Part 15

WWTBAM Prep, Part 15 (15-Apr-2019 to 18-Apr-2019)

Notes taken while watching the UK edition of WWTBAM, April 2019. New editions (2018 onwards, broadcast on ITV) are titled “NEW WHO:”, older editions are titled “WHO:” or “OLD WHO:” and were broadcast on Challenge; Celebrity editions, also broadcast on Challenge, are titled “SLEB WHO:”. Specific dates for these notes: 15-Apr-2019 to 18-Apr-2019. [5,783 words in this piece.]

SLEB WHO: Sat 13-Apr-2109 10pm on Challenge, Fry & Nigella continue

[15/04/2019 21:46] Having just watched “University Challenge” (Darwin Cambridge lost on the last question to St Edmund Hall Oxford) a few notes on the next sleb edition.

125k: The small island off the southern tip of the Isle of Man: (CALF OF MAN) / Pup of Man / Cub of Man / Son of Man [they’re both at least 80% sure of this one]

Cheque shows 2-4-05 / at the time the most won by slebs was 250k by Baddiel and Skinner

250k: For many years, what was the occupation of the artist LS Lowry: Hospital porter / Rent collector / Drains engineer / Curate [I would guess rent collector, they think it’s hospital porter, but he was a RENT COLLECTOR / They don’t risk it]

Stephen Fry and Nigella Lawson leave with 125k

Next pair: Harry Hill and Al Murray

Hill’s real name: MATTHEW HALL, a doctor

1k: “Bob the Builder”, his hard hat is (yellow)

2k: Jamie Oliver’s wife’s name: (Jools)

4k: A word of Finnish origin: Acupuncture / Reflexology / Tai-chi / (Sauna) [I’ve heard that from some other quiz show]

8k: Named after the man who was Home Secretary from 1939 to 1940: Anderson shelter / Belisha Beacon / Chubb lock / Davy lamp [50/50 leaves Anderson and Davy, it’s Anderson shelter]

16k: Country that will host a F1 Grand Prix for the first time “this year” (i.e. in 2005) Switzerland / Turkey / New Zealand / Argentina [Phone-A-Friend isn’t sure, thinks it might be Argentina / I think it’s Turkey / Ask the Audience: 58% Turkey, 27% Argentina / it IS Turkey]

REVISE: F1: Turkey hosted its first F1 Grand Prix in 2005

32k: A composer who married twice and had 20 children: Franz Joseph Haydn / George Frederick Handel / Johann Sebastian Bach / Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart [I think it’s Bach / they don’t know and don’t risk it / It’s JS BACH]

Al Murray and Harry Hill leave with 16k

Next couple: SAFFRON BURROWS and Griff Rhys Jones

She was in Troy [which I finally saw in 2021], they’re playing for The Hackney Empire Trust

1k: Neuf is French for (9)

2k: Nationality of football manager Claudio Ranieri: (Italian) [Ask the Audience: 95% get it right]

4k: Full name of church in London’s Cheapside where Bow Bells are a feature: (St Mary-le-Bow), not Paul, Clare or John [Phone-A-Friend: Jenny, a Labour peer in the House of Lords / She thinks it’s Mary]

8k: Last male monarch of the House of Tudor: (Edward VI)

16k: Which band had the best-selling album in Britain in 2004: Maroon 5 / Franz Ferdinand / Snow Patrol / Scissor Sisters [50/50 leaves Snow Patrol and SCISSOR SISTERS, the right answer]

32k: Chinese Year that began in February 2005: Tiger / Dragon / Monkey / (Rooster) [They don’t know so they leave it there]

Griff and Saffron leave with 16k

[15/04/2019 22:25] And that’s the end of the show / Let’s go on to the next one

SLEB WHO: Sun 14-Apr-2019 10pm on Challenge, Trisha Goddard, Greg Rusedski, with spouses

Trish Goddard and her husband Peter / She has just moved from ITV to Channel 5 / her daughters: Billie and Maddie, she talks about having a breakdown being afraid that she would lose them / during her recovery she met her husband

Charities: Homestart Norwich / Norwich Mind (he’s their Chief Executive) / Bertie and Eggie are their nicknames for each other

1k: 14 in Roman Numerals: (XIV)

2k: Continent where Gabon is: (Africa)

4k: Tennis Player Arantxa Sanchez-Vicario is (Spanish)

8k: French City where Eurostar trains make a stop: Rouen / (Lille) / Dijon / Nantes [Ask the Audience: 90% get it right]

16k: Starred in “A cream cracker under the settee”: (Thora Hird) / Patricia Hayes / Beryl Reid / Kathy Staff [Phone-A-Friend: Her business partner Malcolm is 90% sure it’s Thora, and it is]

32k: PHLEBITIS is a condition affecting: Gums / Eyes / Kidneys / (Veins) [50/50 leaves Eyes as well, they don’t know, he thinks it’s eyes]

Trisha Goddard and her husband Peter leave with 16k

Next couple: Greg Rusedski and his wife Lucy, she has trained as an actress, is a TV presenter and columnist

Catholic Children’s Charity, her dad has worked for them for 25 years

500 quid: (Rapier) is a type of sword [She thinks it’s musket, but they use Ask the Audience and 87% get it right]

1k: Leonardo DiCaprio plays (Howard Hughes) in The Aviator

They’ve been together for 13 years and say they would love to have kids [Did they? Was there a story there?]

2k: Added to certain foods to prevent deterioration: Anticoagulants / Anticyclones / Anti-inflammatories / (Antioxidants) [50/50 leaves Anti-inflammatories too]

4k: US State located on the Pacific coast; (Oregon) / Florida / Virginia / Georgia [They take a while to get there, he sort of knows it, she’s not sure]

8k: Sporting equipment where a “Baulk Line” would be found: (Billiards table) / Dartboard / Judo mat / Bowling green [Phone-A-Friend: he asks her to repeat the question and then doesn’t give an answer / This goes on for AGES before he finally decides on the right answer, and he does that annoying thing of, “If we’re wrong we’ll write a cheque for the extra four thousand”. Peter Kay & Paddy McGuinness did that too]

[15/04/2019 22:48] And that’s the end of the show, and Greg Rusedski and his wife will be back again 

OLD WHO: Sun/Mon 14/15 Apr 2019 midnight on Challenge, 6-11-00

[17/04/2019 07:56] Nick Strickland returns on 32k, this guy doesn’t look familiar / I don’t know if I have notes about him reaching 32k.

Cheque reads 6-11-0 and we can’t see the final digit (but it’s 6-11-00)

64k: Royal Tunbridge Wells is one of only 2 English towns with a Royal prefix; the other is: (Leamington Spa) / Cheltenham / Buckingham / Windsor [50/50 leaves him with Windsor as well]

And now he’s in a different shirt, so it’s a different show from the original broadcasts

125k: First British golfer to win the US Open Championship: Tony Jacklin / Edward Ray / HARRY VARDON / Nick Faldo [He doesn’t risk it]

Nick Strickland leaves with 64k and the cheque shows clearly 9-11-00

REVISE: HARRY VARDON and other UK golfers – Vardon was the first Brit to win the US Open

10 new contestants including John Stark, Sarah Bunby, Simon Baxter, Paul Owen, Jon Lewis, Ray Brooker, Dave Berry, Chris Squires, John Lynch

FFF: Put this cities in order of air distance from London, starting with CLOSEST

ABDC gives us: Amsterdam / Moscow / Washington / Tokyo 

In miles: 230 / 1560 / 3665 / 5960

5/10 get it right, Maureen Calder is fastest in 5.97s

A legal secretary from Aberdeenshire, there with her sister-in-law / she wants to spend 6 months in a health farm / “shakily confident” / husband Jim is at home

500 quid: Han Solo’s spacecraft in Star Wars: Millennium Falcon [she uses Ask the Audience: 78% get it right]

1k: Military signals are traditionally played on this instrument: (Bugle) / Clarinet / Glockenspiel / Violin

2k: Abbreviation used on official correspondence from a department of the British Government: (OHMS)

4k: Prickly Pear is: Fruit tree / Rosebush / (Cactus Plant) / Sea urchin [Not sure if it’s a cactus or a fruit tree – that’s a tough question for me for 4k / She uses Phone-A-Friend who’s 80% sure it’s a fruit tree, she goes for it but it’s wrong, it is a CACTUS PLANT]

Maureen Calder leaves with 1k

FFF: David Jason TV series, in order

CABD gives us: Open all hours / Only Fools and Horses / Darling Buds of May / A Touch of Frost

76 / 81 / 91 / 92

5/9 get it right, Sarah Bunby is fastest in 6.43s

An accounts assistant from LORDSWOOD in Kent / Partner Paul in the audience / She wants to buy a rally car / She’s got a piece of A4 with ABCD on 4 squares and she practises fastest finger first

1k: Cairo is capital of (Egypt)

2k: The hula is a traditional dance in: Thailand / Jamaica / (Hawaii) / Lapland

4k: A gourmand enjoys (eating)

8k: First name of painter Monet: (Claude)

16k: The city at the eastern end of the Trans-Siberian railway: Samarkand / Beijing / Kabul / (Vladivostok) [Phone-A-Friend: Thinks it’s Beijing, 70% he says / she goes for it and loses 7k]

Sarah Bunby leaves with 1k, I would have liked her go get more – the last 2 Phone-A-Friends have cost the contestants money

FFF: Modes of transport in the order they were first used

I went wrong with BACD: Chariot / Steam train / Hovercraft / Jet plane

It should be BADC: Chariot / Steam train / Jet plane / Hovercraft

Only 2/8 get it right, Jon Lewis is fastest in 7.25s

A cruise ship purser from Lochside in Dumfries / His mate John is in the audience, also the landlord of his local pub, who is there to make sure he pays his bar bill

[Battle of COPENHAGEN where Nelson put a (telescope) to his eye]

1k: The Ewing Ranch in Dallas was (South Fork) not East, West or North

2k: Gas used to make drinks fizzy: (Carbon dioxide)

4k: Seaside resort where the Royal Pavilion was designed for the Prince Regent: (Brighton) [Ask the Audience: 89% get it right]

8k: Essential ingredient of French dish bouillabaisse: Beef (Fish) Pork Chicken

16k: Amen means: The end / Thank you Lord / (So be it) / My prayer

32k: In “Through the looking glass”, Alice uses a mirror to read which poem: The Queen of Hearts / The Walrus and the Carpenter / Jabberwocky / The Lobster Quadrille [No idea when watching this / he’s using Phone-A-Friend: His mum, who says “Jabberwocky, I think”, not too sure / 50/50 leaves that and The Walrus and the Carpenter / he doesn’t risk it / 2021 notes: I read “Alice in Wonderland”  and “Through the Looking Glass” this year, and I still wasn’t 100%: it is Jabberwocky]

Jon Lewis leaves with 16k

REVISE: children’s Poems, Jabberwocky, Walrus and the Carpenter, Owl and the Pussycat / JABBERWOCKY is in Alice through the looking glass, she reads it through a mirror

FFF: The order they appear in the popular nursery rhyme

DCAB gives us: Old King Cole / Pipe / Bowl / Fiddlers Three

[I haven’t been completely sure of any of the 4 fastest finger firsts in this show, but this is my 3rd correct one]

Only 1/7 gets it right, Chris Squires in 11.64s

She runs a mail order company in the Isle of EDAY in the ORKNEYS / Her friend Edith is there, 3 kids at home / difficult journey, they redirected the ferry so that she could catch her flight, left the previous day at 5.20am

[17/04/2019 08:36] And that’s the end of the show

OLD WHO: Mon 15-Apr-2019 1am on Challenge, 11-11-00

[17/04/2019 08:37] straight on with the next one, Chris Squires continues, looks like it was a continuation from the original broadcast, although Challenge have split it across two shows

1k: (Battersea) London area famous for dog’s home and power station

NOW it’s a new show from the original broadcasts, and they’re both wearing new outfits, and poppies – the last show was 9/11/00 and they weren’t wearing poppies

2k: Wrote the lyrics for Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Beautiful Game: (Ben Elton) not Rowan Atkinson, Griff Rhys Jones  or Rory Bremner [Ask the Audience: 91% get it right]

4k: Scientist Louis Pasteur was (French)

8k: Canadian province in which French is the only official language: British Columbia / (Quebec) / Alberta / Manitoba

REVISE: I really must check my Canadian regions, there was a question in one of the new episodes of “Who wants to be a millionaire?” earlier this year about Toronto, or Montreal or somewhere, and the region it’s in – I never made a note of that one / French is the only official language in Quebec

16k: Eusebio played for (Portugal) [Phone-A-Friend: Sure it’s Portugal]

REVISE: Eusebio, where he came from originally, and he played for Portugal, check which clubs he played for too

32k: Sister of the characters Marge Simpson: (Selma Bouvier) not Wilma Flintstone / Dolly Pond / Sally Brown [50/50 leaves Selma and Sally Brown / she doesn’t risk it, thinks it might be Sally]

Chris Squires leaves with 16k

10 new contestants including Nicky Ward, Emily Glen, Pete Ingle, John Williamson, John Stockdale, David Gunn, Gordon Higgins, Bill Sedgwick, Willie Telford

FFF: Start with lowest, Scrabble tiles in order of points value

CDBA gives us: L / M / K / J

Blimey, only ONE out of 10 got it right: Andy Martin in 6.10s

An assistant manager in an electrical wholesalers in Liverpool / His best mate is in the audience / An Everton fan / would like to travel the world playing cricket with Julia Roberts, “she’s just stunning isn’t she?”

100 quid: (Cottage cheese) is produced from Skimmed Milk Curds

1k: C in BBC stands for (Corporation)

2k: Stephen Gately is associated with this boy band: (Boyzone) [Ask the Audience: 90% get it right]

4k: Tony Blair born in this decade (1950s) [50/50 leaves 50s and 60s]

8k: Jim Hawkins appears in this classic adventure story: (Treasure Island)

16k: HUANG HO is the 2nd longest river in China, what is its English name: Red River / Pearl River / (Yellow River) / White River

REVISE: Huang Ho, known in English as Yellow River, is the 2nd longest river in China 

32k: Sharon Stone’s character in the 1992 film Basic Instinct: Beth / Hazel / Roxy / Catherine [No idea, he thinks it’s Catherine and it is: CATHERINE / I might have gone for Beth]

Cheque shows: Andy Martin 11-11-00

REVISE: Sharon Stone movies, she plays CATHERINE in Basic Instinct

64k: A word that refers to the breeding grounds of penguins: Snuggeries / Catteries / Coteries / Rookeries [I’d guess Snuggeries / Phone-A-Friend guesses Rookeries / and he’s right: ROOKERIES are the breeding grounds of penguins]

REVISE: Rookeries are breeding grounds of penguins

125k: A goddess from ancient Greek mythology: Flora / Aphrodite / Minerva / Venus [I wasn’t sure, he is, it’s APHRODITE]

REVISE: Greek and Roman gods and goddesses, APHRODITE is Greek, Flora, Minerva and Venus are not

250k: Discovery of this helped archaeologists to decipher hieroglyphics: Dead Sea scrolls / Elgin Marbles / Venus de Milo / (Rosetta stone) [He knew it before the answer came up]

REVISE: Dead Sea Scrolls, Rosetta Stone, Elgin Marbles, Venus de Milo, dates of discovery, and what’s on the Dead Sea Scrolls

500k: A star in the constellation Orion: Polaris / Betelgeuse / Vega / Castor [NOPE, I might guess Betelgeuse, but it could be Polaris / It is BETELGEUSE]

Andy Martin leaves with 250k

REVISE: Stars and constellations, BETELGEUSE is in Orion

FFF: British landmarks in the order they were built

BACD gives us: Stonehenge / Westminster Abbey / Royal Albert Hall / Millennium Bridge

8/9 get it right, Pete Ingle is fastest in 5.70s

He’s wearing a poppy, the last contestants wasn’t

A physical training instructor in the RAF from Stamford in Lincs / wife in the audience / 2 kids at home / they travel across Europe on a motorbike and sidecar, her riding pillion

1k: 1989 hit The Living Years: (Mike and the Mechanics)

2k: Colours associated with Newcastle United (Black and white)

4k: Train station Eurostar trains leave from for Paris: (Waterloo), at the time [Ask the Audience: 91% get it right]

REVISE: When did the London terminus for Eurostar trains change from Waterloo to St Pancras?

8k: Chanson in French is (Song) [50/50 leaves letter as well]

16k: Vice President to Reagan: (George Bush) [He doesn’t know / Phone-A-Friend: he thinks it’s Dan Quayle / He goes for it and loses 7k]

Pete Ingle leaves with 1k

[17/04/2019 09:10] And that’s the end of the show, 74 minutes to get through them, but I did catch some BBC Breakfast too, for local news (Extinction Rebellion protests, the weather)

The UK Top 10 at the Box Office that week: What men want / The Sisters Brothers / Fishermen’s Friends / Missing Link (LYCA Studios, check the name) / Us / “Peppa Pig: Festival of Fun” / Captain Marvel / Pet Semetary / Dumbo / Shazaam!

OLD WHO: Sun 14-Apr-2019 11pm on Challenge, 4-11-00 and 6-11-00

[17/04/2019 15:25] David Turner resumes on 16k

32k: Abu Dhabi and Dubai are part of: (United Arab Emirates) [July 2021: A joke I heard yesterday: What’s the difference between Abu Dhabi and Dubai? Dubai don’t like da Flintstones, but Abu Dhabi do]

Cheque shows: 4-11-0 (confirmed later as 4-11-00)

64k: Woody Allen 1998 film featuring Leonardo DiCaprio: Everyone says I love you / Deconstructing Harry / Celebrity / Sweet and Lowdown [NO idea, and I’ve looked up Leonardo DiCaprio films before, but not for a while, as a “Who Dares Wins” kind of thing / Phone-A-Friend: his brother, thinks it’s Harry, 50/50 leaves him with that and Celebrity, I think it might be Celebrity – I think I saw Deconstructing Harry / Ask the Audience: 73% go Harry / He goes for CELEBRITY, and he’s right / They keep showing his partner or wife with her head in her hands]

125k: Famous cricketer WG Grace qualified as: Teacher / Accountant / (Doctor) / Solicitor [He was pretty sure of that one too]

Next cheque shows 6-11-00, so we’re into a different show from the original broadcasts, he’s wearing a different shade of red shirt

250k: Winston Churchill was educated at: Rugby / Eton / (Harrow) / Gordonstoun [I’ve definitely seen this one at some point, but don’t think I have made notes on it / he’s not sure enough]

David Turner leaves with 125k

10 new contestants including Debby Sutcliffe, Karl Saunders, Roger Haywood, Geoff Carr, Nick Strickland, Mac McCallion, Marianne Holm, Chris Last, Stan Livesey

FFF: Start with smallest, birds in order of average size

ACDB gives us: Hummingbird / Rook / Turkey / Ostrich

9/10 get it right, Mac McCallion is fastest in 5.26s

A contracts manager from Little Eaton in Derbyshire / father-in-law in the audience / wife and 2 kids at home / her advice: don’t guess, and if you do and get it wrong, don’t come home / he would take 6 months off with the wife and kids, take them on holiday before deciding what to do next / His son Josh would like to take their teacher Mrs White with them

1k: Mexico is on this continent: (North America) Europe / Asia / Africa

2k: Famous son-in-law of actor Tony Booth: (Tony Blair) [Ask the Audience: 86% get it right]

4k: in military terminology a “Redcoat” was a (British soldier)

8k: specific name for “wool fat” obtained from sheep’s’ wool: (Lanolin) not Linoleum, linseed and other equally bogus options

16k: traditionally carried by Thor, Norse god of thunder: (Hammer) not spear, shield, sword [Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know / 50/50 leaves Shield, he finally gets it after that / Maybe, back in 2000, I wouldn’t have been sure but the Marvel movies have made it much more common knowledge]

32k: Who wrote “Paradise Lost”: Alexander Pope / Geoffrey Chaucer / Wilfred Owen / (John Milton) [He doesn’t have a clue / I’m surprised, I thought he would]

Mac McCallion leaves with 16k

FFF: Names in order from a 60s pop group

BACD gives us: Dozy Beaky Mick Tich

5/9 get it right, Debby Sutcliffe is fastest in 5.80s

A personal adviser from Scarborough / her husband is in the audience / She didn’t expect to get on, just expected to wave at the camera / she’d be happy with 16k / And her husband can have his van resprayed

1k: “Big band” is most associated with (jazz) not punk or C&W

2k: Colwyn Bay is in (Wales) Scotland / Isle of Man / Isle of Wight

4k: Currency in Portugal (Escudo) [at the time]

8k: Hillary Clinton’s maiden name (Rodham) [50/50 leaves Rodgers too]

16k: “Wives and daughters” was a novel by (Elizabeth Gaskell) / Jane Austen / George Eliot / Anne Bronte [Phone-A-Friend: he thought it was Lawrence, hasn’t got a clue / Ask the Audience: 24% get it right, 49% go Austen, 17% Anne B, 10% George Eliot / She plays Jane Austen and loses 7k]

Debby Sutcliffe leaves with 1k

FFF: Breeds of shark in alphabetical order

CABD gives us: Basking / Hammerhead / Thresher / Tiger

REVISE: sharks, including these 4: Basking / Hammerhead / Thresher / Tiger

5/8 get it right, Nick Strickland is fastest in 5.76s

Customer services rep from Reading / Was once on Everybody’s Equal, won £15 from Tarrant before / would like 3 things: A money-no-object Christmas, his own house, a remake of Easy Rider / He says he’s impulsive

1k: (Hank) is name shared by guitarist Marvin and late country music star Williams [Real Names: HIRAM Williams and BRIAN RANKIN for Hank Marvin]

2k: Colour that does NOT appear on the flag of Germany: Black / (Blue) / Gold / Red

4k: NOT a member of Enid Blyton’s Famous 5: George / (Tarquin) / Dick / Julian [Ask the Audience: 79% get it right]

8k: In DIY, the narrow strip of wood used for edging: Baffle / Chamfer / Beading / Bevel [BEADING, I think / Phone-A-Friend: 100% sure]

16k: Ingrid Bergman starred in (Casablanca)

32k: Surname of explorer after whom America was named: Columbus / Da Gama / Magellan / (Vespucci)

[17/04/2019 15:58] And that’s the end of the show

And the rest of Nick Strickland’s questions are noted elsewhere

OLD WHO: Mon 15-Apr-2019 10pm on Challenge, no dates shown, no wins of 32k or more

[17/04/2019 23:26] Peter Askins, guy in a red shirt back on 100 quid

1k: On a ranch, what can be found in a corral: Bailed Hay / (Livestock) / Farm Machinery / Water

Tarrant wants to ask this guy about his lack of luck with the ladies

2k: “Serious” was the autobiography of this tennis player: (John McEnroe) not Connors, Wade, Evert

4k: Paul and Heather McCartney’s daughter, born 2003: (Beatrice Milly) not Charlotte Dilly, Deborah Tilly or Eleanor Jilly [Ask the Audience: 89% get it right]

REVISE: Paul and Heather McCartney’s daughter, born 2003 is Beatrice Milly / There have been so many children born to slebs since then, and they come up in quizzes (like the West-Kardashian family)

8k: Gulf of Oman is in which ocean: Atlantic / Pacific / (Indian) / Arctic [Phone-A-Friend: 90% certain]

16k: Kelly Jones is a member of this rock band: (Stereophonics) / Manic Street Preachers / Coldplay / Travis [50/50 leaves him with Manic Street Preachers as well / he goes for Manic Street Preachers and loses 7k]

Peter Askins leaves with 1k

10 new contestants: Sue Jones, Sam Hobday, Marc Lodge, Iris Elward-Jones, Mavis Watson, Sophie Green, Linda Westerman, David Rainford, Joyce Lemon, Peter Orton

FFF: Words in alphabetical order

CDBA gives us: Coward / Cowbell / Cowboy / Cower

4/10 get it right, Sophie Green is fastest in 4.37s [David Rainford got it in 7.90s]

Housewife from Hemel Hempstead / husband in the audience, 2 children at home, including 6-month old baby, and they show us a photo / With a big win she would try her hand at property development and visit the Ngorongoro Crater in Africa, in Tanzania, big chance of seeing the Big Five on Safari

1k: (UHT) on a carton of milk indicates that it’s long life

2k: In nursery rhyme (Little Jack Horner) said “What a good boy am I”

4k: Best Director Oscar in 2005: (Clint Eastwood) Mike Leigh / Martin Scorsese / Taylor Hackford [They’re using the date system that I don’t like: it was for films released in 2004, so for me this is the Best Director winner of 2004]

8k: Ski resort of VAL D’ISERE is in: France / Austria / Switzerland / Norway [Thanks for this, I’ve been meaning to look it up, because I don’t know it for sure / Ask the Audience: 32% France, 47% Switzerland, 21% Austria, nothing on Norway / 50/50 leaves France and Austria]

REVISE: Ski Resorts, VAL D’ISERE is in FRANCE /

16k: 31 Songs, about his favourite music, by (Nick Hornby) Mike Gayle / Will Self / Salman Rushdie [Phone-A-Friend: Her mum, doesn’t know it, she’s guessing Mike Gayle, runs out of time before explaining / she doesn’t risk it, oh, hold on, she does / she goes for Mike Gayle / no, she’s going to take the money]

Sophie Green leaves with 8k

FFF: Ballads in the order they became UK Top 10 singles

CDBA gives us: Ballad of Davy Crockett / Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde / Ballad of John and Yoko / Ballad of Tom Jones

2/9 get it right, Sam Hobday and Mavis Watson, who is faster in 8.13s

A doctor’s secretary from PENRITH in Cumbria / wife and 3 children, and the son in the audience is getting married next year, and doesn’t want money for it – just the stag do / Long-lost cousin in Canada, aged 83, she would like to bring him over

500 quid: She uses Ask the Audience to confirm which of these is not a court card: Jack / Queen / King / (Ace) [94% get it right]

1k: Moira Stuart’s famous TV job: (Newsreader)

2k: Spice that gives brandy snap its main flavour (Ginger)

4k: Gonna make you a star, first #1 for (David Essex)

8k: (EM Forster) wrote the novel “A Room With A View” [she doesn’t know, Phone-A-Friend: pretty sure it’s EM Forster]

16k: Sid Waddell is a well-known commentator on: (Darts) [she goes 50/50 and is left with Snooker too / she takes the money]

Mavis Watson leaves with 8k

[17/04/2019 23:57] And that’s the end of the show, 31 minutes of typing time

OLD WHO: Tue 16-Apr-2019 10pm Challenge, 9-4-05

[17/04/2019 23:58] Straight on with the next one

FFF: Words in order in Wordsworth’s poem

DBCA gives us: I / Wandered / Lonely / Cloud

6/8 get it right, Marc Lodge is fastest in 2.10s, David Rainford was 5th in 6.57s

A software developer from Sevenoaks in Kent / Wife in the audience, 3 kids at home, a 12 year old and 2x 8 year old twins / Would like his own ski chalet in Austria to practise

1k: (Sextant) used by navigators not Sextet, sexagenarian and so on

2k: Lorraine Chase is a star of which soap: “Emmerdale” / The Bill / Hollyoaks / Family Affairs [No idea / Ask the Audience: 90% go “Emmerdale”]

REVISE: Lorraine Chase starred in “Emmerdale”

4k: Country that was once part of the Soviet Union: (Ukraine) not Bulgaria, Hungary or Romania

8k: Medieval Poet Dante was (Italian) [Phone-A-Friend: Jane thinks he’s French, “just a gut reaction” / He goes 50/50 and is left with Dutch too / He uses “Logic” to say that if he was Italian the name would end ti, like spaghetti, so he goes Dutch / he loses 4k]

Marc Lodge leaves with 1k

10 new contestants, but David Rainford didn’t get a go there, oh, hold on, he’s back again / the 10: Stefan Harrington, Louise Jones, Chris Page, John Wright, Frank Simpson, Mick Davis, Wilma Gate, Phil Dobie, David Rainford, Shaun Haggarty

FFF: Start with most northerly, nicknames of premiership football teams in geographical order

DBCA gives us: Magpies / Red Devils / Gunners / Saints

6.10 get it right, David Rainford is fastest in 3.05s

“Now you’re here then?” “Eventually”

A sales and marketing executive from WITHINGTON near Manchester / His friend Danny is in the audience / girlfriend Tina is at home with 2 year old daughter Ella, she does shifts as a nurse so he babysits at weekends / he wants 2 houses: one to live in and a fancy Wendy House too

[300 quid: (Mandarin) is a type of orange and a type of duck]

500 quid: He uses Ask the Audience for “A VIP visiting a ship is usually: Hooted aboard / Screeched aboard / (Piped) aboard / Honked aboard / 88% get it right]

1k: (Nicole Kidman) duet with Robbie Williams on 2001 #1 Something Stupid

2k: Did not serve as US President: (Douglas MacArthur)

4k: NOT a standard character in Cluedo: (Admiral) Reverend Colonel Professor

8k: “Dr Who” assistant Rose Tyler in the new TV series: Anna Friel / (Billie Piper) / Rachael Stirling / Hannah Waterman

16k: Nell Gwyn lived in (17th) C

32k: Willy Loman is the central character in (Death of a Salesman)

Cheque shows 9-4-05

64k: US State that shares a border with Texas: Montana / Florida / Minnesota / (Oklahoma) [50/50 leaves him with Florida too]

125k: First name of French composer Gounod, famous for his opera Faust: (Charles) / Pierre / Hector / Igor

250k: Which of these people was not born in 1899: Duke Ellington / Charlie Chaplin / Humphrey Bogart / Ernest Hemingway [It’s CHAPLIN, I should have known that – he was making movies from 1914 or so, and he wouldn’t have been 15 that year / He was born in 1889 and died 1977 / Phone-A-Friend: 80% Chaplin]

Cheque still shows 9-4-05 / 2 people up to this point had dropped from 250k to 32k

500k: As what was 18th century-born explorer Mungo Park qualified: Priest / Lawyer / Surgeon / Engineer [He thinks it’s doctor but doesn’t risk it / It is SURGEON]

David Rainford leaves with 250k, “That’s Ample” he says, he’ll get married now, and Chris will see him at the wedding

FFF: Slebs in the order they won “I’m a celebrity get me out of here”

I went wrong with DABC: Tony Blackburn / Kerry McFadden / Phil Tufnell / Joe Pasquale

It should be DBAC: Tony Blackburn / Phil Tufnell / Kerry McFadden / Joe Pasquale

5/9 get it right, Stefan Harrington is fastest in 3.88s

A warehouse manager from SOUTH OCKENDEN in Essex / girlfriend Lou is in the audience /

[18/04/2019 00:32] He gets to 500 quid and that’s the end of the show / Time for bed

OLD WHO: Wed 17-Apr-2019 10pm Challenge, from 16-4-05

[18/04/2019 10:20] Stefan Harrington returns for his 1k question

1k: ASLEF workers most likely to work in (Railways) [ASLEF = Associated Society of Locomotive Engineers and Firemen]

2k: (Delta) river feature that’s in the NATO Phonetic Alphabet

4k: Little White Wedding Chapel is in (Las Vegas) USA

8k: children’s TV, Fimbo Florrie and Baby Pom are (Fimbles)

16k: Agar-Agar, a vegetarian equivalent to gelatine, is derived from: Berries / (Seaweed) / Nuts / Flour [Ask the Audience: 81% get it right]

32k: Carried the British flag at the opening ceremony of 2004 Olympics: Beth Tweddle / KATE HOWEY / Pippa Funnell / Karen Pickering [Phone-A-Friend: Thinks it’s Kate Howey / 50/50 leaves her and Beth / He doesn’t risk it]

Stefan Harrington leaves with 16k

REVISE: GB Flag bearers at Olympic Games: Kate Howey in 2004

10 new contestants: Digby Morgan, Liz Morrison, Tony Morgan, Dennis Collins, Steve Martin, Greg Condry, Iam Simms, Graham Iliffe, Mark Rushby, Craig McFarlane

FFF: Parts of a wine bottle in order, from the top

CADB gives us: Lip Neck Shoulder Base

5/10 get it right, Craig McFarlane is fastest in 3.04s

An RAF mechanic from Northallerton, North Yorkshire / He looks young / Partner Cherie in the audience, 3 cats at home / due to come out of RAF after 14 years, wants to retrain for a career in IT / she wants a Barbie pink VW Beetle

1k: Nationality of Joan of Arc: (French)

2k: Jude Law announced his engagement to actress (Sienna Miller) in 2005 [Ask the Audience: 78% get it right]

4k: Key Lime pie originates from (Florida)

8k: Latin phrase meaning “go with me”: Carpe Diem / Nil Desperandum / Caveat Emptor / (Vade Mecum) [I know it by elimination / Phone-A-Friend: He knows it’s not 1 or 2 / 50/50 leaves Carpe Diem / He trusts his friend, also his brother-in-law, and goes for it]

16k: Shoe designer MANOLO BLAHNIK was born in: Tunisia / Greece / Lebanon / Spain [Not sure, I think it’s Spain / It is – MANOLO has always been Spanish in my little experience / He doesn’t risk it]

Craig McFarlane leaves with 8k

REVISE: Shoe designers, MANOLO BLAHNIK was born in Spain

FFF: Film directors in the order they were born

DCAB gives us: Alfred Hitchcock / David Lean / Ridley Scott / Guy Ritchie

1899 / 1908 / 1937 / 1968

4/9 get it right, Greg Condry is fastest in 3.76s

A project manager from Teddington Middlesex / Wife at home, daughter in the audience, 3 more daughters, 2 grandchildren / His job ends in 2 months, he doesn’t want to work again and would travel the world as an ageing hippy

1k: Summer solstice falls in (June) in Northern hemisphere [Ask the Audience: 89% get it right]

2k: Integers will be taught in (mathematics)

4k: Rodeo Drive is a famous shopping street in (Los Angeles)

8k: In the 1950s Tufty the squirrel was created to teach children about: Swimming / Country code / Fireworks / (Road safety)

16k: A golfer’s 2004 autobiography called “Life Swings”: Tiger Woods / Nick Faldo / Colin Montgomerie / Ernie Els [50/50 leaves Faldo and Monty / Phone-A-Friend: can only guess at Nick Faldo / It’s FALDO]

Revise: Sporting autobiographies, Nick Faldo LIFE SWINGS / 

32k: Composer buried in Poets’ Corner in Westminster Abbey: Brahms / Liszt / Wagner / (Handel)

64k: restaurant that would serve NASI GORENG: Moroccan / Japanese / Turkish / INDONESIAN [I wasn’t sure if it was that or Japanese]

REVISE: NASI GORENG is Indonesian food, revise at least 10 different Japanese foods

125k: First name of Baroness Amos who became Leader of the House of Lords in 2003: Janet / Connie / Lesley / (Valerie)

Cheque shows 16-4-05

[18/04/2019 10:50] And that’s the end of the show, and for now I’m up-to-date with all recently recorded “Who wants to be a millionaire?” episodes