Part 19

WWTBAM Prep, Part 19 (7-May-2019 to 8-May-2019)

Notes taken while watching the UK edition of WWTBAM, May 2019. New editions (2018 onwards, broadcast on ITV) are titled “NEW WHO:”, older editions are titled “WHO:” or “OLD WHO:” and were broadcast on Challenge; Celebrity editions, also broadcast on Challenge, are titled “SLEB WHO:”. Specific dates for these notes: 7 & 8-May-2019 . [6,592 words in this piece.]

OLD WHO: 30-Apr-2019 10pm on Challenge, from 4-6-05

[07/05/2019 08:49] Alan Gibbs returns, works in pharmaceuticals, from Lancashire, wants to buy a cricket bat

1k: Toughest 1k question ever: A series of magazines on a particular topic: Piecework / Sharework / Bitwork / Partwork [Ask the Audience: 38% part, 35% piece / 50/50 left Bit and Part: it’s PARTWORK, never heard of that]

REVISE: PARTWORK is the name for a series of magazines on a particular topic [I had never heard of this before, or since, and it was a 1k question]

2k: Island of Rockall is in the (Atlantic) Ocean

4k: (Roger Taylor) Name shared by members of Queen and Duran Duran

8k: (Taxonomy) is the classification of plants and animals

16k: “Chequers: The prime minister’s country house and its history”, published in 1996 and written by: Cherie Blair / Audrey Callaghan / (Norma Major) / Mary Wilson

32k: TV soap actress sister of actor Gary Oldman: Sue Nicholls / (Laila Morse) / Elizabeth Estensen / Anne Charleston [I knew it before it came up but I want a note of the other soap actresses]

We didn’t see a cheque at this point

REVISE: These soap actresses: Sue Nicholls / (Laila Morse) / Elizabeth Estensen / Anne Charleston

64k: Captain of the England cricket time during the controversial Bodyline tour of the 1930s: (Douglas Jardine) / Colin Cowdrey / Percy Fender / Ken Barrington

Cheque shows 4-6-05

125k: At Cambridge the (Backs) are the lawns that slope down to the river, not Rounds, Lefts or Rights

250k: In 1963 violinist Yehudi Menuhin founded a school of music in this county: (Surrey) / Lancashire / Devon / Cumbria [Phone-A-Friend: “Not sure Alan, really”, with 1s to go / He doesn’t risk it]

Alan Gibbs leaves with 125k

REVISE: Yehudi Menuhin (he founded a school in Surrey) and other violinists

Same FFF names as above

FFF: Put these countries in alphabetical order

BDAC gives us: Lesotho / Liberia / Libya / Liechtenstein

[I’m getting SLOWER on these fastest finger first questions, I seemed to be quicker a month ago]

2/9 get it right, Andy Garner is fastest in 6.58s

A delivery driver rom Tipton in West Midlands / Wife is in the audience / He wants to travel the world and go on all the big rollercoasters, and buy his own fun-fair, or maybe live somewhere warm like Benidorm

1k: “Familiarity breeds contempt” is an example of (Proverb) [Ask the Audience: 89% get it right, 7% go for simile]

2k: (Bowie) had hits with Rebel Rebel and Heroes in the 1970s [50/50 left him with Iggy Pop too]

REVISE: Beethoven symphony names like Pastoral

4k: County that contains part of the Chiltern Hills: Hampshire / Devon / Bedfordshire / Cambridgeshire [Phone-A-Friend: doesn’t know / And neither do I / He doesn’t risk it and leaves with 2k / BEDFORDSHIRE is correct, which I was leaning towards]

Andy Garner leaves with 2k

REVISE: CHILTERNS are in Bedfordshire, but where exactly?

10 new contestants: Tom More, Nick Simons, Peter Allen, Ingram Wilcox, Jon Jacob, Trevor Montague, Marie Thorneycroft, Dave Clark, Ben Cobbett, Heeru Kirpalani

FFF: Films with a nautical theme in the order they were released

BDAC gives us: Sink the Bismarck / Poseidon Adventure / Raise the Titanic / Speed 2: Speed Control

1960 / 1972 / 1980 / 1997

Only 1/10 gets it right, Trevor Montague in 5.08s

[I caught much of this while it was recording, but was doing other things, and not taking notes]

Trevor Montague, a writer from Crawley West Sussex, used to be an accountant but gave up to write full time after the success of his first book, The A to Z or Everything, 3 years earlier / A mad keen cyclist

1k: (4) months of the year have 30 days

2k: A Slavonic language: Portuguese / Mandarin / Vietnamese / (Polish)

4k: Horse that won the 2005 Grand National: Simply Gifted / Clan Royal / Forest Gunner / HEDGEHUNTER

REVISE: Grand National winners, it was Hedgehunter in 2005 / And Jockeys

8k: Name shared by the three kings of England in the royal house of Lancaster: Richard / Edward / William / (Henry) [50/50 leaves him with Edward as well / Phone-A-Friend: is sure]

16k: Poet Rupert Brooke is most associated with (World War One)

32k: The tree, related to the poplar, renowned for its leaves which flutter in the slightest breeze: Trembling aspen / Quivering yew / Whispering birch / Shaking ash [Ask the Audience: 72% go for Whispering birch, he goes for it but they’re WRONG, the correct answer is TREMBLING ASPEN, which only got 8%]

Trevor Montague leaves with 1k

REVISE: TREMBLING ASPEN, tree, related to the poplar, renowned for its leaves which flutter in the slightest breeze / check out the following as well: Quivering yew / Whispering birch / Shaking ash, do they even exist?]

[07/05/2019 09:22] And that’s the end of the show, and on this quizzing morning I followed it up with “The Chase” from the same date

OLD WHO: Sun/Mon 5/6-May-2019 midnight on Challenge, from 30-11-00 and 2-12-00 is a repeat from Jan-2019, notes from other PC

[07/05/2019 12:20] It’s recording onto the hard drive, but I already have notes on a different PC. Here they are, added to a little bit – and I’ll probably go through again, adding names of contestants and maybe some extra details about them

[20/02/2019 08:16] 2nd show of the morning, after a “Tenable”: 3 hours of quiz shows / the year was obscured in both cheques, but it must be 2000 – it was shortly after Judith Keppel’s win, as Tarrant said towards the end of the show / these notes were from January, it shows how frequently these episodes get repeated

Paul Nicholas is in the chair

4k: Anna Friel was in (Brookside), she played BETH

8k: Decimal currency introduced into UK in (1971) [Phone-A-Friend is sure of the answer]

16k: Bergen is a city and port in (Norway)

32k: Leaders in a cub scout group are named after characters in which classic book: (The Jungle Book) / Wind in the Willows / Peter Pan / Gulliver’s Travels [50/50 leaves TJB and PP / he eventually goes for “a guess” on “The Jungle Book”]

Revise: Cub scout leaders, levels and so on, names are from “The Jungle Book”

[They didn’t show the cheque for 32k at all]

64k: Ham, Shem and Japheth were the 3 sons of which Old Testament character: Jonah / Moses / Abraham / (Noah)

He goes for Abraham, PAUL NICHOLAS leaves with 32k

The cheque shows 30-11- and the year is covered up

The 9 FFF names: Nicola Bradford, Kirsty Staples, Brian Linforth, Joan Brocklebank, Steve Martin, Joanne Bromley, Terry Davis, Melissa Sheppard, Harry Dobson

FFF: American locations in order from EAST to West

BDAC gives us: Long Island / Little Rock / Las Vegas / Los Angeles

3/9 got it right, Terry Davis is fastest in 7.04s, he’s very excited, and is wearing a bright red Hawaiian style shirt

He’s a salesman from Bristol / Was a DJ, “You live life to the full, don’t you Terry?” / His mate Roger is in the audience, wife Jane and son Clark (12) are home, he will be Phone-A-Friend for any WWF questions / the kid doesn’t want to move house if they win lots of money

[300 (Desmond Tutu) was Archbishop of CAPE TOWN / 500: he needs to Ask the Audience to know that “The beautiful game”, musical by Lloyd-Webber and Ben Elton, is about football, 81% knew it]

1k: A citrus fruit: pineapple / banana / date / (Tangerine)

[That must have been the end of the broadcast show, because from now onwards he’s in a different Hawaiian-style shirt / it was bright red, this one has some of landscape – blue sky, green vegetation, that sort of thing]

2k: (Barrel) is standard measure in the oil industry

4k: (Magic) flute in a Mozart opera, not Charmed, Twisted or Golden

8k: NOT part of New England: Maine / Vermont / (Nevada) / Connecticut

“You’re starting to enjoy this” says Tarrant, and mentions him feeling happier “tonight” – nervous the day before, less so on his second evening

16k: Thomas Hardy novel in which Michael Henchard sells his wife and child for FIVE GUINEAS (The Mayor of Casterbridge) [Phone-A-Friend says, I’ll just have a think, with 7 seconds left, and then says Casterbridge with 1s to go / He goes 50/50, Trumpet Major is the other option, but he goes for it]

32k: Month named after Roman god of beginnings and doorways (January) [Surprisingly easy question for 32k, IMO]

The cheque shows 2-12- and the year is totally obscured

REVISE: Derivation of Months of the year and days of the week

64k: The Black Swan is native to which country: India / Mexico / Brazil / Australia [I’d go Australia, he’s going for Mexico / It IS AUSTRALIA]

Terry Davis leaves with 32k

REVISE: The Black Swan is native to Australia

10 brand new contestants, including Adrian Pollock AGAIN, here are the names in full: Paul Chaplin, Paul Cole, Cathie Anderson, Geoff Pratchett, Stewart Meyer, Mick Crowther, Roger Wheeler, Dave Tromp, Sandra Bullock, Adrian Pollock

Again, they’ve done that funny thing where the names on the board and the names of those who waved at us are different: John Norton appears in the list in place of Paul Cole

FFF: Starting with the CLOSEST, countries in order of distance from the Equator

BCDA gives us: Ecuador / Ethiopia / South Africa / Canada

2/10 got it right, Dave Tromp is fastest in 4.91s

A computer analyst from Nantwich in Cheshire / had to cancel a skiing holiday because he didn’t have enough money / But he might have soon, and Tarrant makes the Twilight Zone noise again / With enough money he would blow up every karaoke machine in the world

1k: 1996 hit with TONIGHT TONIGHT: (Smashing Pumpkins) not Bashing Aubergines, Crashing Parsnips, Trashing Courgettes

2k: US Presidential Elections held in (November)

4k: (Prince Charles) founded the Prince’s Trust in 1976

8k: Copacabana beach is in (Rio de Janeiro)

16k: Published 2000, “Life is a rollercoaster” is the autobiography of which singer: Ricky Martin / Robbie Williams / Rick Astley / (Ronan Keating) [Ask the Audience: 87% get it right]

[Blimey, Ronan published an autobiography in 2000]

32k: Who composed the popular RADETZKY March: Franz Liszt / Ludwig van Beethoven / JOHANN STRAUSS THE ELDER / Josef Haydn [I wouldn’t have known this / he’s gone 50/50 and been left with Liszt and Strauss / he goes for Liszt and loses 15k]

Dave Tromp loses 15k and goes home with 1k


10 new contestants, but we don’t see them wave at us: Tony Ure, Paul Cole, Charlie Harper, Ken Smith, Neil Hoskins, Peter Burke, Jim Ford, Doug Kelly, Steve Edwards, Jim Ross

FFF: Put the “Teletubbies” in alphabetical order

BCAD gives us: Dipsy / Laa Laa / Po / Tinky Winky

9/10 get it right, Paul Cole is fastest in 4.75s

A bank employee from NEWQUAY in Cornwall / A sci-fi fan who would like to visit distant planets with Sigourney Weaver and would like to play tennis with John McEnroe / Would like a Tardis and Dalek for his front and back gardens

1k: (Hurdy Gurdy) is a barrel organ

[07/05/2019 12:35] And that’s the end of the show, I’ve taken 15 minutes to go through the notes again and update what I’d copied from the other PC

QUIZ: 60 mins: OLD WHO: Wed 1-May-2019 10pm on Challenge,

[07/05/2019 13:15] It’s the oldest episode left on the hard drive

It starts with 10 new contestants: Doug Jeffrey, David Owen, Gerard O’Boyle, Gordon Symonds , Mark Labbett, Peter Almond, Bob Roberts, Charles Dickson, Mick Dolan, Frank Wellborn

FFF: Words in order in a famous story title

DCBA gives us: Ali Baba Forty Thieves

9/10 get it right, Gordon Symonds is fastest in 2.18s (Labbett took 3.05s)

A police officer from Elgin in Moray / wife and 3 kids at home / daughter, 15, wants a motorbike, or a car / Wants to retire to Spain in 5 years’ time and wants to learn the language first

1k: Bradley Walsh character in “Coronation Street”: DANNY BALDWIN not Kirk Sutherland, Charlie Stubbs or Craig Harris

REVISE: “Coronation Street” characters, Bradley Walsh was DANNY BALDWIN

2k: Rotherham is in (South Yorkshire) [Ask the Audience: 83% get it right]

4k: Welsh devolved body of politicians set up in May 1999 (National Assembly)

8k: Owl and the pussy-cat sailing trip in Edward Lear’s poem took (A year and a day) [Phone-A-Friend: she knows it]

16k: Madness of King George was about (George III) [he goes for 50/50, is left with George II and goes for it, he loses 7k]

Gordon Symonds leaves with 1k

FFF: Medical milestones in chronological order

BDAC gives us: First smallpox vaccination / Discovery of Penicillin / Creation of NHS / First test-tube baby born

The years: 1796 / 1928 / 1948 / 1978

6/9 get it right, David Owen is fastest in 4.40s (Mark Labbett got it in 6.21s)

A lecturer from Nantwich in Cheshire / his dad is in the audience  / Wife called Carol, with the 3 kids and Pixie the cross-eyed cat / Would give up work and buy his own pub, and only let his mates in

1k: Remy Martin is (Cognac)

[Welsh ancestry, did not support England in the Rugby World Cup victory, would call his pub The Druid’s Arms]

2k: Only the Lonely, a 1961 #1 for (Roy Orbison)

4k: (Assay Office) hallmarks items made from precious metals

8k: Galton and Simpson are best known as (writers)

16k: Rugby Union team that plays at The Stoop (Harlequins)

REVISE: Rugby Union home grounds, especially Bath, Gloucester, Wasps, who keep moving around I think

32k: Country on the opposite side of the Baltic Sea from the others: Latvia (Sweden) Estonia Lithuania

Cheque shows 5-11-05

64k: The villain in the James Bond film Die Another Day: Sam West / (Toby Stephens) / Paul McGann/ Greg Wise [I would have known it back then, because it’s the only one I’d seen for a long time, at the O2 cinema on Finchley Road  – Madonna, Halle Berry, Toby Stephens / Ask the Audience: it’s split, 34% on Toby Stephens and Paul McGann / Phone-A-Friend: his brother, absolutely sure it’s Toby Stephens, saw it on video 2 weeks earlier]

125k: Compiler of “Dictionary of Modern English Usage” first published in 1926: John Gower / Thomas Bowdler / (Henry Fowler) / Ebenezer Brewer [50/50 leaves Bowdler too / He thinks it’s Bowdler and takes a long time to make up his mind / he doesn’t risk it]

David Owen leaves with 64k

“You were flying … until those last two questions”

REVISE: Compilers of dictionaries and first names, here are names in a question about Modern English Usage, which was FOWLER: John Gower / Thomas Bowdler / (Henry Fowler) / Ebenezer Brewer

FFF: Herbs in the order they appear in the title of a 1969 album

CABD gives us: Parsley / Sage / Rosemary / Thyme

5/8 get it right, Doug Jeffery is fastest in 2.01s (Mark Labbett took 2.14s, was 2nd)

An IT Consultant from Perivale Middlesex / Also known as DJ Fresh at work / Wife in the audience, 2 big children and 2 little ones / “The ultimate test”, would like to swap his job for something to do with golf, and move to New Zealand

1k: German word for worry: (Angst)

2k: Electricity pylons are primarily made from Copper / Tin / Brass / (Steel)

4k: BARRY in the TV series Auf Wiedersehen, Pet: Tim Healy / Kevin Whately / Jimmy Nail / Timothy Spall [Ask the Audience: 62% go for Spall, which is right]

REVISE: characters in Auf Wiedersehen, Pet: Timothy Spall played BARRY / Who were the characters played by Tim Healy / Kevin Whately / Jimmy Nail?

[07/05/2019 13:43] And that’s the end of another one, 28 minutes of my time

14.01 And then I spent 17 minutes tidying recordings, deleting, double checking and so on,

OLD WHO: 2-May-2019 10pm, 11-6-05 [and maybe 12-11-05]

[07/05/2019 15:29] Doug Jeffery, IT consultant from Perivale in Middlesex returns / He would like to play a game of golf in Nevada which requires you to gamble half a million at the casino first

8k: In 1721 JS Bach dedicated 6 concertos to the Margrave of (Brandenburg)

16k: The month of January is named after: Juno / Jupiter / (Janus) / Juventas [50/50 leaves Juventas as well]

32k: How many US States begin with the latter A (4) [Here’s where my research pays off, and I don’t really need to spend too much time looking at how long it takes him to decide he can’t risk it / that includes his Phone-A-Friend: Randy, from America (obvs), doesn’t know]

Doug Jeffery leaves with 16k

These are the names: Tom More, Nick Simons, Peter Allen, Ingram Wilcox, Jon Jacob, Marie Thorneycroft, Dave Clark, Ben Cobbett, Heeru Kirpalani

FFF: Start with smallest, champagne bottles in order of size

BACD gives us: Magnum / Jeroboam / Methuselah / Nebuchadnezzar

2 / 4 / 8 / 20 [an episode of “The Chase” says that a Jeroboam is 6 bottles]

REVISE: Sizes of champagne bottles, according to a fastest finger first question on “Who wants to be a millionaire?”: Magnum 2 / Jeroboam 4 / Methuselah 8 / Nebuchadnezzar 20, but an episode of “The Chase” has classified Jeroboam as 6

4/9 get it right, Jon Jacob is fastest in 2.94s

A solicitor from Chesham / wife in the audience, children Jessica, Rebecca, Joanna / Was in India as a child, not been there for 40 years, would go back, and then to Antarctica because he prefers cold places

300 quid: He needs Ask the Audience for this one: Most important person in an organization is called top (banana), 87% get it, it’s not apple, orange or pomegranate

1k: Bourbon biscuit is (chocolate) flavoured

2k: Ray Charles is best known for playing (piano)

4k: Part of the UK that has the largest area: (England) [But he says Scotland, and he loses 2k]

Jon Jacob leaves with 1k

FFF: Bells in the order they appear in the song Oranges and Lemons

BCAD gives us: St Clements / St Martin’s / Old Bailey / Shoreditch

4/8 get it right, Heeru Kirpalani is fastest in 3.03s

A former civil servant, originally from India, now retired and living in BLAGDON North Somerset / wife is there / He has won an MBE, and would like the money for his financial security

500 quid: “Crossing the line” refers to crossing the (Equator) not Maginot, Mason-Dixon or Plimsoll [50/50 leaves Plimsoll too]

1k: LK Today, featuring Lorraine Kelly, is part of (GMTV) not The Championship, The Week or others [Ask the Audience: 98% get it right]

2k: (Metamorphosis) is the process by which tadpoles become frogs and caterpillars become butterflies [Phone-A-Friend: she knew it]

4k: For whom the bell tolls was written by (Ernest Hemingway)

8k: A wall built without mortar (Drystone) not Drychip, Dryhatch or 1 other

16k: BROADLANDS, the former home of Lord Mountbatten is in this county: Essex / HAMPSHIRE / Northumberland / Suffolk [He knew that one, confidently, I didn’t]

REVISE: Stately homes, BROADLANDS, former home of Lord Mountbatten, is in HAMPSHIRE

32k: (Mount Rushmore) is the setting for the climax of North by Northwest

Cheque shows 11-6-05

64k: Australian KIEREN PERKINS is an Olympic Gold Medallist in: athletics / tennis / Swimming / gymnastics [I’d go for swimming, as it’s the 64k question / It is SWIMMING, he’s gone for gymnastics]

Heeru Kirpalani leaves with 32k

REVISE: KIEREN PERKINS and other swimmers / PERKINS won Olympic gold for Australia

10 new contestants: Paul Callow, Simon Barnett, Tim Richardson, Jim Eccleson, Roger Canwell, Phil German, Martyn Bignold, Ron Birch, Paul Coughlin, Peter Batt [And from the first cheque we see, in the next episode, they’re from November 2005]

FFF: Events from Queen Victoria’s life in chronological order

DACB gives us: Her 18th birthday / Married Albert / Great Exhibition / Golden Jubilee

7/10 get it right, Paul Callow is fastest in 3.61s

A teacher from Maldon Essex / Wife at home with 2 year old son, father-in-law in the audience / Teaches at Brentwood County School / Has had a recurring dream where he keeps getting the 250k answer right

1k: Type of insect: (Water boatman), not carman planeman or trainman

REVISE: What type of insect is a water boatman

2k: British city most associated with manufacture of steel: (Sheffield)

[07/05/2019 15:58 Another one bites the dust]

QUIZ: 60 mins: OLD WHO: 3-May-2019 10pm, on Challenge, 12-11-05

[07/05/2019 17:43] Paul Callow returns on 2k

4k: Martin Brundle and JAMES ALLEN are commentators on (Motor Sport)

8k: Which of these members of Enid Blyton’s Famous Five is a girl: Dick / (George) / Julian / Timmy [Ask the Audience: 91% get it right]

REVISE: Famous Five include Dick, Julian and Timmy, and George was a girl, and Secret Seven characters

16k: “Singin’ in the Rain” features the line “The sun’s in my heart and I’m ready for love [50/50 leaves Walking in the Air too]

32k: Peter Paul were the first names of this artist: (Rubens)

Cheque shows 12-11-05

64k: Orange part of a scallop is called: CORAL / Amber / Onyx / Quartz [Phone-A-Friend: would guess coral, 60%]

REVISE: Parts of a scallop and other seafood, the orange part of a scallop is called a CORAL

125k: According to legend, flower named after a boy accidentally killed by the god Apollo: HYACINTH / Crocus / Edelweiss / Gladiolus [He went for Gladiolus and loses 32k]

Paul Callow leaves with 32k

REVISE: HYACINTH is the flower named after a boy accidentally killed by the god Apollo

[The 250k question he imagined: The king during whose reign the Black Death occurred: Edward III]

Same contestants as above, with Paul Coughlin

FFF: From the top down, these parts of a standard yacht in order

BADC gives us: Masthead Sail Tiller Keel

7/9 get it right, Paul Coughlin is fastest in 4.08s

A tiler from Crompton on Merseyside / brother in the audience, wife at home with the 3 kids / we see a colour photo from the birthday party of one of them, he’s missing the party / He’d hang up his tiler’s tools if he won a million

1k: MEP after a name indicates a (politician)

2k: Lumpfish roe often used as a substitute for (caviar) [Ask the Audience: 94% get it right]

4k: Greta Garbo was born in (Sweden) [50/50 leaves Italy too]

[A new episode from the original broadcasts – they were wearing poppies before, but not now]

8k: According to a quote attributed to Wellington, the Battle of Waterloo was won on the playing fields of (Eton) [Phone-A-Friend: 90% sure it’s Eton]

16k: Band originally called Rain (Oasis)

32k: Petals on a MIMOSA plant are usually this colour: white / blue / pink / YELLOW [He doesn’t risk it]

Paul Coughlin leaves with 16k

REVISE: MIMOSA and other flowers, the mimosa petals are usually YELLOW

10 new contestants: Dan Bunce, Gillian Holdaway, Jed Thurlow, Garry Bristow Charles Dickson, Jay Baranauskas, Peter Edwards, Simon Aston, Linda Thomson, Bernard Wade

FFF: Starting in the north of the UK, TV series in order of locations with which they are usually associated

BDCA gives us: Monarch of the Glen / The Royle Family / Sale of the Century / Fawlty Towers

6/10 get it right, Simon Aston is fastest in 3.91s

A police officer from Chesham in Bucks / Wife Sue is there, 2 kids at home, 7 and 12 / He wants to get a pilot’s licence /

1k: “The Artist Formerly Known as” is (Prince) [Ask the Audience: 95% get it right, not Billy Ocean, Lionel Richie or Chris de Burgh]

[He’s been in the force for 21 years, is “a humble PC”, you get full pension after 30 years, which he will reach at age 49]

2k: Members of the Amish sect are found mainly in (North America) not Asia, South America or Africa

4k: Lib Dem leader Charles Kennedy represents a constituency in (Scotland)

8k: Best Film Oscar in 2005: Sideways / The Aviator / Finding Neverland / (Million Dollar Baby) [50/50 leaves him with Sideways as well / Phone-A-Friend: his sister 95% sure]

[07/05/2019 18:09] And that’s the end of the show

QUIZ: 60 mins: OLD WHO: Mon 6-May-2019 10pm, from November 2005

[07/05/2019 18:11] Straight on with the next one,   Simon Aston is back, with his 16k question

16k: Where would you normally find the Latin phrase “Ex Libris”: On a banknote / In a will / On a wine bottle / (In a book) [He doesn’t risk it]

Simon Aston leaves with 8k

FFF: Start at the BOTTOM, layers of a traditional trifle in the right order

CADB gives us: Sponge / Custard / Whipped cream / Flaked almonds

4/9 get it right, Jay Baranauskas is fastest in 3.40s

He comes from Nottinghamshire / his wife Maria is in the audience, she has a daughter, she will get £4.50 and a pair of plimsolls / He’s confined to home because of “a long-term condition” / With enough money they would move to her home island of Sicily

1k: (Lobby) Corridors in the House of Commons where MPs go to vote [Ask the Audience: 91% get it right]

[Back story: Ill at 5 with rheumatoid arthritis, it calmed a little in teenage years, was very aggressive from aged 17, new hips and new knees / His wife and daughter care from him a lot / Needs a new stair-lift, which costs 4k]

2k: (Peter Kay) and Tony Christie Is this the way to Amarillo at #1 in 2005

4k: 2004 Walter Smith became manager of (Scotland)

[His name is Lithuanian, his dad came here after the war]

8k: 1976 film Taxi Driver directed by (Martin Scorsese) [50/50 leaves him with George Lucas too]

16k: April 2003, became father to a daughter named Daisy Boo: Jonathan Ross / James Gooding / (Jamie Oliver) / Jack Dee [Phone-A-Friend: Thinks it’s Jamie Oliver, 70% sure / He doesn’t risk it]

Jay Baranauskas leaves with 8k

FFF: words in ascending order of the number to which they relate

CDBA gives us: Pair / Trio / Tetrad / Quintet

2/8 get it right, Linda Thomson is fastest in 5.26s

After just one phone call / A sales assistant from PRIDDY in Somerset / partner in the audience / they met at a cycling club, she also skates, swims and rides horses, including a recent cattle drive across Montana

1k: (Prickly Pear) is a fruit-bearing cactus

[She glides, over the MENDIP HILLS]

2k: Pan’s People are most associated with (“Top of the Pops”)

4k: (MARY POPPINS) owns an umbrella with a parrot’s head for a handle

8k: INGERSOLL make (watches)

16k: number of counties that share a border with Devon: 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 [Ask the Audience: 67% say 3 / 50/50 leaves 3 and 5 / It is THREE]

32k: King George III was also ruler of this state in Germany: Prussia / Bavaria / Westphalia / (Hanover) [Phone-A-Friend: 50% sure]

Cheque shows 26-11-05

64k: The music for I vow to thee my country features in this classical work: (The Planets) [She goes for Pastoral Symphony]

Linda Thomson leaves with 32k

10 new contestants: Lyndon Yates, Helen Walmsley, Emma Jensen, Karen Sparks, Steve Dodding, Lesley Lewin, Anup Dhariwal, Carole de Cecco, Lyn Pringle, Gary McKelvey

FFF: A famous hit song of the 1950s

CADB gives us: Rock around the clock

Emma Jensen is fastest in 1.97s (very quick)

She’s from Scotland, lives in Brixton / Works as a marketing manager for a large bank in the city / She loves her shoes / she has about 50 pairs / Her boyfriend Mark, in the audience, would like a little sports car

1k: Schnitzel is a word from (German)

[She would love to travel to South America, Chile especially]

2k: Marseille is on the (Mediterranean)

4k: The (Meek) shall inherit the earth according to the Sermon on the Mount

8k: (Michael Vaughan) replaced Nasser Hussain as England captain in 2003

[07/05/2019 18:34] And that’s the end of the show

OLD WHO: 6-May-2019 1am on Challenge, the rest of Paul Cole’s show, 4-12-2000 and 7-12-2000

[07/05/2019 19:18] I think this is the next one for me to watch on the hard drive / Here are the notes from the other PC

[08/05/2019 08:37] Yup, just finished it, but there’s MORE in these notes than earlier ones

Guy In a red / orange shirt PAUL COLE, 4-Dec-2000

4k: (Nigella Lawson) is daughter of a former Chancellor of the Exchequer

8k: San Francisco lies on the (San Andreas) Fault

16k: (Maggie Smith) won Oscar for Miss Jean Brodie [He uses Ask the Audience, 61% get it right]

32k: Stradvari lived and worked in (Italy) [He uses 50/50 and is left with Germany and Italy]

64K Sebastian’s teddy bear in Brideshead Revisited is (Aloysius) [He’s using Phone-A-Friend, she knows it]

125k: St Stephen’s Tower is the correct name for which famous London landmark? Marble Arch / (Big Ben) / Old Bailey / Cleopatra’s Needle [He takes the 64k, doesn’t risk it]

The names: Tony Ure, Charlie Harper, Ken Smith, Neil Hoskins, Peter Burke, Jim Ford, Doug Kelly, Steve Edwards, Jim Ross

FFF: Events connected with English Theatre, put them in date order, from the earliest

BCAD gives us: Death of Shakespeare / Henry Irving knighted / Birth of Harold Pinter / National Theatre opened

4/9 correct, STEVE EDWARDS in 8.12s, an author from Haywards Heath in Sussex, he’s into Sigourney Weaver / His mate is in the audience, no mention of wife and kids

1k: (This Morning) is hosted by Richard and Judy

2k: Dr Foster (stepped in a puddle) when he went to Gloucester [he used Ask the Audience for this one, 86% get it right]

4k: Colour of 50 stars in US national flag (white)

8k: Roman name for Ireland (Hibernia)

REVISE: Roman names for other places, and Roman Roads [07/02/2019 09:46 There was a question about this yesterday, on “The 100k Drop”, about the Roman name for Bath, which I knew without revising but there’s PLENTY I don’t know.]

16k: Jim Kerr is associated with (Simple Minds) [He uses Phone-A-Friend for this one]

32k: “Which of these food items do the French refer to as ‘crème anglaise?’” ice cream / (custard) / gravy / salad cream [He uses 50/50 to reduce it to Custard and Salad Cream] He hums and ha’s, decides on custard, then Tarrant questions him, eventually we get there

Cheque shows Steve Edwards 7-Dec-2000

64k: How many litres in a hectolitre? 10 / (100) / 1000 / 10,000 [He’s gone for 10,000 and leaves with 32k]

Hecto = Hundred

Another 10 new contestants: Sandra SIlverson, Richard Pinnock, Jan Titcombe, John Woof, George Day, Brian Tondeur, Ian Edgerton, Daniel Rust, Pate Grieve, Gen Broadbent

FFF: Michael Jackson albums in the order they were first released, starting with the EARLIEST

CDAB gives us: Off the wall / Thriller / Bad / Dangerous

Only ONE got it right, GEN BROADBENT in 6.88s [A guy, Gen pronounced with a Hard G]

Okay, after looking at lots of things I have seen before, here’s a show that is unfamiliar / a management consultant from Henley-on-Thames / wife in the audience, 5 month old boy at home / Tried to order a meal in German, asked for Roast deckchair with cream / Would like to be a ski bum / Regards the show as frightening

1k: (Acropolis) is in Athens

2k: Father’s Day is in (June)

4k: Sherry originated in (Spain)

8k: Falklands War was 1978 1980 (1982) 1984 [He uses Phone-A-Friend who says 1978, 50% sure / he uses Ask the Audience who are 86% sure it’s 1982 / so he goes with the audience]

16k: Shania Twain is: American Irish Australian (Canadian) [He says, I’m pretty sure but I’m not sure, and he hums and ha’s, and finally goes for it]

32k: Played the title role in “Birdman of Alcatraz” (Burt Lancaster)

GEN BROADBENT, the cheque says 7-12-00

64k: Chemical symbol for tin: (Sn) T Hg Tn

[08/05/2019 08:33] And that’s the end of the show broadcast at 1am on 6-May-2019 on Challenge

125k: Royal family member born in Scotland: PRINCESS MARGARET / Princess Royal [I don’t know, and this is a rare UNFAMILIAR question – there are some of them that I’ve seen so often, but this looks like the first time I’ve seen it] She was born at GLAMIS Castle

The date on the cheque is still 7-12-2000

REVISE: More royal family stuff, there was a question about who was born in 1959 (Sarah, Duchess of York], birthdays of Princess Anne and others / Prince Philip was born on Corfu [07/02/2019 09:46 Some recent question, about who was born in Scotland – Princess Margaret, not Princess Anne, in Glamis Castle I think / ANNE was born in Clarence House, during her grandfather’s reign, 15-Aug-1950, has been Princess Royal since 1987 / baptised by Archbishop of York Cyril Garbett / Went to Benenden, and in 1970 dated Andrew Parker-Bowles, later husband of Camilla Shand]

250k: Damask is a variety of which flower? Lily / Hyacinth / ROSE / Primrose [He speculates about primrose [I’m gonna go for it / it’s too much of a gamble / I’ve got an inkling it’s rose / okay, rose / “Final Answer?” And Challenge TV puts a break in there / Chris says “Final Answer” again / He hesitates / “Is it your final answer?” / Yes, Final Answer, No, no, hang on / Chris says, “And they say women are indecisive” / Sorry … no that’s it, final answer take the money / Final, final, final answer …]

REVISE: DAMASK and other fabrics: Damask is a kind of fabric, revise other fabrics [From Wikipedia: Damask is a reversible figured fabric of silk, wool, linen, cotton, or synthetic fibres, with a pattern formed by weaving. Damasks are woven with one warp yarn and one weft yarn, usually with the pattern in warp-faced satin weave and the ground in weft-faced or sateen weave.

REVISE: Damask Roses and whatever other flower questions come up

10 brand new contestants: Mike Collins, Steve Hockenhull, Pat Flanagan, Richard Ould, Tim Hayselden, Pat McComb, Elaine Bailey, Dave Anderson, Karl Duerden, Jon May

FFF: Famous Williams in the order they were born

DCAB gives us: Shakespeare Wordsworth Gladstone Hague

Karl Duerden in 8.74s

He’s studying to be an accountant, doesn’t have a TV and has never seen a whole episode of the show / Wife Anya is at home, his mum is in the audience / would like a bathful of champagne for 2 and Gary Rhodes to cook them food on holiday

[He used his Phone-A-Friend early on to confirm that (Cliff Richard) had a 1963 hit with Bachelor Boy, for 500 quid]

1k: “Dead cert” is short for (Certainty)

2k: In which sea is the Island of Kos: (Mediterranean) Irish Caspian Caribbean

And THIS IS WHERE I CAME IN, more than once, and here’s a COPY of text from elsewhere:

4k: Name the professional golfer: Pat Eddery, Greg Rusedski, Nasser Hussain, (Colin Montgomerie)

8k: Dijon is most associated with: (mustard) cheese, bread, truffles

16k: Mythological creature with a bull’s head and a man’s body: Wyvern, Hippogryph, (Minotaur), Manticore

Revise: MYTHICAL Creatures, there’s a few notes here [NOTE: Wyvern is a winged 2-legged dragon with a  barbed tail and the body of a reptile [And there are Wyverns at King’s Cross or St Pancras station] / Hippogryph: Front half of an EAGLE, hind half of a horse / Manticore: Persian mythology, Human head, body of a lion, tail of venomous spines like a porcupine, or sometimes depicted with the tail of a scorpion]

32k: What is identified by its ISBN: medicine, car engine, (book), paint

Cheque shows 9-12-0, we know it’s 9-12-00

64k: Calamity Jane set in a Wild West town: Dodge City, Laramie, (Deadwood), Tombstone (50/50 left him with Deadwood and Laramie, and he asked the audience too

Revise: What happened in Dodge City, Tombstone and other Western places, fictional or otherwise

125k: Sagas are legends traditionally associated with which island country: (Iceland), Greenland, Ireland, New Zealand

He bails out here, no lifelines left, for 64k

[13/05/2019 09:37] I am trying to tidy up this episode, here’s what happened next, when repeated at midnight this morning

FFF: British cities in order from south to north

DBAC gives us: Southampton Cardiff Belfast Edinburgh,

4/9 get it right, Mike Collins is fastest in in 7.58s

Mike Collins

A computer programmer from Dorset, his girlfriend is in the audience / he’s the 54 year old with GREAT grandchildren: 5 kids 7 grandkids 4 great grandkids / “I’m rubbish at quizzes” and is afraid of going out at 100 quid

1k: (Cue Ball) is the white ball in snooker

2k: Churchill first became PM during: (WW2)

4k: The Sphinx near Giza is located in: (Egypt) Sudan Kenya Ethiopia

8k: Monty Don is associated with: (gardening) cooking, interior design, motoring [He used Ask the Audience for that one, 58% got it right]

16k: In which country was the soprano Maria Callas born? (United States), Paraguay, Italy, Egypt

He went for Italy very quickly, and he loses 15k and goes home with 1k

FFF: Actors in alphabetical order by surname

BADC gives us: David McCallum, Roddy McDowall, Paul McGann, Steve McQueen

3/8 get it right, David Anderson is fastest in 10.08s

A retired Customs & Excise Officer from GALASHIELS in the Scottish Borders / Wife Agnes at home, 3 kids / He’s invested in their education, and this is payback time / There’s always “that pig” of a question / He would like to go across Australia in an Overlander vehicle and sleep beneath the stars / They did it before, from Perth to Alice Springs /

1k: A Tom Hanks film: Sleepless in (Seattle)

2k: The L in a BLT sandwich is (Lettuce)

4k: US river on the USA-Canada Border: (St Lawrence) / Colorado / Orinoco / Amazon

8k: Guava is a (fruit)

16k: Mozart’s Marriage of Figaro is set in: France / Austria / Italy / (Spain) [50/50 left Italy too]

32k: Silas Marner’s occupation: fisherman, carpenter, gardener, (weaver) [End of show / There was another question on some quiz in the following week, about naming the George Eliot novel that features a weaver who takes care of a young girl.]

[13/05/2019 09:50] That’s the end of the show on the repeat overnight, 11pm on 12-May-2019

So many quiz questions yesterday

[08/05/2019 08:11] There were 8 1-hour shows during the day (compressed, using fast-forward) and a bit of revision last night

I would like a similar go today: try and get through 4 to 6 hours of quiz shows through the morning, in 2-3 hours of real time.