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A Confusion of 80s Bands

Here’s a question from Radio 2’s mid-morning quiz Pop Master from last week:

In 1984 the song Feels Like Heaven became the only Top 40 hit for which group?

The answer didn’t come to me in time, though I’m sure that there have been times when it would have, not least in 1984 itself. You might know the answer already, but if not, here’s the question again with three options to choose from.

In 1984 the song Feels Like Heaven became the only Top 40 hit for which group?
A Lotus Eaters / B Fiction Factory / C Icicle Works

Those three bands, and the hit singles that they had (one each) are rather confused in my mind. There are times when I might be able to match each of them to their solitary hits, but last week wasn’t one of them. Similarly, bands like Blue Zoo, Furniture, Toto Coelho and Flash & the Pan each had one hit in the 80s and before sitting down to write this piece I couldn’t have told you with confidence what they were.

As with some earlier Pop Trivia pieces, and for my own benefit if for nobody else’s, here is a set of questions which feature the 7 chart acts mentioned so far (either in the question or as an answer), and a few others for good measure. It might help to clear up some of my confusion about 80s bands. For the record, the answers to Questions 9 and 10 have never slipped my mind to date, but might do at some future point.

The answers all appear at the end of this piece.

The Questions

  1. In 1984 the song Feels Like Heaven became the only Top 40 hit for which group?
  2. Which chart act sang about the First Picture of You in the summer of 1983?
  3. What was the title of Toto Coelho’s only UK hit, from the summer of 1982?
  4. In October 1982 Blue Zoo had their only UK Top 20 hit; what was it called?
  5. Flash & the Pan had their only UK hit with which 1983 Top 10?
  6. Love is a Wonderful Colour, which entered the Top 20 in January 1984, was the only hit for which band?
  7. Drowning in Berlin, in 1982, was the only hit for which band?
  8. Reaching the Top 30 in early 1981, what was the only Top 30 hit for The Passions?
  9. Dream Academy had one UK hit in the 1980s, a #15 in 1985; what was it called?
  10. Finally, in keeping with the title of this Blog Post, which band had a Top 20 hit in 1983 with Confusion?

The Answers

  1. Fiction Factory
  2. Lotus Eaters
  3. I Eat Cannibals Part 1
  4. Cry Boy Cry
  5. Waiting for the Train
  6. Icicle Works
  7. Mobiles
  8. I’m in Love with a German Film Star
  9. Life in a Northern Town
  10. New Order

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