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Word of the week: opts (post, pots, spot, stop, tops)

Just a quick Word of the Week, or six, all based on the same four letters. Can you think of a group of four letters that can create more anagrams than “opst”? I’m using the Scrabble convention of arranging them in alphabetical order. “Opst” is not a word but opts, post, pots, spot, stop and tops are: six different words from the same four letters. Are there any similar combinations, or any that can create seven or more words? “Arst” comes close: arts, rats, star, tars and tsar for five. “Aemt” gives you five if you allow “meta” as a word: mate, meat, meta, team and tame. “Aemn” will give you four words: amen, mane, mean, and name. I like “Eimt” because it gives you exactly one word beginning with each letter: emit, item, mite and time, but it’s still only four. If I find anything better it’ll be posted here but for now it looks like opts post pots spot stop tops is the winner: four letters, six words.



2 thoughts on “Word of the week: opts (post, pots, spot, stop, tops)

  1. Hi

    How about AERS, making ares, arse, ears, eras, rase, sear, and sera?

    (Though rase seems to be just a version of raze)? Nice puzzle.


  2. Thanks for this, and apologies for the delay in replying. I thought I replied last year. Yes, ares, arse, ears, eras, rase, sear and sera are all recognized Scrabble words, although Word and WordPress do not recognize “ares”.


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