

14 / 7 / 2 / 1

2/8 get it right, Robert Hipkiss is fastest in 8.09s

Some chat, for the first time in a while / A hospital porter from Birmingham / daughter Emma in the audience, his other kids and wife Cathy are at home / He wants to take Shania Twain to Aston Villa /

1k: Ryder Cup is in (golf)

2k: Chernobyl is in (Ukraine)

4k: Bud and Lou were (Abbott and Costello)

8k: England’s most northerly county: (Northumberland)

16k: Author ZANE GREY wrote: (Westerns) / Romances / Science Fiction / Comedies [Ask the Audience: 61% get it right]

32k: Meerkats are native to (Africa) / Asia / South America / Australia [50/50 leaves Asia too]

Cheque shows 17-11 with the whole year obscured, but I assume it’s 17-11-99 / It is, we see that on the next cheque

REVISE: Meerkats and MONGOOSES – I had never seen a picture of the latter until recently

64k: Sunday after Whit Sunday: Easter / Advent / (Trinity) / Mothering [Phone-A-Friend would guess at Trinity]

125k: Future James Bond began his career in the chorus of a 1950s production of South Pacific: Pierce Brosnan / George Lazenby / Roger Moore / SEAN CONNERY [That’s a new one on me, he doesn’t risk it]

Robert Hipkiss leaves with 64k

10 new contestants, and we see them wave this time: Kevin Tudor, Keith Bridges, Louise Clark, Tony Birkby, Stuart Tomlinson, Andrew Eardley, Mike Sackett, Hope Mitchell, Darren Gribble, George Richardson

FFF: Special days in the order they are celebrated in the USA

DACB gives us: New Year’s Day / Independence Day / Thanksgiving / Christmas

5/10 get it right, Tony Birkby is fastest in 7.45s

A compliance manager from Edgware / “Lady partner NR” is at home / 7 years in Spain, returned to England to train as a priest, then became a bus driver / wants to buy a big boat /

“Well, here we are again [says Tarrant] … in the new Millennium the rules are the same as always”

1k: Caviar comes from a (Sturgeon) [Ask the Audience: 92% get it right]

2k: (Modem) makes it possible to use the internet with a computer

4k: Marionette is a (string puppet)

8k: Largest South American country by area (Brazil)

16k: “Sing as we go” is the autobiography of a singer: George Formby / Jessie Matthews / Gracie Fields / Vera Lynn [50/50 leaves Gracie and Vera, no surprise there / he goes for GRACIE FIELDS, and it’s right]

REVISE: singer autobiographies, SING AS WE GO is by Gracie Fields

32k: WALLOONS Live in (Belgium) not Poland, Spain, Ireland [Phone-A-Friend: says “No Idea” / But he goes for Belgium, with logic: if it was Poland his Phone-A-Friend would have got it, he knows it’s not Spain and is pretty sure it’s not Ireland]

Cheque reads: 16-1-00

64k: Portmeirion was the setting for cult 60s TV series (The Prisoner)

125k: May 1954 Roger Bannister ran mile in under 4 minutes for the first time, in (Oxford) [He doesn’t know and doesn’t risk it]

Tony Birkby leaves with 64k

FFF: Archbishop of Canterbury in order

DBCA gives us: Saint Augustine / Thomas a Becket / Robert Runcie / George Carey

600 / 1162 / 1980 / 1991

5/9 get it right, Mike Sackett is fastest in 6.55s

2nd contestant on 1st show in a new series

Local government officer from Crystal Palace / partner Thea in the audience, bought him a harmonica for Christmas and regretted it straight away

[24/04/2019 23:59] And that’s it, before we get to the 1k questions, and I’ve done 3 shows before midnight

0.01 Time for another

OLD WHO: Sat/Sun 20/21-Apr-2019

[25/04/2019 00:03] Not sure I’ll make it through the whole show, which would make SEVEN hours of quiz shows in a day

Zulma Dudgeon returns and uses 2 lifelines on the 300 quid question: Desmond Tutu is from (South Africa), she uses 50/50 to get Nigeria too, then Ask the Audience: 91% get it right]

We’re onto a new episode from the original broadcasts – she’s wearing a red top rather than blue, but she’s still holding a green soft toy – and there’s been no chat about her

1k: When you say nothing at all August 1999 #1 for (Ronan Keating)

2k: (Michelangelo) painted the Sistine Chapel ceiling

4k: Dinosaurs were abundant during this geological time period: Devonian / (Jurassic) / Carboniferous / Cambrian

8k: (John McEnroe) ended Bjorn Borg’s reign as Wimbledon champion [Phone-A-Friend: thinks it’s John McEnroe, so does she, but she doesn’t risk it]

Zulma Dudgeon leaves with 4k

10 new contestants: James Plaskett, Mark Rogers, Barry Snelling, Barbara Wayte, Lance Jones, Lee Cartwright, Michael Rooney, David Evans, Ben Jones

FFF: Women according to year of birth

BADC gives us: Cleopatra / Boadicea / Marie Antoinette / Florence Nightingale

4/10 get it right, Lee Cartwright is fastest in 6.22s

No chat before the questions

1k: (Brown Sugar) was a hit for The Rolling Stones

2k: AD comes from (Latin)

4k: National Portrait Gallery is in (London) [Ask the Audience: 89% get it right]

8k: Martina Hingis is (Swiss) [and was born in Czechoslovakia]

16k: Rastafarianism originated on (Jamaica)

32k: Wrote best-sellers LIGHT A PENNY CANDLE and CIRCLE OF FRIENDS: Barbara Taylor Bradford / (Maeve Binchy) / Joanna Trollope / Mary Wesley [50/50 left Trollope too / Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know romantic writers, and he doesn’t guess]

Lee Cartwright leaves (goes back to Mansfield) with 16k

FFF: 4 Gospel Writers in alphabetical order

DCBA gives us: John Luke Mark Matthew

[I hadn’t noticed before that they appear in the New Testament in reverse alphabetical order]

3/9 get it right, Mark Rogers is fastest in 1.94s

Again, no chat before the questions

1k: Thomas a Becket was murdered in (Canterbury) Cathedral

2k: (Fez) red brimless worn by Turkish men

4k: Former mayor of Cincinnati (Jerry Springer)

8k: “The Sign of the Four”, detective story featuring (Sherlock Holmes) [Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know / Ask the Audience: 62% go for Hercule Poirot, 25% get it right / 50/50 leaves Father Brown and Sherlock Holmes / He doesn’t know and stops there]

Mark Rogers leaves with 4k

FFF: Body joints in order of position up the arm, starting with fingertips

BDAC gives us: Knuckle / Wrist / Elbow / Shoulder

2/8 get it right, Lance Jones is fastest in 6.10s

Again, no chat before the questions

1k: (Pharaoh) name for rulers in Egypt

2k: Casing for a ship’s compass (Binnacle) [50/50 leaves Capstan too / Ask the Audience:  52% wrong, 48% right / Phone-A-Friend: Uncle Paul knows it]

REVISE: Ship terms Keel, Bilge, Capstan, Binnacle is the casing for a compass

4k: July 1999 Kate Hoey became UK’s first female minister for (Sport) [Took over from Tony Banks]

8k: (Bald eagle) is national emblem of USA

16k: WW2 Forces Sweetheart (Vera Lynn) / Anne Shelton / Jessie Matthews / Gracie Fields

[25/04/2019 00:34] That finished a few minutes ago, and I’ve been tidying up my recordings – deleting and renaming

There are still EIGHT episodes of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” to check: one each from the last 2 evenings and still SIX from Bank Holiday Monday night and into Tuesday morning, namely: 10pm & 11pm / 2am & 3am, 4am, 5am

There were 2 hours in that lot that I already had notes on

OLD WHO: Mon 22-Apr-2019 10pm

[25/04/2019 15:24] Mike Sackett returns on low-money questions

1k: (Amphibious) vehicles on land and in water

2k: (Kilo) is the weight in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet

4k: (Jenny) a girl’s name and a female wren

8k: Peter the Apostle was a (fisherman)

16k: Centre of an atom (Nucleus)

32k: Lillie Langtry was mistress of (Edward VII)

Cheque reads: 17-1-00

64k: October 1999 a record price of 768,182 quid paid for a dress that belonged to (Marilyn Monroe) [50/50 also left Judy Garland]

125k: Red Rum’s jockey when he won Grand National for the third time: Brian Fletcher / TOMMY STACK / Tommy Carberry / Bob Davies [Ask the Audience: 35%, a majority, get it right, 27% Davies, 22% Fletcher / Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know or guess / he doesn’t risk it]

Mike Sackett leaves with 64k

REVISE: Red Rum’s jockey when he won Grand National for the third time: TOMMY STACK

10 new contestants but we haven’t seen them wave, here are the names from after fastest finger first: Peter Lee, Derek Morton, Rob Watson, David Neale, Chris Lowe, Andy Meldrum, Ian McDonough, Derek Davey, Sarah Scofield, Andrew Jenkins

FFF: English queens in order they reigned

CBAD gives us: Mary I / Elizabeth I / Anne / Victoria

Only 2/10 gets it right, David Neale is fastest in 5.29s

No chat before the questions begin

1k: (Ham) is an over-theatrical actor

2k: Joe DiMaggio famous from (Baseball)

4k: [This episode was from the year 2000] What is the currency unit of member states in the EU that have adopted monetary union? (Euro) not Ecu

8k: Great Barrier Reef stretches the length of an Australian state: QUEENSLAND

16k: Frank Sinatra’s middle name (Albert) [Ask the Audience: 61% get it right]

32k: Shintoism originated in (Japan)

Cheque shows 17-1-00

64k: British Isles Parliament with a lower house called “The House of Keys”: Shetlands / (Isle of Man) / Isles of Scilly / Farne Islands

REVISE: Names of Manx houses in parliament, other island parliaments like Scilly Isles and Channel Islands / House of Keys is Lower House of Isle of Man parliament, and Legislative Council is the Upper House

125k: (The Mousetrap) is the play within a play in Hamlet

250k: First woman to win a Nobel Prize: (Marie Curie) not Mother Teresa, Florence Nightingale or Emmeline Pankhurst

[This was the biggest prize ever given in the show at this stage]

500k: Son of Alfred the Great: (Edward the Elder) / Edward the Confessor / Edmund Ironside / Edward the Martyr [50/50 leaves Edward the Confessor too] / Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know, but gives a good reason to NOT go for Edward the Confessor / he thinks it’s Edward the Elder so he doesn’t risk it]

David Neale leaves with 250k and Tarrant gets his wife Janet down from the audience

Second ever 250k winner on the show, 17-1-2000

FFF: Start with fewest, parts of the adult body in order, according to number of each

I went wrong with BACD: Teeth / Ribs / Toes / Kidneys, SLOPPY again there, I went with the most first rather than the fewest.

It should be DCAB: Kidneys / Toes / Ribs / Teeth

Only 1/9 gets it right, Peter Lee in 14.58s

No chat before the questions

[Buffalo Bill CODY]

1k: (Landlubber) very little experience at sea

2k: Tin Pan Alley = (Music) industry

REVISE: Exact location of Tin Pan Alley in New York City

4k: Corgi = “Dwarf dog” in (Welsh) [Ask the Audience: only 46% get it right]

8k: Last British governor of Hong Kong (Chris Patten)

A new episode from the original broadcasts, he’s wearing a blue shirt without a tie now, previously it was a blue shirt and red tie

16k: Bhutan is a small country located in a mountain range (Himalayas)

32k: Made from beef: Prosciutto (Pastrami) Pumpernickel Panettone

[25/04/2019 15:53] And that’s the end of the show, and we don’t see the cheque till the next show

OLD WHO: Mon 22-Apr-2019 11pm, 18-1-00, a repeat

[25/04/2019 15:54] Next one, and here’s the cheque for Peter Lee / Ah, it’s a repeat

Cheque shows 18-1-00

64k: Actress who has not appeared in “Coronation Street”: Patricia Routledge / MAUREEN LIPMAN / Prunella Scales / Joanna Lumley [At the time – Maureen Lipman has appeared since then]

And this is where we came in – I have notes on this from [13/03/2019 22:10], recorded many months earlier than that

[25/04/2019 16:02] 2 more episodes and 2 more hours cleared from the hard drive, good

SLEB WHO: 23-Apr-2019 2am, Rusedskis, Campbell & Millar, Hunniford & Forsyth, Currie & Laud

[25/04/2019 16:06] The Rusedski’s return

16k: (Moshe Dayan) Israeli minister famous for wearing a black eye patch

And that’s it, the Rusedski’s leave with 8k

Next couple: Alistair Campbell and Fiona Millar

He started work at the Tavistock Times, and they met there / resigned as Director of Communication in 2003 to spend more times with their 3 kids / SHE swims every day, including before going into Labour with all 3 children / He will propose if they get to a million

Their charity: Leukemia Research Fund / John Merrit died of it and then his daughter died of it, and his mother had died of it

1k: LAX is abbreviation for (Los Angeles) airport

They met on the Mirror Group training scheme, in a Portakabin in Plymouth, and she had a mini with tinted windows – he couldn’t drive / he likes her toughness

2k: “Knowing Me Knowing You” with (Alan Partridge) [Ask the Audience: 91% get it right]

4k: ATHINA ROUSSEL is the grand-daughter of which multi-millionaire: Jean Paul Getty / Bill Gates / Ted Turner / (Aristotle Onassis)

REVISE: ATHINA ROUSSEL is grand-daughter of multi-millionaire Aristotle Onassis

8k: SKYLAB space station launched in 1973 by: GB / France / United States / Soviet Union [They take a while before using Phone-A-Friend: Ian Kennedy, guesses France but doesn’t know / 50/50 leaves US and France / They go for France and lose 3k / It’s UNITED STATES]

Alistair Campbell and Fiona Millar leave with 1k

REVISE: SKYLAB space station launched in 1973 by USA

Next couple: Edwina Currie and DEREK LAUD, former Big Brother housemate / 83-97 she was MP in South Derbyshire / Author, Hell’s Kitchen / he spent 71 days in the house / was a speechwriter for Tories, Thatcher and Heseltine included

Him: Dogs Trust / Her: NCH

1k: A in ANC = (African) [African National Congress]

He’s talking about Big Brothers, she’s talking about Hell’s Kitchen with Gordon Ramsay

2k: (Benedict) name taken by the Pope who succeeded John Paul II

4k: The world’s HEAVIEST bird of prey is: Hawk / Owl / Condor / Kestrel [I don’t know, I’d go for CONDOR I think / Ask the Audience: 84% go Condor / It’s CONDOR]

REVISE: The world’s heaviest bird of prey is CONDOR, not hawk, owl or kestrel

8k: South American country without an Atlantic Coast: Argentina / Brazil / (Ecuador) / Venezuela [They’ve talked themselves into Venezuela, and they lose 3k]

Currie and LAUD leave with 1k

Next couple: Frederick Forsyth and Gloria Hunniford

Him: Society of Stars / Her: Caron Keating Foundation (Caron died of breast cancer in 2004)

The chat about losing a child is the most moving thing we’ve had so far on these Sleb specials

He talks about children with cerebral palsy

1k: A pug is a (dog)

[25/04/2019 16:51] And that’s the end of the show

SLEB WHO: 23-Apr-2019 3am, Hunniford & Forsyth, 17-9-05, John Keeble and Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet 24-9-05

[25/04/2019 16:52] Straight on with the next one, Gloria Hunniford and Frederick Forsyth return

2k: 1991 film directed by Anthony Minghella: Truly Madly (Deeply)

4k: GATSO is name most associated with this road safety product: Airbags / Seat Belts / SPEED CAMERAS / Traffic cones [Mr Gatsonides, he’s the Greek chap behind speed cameras says Forsyth]

REVISE: GATSO is a name associated with speed cameras [Gatsonides]

8k: Introduced by the British government in 1956 (Premium Bonds) not Lotto, Football Pools or Unit Trusts

16k: Starred as Police Commissioner McMillan in 1970s TV series “McMillan and Wife”: (Rock Hudson) / David Janssen / Jack Lord / Karl Malden

32k: KATY SEXTON is one of Britain’s top competitors in which sport: Athletics / Gymnastics / Show Jumping / Swimming [I don’t know / Ask the Audience: not conclusive, 40% swimming, 29% Show Jumping, 15% and 16% to other two / Phone-A-Friend: Eamonn Holmes has never heard of her, would guess Show Jumping or Gymnastics / 50/50 leaves athletics and swimming / And he does the stuff that doesn’t impress me, of saying that he will make it up to the charity if they’re wrong, and they go for SWIMMING which is correct / “And how generous of Freddy to offer to fill the gap” says Gloria]

Cheque shows 17-9-05

64k Famous poem begins “On either side the river lie”: Sea Fever / Home thought from abroad / (The Lady of Shalott) / Ode to a Nightingale [Only by elimination there, although it’s not familiar and I read it not so long ago]

REVISE: Poems like Lady of Shalott

125k: Tropical fruit noted for its sweet taste but disgusting smell: Breadfruit / Papaya / (Durian) / Tamarind

REVISE: Tropical fruits, again, I put a note about this after an episode of “The 100k Drop”

250k: In which country can the WAHIBAH sands be found: Chile / Namibia / Oman / Algeria [“I’ve camped out in them” Forsyth says / It’s OMAN]

REVISE: The Wahibah sands are in Oman

500k: Shortest book in the Old Testament: Amos / Micah / Ruth / (Obadiah) [That knowledge has come from quizzing / He thinks it’s Obadiah but won’t risk it – they’ve used all their lifelines]

Cheque shows 24-9-05 but it looks like they’re still wearing the same clothes as before

Next pair: Tony Hadley and JOHN KEEBLE from Spandau Ballet

John was the drummer / band split up in 1990 but these 2 still play together / John’s new band: I Play Rock / Handley won Reborn in the USA

Charity: Shooting Star Children’s Hospice

1k: A weathervane shows (wind direction)

2k: successful West End show: Jerry Springer (The Opera)

4k: The MINERAL KOHL is most commonly used as this kind of cosmetic: (Eyeliner)

8k: BARTLETT is a variety of this fruit (pear) not apple, grape or strawberry

16k: Capital city that follows Sporting in the name of a major European football club (Lisbon)

32k: Henry VIII married this wife after seeing a flattering portrait by Hans Holbein: Catherine of Aragon / Anne Boleyn / Catherine Howard / (Anne of Cleves) [Hadley thinks its Catherine of Aragon / Ask the Audience: 38% Anne of Cleves, 31% Catherine of Aragon, 14% and 17% the others / Phone-A-Friend: says Catherine of Aragon then “it’s the ugly one … it might be Anne of Cleves actually” / 50/50 Catherine Howard too]

Cheque says 24-9-05

64k: In 2004, the Doncaster and Sheffield airport was named in honour of: King Arthur / Rob Roy / Richard the Lionheart / (Robin Hood) [They get it, after some deliberation]

[25/04/2019 17:25] And that’s the end of the show

SLEB WHO: 23-Apr-2019 4am John Keeble and Tony Hadley from Spandau Ballet, Bill Oddie & Lynda Bellingham 24-9-05, Katie Derham and Mark Austen 24-12-05

[25/04/2019 17:27] I’ll just keep going

125k: “Little Big Painting” is a work by which artist: ROY LICHTENSTEIN / David Hockney / Jasper Johns / Jackson Pollock [I didn’t know that one, neither did they]

The Spandau Ballet boys leave with 64k

Cheque shows 24-9-05

REVISE: “Little Big Painting” is a work by which artist: Roy Lichtenstein

Next couple: Bill Oddie and Lynda Bellingham

Him: English at Cambridge, Footlights, OBE for conservation work in 2003 / Her: sitcoms Second Thoughts and Faith in the Future, played ruthless gangland boss Irene Radford in The BILL the previous year

Both playing for NCH / She speaks well about their work for children born in poverty

1k: (Tureen) is a container designed for soup

2k: In 2005, appeared in “Coronation Street” as the novelist MEL HUTCHWRIGHT: Michael Gambon / (Ian McKellen) / Peter O’Toole / Ben Kingsley

4k: Poet Coleridge’s first name (Samuel)

8k: Cu is (Copper) [Ask the Audience: 69% get it right / he doesn’t know, thought it was Calcium to begin with]

16k: Avril Lavigne was born in: Australia / (Canada) / Scotland / South Africa [Ontario, says Tarrant]

32k: US President known for his dislike of broccoli (George Bush Senior) [Phone-A-Friend: Gyles Brandreth, he has no idea, which surprises me / 50/50 leaves Jimmy Carter too]

Cheque shows same date as before, 24-9-05

64k: BERNARD LEACH was most associated with this artistic field: Poetry / Printing / Pottery / Painting [It’s POTTERY, and they went for Printing / he died in 1979]

REVISE: Bernard Leach, who died in 1979, was most associated with Pottery

Next couple: Mark Austen and Katie Derham

Him: reports on 9/11, Asian tsunami, MOZAMBIQUE FLOODS / Her: youngest newsreader on national TV at 27, now (i.e. in 2005) reads lunch-time news

His charity: the trust set up in memory of TV cameraman RORY PECK, freelance cameraman killed in Moscow in 1993, 80% of footage from war zones come from Freelance cameramen / Her charity: Prince’s Trust

1k: I in MI5 stands for (Intelligence)

He’s taking over from Sir Trevor McDonald in the new year

2k: Actress and presenter Claire Sweeney comes from (Liverpool)

4k: A flightless bird: CASSOWARY / Coot / Crow / Cockatoo [Ask the Audience: 57% get it right /

REVISE: Cassowary, what kind of bird it is, it’s flightless

8k: Salvation Army meetings are held in this hall: Castle / Kremlin / Citadel / Keep [Tough one for 8k, is it Citadel? Yes, it’s CITADEL]

16k: 2005 British Open Golf tournament was held at this Scottish course: Carnoustie / Turnberry / Troon / St Andrews [ST ANDREWS – I might have known that at the time]

REVISE: Recent Open tournaments and courses, and RYDER CUP venues

32k: Narrator of “The Arabian Nights”: (Scheherazade) not Sinbad, Fatima or Ali Baba

Cheque shows 24-12-05 – we’ve jumped forward 3 months from the Bill Oddie / Lynda Bellingham bit

64k: 20th C British prime minister with the shortest term of office: Ramsay McDonald / David Lloyd George / Andrew Bonar Law / Neville Chamberlain [Good question, I think I’d go Bonar Law / He’s gone for McDonald / It is ANDREW BONAR LAW, shortest term of office of 20th C prime ministers]

Mark Austen and Katie Derham leave with 32k

[25/04/2019 17:56] And that’s the end of the show

REVISE: Bonar Law had the shortest term in office of all 20th century prime ministers

Bloody hell, that’s FIVE HOURS of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” flicked through and deleted from the hard drive – one was a repeat, but still it’s more than I expected

And now it’s time to go for a walk

SLEB WHO: 23-Apr-2019 5am, Louis Walsh & Martine McCutcheon, Terry Wogan & Tim Radford

[26/04/2019 15:41] Louis Walsh and Martine McCutcheon

Her charity: Cystic Fibrosis Trust / His: Fire Services Benevolent Trust

1k: (Distressing) gives furniture an antique appearance

2k: (Liver Birds) on the Liver Building in Liverpool [Ask the Audience: 87% get it right]

4k: “Her name was Lola” first line of Barry Manilow song (Copacobana)

8k: Outside Asia, country with the highest population: Brazil / Nigeria / Russia / (United States) [50/50 leaves Nigeria and US]

16k: Actress quote: I Never hated a man enough to give him his diamonds back: Elizabeth Taylor / ZSA ZSA GABOR / Joan Collins / Ava Gardner [I wasn’t sure of that one]

32k: In 2004, which city hosted the first Chinese F1 Grand Prix: Beijing / Wuxi / Hong Kong / (Shanghai) [Phone-A-Friend: Stephen Fry says Beijing, but he’s wrong / They lose 15k]

Martine and Louis leave with 1k

Next pair: Terry Wogan and Tim Radford, a businessman who bid 40k to Children in Need for the right to appear on the show

For Children in Need: 400m raised since 1980 and 435k in the auction for “things that money can’t buy”

1k: (Poisoned chalice) an award or honour likely to bring misfortune

2k: Animal ringtone (Crazy Frog) topped the charts in 2005

4k: Liege is in (Belgium)

8k: Newcastle United manager 1992-97 (Kevin Keegan) not Dalglish, Gullit or Toshack [50/50 leaves Dalglish too]

16k: US President worked as a lifeguard and swimming coach in Illinois: (RONALD REAGAN) not Nixon, Ford or Clinton [Ask the Audience: 58% get it right / Phone-A-Friend: Jeremy Vine, just about gets there in time]

32k: Russell Crowe film Master and Commander The FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD based on novels by: Bernard Cornwell / John Grisham / (Patrick O’Brian) / Robert Harris

Cheque shows 25-12-05

64k: EMILE DE BECQUE is a leading character in which stage musical: Chicago / SOUTH PACIFIC / Sweet Charity / “Guys and Dolls”

REVISE: EMILE DE BECQUE is a leading character in the musical South Pacific

125k: The word ENERGY is derived from the Greek meaning: Heat / Stamina / Work / Strength [They guess heat, but it’s WORK / they lose 32k]

Terry Wogan and Tim Radford leave with 32k

REVISE: The word energy is derived from the Greek for WORK

[26/04/2019 16:00] And that’s the end of the show,

OLD WHO: Tue 23-Apr-2019, 10pm, 30-4-05, Gordon Barrass 500k

[26/04/2019 17:24] Challenge is back to showing just one recording per night for a while; Gordon Barrass is back on 16k

32k: Where did Tessa Sanderson win her Olympic javelin gold medal: Moscow / Montreal / Barcelona / Los Angeles [I’d go LA on this one / Ask the Audience: 41% Barcelona, 26% Montreal, 20% LA, 13% Moscow / Phone-A-Friend: “I really couldn’t say”, not even a guess / contestant thinks it’s LA or Moscow / He goes LA, which is right: LOS ANGELES]

64k: Reiki is a healing technique from: China / (Japan) / Thailand / Sri Lanka

125k: In classical mythology was tied to a rock and tortured by a giant vulture: Prometheus / Hercules / Atlas / Perseus [I’d go Prometheus, so does he]

Cheque reads 30-4-05

250k: African country that shares a border with TOGO: Ethiopia / Mozambique / Botswana / (Ghana) [I wouldn’t have had a clue in 2005, but I know now, and so does he]

500k: “Tom Thumb, A Tragedy” is a farcical play by: Henry Fielding / Jonathan Swift / Alexander Pope / Christopher Marlowe [By elimination, I’d go for Swift but it’s HENRY FIELDING / he doesn’t risk it]

Gordon Barrass leaves with 250k

REVISE: “Tom Thumb, A Tragedy” is a farcical play by: Henry Fielding

10 new contestants: Mike Sawin, Jo Allen, Clive Brown, Jim Eccleson, Stuart Rennie, Brian Wilkins, Charles Dickson, Les Hogben, Frances Richardson, Simon Cleveland

FFF: Singers in alphabetical order

ADCB gives us: Cher Gabrielle Madonna Sonique

6/10 get it right, Clive Brown is fastest in 2.43s

Chartered accountant from ILMINSTER SOMERSET / School friend up there, wants to ride in a hot-air balloon, see the Grand Canyon and Brazil / Has never been further than Isle of Man

1k: David Walliams is associated with (Little Britain)

2k: Yeoman Warders work at (Tower of London)

4k: Creature that spends most of its time hanging upside down from branches of trees: (Sloth) not armadillo, badger or porcupine [Ask the Audience: 94% get it right]

8k: Museum based at YEOVILTON in Somerset: Royal Armouries / FLEET AIR ARM / Ashmolean / National Motor Museum [He knew it and I think I’d have worked it out]

REVISE: Museums and galleries, National Motor Museum, Royal Armouries, and the FLEET AIR ARM is in YEOVILTON in Somerset

16k: Boca Juniors is a football club from (Argentina) [Phone-A-Friend: 85% sure of Argentina / 50/50 leaves Portugal too]

32k: Played psychologist Chris Kelvin in “Solaris”: Alan Alda / (George Clooney) / Richard Chamberlain / Denzel Washington [He doesn’t know and doesn’t guess]

Clive Brown leaves with 16k

FFF: Words in order to give a James Bond film

CADB gives us: For Your Eyes Only

[I don’t feel especially quick on the word-order, or alphabetical order questions]

7/9 get it right, Simon Cleveland is fastest in 2.88s

A former army officer from SHIPTON GORGE near BRIDPORT in DORSET / Wife Caroline is at home, and daughter Alexandra / He was in the army for 38 years in the army, wife used to be an air hostess

1k: A gemstone: Manx / (Onyx) / Lynx / Annex

He left the army 18 months earlier and is looking for a new career

2k: An Epistle of the New Testament: (Romans) not Greeks

4k: ALEXANDRA RIPLEY’S novel “Scarlett” was a sequel to which more famous work: Rebecca / “Wuthering Heights” / “Pride and Prejudice” / (“Gone with the wind”)

8k: Country that’s closest to the Cayman Islands: Madagascar / JAMAICA / Iceland / Japan [They’re West Indies way]

16k: Played the artist Vermeer in “The Girl with the Pearl Earring”: Ralph Fiennes / Hugh Grant / Liam Neeson / (Colin Firth) [Ask the Audience: 58% Firth, 24% Fiennes]

32k: MICHAEL BARRETT is the real name of which pop star: Billy Idol / Suggs / Shaking Stevens / Meatloaf [Hmm, new one on me, it’s either Shaky or Meat / Phone-A-Friend: “I’ve no idea. Sorry” / 50/50: leaves Shaky and Meat, as you’d expect / He goes for it, and maybe I would too, but it’s SHAKING STEVENS: Real Name MICHAEL BARRETT / July 2021: I have heard this Real Names fact a few times since 2019, and am surprised that I didn’t know it back then]

[26/04/2019 17:53] And that’s the end of that one, in 29 minutes

OLD WHO: Wed 24-Apr-2019, 10pm, Richard Ambrose, 16k, 16k, no cheques shown (possibly Spring 2005)

[26/04/2019 17:55] And time for another one

10 new contestants: Shell Burke, Val James , Richard Moxon, Dani Bishop, Susan Wilson, Alan Wylie, Duncan Stevenson, Stuart Bonehill, Kerr McCracken, Richard Ambrose

FFF: Stars of “Neighbours” in the order they had their first UK Top 10

CABD gives us: Kylie Minogue / Jason Donovan / Craig McLachlan / Holly Valance

3/10 get it right Richard Ambrose is fastest in 2.39s (that’s quick)

Technical manager from Canterbury Kent / Fiancée    Jane in the audience, lack of money has presented them from getting married / Venue hire will cost 5k

1k: Linctus would be used to treat a (Cough)

They met at a Blur gig and the club afterwards / he works for an environmental company dealing with waste

2k: Direction of travel from Exeter to London: (Northeast)

4k: The Fitness instructor in ITV’s CELEBRITY FIT CLUB: Max / Bernie / Harvey / Sidney [No idea, never heard of it / Ask the Audience: 95% say HARVEY and that’s correct]

REVISE: Harvey was the fitness instructor in ITV’s Celebrity Fit Club

8k: Jove is another name for (Jupiter) [Phone-A-Friend: 100% sure]

16k: Published “Revolting Rhymes” in 1982: (Roald Dahl) [50/50 leaves Penelope Lively too

32k: The beak of an adult moorhen is: Blue / Grey / Red / White [Well, if what I was told all those years ago is right, it’s RED and Coots are white / It is RED]

He leaves with 16k

FFF: words from the traditional naming of a ship

DBCA gives us: God Bless All Sail

6/9 get it right, Duncan Stevenson is fastest in 2.92s

A painter and decorator from Craigavon in Co Armagh / wife at home with the kids, brother-in-law in the audience, wants to visit family in South Africa / 2 aims: A parachute jump, and the finish the patio

1k: Salad ingredient often found in “sun-dried” version: (tomato)

2k: (Greece) beat Portugal in the final of Euro 2004

4k: A region of Cambridgeshire: (Isle of Ely) [Ask the Audience: 92% get it right, very good]

REVISE: Where is Isle of SHEPPEY, I think it’s Kent

8k: “Alter ego” comes from (Latin)

16k: “Boy with a pipe”, a painting that sold for a record price in May 2004, by: Renoir / Picasso / Van Gogh / Manet [I assume it’s Vincent van Gogh, but I don’t know [Phone-A-Friend: PICASSO, and that’s the right answer]

REVISE: biggest prices paid for paintings, BOY WITH A PIPE is by Picasso and set a record price in 2004 / I feel like art prices are like transfer fees paid for footballers – we used to know the biggest 10 or so, but I couldn’t name all the players who have gone for 60m or more

32k: Stage musical version of the film “The Full Monty” is set in which US city: Buffalo / Little Rock / Detroit / Cleveland [50/50 leaves Buffalo and Detroit / I’d guess Detroit or Cleveland from the original answers, to compare with Sheffield / He is close to going for Detroit, but he takes the money / It’s BUFFALO: FFS, who is going to know that?]

Duncan Stevenson leaves with 16k

REVISE: Stage musical settings, The Full Monty US is set in BUFFALO

FFF: Teams in order they finished Premiership in 2003/4 season

ACBD gives us: Arsenal / Chelsea / Everton / Wolves

2/8 get it right, Richard Moxon is fastest in 2.82s

Sent his first ever text to get here / A Legal Clerk from Huddersfield, his Ukrainian fiancée Inna is in the audience

1k: A nursery rhyme: (Knave of Hearts) “stole the tarts and took them clean away”

2k: London’s Gray’s Inn and Lincoln’s Inn are associated with (legal) profession [50/50 leaves educational and legal, but isn’t this guy a legal clerk?]

4k: (Concrete cows) famously associated with Milton Keynes not Plastic pigs, Wooden wolves or Glass goats [He says Plastic pigs initially / Ask the Audience: 91% get it right]

[26/04/2019 18:23] And that’s the end of the show

OLD WHO: Thu 25-Apr-2019, 10pm, 16k, 8k, 16k, no cheques shown

[26/04/2019 18:25] On with a 3rd show, Richard Moxon is back on 4k

8k: lyrics from (Wooden Heart) Treat me nice Treat me good

16k: Novelist who was NOT American (HG Wells) [Phone-A-Friend: his dad, 75% sure]

32k: (South Africa) will host Football World Cup in 2010 [He doesn’t know and would have gone for Libya]

Richard Moxon leaves with 16k

10 new contestants: Zoe Grice, Brenda Charlwood Ian Miller, James Sorrie, Roger Andoniou, Brian Richman, Tim Richardson, Ross McInnes, Alison Botha, James Webb

FFF: Start with fewest, TV couples in order of how many children they have

DABC gives us: Jack & Vera Duckworth / Homer & Marge Simpson / Cliff & Claire Huxtable / John & Olivia Walton

1 / 3 / 5 / 7

REVISE: TV Families and number of children: The Waltons have 7, Cliff & Claire Huxtable have 5

Only 1/10 gets it right Roger Andoniou, in 6.43s

A quality manager from Bristol / brother in the audience, wife and 2 kids at home / due to retire the following January, wants to boost his pension pot and spend time fishing

1k: (Fully Fledged) a bird that has developed all its feathers and is able to fly

2k: “We’ll Meet Again” most associated with (Vera Lynn) not Gracie Fields or Jessie Matthews

REVISE: Vera Lynn Gracie Fields and Jessie Matthews have come up a few times in these old shows

4k: Whispering Ted Lowe is most associated with (Snooker) commentary

8k: Comic novel “Wilt” written by (Tom Sharpe) [Ask the Audience: 73% get it right]

16k: A Spanish Costa on the North Coast: Costa Brava / Costa Dorada / Costa del Sol / Costa Verde [I think it’s VERDE, by elimination / Phone-A-Friend: 70% guess on Dorada / 50/50 leaves Del Sol and VERDE, so yes it’s COSTA VERDE]

REVISE: Spanish Costas, I think I’ve made a note of this before – there was an “Only Connect” question about the order of them one time, when the Question Setters were on / COSTA VERDE is on the North Coast]

Roger Andoniou leaves with 8k

FFF: Start in USA and work east, car manufacturers in order of origin

BADC gives us: Buick / Rolls-Royce / Mercedes / Honda

5/9 get it right, James Webb is fastest in 2.35s

Trainee teacher from YATELEY Hampshire / Fiancée Emma, getting married in the summer, then he starts work as a full-time French teacher

1k: Did not serve as UK prime minister (Herbert Hoover)

2k: County with a coastline on the English Riviera: Lancashire, Norfolk, Essex, (Devon) [I wouldn’t have known that back then / Ask the Audience: 95% get it right]

4k: Until 1992 TASS was the official news agency of: Germany / (Soviet Union) / Greece / Spain [He thinks it’s a tough question for 4k / Phone-A-Friend: he’s sure]

8k: Apollo Creed is the rival of (Rocky)

16k: Captain who was the subject of a 2003 biography written by Sir Ranulph Fiennes: Cook / Scott / Blood / Bligh [Must be Scott, surely? 50/50 has left Scott and Bligh, so it’s SCOTT]

32k: Unofficial anthem, written by the CORRIES, a Scottish Duo: Scotland the Brave / FLOWER OF SCOTLAND / The Flowers o’ the forest / Skye Boat Song

James Webb leaves with 16k

REVISE: Scottish songs: Scotland the Brave / Flower of Scotland / The Flowers o’ the forest / Skye Boat Song / The CORRIES wrote Flower of Scotland

FFF: American books in order they were published

BCAD gives us: Little Women / The Great Gatsby / Catch 22 / The Pelican Brief

1/8 gets it right, Brian Richman in 8.42s

HR advisor from Peterborough, wife at home, her daughter Gillian is in the audience /

1k: A (plane) would leave a vapour trail

2k: Who does SAM ASTON play in “Coronation Street”: Kirk / Chesney / Tyrone / Ashley [no idea, he knows it’s Chesney]

REVISE: Major “Coronation Street” actors, SAM ASTON plays Chesney

4k: In Carlo Collodi’s story (Gepetto) is the creator of Pinocchio [Ask the Audience: 99% get it right]

[26/04/2019 18:51] And that’s the end of the show, Brian Richman on 4k

ALL recent episodes of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” seen

There is nothing left on the TV box or the hard drive for me to see: good. Now it’s time to review. There might still be some questions from 8Mar2019 to watch, but the last 100 minutes have allowed me to clear all outstanding episodes