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You might as well have a guess, revisited: another 50 answers that are usually right

In December 2017 I wrote this piece listing 25 answers to quiz questions where it’s usually worth having a guess, offering the following advice:

It’s worth having a guess as long as you’re not going to lose money or points or be eliminated from the game for being wrong. If a question begins with the words “Which British Prime Minister”, and you don’t know the answer, you might as well say “Winston Churchill”. If it includes a reference to an Egyptian queen it’s probably Cleopatra. If there’s mention of an Australian model it’s almost certainly Elle McPherson.

Here are a further 50 examples where it’s usually worth having a guess, based on key words in the question. If it mentions a “South American mountain range”, it’s almost certainly the Andes. “Cambodian temple” usually means Angkor Watt. “Emily Bronte novel” is always “Wuthering Heights”.

As in the earlier piece, these suggestions are listed in a table, and there are sample questions immediately afterwards.

If a question includes the words: The answer is usually or definitely:
Fictional diarist (male) Adrian Mole
Online retailer Amazon
South American rainforest Amazon
South American mountain range Andes
Cambodian temple Angkor Watt
A continent with a geographical location (mountain, river, sea, province) that you’ve never heard of Antarctica
Street artist / Graffiti artist Banksy
Ice cream company Ben & Jerry’s
Digital currency Bitcoin
Icelandic singer Bjork
Fictional diarist (female) Bridget Jones
Korean boy band BTS
Polish composer Chopin
French female fashion designer Coco Chanel
Supersonic jet Concorde
Chinese philosopher Confucius
Surrealist painter / Spanish surrealist Dali
Bradford-born artist David Hockney
Long-running radio show Desert Island Discs
Mexican artist (male) Diego Rivera
Bram Stoker novel Dracula
Canadian rapper Drake
Mary Shelley novel Frankenstein
Mexican artist (female) Frida Kahlo
Brazilian model Giselle Bundchen
Canadian pop star Justin Bieber
Female historian (British history) Lucy Worsley
Dorset town Lyme Regis
Inca city Macchu Pichu
Scottish queen Mary Queen of Scots
Canadian crooner Michael Buble
Herman Melville novel / Book about a whale Moby Dick
Leonardo da Vinci portrait Mona Lisa
Space agency NASA
Trinidad-born rapper Nicki Minaj
Chanel fragrance No 5
Barbados-born singer Rihanna
North African desert Sahara
US horror writer Stephen King
Asian mausoleum Taj Mahal
London river Thames
Radio soap The Archers
Canadian R&B star The Weeknd
Doomed ship / Sinking ship Titanic
Quarter-back Tom Brady
Character created by Jacqueline Wilson Tracy Beaker
Arts prize Turner Prize
Jamaican runner Usain Bolt
Emily Bronte novel Wuthering Heights
Chinese river Yangtze

Sample questions (in the same order as in the table above)

  1. Schoolgirl Pandora Braithwaite is the love interest of which fictional diarist?
  2. Which online retailer acquired MGM Studios for over 8bn dollars?
  3. Samaumera is the tallest type of tree in which South American rainforest
  4. The Misti volcano is in which South American mountain range?
  5. The towers of what Cambodian temple symbolize the peaks of the legendary Mount Meru?
  6. The Onyx River is the longest river in which continent?
  7. “If you don’t mask you don’t get” is a 2020 work by which street artist?
  8. Peanut butter and cookies is a vegan flavour of ice cream made by which American company?
  9. In 2021 the value of which digital currency rose to 30,000 dollars for the first time?
  10. “Army of Me” was the first UK Top 10 hit for which Icelandic singer?
  11. In a series of films, Renee Zellweger played which fictional diarist created by Helen Fielding?
  12. “Face Yourself” is a 2018 album by which Korean Boy Band?
  13. Which Polish composer gives his name to a Warsaw piano competition?
  14. Which French woman launched her first perfume in 1921?
  15. Businessman Fred Flynn made 718 flights on which supersonic jet?
  16. Which Chinese philosopher was given the title “Extremely Sage Departed Teacher”?
  17. “The only difference between me and a madman is that I’m not mad” is a quote attributed to which Spanish surrealist?
  18. “Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy” is a 1970s work by which Bradford-born artist?
  19. Eric Coates, the composer of “The Dam Busters March”, also wrote theme to which long-running BBC Radio programme?
  20. Which Mexican painter created the “Man at the Crossroads” mural for the Rockefeller Centre?
  21. Which  Bram Stoker novel begins with a journal entry dated May 3rd?
  22. “Chicago Freestyle” was a hit for which Canadian rapper?
  23. Professor Waldman is a character in which Mary Shelley novel?
  24. “Diego and I” is a 1949 work by which Mexican artist?
  25. In 2009 American Football star Tom Brady married which Brazilian model?
  26. Drew House is a clothing line by which Canadian pop star?
  27. Which female historian presents the series “Royal Palace Secrets”?
  28. Which Dorset Town has a museum built on the site of Mary Anning’s fossil shop?
  29. Aguas Calientes is the nearest town to which Inca city?
  30. The Casket Letters were said to have been written by which Scottish queen?
  31. “Haven’t Met You Yet” was a Top 5 hit for which Canadian crooner?
  32. Dough Boy is the ship’s steward in which Herman Melville novel?
  33. A 1915 opera by Max von Schillings was inspired by which Leonardo da Vinci portrait?
  34. “Gravity Assist” is a podcast by what space agency?
  35. Which Trinidad-born rapper guested with Little Mix on their single “Woman Like Me”?
  36. “Forever the fragrance of the moment” is the slogan of what Chanel perfume?
  37. “Take a Bow” was a UK #1 in 2008 for which Barbados-born singer?
  38. Marathon des Sables is a race in what North African desert?
  39. “Riding the Bullet” was first mass-market e-book by which US horror writer?
  40. About 1000 elephants were used in the construction of which Asian Mausoleum?
  41. Somerset House is a London landmark that overlooks what river?
  42. Lexi Viktorova is a Bulgarian character in which radio soap?
  43. In 2021, which Canadian R&B star had a hit with “Save Your Tears”?
  44. Ioan Gruffud plays 5th Officer in which film about a doomed ship?
  45. In 2009 Brazilian supermodel Giselle Bundchen married which quarterback?
  46. Which Jacqueline Wilson character was played by Dani Harmer in a TV series?
  47. Anthony Gormley was the 1994 winner of which Arts Prize?
  48. Which Jamaican runner became entitled to be known as The Honourable in 2019?
  49. Hareton Earnshaw is a character in which Emily Bronte novel?
  50. Qutang is the shortest of the Three Gorges on which Chinese River?

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