March’s “Coincidence Corner”

Following on from previous pieces (“What a coincidence” , “Porlock” and February’s “Coincidence Corner”) I have continued to look out for the connections (or what other people might call “coincidences”) between the books that I’ve been reading and other things that I’ve read, heard or seen over the last month. I have also managed to… Continue reading March’s “Coincidence Corner”

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On reading every Booker Prize winner

Last night, around 10.30pm, I finished reading “A Brief History of Seven Killings”, Marlon James’s 2015 Booker Prize-winning novel. This means that I have read every Booker Prize winner. As I have written elsewhere, the words “I have read” mean that my eyes were open and they passed across every word on every line on… Continue reading On reading every Booker Prize winner