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The “Tenable” lists are complete 

Last week I posted this piece listing the questions and answers from a Soccer Aid special edition of the ITV quiz show “Tenable”.  It was the 1,000th post on this site and, appropriately enough for such a round number, it completes a set: every “Tenable” episode that has been broadcast since summer 2017 (including repeats) is now listed somewhere on these pages. If any other episodes have been screened in that time, they failed to record on my multi-channel box and I have not seen them.

Last month I finally documented two other special editions and the remaining shows from Series 1, up to this piece for S1Ep19, first shown in December 2016. If there was a 20th episode in that series (S1Ep20) it has not been repeated since 2017. This IMDb page tells us that “Episode #1.20” had a release date of Friday 9 December 2016 but there are no other details.

I spent time earlier today creating a new Category on this Blog (called Tenable, as you’d expect) and applied it to all 93 pieces that feature the show. It should make them easier to find. Along the way I learnt how to edit multiple Blog posts simultaneously. It saved a bit of wear and tear on my carpal tunnel. This will be the last “Tenable” post for a while. The next one will be whenever new episodes are broadcast, unless that elusive S1Ep20 is repeated.


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