My first 38 gigs listed (1974-77) 

In a couple of recent posts on this Blog I have been revisiting some of the first gigs that I attended.  As mentioned in this one (“More about 1970s gigs, and a correction”), I have created a list of the first 38 that I went to, from November 1974 to late December 1977. It appears at the end of this piece, along with photos of the tickets from all but one of these shows. I do not intend to extend this list any further, although I have continued to attend live music events in the 44 years since then, right up to a performance last night by Barb Jungr at the George IV on Chiswick High Road.

My attempts to document my early years of gig-going are nothing compared to the work that has gone into this site ( which lists over 7,000 (and counting) live shows attended by another West Londoner. The year-by-year lists (like this one for 1974) show that he was at the first six gigs that I went to and dozens more in the years afterwards. I don’t believe that we have ever met. There’s news on his site of a forthcoming gig at a pub on Acton High Street that he will be playing at. I should get along there and introduce myself; I know at least one of the other performers. In the meantime, here’s my far less impressive list of gigs attended between 1974 and December 1977.

38 gigs attended, 11-Nov-1974 to 27-Dec-1977

Date Act(s) Where Notes
Mon 11/11/1974 Sparks + Pilot Hammersmith Odeon
Thu 20/03/1975 10cc + Fancy Hammersmith Odeon
Sat 06/12/1975 Supertramp + Joan Armatrading Hammersmith Odeon
Sat 24/01/1976 Dr Feelgood + Roogalator Hammersmith Odeon
Fri 05/03/1976 Robin Trower + John Miles Wembley Empire Pool
Sat 21/08/1976 Rolling Stones + 10cc + Lynyrd Skynyrd + Todd Rundgren’s Utopia + Hot Tuna + Don Harrison Band Knebworth
Tue 07/09/1976 Rainbow Hammersmith Odeon
Sat 23/10/1976 Peter Frampton + Gary Wright Wembley Empire Pool
Thu 16/12/1976 Steve Hillage + Nova Hammersmith Odeon
Wed 19/01/1977 Rory Gallagher Hammersmith Odeon
Sat 12/02/1977 Jethro Tull + Richard Digance Hammersmith Odeon
Thu 17/02/1977 Frank Zappa Hammersmith Odeon
Sat 12/03/1977 Black Sabbath + Nutz Hammersmith Odeon
Tue 15/03/1977 Black Sabbath + Nutz Hammersmith Odeon
Wed 16/03/1977 Pink Floyd Wembley Empire Pool
Fri 20/05/1977 Stranglers + London Brunel University
Sun 22/05/1977 Judas Priest+ Stateline Band New Victoria Theatre
Mon 06/06/1977 Klondyke + Nebula + Milk + Woods Band + Krisp + Short Stuff Chiswick House Grounds Jubilee Concert: None of these acts, as far as I know, became famous
Tue 07/06/1977 National Health + Simon Townsend Band + Shy + Simon Bury Burnett Band(?) + Lloyd Barclay and the Westminsters + Crosswind(?)+ Clive Harris + John Waters, Graham Ford, Peter Jenkins Chiswick House Grounds Jubilee Concert: None of these acts, as far as I know, became famous
Sun 12/06/1977 UFO Roundhouse
Sat 18/06/1977 Cado Belle Music Machine
Fri 24/06/1977 Genesis + Richie Havens Earls Court
Sat 23/07/1977 Crawler + Boxer + Moon Rainbow 3 Bands for £1, and singles as a freebie
Mon 25/07/1977 George Hatcher Band Marquee First trip to the Marquee, to check out George Hatcher before seeing him support Ted Nugent
Wed 17/08/1977 Ted Nugent + George Hatcher Band Hammersmith Odeon I wasn’t too old, and it wasn’t too loud
Tue 04/10/1977 Brothers Johnson Hammersmith Odeon
Wed 05/10/1977 Motors Marquee
Thu 13/10/1977 Ian Gillan Band + See Note Rainbow Billed as “The Sound Spectacular 77 Area Finals featuring Ian Gillan Band and Others
Sun 16/10/1977 Vibrators + 999 + Radiators from Space Roundhouse
Sat 22/10/1977 Bob Seger Hammersmith Odeon
Tue 25/10/1977 Yes + Donovan Wembley Empire Pool
Sat 05/11/1977 Stranglers + Dictators Roundhouse
Sun 13/11/1977 Rainbow Rainbow Rescheduled from Tue 20-Sep-1977, ticket has new date stamped on it
Sun 20/11/1977 Colosseum II Victoria Palace Name of the band does not appear on the ticket, I wrote it in pen on the reverse
Sat 26/11/1977 Burlesque + John Cooper Clarke Nashville
Fri 02/12/1977 Uriah Heep Hammersmith Odeon
Sat 24/12/1977 Eddie & the Hot Rods + The Only Ones + Stukas Roundhouse
Tue 27/12/1977 Alberto Y Lost Trios Paranoias + The Soft Boys Marquee

Tickets from all but one of them

1975 Gigs Front View
1975 Gigs, looks like the 10cc ticket was made with a John Bull printing set
Sparks 1974
1977 First 6 Gigs Front View
1977 First 6 Gigs Reverse View
1976 Gigs
1976 Gigs Reverse View
1977 Gigs 7 to 12, Front View
1977 Gigs 7 to 12, Reverse View
1977 Gigs 13 to 18, Front View

1977 Gigs 13 to 18, Reverse View

1977 Gigs 19 to 24, Front View
1977 Gigs 19 to 24, Reverse View
1977 Gigs 25 to 29, Front View
1977 Gigs 25 to 29, Reverse View

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