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Pop Master Summary w/e Fri 27 May 2022

Another summary of my scores from a week’s worth of questions from Pop Master, along the lines of this piece from earlier in May.

Just like 8 million other people in the UK I continue to follow Pop Master, the mid-morning quiz on BBC Radio 2. It has been the subject of many pieces on this Blog, including this one from week ending 15 April 2022.

Currently I make a note of the following: my score, the bonus questions, any questions I have got wrong, any that feature information that is new to me or that I guessed right, and finally the “3 in 10” challenge.

Here is a summary of the information I noted down for the week ending Friday 27 May 2022. Answers to the questions are in brackets. Capitalized text is used for questions that I got wrong, along with the word “NOPE”. Capitalized text within a question indicates information that is either new or noteworthy, for example CHRISTOPHER WALLACE, the real name of rapper Notorious BIG. Other notes appear in square brackets.

Monday 23 May 2022: 39, 39

Round 1: Real Names [Not Classic Love Songs]

BONUS questions: Eminem has had 10 #1s and 45 Top 40 appearances, what is his real name? He played a clip of My Name Is (Marshall Mathers III) / 2016 Top 20 hit by Alicia Moore, lyrics include Just Like Magic, released as (Pink) [It’s called JUST LIKE FIRE] / 2005 Top 20 by Cliff Richard, something about I never left the house, what is his real name? (Harry Webb) [The song was called WHAT CAR]

Q5: SALUTE, Black Magic, WORD UP, all hits in the 2010s for (Little Mix)

Q10: in the 2000s Atomic Kitten featuring Kool and the Gang had a hit with which Kool and the Gang song? (Ladies Night) YES, I start the week with a 39er

24 for him, 39 for me

[No Doubt, Don’t Speak, is the track between the rounds, featured in the final episode of “Derry Girls” when Michelle and Erin weren’t speaking to each other]

Round 2: Classic Love Songs [Not Strangers]

BONUS questions: In 1973, Me & Mrs Jones was the only UK Top 20 for this singer (Billy Paul) / One of 7 hits this artist had in 1985, Crazy for you (Madonna) / Chart debut for Celine Dion in 1992 with this hit duet, Beauty and the Beast; name the male vocalist (Peabo Bryson) I think, YES

Q5: In which year did the following songs reach #1? Lay me down Sam Smith & John Legend, Want to want me Jason DeRulo, King Years & Years (2015) [Tricky, I might not have got that without the Years & Years song]

Q8: TAJA SEVILLE 1988 hit (Love) is contagious YES

Q10: Walking away, Rendezvous, What’s your flava were all hits for which singer? (Craig David)

36 for him, one year out on the year, he said 2016, 39 for me

3 in 10: Mica, yes for him, only 2 for me / He makes it to Champions League Pop Master, but I got TWO 39ers

Mica (23 May 2022): Golden / Grace Kelly / Lollipop / Happy Ending / Relax Take it easy / [He also said Big Girls, but apparently not; I think it should have been included: it has “You are beautiful” in brackets afterwards]

Tuesday 24 May 2022: 24, 39

Round 1: Debut Hits [Not 50s rock ’n roll]

Q2: Complete the title of this Coldplay #2 from 2002: In my (PLACE) [Not sure I’d have got that, she got it very quickly / Kept at #2 by DARIUS, Colourblind / Coldplay were also Stuck at 2 in 2005 with Speed of Sound, kept off the top by Crazy Frog, Axel F]

BONUS questions: The River was a 1981 hit for which singer? (Bruce Springsteen) / A clip from a Cher Top 10 from 1996;name her debut solo hit from 1965 (Little Man) NOPE (ALL I REALLY WANT TO DO) / Here’s the 1995 debut for this group; who are they? Sounds like (Manic Street Preachers) but now I’m not sure, NOPE it’s (FOO FIGHTERS), they did cross my mind initially [It’s called This is a call, #5 in 1995]

Q5: I CAN MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD, 1982 first Top 10 hit for (Shalamar) YES, I chose the right one [Take that to the bank and I owe you one were before that, but didn’t make Top 10 / A night to remember and There it is both got to #5, their highest chart placing]

Q10: Secret Lovers and Always were 80s hits for which American group? (Atlantic Starr)

18 for her, 24 for me

Round 2: Cover Versions [Not 50s rock ’n roll]

BONUS questions: Florence and the Machine, cover of a song that first made the charts in 1997, You’ve got the love; who had the hit originally? (The Source featuring Candi Staton) / Top 10 from 1986 by The Damned, Eloise; name the act who had the original hit in 1968 (Barry Ryan) [Stuck at 2 behind Hugo Montenegro in 1968, The Damned got to #3, their only Top 10; Love Song, #20 in 1979, was their next biggest hit] / A cover of Nirvana’s 1991 Smells like Teen Spirit; name the singer (Tori Amos)

Q7: Sexy Boy and Kelly watch the stars come out were 1998 hits for which French duo? (Air)

Q10: The Night Chicago Died was a Top 3 hit in the mid-70s for which act? (Paper Lace)

15 for him, 39 for me, surprisingly

3 in 10: Ace of Base, 2 for her, yes for me

Ace of Base (24 May 2022): Don’t Turn Around / The Sign / All that she wants / Cruel Summer

Wednesday 25 May 2022: 30, [+ 3 in 10] 36

Round 1: 90s Hits [Not Duos]

BONUS questions: Name this 1993 Top 10 by REM (Everybody Hurts) / Here’s a Top 10 from 1997 by Damage, Wonderful Tonight; who wrote it? (Eric Clapton) / A Destiny’s Child hit from 1998, Lyrics include You wanna stick and … believe in what you see NOPE, I don’t know this one (WITH ME)

Q5: What is the shared 3-word song title for different hits by East 17 and Daft Punk? (House of Love) is my guess NOPE (AROUND THE WORLD)

Q7: Dark is the night, Night Birds, Easier said than done were all 80s hits for which act? (Shakatak)

Q10: What was the one-word title of the 2010 hit by Gary Barlow and Robbie Williams? (Shame)

18 for him, 30 for me

Round 2: Duos [Not Neil Diamond]

BONUS questions: Say Hello Wave Goodbye, a 1982 Top 10 for which duo? (Soft Cell) / We’re on the ball, a 2002 hit for which popular TV duo? (Ant & Dec) / We do it, a Top 10 in 1976 for a duo with the first names Russell & Joanne; how were they known? (R & J Stone)

Q5: Cry for Help in 1991 was the only 90s hits for which act that had many Top 10 hits in the 1980s? (RICK ASTLEY)

Q7: A letter & number make up the name of a band that had #1s with Same old brand new you and Take on me (A1)

Q8: True Love was a 1993 hit for Elton John and which singer? (Kiki Dee)

Q10: With which song did Tatu spend a month at #1 in 2003? (All the things she said)

36 for me, let down by Rick Astley, 12 for her

3 in 10: Fine Young Cannibals, yes for me, 2 for him

Fine Young Cannibals (25 May 2022): Good Thing / She drives me crazy / Suspicious Minds / Ever fallen in love (with someone you shouldn’t have fallen in love with)

Thursday 26 May 2022: 33, 39

Round 1: Trains Boats and Planes [Not From the Top]

BONUS questions: From 1993, Runaway Train, the only Top 20 from this group; who are they? Sounds like (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers) NOPE (SOUL ASYLUM) / Lulu Top 10 in 1967 with this (The boat that I row) / John Denver’s original version of Leaving on a Jet Plane; name the trio that had the hit version (Peter, Paul and Mary)

Q10: 2 of the 3 #1s by Brotherhood of Man had one-word titles; Angelo was one, name the other (Figaro)

33 for me, an unfamiliar Soul Asylum track did me, 12 for her

Round 2: From the Top [Not Stevie Wonder]

BONUS questions: From 1994, the most recent Top 20 by this long-established group (ZZ Top) is my guess, because the round is called From the Top; YES, it was called Pin Cushion / Lynn Anderson version of Top of the world from 1973, a hit for which act? (Carpenters) / What is the title of this Althea & Donna #1 from 1978? (Uptown Top Ranking)

Q5: Scissor Sisters were in the charts 10 years ago this week with Only the what? (Horses)

Q8: Porcelain in 2000 was a Top 5 for which chart act? (Moby) YES

Q10: From 1983, what was the only #1 for KC and the Sunshine Band? (Give it up)

39 for me, 24 for her

3 in 10: Savage Garden, yes for her, she got Affirmation just as the timer finished, only 2 for me

Savage Garden (26 May 2022): To the moon and back / Truly Madly Deeply / Affirmation / I want you / Hold me

Friday 27 May 2022: 39, 30

Round 1: The Name is Mary [Not That’s Life]

BONUS questions: What is the title of this song, the only Top 20 by Danny Wilson? (Mary’s Prayer) / Name this singer from this hit, Roadrunner; he was also featured as the narrator in There’s something about Mary (Jonathan Richman) / Everything, from 1997, was the first solo Top 10 for this singer (Mary J Blige)

Q5: New entries I don’t want to get hurt Donna Summer, Funky Cold Medina Tone-Loc, I drove all night Cyndi Lauper (1989)

Q7: Cheap Thrills was a Top 3 hit in 2016 for (Sia)

Q10: Complete the title of this 1982 Top 10 by Mari Wilson: Just what I (always wanted)

39 for me, 24 for her

Round 2: That’s Life [Not Eurovision songs]

BONUS questions: Life’s what you make it, an 80s hit that returned to the charts in 1990; name the act (Talk Talk) / Got to get you into my life, the Beatles, from 1966; name the band that had a hit with it that year (CLIFF BENNETT AND THE REBEL ROUSERS) NOPE, the sort of answer I might have got at some point, but not when listening live / What is the name of this hit for Billy Joel, his 3rd chart hit? (My Life)

Q4: Two 80s hits by The Smiths had one-word titles; name either (Panic) Ask

Q5: In which year were the songs at 30 20 and 10 in this week’s chart Buddy Holly Weezer, Have you ever really loved a woman, Yes McAlmont & Butler (1995) NOPE, I should have got that, I knew it was 94, 95 or 96 and went for 96

Q10: Teardrops was a Top 3 in 1988 for which duo? (Womack and Womack)

30 for him, 30 for me

3 in 10: REM, yes for me, 2 for him

REM (27 May 2022): Everybody Hurts / Orange Crush / Man on the moon / Leaving New York / Shiny Happy People

A summary of the questions I didn’t get

Monday 23 May 2022: [none]

Tuesday 24 May 2022: Cher debut solo hit All I really want to do (bonus question) / Foo Fighters debut 1995 This is a call (bonus question) / Coldplay 2002 #2 In my place

Wednesday 25 May 2022: Around the world shared title for hits by East 17 and Daft Punk / Destiny’s Child 1998 hit With me (bonus question) / Only 90s hit for Rick Astley Cry for help

Thursday 26 May 2022: Soul Asylum only Top 10 Runaway train 1999 (bonus question)

Friday 27 May 2022: 30 20 10 of 1995 / Cliff Bennet & the Rebel Rousers version of Got to get you into my life (bonus question)

Sequence of scores: 39, 39, 24, 39, 30, 36, 33, 39, 39, 30

Total points: 348

Daily Average: 34.80

Top score, 39 points: 5

2nd top score, 36 points + “3 in 10”: 1



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