2019 Trivia Lists Day 8: the letter H and the number 8

Following on from yesterday’s set of lists here are some challenges involving things that begin with the letter H (including countries, capital cities and chemical elements) or come eighth numerically (such as the eighth Pope and the eighth President of the USA). In each case you can test yourself first to see how many you can name. The answers appear at the end of this piece.

Challenge: Items beginning with H

Countries: there are 3 countries whose usual English names begin with H. Can you name them? [Hint: 1 in Europe, 2 in the Americas (including Caribbean island nations).]

Capital cities: there are 5.

Chemical Elements: there are 5 elements whose names begin with H and 6 whose symbols begin with H.

UK #1 Chart Acts: 16 different acts beginning with H have reached #1 in the UK charts. Well done if you can name 10 of them.

Songs beginning with H that have reached #1 in the UK Chart: there are 50 of these; well done if you can name 25 of them.

Challenge: Eighth in a list

Can you name the following?

The Eighth Pope (125AD to 136AD).

The Eighth President of the USA (1837-1841).

The winner of Superbowl VIII (1974).

The host country and winner of the Eighth FIFA World Cup (1966).

Answers: Items beginning with H

Countries (3): Haiti, Honduras, Hungary.

Capital cities (5): Hanoi, Harare, Havana, Helsinki, Honiara

[For the record, capital cities with country name in brackets: Hanoi (Vietnam), Harare (Zimbabwe), Havana (Cuba), Helsinki (Finland), Honiara (Solomon Islands).]

Chemical elements by name (5): hafnium (Hf), hassium (Hs), helium (He), holmium (Ho), hydrogen (H).

Chemical elements by symbol (6): H (hydrogen), He (helium), Hf (hafnium), Hg (mercury), Ho (holmium), Hs (hassium).

UK #1 Chart Acts: Hale & Pace, Hanson, Harry Belafonte, Harry Styles, Hear’Say, Helen Shapiro, Herman’s Hermits, Highwaymen, Hollies, Holly Valance, Honeycombs, Hope For Haiti, Hot Chocolate, Housemartins, Hugo Montenegro, Human League.

Songs beginning with H that have reached #1 in the UK Chart: “Hall of Fame”, “Hallelujah”, “Hand On Your Heart”, “Hangin’ Tough”, “Happy”, “Happy Talk”, “Havana”, “Have I The Right”, “Have You Ever”, “He Ain’t Heavy He’s My Brother”, “Heart”, “Heart Of Glass”, “Heart Skips a Beat”, “Heartbeat”, “Heatwave”, “Heaven”, “Heaven Is A Place On Earth”, “Hello”, “Hello Goodbye”, “Help!”, “Here Comes Summer”, “Here In My Heart”, “Hernando’s Hideaway”, “Hero”, “Heroes”, “Hey Baby”, “Hey Girl Don’t Bother Me”, “Hey Joe”, “Hey Jude”, “Hideaway”, “Hindu Times”, “Hips Don’t Lie”, “Hit Me With Your Rhythm Stick”, “Hold Me Close”, “Hold My Hand”, “Hole In The Head”, “Holiday”, “Holler”, “Honky Tonk Women”, “Hoots Mon”, “Hot Love”, “Hot Right Now”, “House Every Weekend”, “House Of Fun”, “House Of The Rising Sun”, “How Can I Be Sure”, “How Deep Is Your Love”, “How Do You Do It”, “How We Do (Party)”, “Hung Up”.

Answers: Eighth in a list

Eighth Pope: Telesphorus (125AD to 136AD).

Eighth President of the USA: Martin van Buren (1837-1841).

The winner of Superbowl VIII: Miami Dolphins (1974), same as Superbowl VII in 1973.

The Eighth FIFA World Cup (1966): hosted by England, won by England.




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