Welcome. There is something here for you

Welcome to The Compartments, a regularly updated Blog from West London. There is something here for you if:

  1. You are over ten years old;
  2. You are able to read articles of 500 words or more;
  3. You have access to the web.

Even if you are under 11 there is probably something for you here, on my Memories Menu or in the Learning Category, but why not leave the screen for a while and do something different? Read a book maybe, or get some exercise, or have a chat with one of your friends or someone in your family. If you are unable to read articles of 500 words or more that’s fine. You can stop now. There are billions of updates on Twitter that you can read instead. They are much shorter. I might join you there sometime. [Update: I did, over three years later, and you can find me here: SJ Reilly on Twitter.] You clearly meet the third criterion above and have access to the web: there is currently no other way to read these words.

There is plenty here for you if, like me, you are male and grew up in West London in the 1960s and 70s. Even if none of those biographical details apply to you there should be something here for you, if you had a childhood.

My subject is memory. The original purpose of this Blog was to accompany my book of childhood memories, published in 2015. Many of those pieces appear in the Memories Menu and Category. Since then I have got rather carried away. There are now (as of February 2018) nearly 500 articles and over 300,000 words tucked away on these pages, available to anyone with a web connection. There are musings about Trivia (lots of quiz questions there), Music and Lyrics, Technology and Language (including dozens of Words of the Week). There are biographical pieces (many of them in the Home Life and Notes from West London Categories). There’s even the odd joke.

In case you haven’t spent much time reading other people’s Blogs, the format is straightforward. This piece is always pinned at the top of the Home Page. For a while I pinned other pieces to the Home Page but now everything else appears, below this introductory piece, in date order. Somewhere on your screen (depending on whether you’re using a computer screen, tablet or smartphone) there are links to the five most recently posted items. Elsewhere (probably below those links) there are Archives, for each month going back to December 2015, and Categories. There is a Menu of items at the top of your screen. Take a look. There is something here for you.


3 thoughts on “Welcome. There is something here for you

  1. Reading one of your original posts “~/about/on-being-a-catholic/”

    Sadly it’s closed for comments, it’s such an interesting post.

    > And my children are still Jewish, by Jewish law, so in my view they have the best of both worlds.
    Mazeltov to them

    > My wife is Jewish, as I have now noted many times on this Blog.
    And so do my friend, “have the best of both worlds”, so do you ;-D


    1. Thanks Tom. That piece is a Menu Item rather than a Post, which is why Comments aren’t available. I don’t think that there’s a way of adding Comments to a Menu Item. Cheers


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