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More #1 Trivia: the titles run on (and on)

Pop music trivia is never far from my mind, especially when it deals with artists and songs that reached #1 in the UK. Here’s a bit of fun regarding chart-topping song titles that run on into other chart-topping song titles. The clues take the form of at least two artists and the years that the relevant songs reached #1, for example: Survivor (1982) Mud (1974).

The answer to this one merges Survivor’s only single to reach the top, “Eye of the Tiger”, with Mud’s first, “Tiger Feet”, to give us “Eye of the Tiger Feet”. If this sort of thing is of no interest to you, then look away now, but otherwise there are 30 similar challenges below to while away a Saturday evening, and a couple of bonus questions. The answers will be published within an hour of this page.

To begin with here’s one where the artists could be reversed and it will still work, as long as you’re not too fussed about the brackets used in one of the song titles. Each act, as named here, has only had one #1 single, so each part of the answer is unique.

1 The Real Thing (1976) Bryan Adams (1991)

In clues 2-8 each act, as named here, has also had just one #1 single, so again there is only one option for each part of the answer.

2 Lisa Stansfield (1989) Englandneworder (1990)

3 Love Affair (1968) Osmonds (1974)

4 Status Quo (1975) Men at Work (1983)

5 Alice Cooper (1972) Chris Farlowe (1966)

6 KC and the Sunshine Band (1983) Althia and Donna (1978)

7 Vanilla Ice (1990) Supremes (1964)

8 The Beatles with Billy Preston (1969) England World Cup Squad (1970)

In clues 9-15 the first-named act had just one #1 single, the second-named act had more, so there is only one song title to choose from for the first part of the answer.

9 Communards (1986) Elvis Presley (1977)

10 Commodores (1978) All Saints (1998)

11 Belinda Carlisle (1988) Michael Jackson (1995)

12 Herman’s Hermits (1964) Beach Boys (1966)

13 Charles and Eddie (1992) B*witched (1998)

14 Chris de Burgh (1986) UB40 (1983)

15 Elton John and Kiki Dee (1976) Celine Dion (1998)

In clues 16-21 the first-named act had multiple #1s, the second-named act had just one, so there is only one song title to choose from for the second part of the answer.

16 Beatles (1963) Dusty Springfield (1966)

17 All Saints (1998) Simon & Garfunkel (1970)

18 Madonna (1986) The Marcels (1961)

19 David Essex (1974) The Firm (1987)

20 Beatles (1965) Black Box (1989)

21 Blur (1995) Animals (1964)

Finally, in 22-30, both acts had multiple #1s, so some of them are a bit more tricky.

22 Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta (1978) The Beatles (1963)

23 Westlife (1999) Bobby Darin (1959)

24 Boyzone (1996) The Jam (1982)

25 Spice Girls (1997) Ronan Keating (2000)

26 Take That (1996) Wet Wet Wet (1994)

27 Diana Ross (1971) Rudimental (2013)

28 One Direction (2011) U2 (2000)

29 Cliff Richard (1959) Will Young (2002)

30 Rolling Stones (1966) Michael Jackson (1991)

Two Bonus Questions

31 The word “Boom” appears at least twice in #1s by the following artists in the given year. If you put all three song titles together what will you get? Outhere Brothers (1995) Vengaboys (1999) Black Eyed Peas (May 2009)

32 Finally, run the following six hits together for a 13-word answer:

Elvis Presley (1960) All Saints (1998) Love Affair (1968) Wet Wet Wet (1994) Oasis (1998) Englandneworder (1990)

The answers can be found here.




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