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When your fate is in your own hands

I have posted many items on this Blog about the fortunes of Leeds United, the team that I have followed since childhood. There was usually at least one post per month in the club’s last two seasons in the Championship, before being promoted to “The Promised Land” of Premier League football.

I have posted less frequently in the last 18 months about the club’s ups and downs (mostly downs). This time last year I posted this (“This could be the last time”) just before the final games of the season. I see that I did not update it, but anyone reading these words has access to a search engine and can find out from numerous sources what happened next. Leeds stayed up and Burnley FC were relegated, but as the final weekend of Premier League football began Leeds were not in control of their fate. If Burnley had won their last game, rather than losing at home to Newcastle, they would have stayed up.

I am typing these words half an hour before Leeds kick off at West Ham with two games left to play. The club’s fate is in their own hands. Two wins from the final two games will ensure top flight football again next year. A win today will lift Leeds above Everton in the table, and out of the relegation zone. Another win in the final game (at home to Spurs next Sunday) would keep them there. A defeat today would not end the team’s stay in the Premier League but it would leave Everton in charge of things: a win at home next week against Bournemouth and they would stay up. If this how things play out, I can already point to at least a dozen things that made it happen. I’ll probably tell you about them.


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