Part 26

WWTBAM Prep, Part 26 (20-Jun-2019 to 25-Jun-2019)

Notes taken while watching the UK edition of WWTBAM, May 2019. New editions (2018 onwards, broadcast on ITV) are titled “NEW WHO:”, older editions are titled “WHO:” or “OLD WHO:” and were broadcast on Challenge; Celebrity editions, also broadcast on Challenge, are titled “SLEB WHO:”. Specific dates for these notes: 20-Jun-2019 to 25-Jun-2019 . [5,668 words in this piece.]

SLEB WHO: Stephen Mangan, Caroline Flack, Joe McElderry and family members

[20/06/2019 08:51] Here’s another one to clear, and I just want the tricky questions, less chat than usual

1st couple: Stephen Mangan and his brother-in-law / Mangan has just been the voice of Postman Pat in a movie, songs by Gary Barlow [That’s news to me]

10k: FORTNUM & MASON is the London department store that keeps beehives on its roof to make its own brand of honey, not Harrods, Liberty or Selfridges [Ask the Audience: 66% get it right]

20k: A stone monument at THAMES HEAD, claiming to mark the source of the River Thames, is in: West Sussex / (Gloucestershire) / Shropshire / Warwickshire [Easy from the other options – if Oxfordshire had been there I’d have been tempted by it]

REVISE: A Stone Monument, THAMES HEAD, claiming to mark the source of the River Thames, is in Gloucestershire

50k: There are over 100,000 red postboxes in the UK; what was adopted as the standard colour for early Victorian pillar boxes: Blue / Green / Purple / Yellow [50/50 leaves blue and green / It’s GREEN] [Apparently they were green to blend in with the landscape, but nobody could find them so they made them red instead] landscape, but nobody could find them so they made them red instead]

REVISE: Early Victorian pillar boxes were painted GREEN to blend in with the landscape, but nobody could find them so they made them red instead

75k: NOT a British butterfly: SPECKLED GREEN / Adonis Blue / Marbled White / Meadow Brown [Never heard of ANY of those, I’d have gone Meadow Brown – I figured that Blue and White probably were, but it was a 50/50 shot on the others / They’ve gone for Adonis Blue and leave with 50k]

REVISE: Butterflies: Adonis Blue, Marbled White, Meadow Brown are all British butterflies, there is no such thing as a Speckled Green butterfly

2nd Pair: Caroline Flack and her mum Chris / At the time she’s doing X Factor with Olly Murs – is that after “Strictly Come Dancing”? I think so

10k: First logo of this major corporation featured Sir Isaac Newton sitting under a tree: Amazon / Google / Apple / Nokia [Ask the Audience: 74% go for Apple, which seems logical, 50/50 leaves Nokia too, it’s APPLE]

20k: (Puerto Rico) has voted to become the 51st state of the USA, not Cuba, Montserrat or Faroe Islands [Again, the other answers make it easier / Phone-A-Friend: thinks it’s PR / they don’t risk it, Caroline Flack and her mum leave with 10k

3rd Pair: X Factor winner Joe McElderry and his grandma, 78, she was in a group in the 1960s called Dolly Mixtures

2k: (The Shire) is the Hobbit homeland located in the NORTH WEST of JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth, not the Manor, County or Hood [Ask the Audience: 92% get it right]

REVISE: The Shire is the Hobbit homeland located in the NORTH WEST of JRR Tolkien’s Middle Earth

10k: ALLIUM SATIVUM is the botanical name for this common cooking ingredient: Pepper / (Garlic) / Salt / Olive Oil [Phone-A-Friend doesn’t know, 50/50 leaves Salt as well]

They get 10k, don’t risk the 20k question about how many points you need to win a tie-break in tennis, a minimum of (7) / Joe McE and has gran leave with 10k

[20/06/2019 09:16] And that’s the end of the show, and a pretty quick thousand words for me today, even with my sore right forearm (too much typing recently)

OLD WHO: Thu 20-Jun, 10pm [is a repeat of Sun 2-Jun-2019 2am, no dates]

[24/06/2019 11:28] For the record, another repeat within a month of its previous screening, notes elsewhere

SLEB WHO: Sat 15-Jun-2019, 10pm (from 2013, friends special, Cram & Coe, Sally Lindsay & Steve White, Louis Smith & Paul Hall) [repeated Sun 23-Jun-2019, 2am]

[23/06/2019 15:16] Okay, I’m winding down my “Who wants to be a millionaire?” notes, so here goes with just 20 minutes to go through this one, all being well / It’s a friends special / I just want the questions that I DIDN’T know the answers to / and this is the new-format, 12 questions each, timed for the first few questions / this was from 2013, after the Olympics, and they chat about it

1st Pair: Steve Cram & Sebastian Coe

5k: Blood: Universal donor is group (O)

10k: STOP sign in Highway Code is (octagon) [this came up again in the new series / Ask the Audience: 52% get it right]

Daley Thompson is also in the audience

20k: 007 is the international dialling code to the UK from: Belgium / RUSSIA / Austria / Germany [50/50 leaves Belgium and Russia]

50k: 65th wedding anniversary is: Pink diamond / White opal / BLUE SAPPHIRE / Purple Ruby [Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know, they don’t risk it]

Coe & Cram leave with 20k

2nd pair: Sally Lindsay from “Coronation Street” and her partner Steve White, drummer with the Style Council and lots of session work – was youngest performer at Live Aid, 2nd act on, Style Council after the Quo

[She was in St Winifred’s School Choir, 1980 #1, and on Tiswas / He has also played with The Who]

10k: DR SYLVIUS is said to have created (gin), combining grain alcohol with juniper berries to treat kidney disorders

20k: Colour of the KELLOGG’S ROOSTER’S body on cornflake packets in the UK: Yellow / (Green) / Purple / Blue [50/50 left green and blue]

50k: Old Father Time at Lord’s Cricket Ground is a (Weathervane) [They use Phone-A-Friend]

75k: 1906 official guidelines stipulated that the design of (LONDON CABS) should be tall enough to accommodate a man in a top hat / they’ve SWITCHED that question so here’s the next one

75k: A creature with rectangular pupils to enhance their peripheral vision and help avoid predators: GOATS / dogs / rabbits / mice [Ask the Audience: 25% goats / 42% rabbits / 31% mice / they’ve gone for Rabbits and that’s it]

Steve and Sally leave with 50k

3rd Couple: Gymnast Louis Smith and his coach Paul Hall

2k: Tarantino movie Django (Unchained) [Ask the Audience: 89% get it right]

5k: (Nelson) died 1805 and is commemorated at Trafalgar Square

[23/06/2019 15:33] And that’s it, 22 minutes, with an interruption or two, but done

OLD WHO: Sat 15-Jun-2019, 11pm [repeated Tue 25-Jun-2019, 11pm, this week we have TWO episodes per night on Challenge]

[23/06/2019 21:34] As quick as I can

32k: In Greek mythology who sprang, fully armed, from the head of Zeus: Aphrodite / Adonis / ATHENA / Apollo [He takes the money]

Peter Thomas leaves with 16k

FFF: Famous bears in alphabetical order

BADC gives us: Paddington / Pooh / Rupert / Yogi

It’s these 9 from 9-Jun-2019: Clare Wadsworth, Graham Bell, Frank Hanson, Avis Newell, David Evans, Tania Bradshaw, Eric Sandelands, Peter Scott, Stuart Gray

8/9 get it right, Stuart Gray is fastest in 3.52s

Self-employed electrician from Formby Lancs, wife and kids at home

1k: (Sherry) drunk from a Schooner

2k: (Jude Law) married the actress Sadie Frost in 1997 [Ask the Audience: over 90% get it right]

4k: Galileo Galilei airport is in (Pisa) not Madrid Warsaw or Lyon [50/50 also left him with Warsaw]

REVISE: Galileo Galilei airport is in Pisa

8k: A CD of love songs launched by this politician in 2003 (Silvio Berlusconi)

[Now he’s in a different shirt]

16k: Harlem is a district in which New York borough: Queens / Brooklyn / (Manhattan) / Staten Island [He doesn’t risk it]

Stuart Gray leaves with 8k

10 new contestants: Jonathan Pash, Derek McShane, Steph Hinks, John Freeman, Nick Norwood, John Gallantry, Stephen Ellis, Juliette Cavilla, Tony Carter, Mark Jeary

FFF: Famous men in order they were knighted

DABC gives us: Francis Drake / Isaac Newton / Arthur Conan Doyle / Michael Caine

6/10 get it right, Nick Norwood is fastest in 4.19s

A part-time student from Belfast / wants to get a job to give something back /

500 quid he used 50/50 for the colour of a box junction, (yellow) not red

1k: Forked (tongue) on a snake

2k: TV series: Dr Finlay’s (Casebook)

4k: Juan Pablo Montoya is: Chilean / Peruvian / Uruguayan / COLOMBIAN [I didn’t know that / Ask the Audience: 64% get it right]

REVISE: F1: Juan Pablo Montoya is COLOMBIAN

[23/06/2019 22:01] I took a break there, to record tonight’s shows, and the first of them is a repeat of last week’s, with Stephen Mangan, Caroline Flack and so on / I’ll try and get through the rest of this show

8k: In 2004, became the youngest female solo artist to top the chart with “Mind Body and Soul”: Amy Winehouse / (Joss Stone) / Alex Parks / Katie Melua

16k: “All my possessions for a moment of time” are reputed to be the last words of this monarch: ELIZABETH I / Charles II / George III / William IV [Phone-A-Friend: thinks it’s Elizabeth I, he goes for it]

REVISE: Reputed to be the last words of Queen Elizabeth I: “All my possessions for a moment of time”

32k: LAKE LOUISE and FAIRVIEW MOUNTAIN are tourist attractions in: South Africa / New Zealand / Australia / CANADA [He knows someone who lives near Lake Louise, in Canada]


The cheque says Nick Norwood but once again the date is blank

64k: Author of “The Vampire Chronicles”: Patricia Cornwell / Virginia Andrews / Mary Willis Walker / (Anne Rice)

125k: Lucille Le Sueur was the real name of this actress: JOAN CRAWFORD / Lana Turner / Katherine Hepburn / Lauren Bacall

REVISE: Lucille Le Sueur was the real name of Joan Crawford

He leaves with 64k

FFF: From North to South, animals in order of the geographical area they come from

I went wrong with CADB: Reindeer / Gorilla / Yak / King penguin

It should be CDAB: Reindeer / Yak / Gorilla / King penguin

2/9 get it right, John Gallantry is fastest in 4..89s

[23/06/2019 22:12] And that’s the end of the show, before we even hear anything about him / 2 hours I can delete from the hard drive, while THREE more hours are being recorded.

And I’m looking at live Women’s World Cup action now, in extra-time France v Brazil is 1-1, 2 minutes of the first period of ET to go

OLD WHO: Sun 16-Jun-2019, 0am [repeated Wed 26-Jun-2019 at 10pm]

[23/06/2019 22:46] On with another one, a 3-hour recording from last Sunday morning

John Gallantry returns, an independent financial adviser Moreton Merseyside

1k: (Cameron) replaced Michael Howard as leader of the Tories

2k: (Odometer) measures distance travelled by a vehicle

4k: (Sahara) desert visited by Michael Palin in 2002 TV series

8k: Gossamer is made up of (Spider’s webs)

16k: Most of the collection of the British Library in London was formerly housed in: (British Museum) / National Gallery / Fitzwilliam Museum / Buckingham Palace [50/50 leaves Fitz as well / Ask the Audience: 73% get it right]

32k: Left her home at NEAR SAWREY in the Lake District to the National Trust when she died in 1943: BEATRIX POTTER / Enid Blyton / E Nesbit / Mary Norton [Phone-A-Friend: she’s sure of it]

REVISE: Beatrix Potter left her home at NEAR SAWREY in the Lake District to the National Trust when she died in 1943 / Near Sawrey and Far Sawrey are two neighbouring villages

John Gallantry, and the cheque has a blank date, as do all the subsequent cheques

64k: Real first name of Ms Dynamite: Kloe / (Niomi) / Aneeta / Hellen [He guesses right]

REVISE: Real first name of Ms Dynamite: Niomi

125k: In which country was GLADYS AYLWARD a missionary: Thailand / China / Cambodia / Japan [It’s CHINA, I thought so, and I think I caught this show months ago, before I started typing hundreds of thousands of words about the show]

REVISE: GLADYS AYLWARD, British missionary in China, subject of Alan Burgess’s book “The Small Woman” (1957), filmed as “The Inn of the 6th Happiness” (1958) starring Ingrid Bergman / Born 1902, died 1970

250k: Played Baron Frankenstein in the 1957 Hammer horror film “The Curse of Frankenstein” Lon Chaney Jr / Vincent Price / Peter Cushing / Boris Karloff [Cushing, I’m sure, and it is / August 2021: This film was used in a “House of Games” episode repeated recently, in the Mouse of Games round – “The Purse of Frankenstein”, which nobody got]

500k: Title of Barbara Cartland’s first novel, published in 1923: Ludo / (Jigsaw) / Solitaire / Conundrum [I heard this somewhere else recently, maybe “Fifteen to One”, as in “Jigsaw was the first novel by which prolific novelist who published over 700 books in her lifetime before her death in 2000 aged 98”]

REVISE: First Barbara Cartland’s novel, published in 1923: Jigsaw

John Gallantry leaves with 250k

10 new contestants: Nick Byrd, Andy Jones, Kevin Parr, Sarah Geldard, Malcolm MacDonald, Terry Ripo, Trevor Watts, Steve Nunn, Kenny Owens, Richard Barr

FFF: female characters in order that they first appeared in print

DBAC gives us: Moll Flanders / Jane Eyre / Scarlett O’Hara / Bridget Jones

Only 1/10 gets it right, Nick Byrd in 5.48s

Another independent financial adviser, like the last guy, he’s from Hampton Lucy in Warwickshire / married, 2 kids of 19 and 22 / remembers the time and date he met his wife in 1979

Uses Ask the Audience on the 500 quid question, (Cub) is the name given to an inexperienced reporter, not kitten or puppy

1k: City of Liverpool was formerly part of (Lancashire)

2k: (Thierry Henry) broke Ian Wright’s record as Arsenal’s top scorer in 2005

4k: (Three) Kings of England were called Richard

8k: Britney Spears fragrance launched in 2005: Dream / Imagination / (Fantasy) / Vision [Phone-A-Friend: his wife “I haven’t a clue darling” but he gets it right anyway]

REVISE: Fragrances, Britney Spears launched FANTASY in 2005 / Also: Curious (2004), Curious: In Control (2006), Midnight Fantasy, Believe, Curious Heart, Radiance, there’s even a “Curious Fantasy” / LOTS of fragrances with the word Fantasy in them / More recently (2019): Prerogative, and she has had a hit with a cover of Bobby Brown’s “My Prerogative”

16k: the country in which the so-called ORANGE REVOLUTION took place: Azerbaijan / Georgia / Lithuania / (Ukraine) [He goes for Georgia and loses 7k] [It was in 2004/5]

Nick Byrd leaves with 1k

REVISE: The Orange Revolution was in UKRAINE in 2004/5 / Lots of different revolutions given coloured names over the last 20 years or more / Check dates of things like the Arab Spring

[23/06/2019 23:09] Great, all done, FOUR hours to delete in the morning, when tonight’s recordings have ended

Let’s see, we’re on a live fastest finger first about making pancakes and Sam Smith is fastest in 5.89s, yes I have notes, but not about the contestant names

OLD WHO: Sun 23-Jun-2019 11pm is a repeat of OLD WHO: 15-Feb-2019, Sam Smith and Mike Ratcliffe

OLD WHO: Sun 16-Jun-2019, 1am

[23/06/2019 23:29] I’ve been watching a bit of the live one, which is a repeat for which I already have notes / ONE more episode before bed

FFF: Words in order, opening of a song by the Wombles

CBDA gives us: Underground Overground Wombling Free

The same names as last time: Andy Jones, Kevin Parr, Sarah Geldard, Malcolm MacDonald, Terry Ripo, Trevor Watts, Steve Nunn, Kenny Owens, Richard Barr

6/9 get it right, Andy Jones is fastest in 1.94s (QUICK)

A partner in an accountancy firm in Aldridge in the Midlands, his wife is still his best friend

500 quid: he needs the audience to confirm that the following is an invertebrate: (worm), not woodpecker, weasel or whiting

1k: (Tower of London) has a ravenmaster

2k: Dagenham and Longbridge are associated with manufacture of (cars)

4k: Character in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet played by Kevin Whately: Dennis Patterson / Barry Taylor / Oz Osbourne / NEVILLE HOPE [He knew it, I didn’t, never saw it]

REVISE: Character in “Auf Wiedersehen, Pet” played by Kevin Whately: NEVILLE HOPE

8k: Calendar currently used in Britain is named after this Pope: (Gregory) [Phone-A-Friend: 90 % sure of it]

16k: “Oh to be in England now that April’s there” was written by: William Wordsworth / Robert Browning / John Keats / Percy Shelley [50/50 leaves Browning and Shelley / I’m pretty sure it’s Browning, yes it is, he doesn’t risk it]

Andy Jones leaves with 8k

10 new contestants:  Eamonn McKenna, Michael Steer, Sue Venables, Donna Walsh, Phil Hitchen, Sara Manifold, Peter Franks, Victoria Woodward, George Powell, Mick Dolan

FFF: Words in the order they appear in a TS Eliot poetry collection

BCDA gives us: Old Possum’s Practical Cats

6/10 get it right, Michael Steer is fastest in 2.92s

From Huddersfield, worked in a bank, retrained as a teacher and has set up house with a fellow teacher, girlfriend Joanne / his dad is in the audience

1k: David Walliams (swam the Channel) for Sports Relief in 2006 [Blimey, 15 years ago, doesn’t seem that long ago]

2k: National Indoor Arena is situated in: BIRMINGHAM / Leeds / Newcastle / Sheffield

4k: Iritis affects (eye) [Ask the Audience: 70% or more get it right]

8k: 00 33 is the international dialling code from the UK for (France) Australia / USA / South Africa [Phone-A-Friend: thinks it’s France]

REVISE: international dialling codes, 33 is France, 007 is Russia

16k: (HG Wells) wrote the novel The shape of things to come, not Jules Verne, Aldous Huxley or John Wyndham [50/50 leaves Huxley as well / He takes a long time, including saying that he was sure it was Wells, then Huxley, and then finally doesn’t risk it]

Michael Steer leaves with 8k

FFF: beginning of a famous tongue-twister

DBAC gives us: She sells / sea shells / by the / sea shore

6/9 get it right, Phil Hitchen is fastest in 3.23s

From Middleton in Leeds / works in a factory, was at college, didn’t finish, would like to go back / his wife also works at the factory, 2 kids / they’d like to visit friends in America, can’t afford to right now

1k: (Au naturel) means naked

2k: The lead character in (“The Sound of Music”) is called a flibbertigibbet, a will-of-the-wisp, a clown

4k: Richard of York gave battle in vain is a: simile / oxymoron / (mnemonic) / pangram

8k: First winner of Miss World represented which country: (Sweden) / Canada / Switzerland / Australia [That was an added fact in a “Fifteen to One” question this month about Eric Morley, Mecca bingo man and founder of the contest, first won by Miss Sweden in 1951, I recall, didn’t even have to look it up / Ask the Audience: 62% get it right, well done / 50/50 leaves him with Canada too / Phone-A-Friend: he’d guess Sweden / Finally, after using those extra lifelines, he goes for Sweden]

[23/06/2019 23:54] And that’s the end of the show

REVISE: Miss World: First winner represented Sweden (Kiki Hakansson, 1951) / Contest held at the Lyceum Ballroom London / Was originally intended as a one-off as part of the Festival of Britain

OLD WHO: Sun 16-Jun-2019, 2am

[23/06/2019 23:54] Straight on with the next one, just to see what happens to this fella from Leeds, Phil Hitchen

16k: Actor who has not played Blofeld in any of the James Bond films: PATICK MACNEE, Charles Gray, Donald Pleasance, Telly Savalas [He doesn’t risk it]

Phil HItchen leaves with 8k

FFF: Human bones in order from LONGEST to shortest

BDCA gives us: Femur / Tibia / Metatarsal / Stirrup

Only 1/8 gets it right, Peter Franks in 3.60s

A university professor from New Malden in Surrey he’s at TVU based in Ealing / Wife at home with their 11-month-old son

1k: Australian mammal, not a marsupial (Dingo) not koala, kangaroo or possum

2k: A skirt that flares from the waist: (A-line) not B-, C- or D-Line

4k: Heart of Midlothian is by (Walter Scott)

8k: (Joan of Arc) was known as The Maid

16k: Name given to the swampy Caribbean coast of Honduras and Nicaragua: Coromandel Coast / Ivory Coast / Gold Coast / (Mosquito Coast) [He says Coromandel is in New Zealand]

REVISE: Coasts: Mosquito Coast is the swampy Caribbean coast of Honduras and Nicaragua / Coromandel is in New Zealand (North Island)

32k: TV presenter elected Rector of Dundee University in February 2004: Kaye Adams / Lorraine Kelly / Carol Smillie / Gail Porter [50/50: Kelly and Smillie / Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know, would go for Smillie / I’d go for Lorraine Kelly / Ask the Audience: 62% go for Lorraine and we’re all right: LORRAINE KELLY]

REVISE: TV presenter elected Rector of Dundee University in February 2004: Lorraine Kelly

Another cheque with no date

64k: 1850s painting of Ophelia in Tate Britain was by this artist: Hunt / Millais / Rossetti / Morris [I think it’s Millais, he’s gone for Rossetti but he’s wrong, it’s MILLAIS]

REVISE: 1850s painting of Ophelia in Tate Britain is by MILLAIS

Peter Franks leaves with 32k

10 new contestants: Miles Hunter, Lisa Foster, Mick Dolan, David Evans, Tony Jellings, Jayne Barrington, Phil Knight, Tania Bradshaw, Vivienne Parry, Richard Allen

FFF: Starting in the north and working south, capital cities in order

CABD gives us: Reykjavik / Warsaw / Cairo / Buenos Aires

Only 3/10 get it right, Lisa Foster is fastest in 4.36s

A full-time mum from Solihull / was on the front desk at a police station, was training as a financial adviser, was made redundant, is now spending time at home with her 6 year old / partner was a DJ, only got married fairly recently

1k: (Sardine) classified as an oily fish

2k: First name of TV presenter known as Foxy: (Neil)

4k: Adductors and Abductors are types of (muscle) [Ask the Audience: 79% get it right / 50/50 leaves Veins too]

8k: Beth Tweddle competes in (gymnastics) [Phone-A-Friend is fairly sure it’s gymnastics]

16k: American horror film that is a remake of a Japanese original: The Blair Witch Project / (The Ring) / Scream / Amityville Horror [easy from the other options]

32k: “Little Russia” is a traditional name for which country: Hungary / Finland / Lithuania / UKRAINE [Never heard of this, she doesn’t know either, and doesn’t risk it / I would have guessed Ukraine if there was no money riding on it]

Lisa Foster leaves with 16k

FFF: Wimbledon champions in order they were born

BDCA gives us: Virginia Wade / Martina Navratilova / Steffi Graf / Maria Sharapova

7/9 get it right, Miles Hunter is fastest in 3.69s and he’s punching the air

Fitness manager for a major gymnasium chain, based in London / from New Zealand, cycled round Europe 10 years earlier and settled in England / Polish girlfriend Maya in the audience

1k: Old Mother Hubbard has a (dog)

2k: (Portobello) is a type of mushroom, not Billingsgate, Spitalfields or Smithfields

4k: French newspaper L’Equipe covers (sport)

[24/06/2019 00:21] And that’s the end of the show, 27 minutes to get through that

OLD WHO: Mon 24-Jun-2019, midnight 0am, is a repeat of Mon 18-Feb-2019 on Challenge, 8-2-0 (we don’t see the final digit), Sheila McHale

[24/06/2019 00:33] It’s on live right now, and Sheila McHale has just got her 8k question on The Rolling Stones

[24/06/2019 08:25] EIGHT hours of recordings deleted from the hard drive / Also making notes on some “Fifteen to One” episodes

OLD WHO: Mon 24-Jun-2019, 1am, is a repeat of Tue 19-Feb-2011 from 10-2-01, Malcolm Knight from Chiswick

[24/06/2019 11:33] Good, that’s another one I don’t need to watch again

SLEB WHO: Christmas 2013, Ferguson and Holmes, Quentin and Vorderman, Rebecca Adlington and Kian Egan

[25/06/2019 08:29] I have a 4-hour recording from last Saturday night-Sunday morning, so I’ll get on with it, and I’ll only note the ones I’m not sure of / like another recent show, it’s up to the minute

1st pair: Alex Ferguson and Eamonn Holmes, again, oh dear

1k: Was crowned X Factor winner last Sunday: (Sam Bailey) not Mendes, Fox or Neil [Very up-to-date, she won in 2013]

2k: Completes a football team name: Sheffield (Wednesday)

5k: (£6.31) new minimum hourly wage introduced in October for over-21s [Ask the Audience: 83% get it right]

10k: Over 21m copies, has sold the greatest number of cookery books in the UK: Rick Stein / Nigel Slater / (Delia Smith) / Nigella Lawson

20k: “Carmen” listed in her daily diary indicated an appointment with: Housekeeper / Press secretary / Travel agent / HAIRDRESSER [Phone-A-Friend, Jon Lawrence: pretty sure it’s hairdresser / Not sure whose daily diary this question is about]

50k: Most common surname in Britain since civil records began: (Smith) [50/50 left them with Jones as well]

75k: A creature with three hearts: Oyster / Jellyfish / Seahorse / (Octopus) [They’re using the new Switch option, so they’ll get another question]

75k: In which country do residents pay half the usual amount of tax in December so that they have more money for Christmas: Germany / Sweden / Switzerland / NORWAY [I’d have gone Norway, and so do they]

REVISE: In Norway residents pay half the usual amount of tax in December so that they have more money for Christmas

150k: The indentation on one side of a common brick is called: Newt / Frog / Toad / Tadpole [FROG, as I thought, they went for newt, and lose 25k]

REVISE: The indentation on one side of a common brick is a FROG

Holmes and Ferguson leave with 50k

2nd pair: Caroline Quentin and Carol Vorderman

1k: John Suchet starred on ITV last month [2013] in this detective’s final case (Hercule Poirot)

2k: Prince Charles’s 65th birthday, commemorative issue of this magazine: Country Life / RADIO TIMES / Woman’s Own / FHM

5k: (Lancashire) is the Red Rose County

[Carol Vorderman was the first sleb to do “Who wants to be a millionaire?”, when they first invited them, they did it on their own back then, won 125k / she’s also on “Loose Women” now / chat about Christmas and her birthday, Quentin is going to her sister’s, who’s vegetarian]

10k: (Six) sides or branches on a regular snowflake

20k: 2013, qualified for Football World Cup for first time in their history: Romania / Ivory Coast / Mexico / (Bosnia-Herzegovina) [Ask the Audience: 81% get it right]

50k: The speed in mph that the earth is travelling around the sun: 670 / 6,700 / 67,000 / 670,000 [Never heard this fact / Phone-A-Friend: Professor Brian Ford: he suggest the largest one / 50/50 leaves the 2 middle numbers and it’s 67,000 mph]

REVISE: Earth is travelling round the sun at 67,000mph / How long would it take to work that out, based on the following knowledge? Earth is 93m miles away and it takes roughly 365 days to orbit the sun / And how about things like speed at which the earth rotates? 24 hours to cover the circumference of the earth

75k: A station where departure boards are one minute early, giving late passengers extra time to catch the train: St Pancras / Grand Central NY / Gare du Nord / Antwerp [I’d guess Gard du Nord but it’s GRAND CENTRAL and they’ve SWITCHED the question]

REVISE: At Grand Central Station, departure boards are one minute early, giving late passengers extra time to catch the train

75k: Found at basement level in the Houses of Parliament: Swimming pool / Rifle range / Cricket nets / Bowling alley [I’m not aware of ANY of those things at parliament / It’s RIFLE RANGE / they’ve gone for cricket nets]

REVISE: There are, apparently, rifle ranges at basement level in the Houses of Parliament

3rd pair: Fresh from the jungle, with only 3 minutes left, Kian Egan and Rebecca Adlington

1k: (Junk) is unsolicited email

2k: Zumba is (exercise)

5k: Le Grand Depart is the start of: Aintree Grand National / Monaco Grand Prix / (Tour de France) / London Marathon [Ask the Audience: 79% get it right]

10k: Lily Allen recently covered (Keane) hit Somwhere only we know for John Lewis Christmas ad campaign [50/50 has left Elbow too]

And the hooter goes just as they give the right answer, end of the show, 10k for Kian and Rebecca

Viewer Prize Pot is 55k: Joseph Maguire from Watford has one question to win that sum (I haven’t seen this part of the show before)

“What kind of Christmas is Bing Crosby dreaming of in the classic song?” Cosy / White / Festive / Happy [Bloody hell, that’s a 100 quid question, and he wins 55k]

OLD WHO: Sat 22-Jun-2019, 11pm

[25/06/2019 08:59] It’s the New Zealand fitness guy who was on recently, back on his 8k question / It’s Miles Hunter, and he was on a week earlier, 16-Jun-2019 at 2am

8k: On which continent is Lake Maggiore: (Europe)

And now he’s in a different shirt, from lilac to sort of purple

16k: MILLSTONE GRIT is a type of: cheese / dance / coral / rock [Never heard of it / Ask the Audience: 64% go rock, 17% coral / It’s ROCK, coarse-grained sandstone of the carboniferous age]

REVISE: MILLSTONE GRIT is ROCK, coarse-grained sandstone of the carboniferous age

32k: The brothers Ali and Robin Campbell are most associated with what group: (UB40)

Once again, no date on the cheque

64k: First name of fictional character Biggles: Charles / Richard / James / William [No idea, probably heard it at some point, but none of them look familiar / Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know, wouldn’t guess / 50/50 leaves James and William / He goes for William but it’s JAMES, that’s news to me / August 2021: But I remembered it 2 years later]

Miles Hunter leaves with 32k

REVISE: fictional characters and first names, it’s JAMES Biggles / What is Jennings first name? JOHN, it’s JCT (John Christopher Timothy) Jennings, and his friend CEJ Darbishire is Charles Edwin Jeremy

10 new contestants, but we only see 9 of them, both waving, and in the list after the fastest finger first question: Paul Griffiths, Kenny Owens, Nick Wonnacott, Mike Loades, Lisa Turner, Hugh Parker, Bernie McCluskey, Peter Van Es, David Evans

FFF: Stages of breadmaking in order

CDBA gives us: Mix flour and yeast / knead dough / bake / glaze

4/9 get it right, Hugh Parker is fastest in 2.94s

From Scotland, works as an architect in London / wife of 9 years in the audience, were at university in Liverpool, and they now have new-born twins / would like to take her to New York, have a champagne celebration for his family, buy a place by a beach

1k: “Koi” would be kept in a (fish pond)

2k: (Trousseau) describes clothes and linens a woman collects for her marriage [He doesn’t know, Ask the Audience: 95% get it right, the other options are Bandeau, Chateau and Gateau]

4k: NOT a member of Girls Aloud: Cheryl Tweedy / (Heidi Range) / Nicola Roberts / Kimberley Walsh

8k: (Jacqueline Wilson) created Tracy Beaker [50/50 also leaves him with Francesca Simon / Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know, but he goes for it anyway]

16k: The Lateran Palace is in this European city: Stockholm / Athens / Lisbon / (Rome) [He says “I don’t think it’s Rome …” and takes a while to not risk it / his wife and he both thought it was Stockholm]

Hugh Parker leaves with 8k

FFF: Answer to sums in order from HIGHEST to lowest

CABD gives us: 12 multiplied by 2 / 12 plus 2 / 12 minus 2 / 12 divided by 2

REVISE: CHECK: For fastest finger first sums, is the correct order ALWAYS as follows when A>B? AxB, A+B, A-B, A/B [Yes, I think, unless B=1]

Tarrant said “We have 9 contestants left” but only 8 are shown in the list

4/8 get it right, Lisa Turner is fastest in 6.42s

Call centre team leader for an insurance company, based in Stockton-on-Tees Teesside / “young, free and single”, her brother is in the audience, she’d like to go and do volunteer work in somewhere like Kenya, and pay her parents’ mortgage / She only sent one text to get on the show

1k: (Papyrus) used by ancient Egyptians as paper, not Paprika, papillon or papoose [50/50 left Paprika too]

2k: (Clergyman) would wear a surplice at work, not a chef, soldier or doctor [Ask the Audience: 92% get it right]

4k: Wrote “Rolling with the Stones”, published in 2002: Mick Jagger / Ronnie Wood / BILL WYMAN / Charlie Watts [Never heard of that / Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know, and thinks that 2 of them are dead, she doesn’t risk it]

Lisa Turner leaves with 2k

Tarrant tells us WYMAN is the only one who kept diaries / There was a quiz questions recently about Mick Jagger having no memory of writing his autobiography some decades ago

10 new contestants: Chris Davies, Neil Buckley, Tim Bradbury, John Sault, Bill Reid, Gill Greenwood, Stuart Cole, Louise Warnes, Phil Riley, Thomas Winters

FFF: Start at the head, work downwards, garments in order

BCAD gives us: Panama / Poncho / Pantaloons / Plimsolls

8/10 get it right, Phil Riley is fastest in 3.79s

[25/06/2019 09:25] And that’s the end of the show, before we hear a single question, and I’ve done 2 hours of shows in 56 minutes. Good, that’ll do