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More #1 Trivia: the titles run on (and on), the answers

Here are the answers to this earlier challenge, #1 song titles that run into each other.

1 You to me are (Everything I do) I do it for you [or, You to me are (Everything I do) I do it for You to me are Everything]

2 All around the World in Motion

3 Everlasting Love me for a Reason

4 Down Down Under

5 School’s Out of Time

6 Give it Up Town Top Ranking

7 Ice Ice Baby Love

8 Get Back Home

9 Don’t leave me this Way Down

10 Three times a Lady Marmalade

11 Heaven is a place on Earth Song

12 I’m into something Good Vibrations

13 Would I lie To You I belong

14 The Lady in Red Red Wine

15 Don’t go breaking My Heart Will Go On

16 She loves You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me

17 Under the Bridge Over Troubled Water

18 True Blue Moon

19 Gonna make you a Star Trekkin’

20 Ticket to Ride on Time

21 Country House of the Rising Sun

22 You’re the one that I want to hold your hand

23 I have a Dream Lover

24 A different Beat Surrender

25 Spice up your Life is a Rollercoaster

26 How deep is your Love is all around

27 I’m still Waiting All Night

28 What makes you Beautiful Day

29 Travellin’ Light My Fire

30 Paint it Black or White

Two Bonus Questions

31 Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Boom Pow (that’s 9 Booms and a Pow). The individual titles are: Boom Boom Boom [Outhere Brothers (1995)], Boom Boom Boom Boom [Vengaboys (1999)] and Boom Boom Pow [Black Eyed Peas (2009)]

32 It’s Now or Never Everlasting Love is All Around the World in Motion




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