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“You won’t get much for 50p”

4 April 1980, 43 years ago today, was a Good Friday. My mother and I took our usual trip to Woolworth’s for Easter eggs, and a local bakery for hot cross buns. Attempting to cross the High Road, I was hit by a car and thrown several feet into the air. I wrote about it… Continue reading “You won’t get much for 50p”


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A weekend not worrying about football

Every now then, on these pages, I reflect on the fortunes of Leeds United FC, the club that I have supported since childhood. This season is not going well. At the start of the club’s most recent fixture Leeds sat in the relegation zone, 19th in the table, one place above Southampton at the bottom.… Continue reading A weekend not worrying about football

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Word of the Week: Kant

You might well have heard of the German philosopher Immanuel Kant (1724-1804). You might have read, and understood, his major work, “The Critique of Pure Reason”. I tried to, as part of a political philosophy paper at university, but most of what I wrote in that week’s essay came from HJ Paton’s book “The Moral… Continue reading Word of the Week: Kant

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The 4-Ring Man, in pictures (Part 6, July 2022–November 2022)

Here is the latest collection of photos related to “The 4-Ring Man”, an idea originally covered in this piece from 2018. We are dealing here with what remains when you drink a pint of beer (usually Guinness), along with examples of how we deal with empty crisp packets. Below are links to five other pieces… Continue reading The 4-Ring Man, in pictures (Part 6, July 2022–November 2022)