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Word of the week: Twirly

Now that I’ve fessed up about celebrating my 60th birthday recently (Dead at 59, another list) let me tell you the best thing about reaching this milestone: free public transport. Age-related benefits are not cast in stone. Pensionable ages have changed in ways that I have not really kept up with. Most of my friends… Continue reading Word of the week: Twirly

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Word of the week: FitzRoy

Robert FitzRoy (1805-1865) was a naval officer, captain of HMS Beagle for Darwin’s voyage to the southern hemisphere, and later an MP. He was also Governor of New Zealand and, later still, the “founding director of the Meteorological Office – the world’s first full-time professional weather forecaster”. That quote comes from the fly-leaf of my… Continue reading Word of the week: FitzRoy