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10 questions about UK #1s: the answers are in the lyrics

Here are 10 quiz questions based on the lyrics of UK #1 hits, in order of when they reached #1. If you know which afternoon was never ending in “Lady Madonna”, how old Ernie (The Fastest Milkman in the West) was when he died, or what Craig David and his lady did on Sunday, you’ll do just fine.

The questions

  1. According to the lyrics of the Beatles 1968 #1 “Lady Madonna”, which “afternoon is never ending”?
  2. According to the opening lines of Peter Sarstedt’s “Where do you go to my lovely?”, “You talk like Marlene Dietriech”; but who do you dance like?
  3. In Benny Hill’s 1971 chart-topper “Ernie (The Fastest Milkman in the West)”, how old was Ernie when he died?
  4. Which city is mentioned in the opening verse of Abba’s 1980 #1 “Super Trouper”?
  5. In “Come on Eileen”, a 1982 #1 for Dexy’s Midnight Runners, which singer, popular in the 1950s, “sounded sad upon our radio, moved a million hearts in mono”?
  6. In Madonna’s 1990 #1 “Vogue”, which actress “gave good face”?
  7. According to the lyrics of Craig David’s 2000 #1 what did he do on Sunday, with the lady that he met on Monday?
  8. In “Viva La Vida” (2008), the first UK #1 single by Coldplay, what kind of “Bells” are mentioned in the chorus?
  9. In Katy Perry’s 2008 #1, “I Kissed a Girl”, what was the taste of her Chapstick?
  10. According to to the lyrics of Mike Posner’s 2016 #1 “I took a pill in Ibiza”, he took a pill in Ibiza to show who (or whom, if you prefer) that he was cool?

The Answers

  1. Tuesday
  2. Zizi Jeanmaire
  3. 52
  4. Glasgow
  5. Johnny Ray
  6. Rita Hayworth
  7. Chilled
  8. Jerusalem
  9. Cherry
  10. Avicii

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