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Pop Master Summary w/e Fri 8 April 2022

Along with at least 8 million other people I continue to follow Pop Master, the mid-morning quiz on BBC Radio 2. It has been the subject of many pieces on this Blog, most recently this piece from January.

Currently I make a note of the following: my score, the bonus questions, any questions I have got wrong, any that feature information that is new to me or that I guessed right, and finally the “3 in 10” challenge.

Here is a summary of the information I noted down for the week ending Friday 8 April 2022. Answers to the questions are in brackets. Capitalized text is used for questions that I got wrong, along with the word “NOPE”. Capitalized text within a question indicates information that is either new or noteworthy, for example CHRISTOPHER WALLACE, the real name of rapper Notorious BIG. Other notes appear in square brackets.

Monday 4 April 2022: 39, 36 (and the 3 in 10)

Round 1: Chart Tributes [Not Reggae Steady Go]

Bonus questions: A song by Dexy’s Midnight Runners, one of the most successful chart tribute songs, who is it about? (Geno Washington) / Puff Daddy and Faith Evans 1997 tribute to a rapper, real name CHRISTOPHER WALLACE; how was he better known? (Notorious BIG) / Name the legendary guitarist who wrote and recorded this 1992 tribute to his son (Eric Clapton)

Q8: Searching my soul, a hit that featured in the TV show Ally McBeal, was by Vonda who? (Shepherd) [YES, I might not have got that without being given her first name, and I certainly wouldn’t have known the song’s title]

Q10: The American band Toto had their first hit in the late 70s; what was it? (Hold the line) [YES, not Africa: the contestant said Africa and it cost him a full house]

39 for me, 36 for him

Round 2: Duos [Not Reggae Steady Go]

BONUS questions: 1978 first of 2 hits for this duo, Dancing in the city; who are they? (Marshall Hain) [Their names were JULIAN and KIT respectively] / Between 1986 and 1988, Pet Shop Boys had 4 #1s, here’s their first, West End Girls, name their last (Heart) / A then husband and wife act from 1972, lyrics include “Loving you is all I ask honey” (Sonny and Cher)

Q8: What was the name of Spagna’s 1987 debut? (Boys Boys Boys) is my guess NOPE (CALL ME)

Q10: Name the band that had early 70s hits with Come and get it, No matter what, Day after day (Badfinger)

18 for her, 36 for me

3 in 10: Thin Lizzy, yes for him and for me, so he’s in the running for Champions League Pop Master

Thin Lizzy (4 April 2022): Boys are back in town / Dancing in the moonlight / Whiskey in the jar / Jailbreak

Tuesday 5 April 2022: 24, 39

Round 1: This that and the other [Not Hits from the musicals]

BONUS questions: 1973, 3 consecutive Top 20 hits for this group, and this was the 3rd, This Flight Tonight (Nazareth) / Last Top 40 by this singer in the 90s, Lyrics include “That’s the way it is, Love comes to those who believe it” (CELINE DION) [NOPE, It’s called That’s the way it is] / A Liverpudlian group, a hit from 1963, Some other guy (THE BIG THREE) [NOPE, this only got to #37]

Q4: Clannad and Bono had a hit in 1986 and 1989 with which song? (IN A LIFETIME) [NOPE, and that has come up before]

Round 2: 70s Hits [Not Hits from the musicals]

BONUS questions: Who was the lead singer in Rainbow who had a solo 1981 hit with Night Moves? (Graham Bonnet) / Which band recorded this 70s cover version the Tom Jones hit Delilah? (Sensational Alex Harvey Band) / The intro to a Doors song that was a hit in 1971 and 1976 (Riders on the Storm)

Q10: Complete the title of this 1976 hit for Osibisa: Sunshine (Day)

39 for me, 6 for him

3 in 10: Mark Morrison, not for him or me

Mark Morrison (5 April 2022): Return of the Mack / The Mack / Who’s the Mack / Crazy / Horny / Trippin’ / Moan and Groan

Wednesday 6 April 2022: 39, 33

Round 1: Female vocalists [Not Male Vocalists]

BONUS questions: One more sleep, was a hit for which female singer? (Leona Lewis) / Damn I wish I was your lover was the debut hit for (Sophie B Hawkins) [Variations on this question come up surprisingly often] / One of the bigger hits by the duo CHERYL JAMES and SANDRA DENTON, Push it; how are they better known? (Salt & Pepa)

Q7: In the 1980s Tarzan Boy was the only hit for (Baltimora)

Q10: Released 2016, Blackstar was a #1 album by which late superstar? (David Bowie)

Round 2: Male vocalists [Not Cliff Richard]

Q2: Complete the title of this Busted hit from 2003: Sleeping with the (LIGHT ON) [NOPE, I guessed (Enemy)]

BONUS questions: Python Lee Jackson’s In a Broken Dream, a hit in 1972; name the vocalist (Rod Stewart) / Eric Prydz #1, Call on Me, sampled a 1982 hit by which singer? (Steve Winwood) / Name the singer and actor who reached #2 with this debut solo hit in 2002, includes the lyrics “Late at night I talk to you” (Justin Timberlake) [YES, good guess, based on the clue and the year]

Q4: Let’s stay together, What’s love got to do with it both featured on which hit album by Tina Turner? (PRIVATE DANCER) [NOPE, I went for (The Best)]

30 for him, 33 for me

3 in 10: Aretha Franklin, yes for me, not for him

Aretha Franklin (6 April 2022) Respect / Spanish Harlem / I knew you were waiting for me / Sisters are doing it for themselves / I say a little prayer

Thursday 7 April 2022: 39, 33

Round 1: Big Down Under [Not In the Summertime]

BONUS questions: An Australian group that had been having hits for a decade before this one, something about Living in a Wasteland (INXS) [YES, the only likely option given the clue] / The first UK hit for this group, Don’t dream it’s over (Crowded House) / From 1980, the only UK hit by this group, I Got You (Split Enz)

Q4: Which song by All 4 One spent 7 weeks at #2 in 1994? (I Swear)

Q10: Insomnia, Salva Mea, God is a DJ, all 90s hits for (Faithless) [YES, wasn’t sure about that one]

39 for me, 30 for him

Round 2: In the Summertime [Not 80s Hits]

BONUS questions: 1995 Top 20 hit, lyrics include “Staying out for the summer playing games in the lane” (James) is my guess NOPE (DODGY) [NOTE: Dodgy had 9 hits, including remixes, such as Good Enough #3, In a room #12, Staying out for the summer remix #19, Found you #19] / Name this Top 10 from the 80s by the Style Council (Long Hot Summer) / Instrumental hit from 1960 (Theme from a summer place)

Q10: In 1991, Kate Pearson of the B52s was guest vocalist on which REM hit? (Shiny Happy People)

3 for him, 33 for me

3 in 10: Manfred Mann, yes for me, not for him

Manfred Mann (7 April 2022): 5-4-3-2-1 / Pretty Flamingo / Mighty Quinn / Ha Ha said the clown / Ragamuffin Man

Friday 8 April 2022: 27, 33

Round 1: 90s Hits [Not New Acts]

BONUS questions: Identify this performer, a 1993 #2 hit, lyrics include “Please forgive me, I don’t know what I do, can’t stop loving you” or something like that; sounds like (Bryan Adams) YES / Madonna 1996 hit, You must love me, name the film soundtrack it comes from (Evita) / From 1994 the final Top 20 for this group, NOPE (LEVEL 42) [I didn’t recognize that at all, it’s called FOREVER NOW, got to #19, their final Top 30 was All Over You which got to #26, and their final Top 40 hit was Love In A Peaceful World, #31]

Q5: You know I love you is subtitle to a Shania Twain 2000 Top 5, give the actual title (DON’T BE STUPID) NOPE

Q8: 1972 Final Top 10 for the Move (CALIFORNIA) Man NOPE

21 for her, 27 for me

Round 2: One Hit Wonders [Not New Acts]

BONUS questions: Recorded in the 60s, finally a hit in 1990, Kinky Boots, name the duo (Honor Blackman, Patrick McNee) / #4 in 1997 for this group, no further hits, something about UNDERWATER LOVE – hard to hear the words; they’re called (SMOKE CITY) [NOPE, never heard of that] / From 1970, held off the top by Woodstock by Matthews Southern Comfort, the song Patches was by which vocalist? (Clarence Carter, as you can read here)

Q7: Top 3 included #2 Never be the same again Melanie C, #1 Fool Again Westlife (2000) YES, tricky that one

Q10: VIENNA CALLING, Top 10 in 1986 for Austrian singer (Falco)

33 for me, 15 for her

3 in 10: Red Hot Chilli Peppers, yes for me, not for her

Red Hot Chilli Peppers (8 April 2022): Californication / Dani California / Under the bridge / Black Summer

A summary of the questions I didn’t get

Monday 4 April: Spagna 1987 debut (CALL ME)

Tuesday 5 April: Celine Dion hit That’s the way it is 1999 (bonus question) / The Big Three Some other guy in 1963 (bonus question) / Clannad and Bono hit in 1986 & 1989 In a lifetime

Wednesday 6 April: Busted 2003 hit Sleeping with the light on / Let’s stay together & What’s love got to do with it feature on Tina Turner’s album Private Dancer

Thursday 7 April: Dodgy Staying out for the summer was a hit in 1994 and 1995 (bonus question)

Friday 8 April: Shania Twain 2000 hit Don’t be stupid you know I love you; The Move 1972 California man; final Level 42 Top 20 Forever now 1994 (bonus question); Smoke City only hit Underwater love 1997 (bonus question)

Summary of scores

Sequence of scores: 39, 36, 24, 39, 39, 33, 39, 33, 27, 33

Total points: 342

Daily Average: 34.20

Top score, 39 points: 4

2nd top score, 36 points + “3 in 10”: 1


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