2019 Trivia Lists Day 11: the letter K and the number 11

Following on from yesterday’s set of lists here are some challenges involving things that begin with the letter K (including countries, capital cities and chemical elements) or come 11th numerically (such as the 11th Pope and the 11th President of the USA). In each case you can test yourself first to see how many you can name. The answers appear at the end of this piece.

Challenge: Items beginning with K

Countries: there are 5 countries whose usual English names begin with K. [Hint: 3 in Asia, 1 in Africa and 1 in Oceania.]

Capital cities: there are 12.

Chemical Elements: there is 1 element that begins with K and there are 2 symbols that begin with K.

UK #1 Chart Acts: 25 acts beginning with K have reached #1 in the UK charts. Well done if you can name 12 of them.

Songs beginning with K that have reached #1 in the UK Chart: 16 songs beginning with K have made it to #1 in the UK. Well done if you can name 10 of them.

Challenge: 11th in a list

Can you name the following?

The 11th Pope (155AD to 166AD).

The 11th President of the USA (1845-1849).

The winner of Superbowl XI (1977).

The host country and winner of the 11th FIFA World Cup (1978).

Answers: Items beginning with K

Countries (5): Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kiribati, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan.

Capital cities (12): Kabul, Kampala, Kathmandu, Khartoum, Kiev, Kigali, Kingston, Kingstown, Kinshasa, Kuala Lumpur, Kutaisi, Kuwait City.

[For the record, capital cities with country name in brackets: Kabul (Afghanistan), Kampala (Uganda), Kathmandu (Nepal), Khartoum (Sudan), Kiev (Ukraine), Kigali (Rwanda), Kingston (Jamaica), Kingstown (Saint Vincent and the Grenadines), Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo), Kuala Lumpur (Malaysia), Kutaisi (legislative capital of Georgia), Kuwait City (Kuwait).]

Chemical elements by name (1): krypton (Kr).

Chemical elements by symbol (2): K (potassium), Kr (krypton).

UK #1 Chart Acts: KLF, KWS, Kaiser Chiefs, Kajagoogoo, Kalin Twins, Kanye West, Kate Bush, Katy Perry, Kay Starr, KC & The Sunshine Band, KDA, Kelly Clarkson, Kelly Marie, Ken Boothe, Ken Dodd, Kenny Rogers, Kesha, Kid Rock, Kiesza, Kings Of Leon, Kinks, Kitty Kallen, Kraftwerk, Kylie Minogue, Kylie Minogue & Jason Donovan.

Songs beginning with K that have reached #1 in the UK Chart: “Karma Chameleon” / “Keep On Movin’” / “Keep On Running” / “Ketchup Song (Asereje)” / “Killer” / “Killing In The Name” / “Killing Me Softly” / “King” / “King Of My Castle” / “King Of The Road” / “Kiss Kiss” / “Knock Three Times” / “Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door” / “Knowing Me Knowing You” / “Kon-Tiki” / “Kung Fu Fighting”.

Answers: 11th in a list

11th Pope: Anicetus (155AD to 166AD).

11th President of the USA: James K Polk (1845-1849).

The winner of Superbowl XI: Oakland Raiders (1977).

The 11th FIFA World Cup (1978): hosted by Argentina, won by Argentina.




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