Notes from West London

Stopping, and starting again

Looking back through the first nine months of this Blog I see that there was an unbroken run of over 150 days when I posted something every day. I really did publish each piece on the date shown, from 26 January to 4 July. Often I would post something short (maybe just the title), set the status to Private, then finish the piece and change its status to Public some days (or even weeks) later. I didn’t realize that you could modify the date of publication. You can. It almost feels like cheating but I like it that way.

On social media sites the date and time of each post is set automatically. Can you change it afterwards? I don’t know, and frankly don’t care. Blogging suits me much better. It is comforting to know that I can go back and edit the publication date, and not just the content, of any item.

As I type and publish these words (some time after 1 September 2016) there are many blank days that I plan to fill in with pieces that have already been part-drafted elsewhere. The remaining drafts from July will be finalized and made public. August will be filled with notes about our holiday in South Devon and memories of the Olympics in years gone by.

I stopped drafting and posting back in July partly for technical reasons, as described in this piece (“Technology Woes”). My Mac Book Pro only came back from the local repair shop two Saturdays ago and we’ve been a bit busy with other things. I’ll write about them, and assign the appropriate date to each piece, even if it’s being written on a cold night in January 2017.

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