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Word of the week: CamelCase

CamelCase involves capitalizing one of the letters in a word to make it look like two words. The following words all use CamelCase: PowerPoint, WordPerfect, YouTube, McDonald’s. I had never heard the word before until there was a question about it on “Only Connect”, a second round question where the contestants have to say what… Continue reading Word of the week: CamelCase

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UK #1 hit singles containing boys’ names (the answers)

Here are the answers to yesterday’s piece challenging you to name UK #1 hit singles containing boys’ names. In year order: Name Artist Song Year Joe Frankie Laine Hey Joe 1953 Hernando Johnston Brothers Hernando’s Hideaway 1955 Mack Bobby Darin Mack The Knife 1959 Johnny John Leyton Johnny Remember Me 1961 Michael Highwaymen Michael 1961… Continue reading UK #1 hit singles containing boys’ names (the answers)