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James Bond Trivia: the answers

This earlier piece contained 15 questions and 6 challenges related to James Bond films. The questions are duplicated here, and the answers follow immediately afterwards.

15 questions

  1. In which Bond movie does the villain’s car turn into a light aircraft? [From “The Chase”, 24-May-2018]
  2. Who recorded the theme to the 1997 movie “Tomorrow Never Dies”? [From Pop Master, BBC Radio 2, 13-Jun-2018, Bonus Round on Bond Songs]
  3. Roald Dahl wrote a script for which Bond movie? [From “The Chase”, 15-Feb-2018]
  4. Carly Simon wrote and sang “Nobody does it better” for a 1977 Bond movie. What is the film’s title? [From Pop Master, BBC Radio 2, 13-Jun-2018, Bonus Round on Bond Songs]
  5. Which Bond movie was directed by a Sam and has a theme song by a Sam? [From “The 100k Drop”, 25-May-2018]
  6. Which 1997 Bond film features Jonathan Pryce as a media mogul? [“Mastermind” general knowledge round, 18-Aug-2017]
  7. Who sang the theme song for 1989 Bond film “Licence to Kill”? [From Pop Master, BBC Radio 2, 13-Jun-2018, Bonus Round on Bond Songs]
  8. The Louis Armstrong hit “We have all the time in the world”, which reached the Top 10 in 1994, was originally featured in which 1969 James Bond film? [From Pop Master, 13-Jun-2018, Bonus Round on “I’ve got a secret”; also on Pop Master, 5-Jan-2017, Bonus Round on “Hits from the movies”]
  9. Gemma Arterton played the part of Strawberry Fields in which Bond film? [From “The Chase”, 7-Sep-2017]
  10. Who reached the Top 10 with the 1981 Bond theme “For Your Eyes Only”? [From Pop Master 19-Sep-2017]
  11. Who is the only non-European to play James Bond? [From “The Family Chase”, Sat 16-Sep-2017]
  12. In 1995 Bono and the Edge wrote the theme for a James Bond movie; who sang it and what was it called? (From Pop Master 12-Oct-2017)
  13. Which weightlifter, who won a silver medal at the 1948 Olympics, went on to play Oddjob in the James Bond film “Goldfinger”? [From “Fifteen to One”, 22-May-2017]
  14. Which James Bond theme was recorded by Duran Duran? [From Pop Master, 13-Mar-2017]
  15. Who was the first person to sing a Bond theme and have a role in the film? Possible answers: Tina Turner, Sheena Easton, Madonna [From “The Chase” 26-Oct-2017]

4 Challenges from “Tenable”

  1. Name the first 10 Bond movies alphabetically. [From 3-Nov-2017, a jackpot round in which the contestants won £11,000]
  2. Name the 10 James Bond films with 3- or 4-word titles.  [From 13-Feb-2018, a jackpot round in which the contestants did not win the prize fund]
  3. Name the performers of the last 10 Bond theme songs. [From an episode repeated on 3-Jul-2018]
  4. Name the 10 actors or actresses who have played James Bond or Miss Moneypenny (6 actors, 4 actresses). [From 16-Feb-2018]

2 Lists from “Who Dares Wins”

  1. Give the titles of up to 15 songs and themes featured in James Bond films.
  2. Give the names of up to 15 characters from James Bond films.

Answers to the 15 questions

  1. “The Man with the Golden Gun”
  2. Sheryl Crow
  3. “You Only Live Twice”
  4. “The Spy Who Loved Me”
  5. “Spectre”
  6. “Tomorrow Never Dies”
  7. Gladys Knight
  8. “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service”
  9. “Quantum of Solace”
  10. Sheena Easton
  11. George Lazenby
  12. Tina Turner ,“Goldeneye”
  13. Harold Sakata
  14. “A View to a Kill”
  15. Madonna

The 4 Lists from “Tenable”

The first 10 Bond movies alphabetically

  1. “A View to a Kill”
  2. “Casino Royale”
  3. “Diamonds Are Forever”
  4. “Die Another Day”
  5. “Dr. No”
  6. “For Your Eyes Only”
  7. “From Russia with Love”
  8. “Goldeneye”
  9. “Goldfinger”
  10. “Licence to Kill”

The 10 James Bond films with 3- or 4-word titles (in chronological order)

  1. “From Russia with Love”
  2. “You Only Live Twice”
  3. “Diamonds Are Forever”
  4. “Live and Let Die”
  5. “For Your Eyes Only”
  6. “The Living Daylights”
  7. “Licence to Kill”
  8. “Tomorrow Never Dies”
  9. “Die Another Day”
  10. “Quantum of Solace”

The performers of the last 10 Bond theme songs (beginning with the most recent)

  1. Sam Smith
  2. Adele
  3. Alicia Keys & Jack White
  4. Chris Cornell
  5. Madonna
  6. Garbage
  7. Sheryl Crow
  8. Tina Turner
  9. Gladys Knight
  10. A-ha

The 10 actors and actresses who have played James Bond or Miss Moneypenny (6 actors, 4 actresses)

  1. Sean Connery
  2. Roger Moore
  3. George Lazenby
  4. Timothy Dalton
  5. Pierce Brosnan
  6. Daniel Craig
  7. Lois Maxwell
  8. Caroline Bliss
  9. Samantha Bond
  10. Naomie Harris

A selection of answers for the 2 lists from “Who Dares Wins”

Songs and themes featured in James Bond films

This page from the Official James Bond site lists 50 different songs and themes, including the following film titles: “From Russia with Love” / “Goldfinger” / “Thunderball” / “You Only Live Twice” / “On Her Majesty’s Secret Service” / “Diamonds Are Forever” / “Live and Let Die” / “The Man with the Golden Gun” / “Moonraker” / “For Your Eyes Only” / “A View to a Kill” / “The Living Daylights” / “Licence to Kill” / “Goldeneye” / “Tomorrow Never Dies” / “The World Is Not Enough” / “Die Another Day” / “Skyfall”.

In addition there are the following official songs: “Nobody Does It Better” / “All Time High” / “You Know My Name” / “Another Way To Die”

A selection of other songs and themes: “Dr No’s Fantasy” / “Under The Mango Tree” / “007” / “Into Miami” / ”The Laser Beam” / ”Switching The Body” / “Capsule in Space” / “Do You Know How Christmas Trees Are Grown” “Bond Smells a Rat” / “Underground Lair” / “Hip’s Trip” / “The Pyramids” / “Cable Car And Snake Fight” / “Make It Last All Night” / “The Chase Bomb Theme” / “Snow Job” / “Where Has Everybody Gone” [The Pretenders]  / “If There Was a Man” [The Pretenders, closing credits song from “The Living Daylights”] / “The Experience Of Love” ”Surrender” / “Only Myself To Blame” / “Time To Get Out”

Characters from James Bond films

This page contains 57 pages of named Bond characters, including these 36 on the first 5 pages: Mr White / Blofeld / James Bond / Raoul Silva / Vesper Lynd / Madeleine Swann / M / Mr Hinx / Miranda Frost / Le Chiffre / Elektra King / Baron Samedi / Sévérine / Max Denbigh / Jaws / Strawberry Fields / Christmas Jones / Plenty O’Toole / Odd Job / May Day / Q / Solitaire / Miss Moneypenny / Pussy Galore / Jinx / Jill Masterson / Octopussy / Felix Leiter / Scaramanga / Dr Kananga / Kincade / JW Pepper / Mary Goodnight / Dr No / Hugo Drax



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