Trivia lists for 2019 (a resolution of sorts)

This Blog has become a repository for a whole range of lists that do not exist anywhere else online, as far as I know.  If there were any other sites that listed all the songs that were Stuck at #2 in the UK charts in the 1970s, for instance, I would not have created a page on my Trivia Menu for it. Similarly, if someone else had created a list of over 100 well-known songs that rhyme the word “heart” with “part” or “apart” it would have saved me the trouble, but you’ll find my efforts here, on the Lyrics Menu.

This month I plan to create smaller lists than those referenced above, appropriate for the first weeks of 2019. Today’s lists, for the first day of the year, are for things beginning with A (such as countries, capital cities and chemical elements) or first numerically (Pope, President of the USA, Superbowl winner). If I manage to create similar pages every day until 26 January the alphabetical lists will be complete, though some will be much smaller than others. Q, on 17 January, would contain just one country (Qatar), one capital city (Quito) and nothing from the Periodic table. If I carry on listing numerical items beyond 27 January we will complete the set of US Presidents by mid-February (45 so far) but the 266 Popes to date will take us right up to 23 September 2019.

I should treat this plan, to create lists for every day of the year, at least until 26 January, the same way that we should treat most New Year Resolutions: start today, don’t look too far ahead, don’t get discouraged if you miss a day. In my case if I miss a day I can always go back and fill it in later. In the meantime, you’ll find today’s lists right here.




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