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More Pop Trivia: a few updates prompted by “Head & Heart”, the current UK #1

The current UK #1 is “Head & Heart” by Joel Corry featuring MNEK, enjoying its fourth week at the top of the charts. I hadn’t heard it until a week ago, when I used this YouTube clip to check it out. Since then I have also heard it on BBC Radio 2 and have realized that it can be added to at least two of the pop trivia lists that appear elsewhere on these pages.

Pop trivia has been a regular subject on this Blog, with particular emphasis on songs that have reached #1 or #2 in the UK charts. Lists of every song that has been “Stuck at 2” are available on the Trivia menu at the top of this page (and there are also links here). These are the songs that made it to #2 in the chart but no higher. The relevant pages are ordered by decade, and they also list all the songs that prevented the “Stuck at 2” records from reaching the top.

I have just updated the menu to include a page for the 2020s. In the first seven and a half months of 2020 there have been only two hits that were “Stuck at 2”, the fewest ever by this stage of a year. They are “The Box” by Roddy Ricch and “Say So” by Doja Cat. 1955 was the only other year when there had been just two songs “Stuck at 2” by the middle of August (Al Hibbler’s version of “Unchained Melody”, and “Cool Water” by Frankie Laine).

I have also updated this page on the Lyrics menu which lists over 100 examples of songs that rhyme “heart” and “apart”. “Head & Heart” becomes at least the 36th #1 song to use this rhyme, or the very similar “broken-hearted” with “parted” or “departed”.

“Head & Heart” is also at least the 36th chart-topper in which the title of the song does not appear in the lyrics. The words “Head” and “Heart” appear frequently, but not together. The phrase “Head & Heart” is not sung by Joel Corry, MNEK, or anyone else involved with the record. The song has therefore been added to the page on this Blog that lists the 35 previous examples, “UK #1 hit singles: the title is not in the song (the answers)”.




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