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“Tenable” Series 2, repeated July 2020, episode 12 onwards

ITV are currently screening repeats of Series 2 of quiz show “Tenable” on weekday afternoons. This piece from July 2019 lists the questions and answers from the first 11 episodes of that series. I described it as “Raw ‘Tenable’ data” because it was not edited and tidied up in the same way as most of my weekly updates (like this one from October 2018).

Here is some more “Raw ‘Tenable’ data” for Series 2, starting with episode 12 (S2Ep12). They were originally broadcast from 14 November 2017 onwards. The first of these repeats (S2Ep12) was broadcast last Wednesday, 15 July 2020. [These repeats continued until Monday 27 July 2020, S2Ep20.]

TENABLE: Tue 14-Nov-2017 [S2Ep12, repeated late at night on Thu 11-Jul-2019 and on Wed 15-Jul-2020], Road signs with modes of transport, Trip Advisor’s top 10 Greek islands, Coldplay first 10 top 10s, last 10 winners of the Masters in Augusta, Top 10 Tom Cruise movies at the box office, 10 elements and symbols that do not begin with same letter

[S2Ep12] Team Name: Under The Radar, they’re all Air Traffic Controllers

Round 1: The 10 modes of transport which appear on British road signs [The 10 different modes of mechanical transport, apart from a car, depicted on British road signs; any that appear within a red circle or within a triangle used to warm other road users as illustrated in a DoT “Know Your Traffic Signs” booklet as of May 2017; does not include items that might be towed, such as a caravan or horse-drawn carriage]

Aircraft / Helicopter / Tank / Lorry / Tractor / Motorcycle / Train / Tram / Bicycle / Bus

Round 2: The Top 10 Greek Islands [According to the TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Awards for 2016; the winners were determined by the quantity and quality of reviews for each island, taking into account travellers’ opinions on hotels, restaurants and attractions for each island gathered during a 12-month period]

Santorini / Crete / Rhodes / Mykonos / Zakynthos / Corfu / Cephalonia / Naxos / Skiathos / Milos

Round 3: The first 10 Top 10 singles by Coldplay

Yellow / Trouble / In My Place / The Scientist / Clocks / Speed of Sound / Fix You / Talk / Violet Hill / Viva La Vida

Round 4: The last 10 winners of the Masters in Augusta [Up to and including the 2017 event]

Sergio Garcia / Danny Willett / Jordan Spieth / Bubba Watson / Adam Scott / Charl Schwartzel / Phil Mickelson / Angel Cabrera / Trevor Immelman / Zach Johnson

Round 5 (The Captain’s Round): Top 10 highest-grossing Tom Cruise films [The highest-grossing films at cinemas worldwide as of 20 June 2017 according to Box Office Mojo; only the first film of any franchise is included; the list does not include “Austin Powers Goldmember” in which he had a cameo role]

Mission Impossible / War of the Worlds / The Last Samurai / Edge of Tomorrow / Minority Report / Rain Man / Top Gun / The Mummy / Oblivion / Jerry Maguire

Final Round: Periodic Table: The 10 elements whose names and symbols do not start with the same letter

4 in the final playing for 21k

Sodium / Potassium / Iron / Silver / Tin / Antimony / Tungsten / Gold / Mercury / Lead

Under the Radar get 7/10. Missing answers: Tin / Antimony / Mercury

TENABLE: Wed 15-Nov-2017 [S2Ep13, repeated on Mon 30-Jul-2018 and late at night on Mon 15-Jul-2019 and on Thu 16-Jul-2020] iPhoneApps, Artists who painted nation’s favourite pictures, Billionaire cities, US high school sports, London department stores, The Voice UK judges

[S2Ep13] Team Name: The House of Stuart, a team of house-mates from London

Round 1: The 10 built-in iPhone apps that start with ‘C’ or ‘M’ [According to Apple’s UK official website as of May 2017

Music / Clock / Messages / Calendar / Mail / Camera / Compass / Contacts / Maps / Calculator

Round 2: Artists who painted the nation’s 10 favourite paintings [The nation’s favourite paintings from a 2015 survey for the Society of all Artists, and not all the artists are British]

Claude Monet / John Constable / Vincent van Gogh / Pierre-Auguste Renoir / JMW Turner / Rembrandt / Pablo Picasso / Salvador Dali / Roy Lichtenstein / David Hockney

Round 3: The Top 10 cities by number of billionaires [according to Sunday Times Rich List published 7 May 2017]

London / New York / San Francisco / Hong Kong / Moscow / Beijing / Los Angeles / Mumbai / Paris / Shenzhen

Round 4: The Top 10 sports for boys in US high schools [Based on numbers who participated in these sports in 2015/16 according to a report by the National Federation of State High School Associations]

American Football / Athletics / Basketball / Baseball / Football / Cross Country / Wrestling / Tennis / Golf / Swimming and diving

Round 5 (The Captain’s Round): Top 10 London Department Stores [According to the official London visitor guide, visitlondon.com; includes department store chains that may also have shops outside of London]

Debenhams / Fenwicks / Fortnum & Mason / Harrods / Harvey Nichols / House of Fraser / John Lewis / Liberty / M&S / Selfridges

Final Round: The 10 coaches who have appeared alongside will.i.am on ‘The Voice UK’

Tom Jones / Danny O’Donoghue / Jessie J / Kylie Minogue / Ricky Wilson / Rita Ora / Boy George / Paloma Faith / Gavin Rossdale / Jennifer Hudson

All 5 in the final round, and they win 8.5k, by naming all 10 / Good, I like these guys [and team captain Stuart appeared on “The Tipping Point” sometime in the last year or two]

TENABLE: Thu 16-Nov-2017 [S2Ep14, repeated late at night on Tue 16-Jul-2019 and on Fri 17-Jul-2020] Plants and creatures on old £1 coin, Chelsea managers, Spanish islands, Adele singles, Champagne brands, Last 10 leaders of Conservative party

[S2Ep14] Team Name: The Scrumpy Pumpies, from Taunton

Round 1: The 10 plants and creatures on the reverse of £1 coins [The 8 types of plant and 2 mythical creatures that featured on the reverse of the old round £1 coin]

Thistle / Leek / Flax / Oak / Rose / Daffodil / Bluebell / Shamrock / Dragon / Unicorn

Round 2: The 10 most recent managers of Chelsea FC [The 10 most recent different people to manage the club, including long-term, caretaker and interim managers, up to the incumbent as of April 2017; Steve Holland and Ray Wilkins will not be accepted as answers, as they only took charge for one game, and are not listed as managers on the Chelsea website]

Antonio Conte / Guus Hiddink / Jose Mourinho / Rafael Benitez / Roberto di Matteo / Andre Villas-Boas / Carlo Ancelotti / Luiz Felipe Scolari / Avram Grant / Claudio Ranieri

Round 3: The Top 10 Spanish islands [According to TripAdvisor’s Traveller’s Choice 2016 based on data gathered during a 12-month period taking into account the quality and quantity of traveller reviews of hotels, restaurants and tourist attractions; each answer is the name of an individual island]

Majorca / Tenerife / Gran Canaria / Fuerteventura / Lanzarote / Ibiza / Minorca / Formentera / La Palma / El Hierro

Round 4: The first 10 Top 20 singles by Adele [In the UK, according to the Official Chart Company]

Chasing Pavements / Hometown Glory / Cold Shoulder / Make You Feel My Love / Rolling in the Deep / Someone Like You / Set Fire to the Rain / Skyfall / Hello / When We Were Young

Round 5 (The Captain’s Round): The 10 best-selling Champagne brands by volume [Worldwide sales for the year 2015 according to the trade publication, The Drinks Business]

Moet et Chandon / Veuve Clicquot / Nicolas Feuillatte/ G H Mumm / Laurent-Perrier/ Taittinger / Pommery / Pipe-Heidsieck / Lanson / Canard-Duchene

Final Round: UK Politics: The last 10 leaders of the Conservative party [As at the general election, 8 June 2017, including the incumbent at the time of the election]

All 5 playing for 10.5k

Teresa May / David Cameron / Michael Howard / Iain Duncan Smith / William Hague / John Major / Margaret Thatcher / Edward Heath / Alec Douglas-Home / Harold Macmillan

They get all 10 and win 10.5k

TENABLE: Fri 17-Nov-2017 [S2Ep15, repeated on 11-Aug-2018, late at night on Wed 17-Jul-2019 and on Mon 20 July 2020] UK favourite cakes, AQOS last 10 captains, biggest marathons, acts with best-selling UK albums, elements with 5 or fewer letters*, Top 10 UK universities

[S2Ep15] Team Name: Call The Medics, a team of para-medics from the North East

Round 1: The Top 10 most popular cakes to bake in the UK [According to the Great British Cake Survey of 2,000 UK adults published in April 2016 by appliance maker Aga]

Victoria Sponge / Chocolate Cake / Lemon Drizzle Cake / Carrot Cake / Fruit Cake / Banana Cake / Chocolate Fudge Cake / Coffee And Walnut Cake / Pineapple Upside-Down Cake / Ginger Cake

Round 2: The last 10 team captains on “A Question of Sport” [The 10 most recent regular captains up to March 2017; there have been 14 in all since the show began in 1970]

Phil Tufnell / Matt Dawson / Frankie Dettori / John Parrot / Allie McCoist / Ian Botham / Willie Carson / Bill Beaumont / Gareth Edwards / Emlyn Hughes

Round 3: Top 10 largest Marathons in 2016 [Those with the biggest number of finishers according to AMES, the Association of Marathon and Distance Runners website]

New York / Paris / Chicago / London / Tokyo / Berlin / Osaka / Boston / Mexico City / Yokohama

Round 4: The 10 acts with the biggest-selling albums in the UK [The first 10 different acts on the list of biggest-selling albums of all time in the UK according to the Official Charts Company on a list generated in July 2016]

Queen / Abba / Beatles / Adele / Oasis / Michael Jackson / Pink Floyd / Dire Straits / Fleetwood Mac / Madonna

Round 5 (The Captain’s Round): The 10 elements of the Periodic Table with 5 or fewer letters in their names

Tin / Gold / Iron / Lead / Neon / Zinc / Argon / Boron / Radon / Xenon

Final Round: UK Universities: The Top 10 universities in the UK [According to the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2016 to 2017; “University of London” will not be accepted as an answer because all of the colleges and institutes affiliated to it are considered universities in their own right]

Only the team captain playing in the final round, for 500 pounds

Oxford / Cambridge / Imperial College London / University College London / LSE / University of Edinburgh / King’s College London / University of Manchester / University of Bristol / University of Warwick

The captain got 4/10, so the team leave with nothing. The remaining answers: University College London / LSE / King’s College London / University of Manchester / University of Bristol / University of Warwick

TENABLE: Mon 20-Nov-2017 [S2Ep16], Dahl top 10 best-sellers, US Federal holidays, first 10 UK PMs of 20th C, Lady Gaga 1st 10 top 10s, LASER and SCUBA acronyms

[S2Ep16] Team Name: The Giant’s Quizway, students from Belfast

Round 1: The Top 10 best-selling books by Roald Dahl [Based on sales on Amazon.co.uk between September 2011 and September 2016; the list contains the names of the stories, does not include collections, pop-up books and so on]

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory / The BFG / George’s Marvellous Medicine / Matilda / James and the Giant Peach / The Witches / Danny the Champion of the World / Fantastic Mr Fox / The Magic Finger / The Twits

Round 2: The 10 US Federal Holidays [Does not include Inauguration Day]

New Year’s Day / Birthday of  Martin Luther King, Jr / Washington’s Birthday / Memorial Day / Independence Day / Labor Day / Columbus Day / Veterans’ Day / Thanksgiving Day / Christmas Day

Round 3: The Top 10 ‘Countdown’ presenters [People who have been part of the presenting team up to April 2017 with the most appearances according to IMDb; these are people listed as presenter, host, hostess, letters hostess or lexicographer]

Carol Vorderman / Richard Whiteley / Susie Dent / Rachel Riley / Cathy Hytner / Des O’Connor / Jeff Stelling / Nick Hewer / Richard Samson / Des Lynam

Round 4: First 10 UK Prime Ministers of the 20th Century [Surnames will be acceptable answers, the first name on this list took office in 1902]

Arthur Balfour / Henry Campbell-Bannerman / Herbert Asquith / David Lloyd-George / Andrew Bonar Law / Stanley Baldwin / James Ramsay MacDonald / Neville Chamberlain / Winston Churchill / Clement Attlee

Round 5 (The Captain’s Round): The first 10 Top 10 singles by Lady Gaga

Just Dance / Poker Face / Paparazzi / Bad Romance / Telephone / Alejandro / Born this Way / Judas / The Edge of Glory / Applause

Final Round: Science acronyms: The 10 words in ‘LASER’ and ‘SCUBA’ [According to the Oxford English Dictionary]

Actual: Light / Amplification / Stimulated / Emission / Radiation / Self / Contained / Underwater / Breathing / Apparatus

All 5 of the Giant’s Quizway in the final round, going for 11k, they get 9/10. The remaining answer: Stimulated.

TENABLE: Tue 21-Nov-2017 [S2Ep17, repeated on Sat 20-Jul-2019 and on Tue 22 July 2020] Superpowers, England top goal scorers, 10 Michael Jackson albums, ROTLF and ICYMI, binge-watched film series, 10 one-word countries beginning with A

[S2Ep17] A Bunch of Five, old school friends and work colleagues

[NOTE: This episode, repeated on Wed 22-Jul-2020, has been listed incorrectly in various places, including tvguide.co.uk, as S3Ep30, featuring the team name “I’m with the band”, but this is wrong.]

Round 1: The Top 10 most wanted superpowers [Based on a survey of 2,000 people in the UK conducted by OnePoll on behalf of HMV.com in July 2016]

Invisibility / Healing / Time travel / Flight / Immortality / Teleportation / Communication with animals / Mind control / Telepathy / Superhuman strength

Round 2: The Top 10 England goalscorers of all time [The men who have scored most goals for England’s national football team according to the Association of Football Statisticians as of June 2017, covering all A-team internationals]

Wayne Rooney / Bobby Charlton / Gary Lineker / Jimmy Greaves / Michael Owen / Alan Shearer / Tom Finney / Nat Lofthouse / Frank Lampard / Vivian Woodward

Round 3: The 10 Michael Jackson solo studio albums [The 10 studio albums released as a solo artist during his lifetime, includes double albums but not live albums, EPs, soundtracks, remix albums, posthumous albums; compilation or greatest hits albums are excluded unless released as part of a new and larger studio album]

Invincible / HIStory / Dangerous / Bad / Thriller / Off the Wall / Forever, Michael / Music & Me / Ben / Got To Be There

Round 4: The 10 words in the text abbreviations ‘ROTFL’ and ‘ICYMI’ [According to oxforddictionaries.com]

Rolling / On / The / Floor / Laughing / In / Case / You / Missed / It

Round 5 (The Captain’s Round):  The Top 10 most binge-watched film series [Another survey of 2,000 UK adults by polling organization OnePoll, published in 2016]

Harry Potter / Lord of the Rings / Star Wars / Die Hard / Indiana Jones / James Bond / Back to the Future / Pirates of the Caribbean / Hunger Games / Batman

Final Round: Countries: The 10 countries with one-word names beginning with ‘A’ [“The 10 UN member states whose usual short-form names in English are only one word long and begin with the letter A”]

2 of the team in the final playing for 1k

Afghanistan / Albania / Algeria / Andorra / Angola / Argentina / Armenia / Australia / Austria / Azerbaijan

7/10 for them, so they didn’t win the jackpot. Wrong: Antarctica (not a country), America (the short form is USA).

The remaining answers: Afghanistan, Albania, Algeria

TENABLE: Wed 22-Nov-2017 [S2Ep18, repeated on Tue 23-Jul-2019 and exactly one year later on Thu 23 July 2020] Grow your own berries and currants, elements ending in ON**, George Michael #1s**, Motorbike brands, Children’s Laureates, Last 10 UK monarchs**

[S2Ep18] The Jailhouse Rockers, who all work in a prison in the North East

Round 1: The 10 ‘Grow Your Own’ berries and currants [The 10 fruits that contain the word “berries” or “currants” in their name as given in the “Grow Your Own” section of the Royal Horticultural Society website; this list contains the common names given to the fruits; as listed in June 2017]

Blueberries / Redcurrants / Mulberries / Blackberries / Cranberries / Strawberries / Blackcurrants / Gooseberries / Raspberries / Whitecurrants

Round 2: The 10 elements whose names end in ‘ON’

Boron / Carbon / Neon / Argon / Silicon / Krypton / Radon / Xenon / Oganesson / Iron

Round 3: George Michael’s 10 Number 1 singles [As a member of Wham! and as a solo artist, including duets; does not include the Five Live EP recorded with Queen and Lisa Stansfield]

Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go / Freedom / I’m Your Man / The Edge of Heaven / Careless Whisper / A Different Corner / I Knew You Were Waiting (For Me) / Don’t Let the Sun Go Down on Me / Jesus to a Child / Fastlove

Round 4: The 10 best-selling motorbike brands in the UK [Covers new motorbike, moped and motor tricycles registered in 2016, based on figures produced by the Motorcycle Industry Association]

Honda / Yamaha / Lexmoto / Triumph / BMW / Kawasaki / Suzuki / Piaggio / Harley-Davidson / KTM

Round 5 (The Captain’s Round): The first 10 Children’s Laureates [The 10 authors or illustrators who have held the post since it was established in 1999; includes the person whose appointment was announced in June 2017]

Quentin Blake / Anne Fine / Michael Morpurgo / Jacqueline Wilson / Michael Rosen / Anthony Browne / Julia Donaldson / Malorie Blackman / Chris Riddell / Lauren Child

Final Round: Kings & Queens: The last 10 monarchs of the UK [Including the incumbent as of June 2017; includes monarchs of “Great Britain and Ireland” before the creation of the United Kingdom; includes monarchs who acceded to the throne but were not crowned]

4 of the Jailhouse Rockers in the final round playing for 12k

Elizabeth II / George VI / Edward VIII / George V / Edward VII / Victoria / William IV / George IV / George III / George II

They name 6/10 and don’t win the jackpot. Wrong answers: Elizabeth III, Elizabeth I, Charles II, William V. The remaining answers: Edward VIII, Edward VII, William IV, George II

World Geography: The 10 countries whose names begin with ‘G’ [The 10 UN member states whose usual short-form names in English begin with the letter G; The Gambia is not included in this list]

TENABLE: Thu 23-Nov-2017 [S2Ep19, repeated late at night on Tue 23-Jul-2019 and on Fri 24-Jul-2020] Words that rhyme with cake**, Last 10 POTUS under 60*, Destiny’s Child Independent Women things bought, Champions League teams 2016/17 from France Spain Portugal*, First 10 Disney princesses, Countries beginning with G**

[S2Ep19] The Five Degrees, university students from Leeds

Round 1: The 10 four-letter words that rhyme with ‘cake’ [According to the New Oxford Rhyming Dictionary, 2nd edition; the words all fully rhyme, so no half-rhymes, for example; does not include proper nouns, or any word that has an initial capital letter in the Oxford Rhyming Dictionary, even if it is listed elsewhere as an ordinary word, so “jake” is not acceptable]

hake / take / bake / make / lake / wake / ache / sake / fake / rake

[That’s the order they appeared in, not sure why, and they all appeared in lower case]

All 10 right for 25k in the prize fund, no wrong answers

Round 2: The last 10 US Presidents under 60 years old at their first inauguration [As of March 2017]

Barack Obama / George W Bush / Bill Clinton / Jimmy Carter / Richard Nixon / Lyndon Johnson / John Kennedy / Franklin Roosevelt / Herbert Hoover / Calvin Coolidge

[Again, that’s how the names appeared – no middle initials for Johnson, Kennedy or FDR]

Round 3: The 10 things ‘bought’ by Destiny’s Child in the song ‘Independent Women’ [According to the lyrics of the 2000 UK #1 hit single, the 10 things that they bought, paid for, or could or will buy; “thing” means something represented by a noun, although it does not necessarily have to be a physical object]

Diamonds / Rings / Fun / Bills / Shoes / Clothes / Rock / Watch / House / Car

Round 4: The 10 French, Spanish and Portuguese Champions League teams [The 10 teams from the French, Spanish and Portuguese leagues that qualified for the group stage of the 2016/17 UEFA Champions League]

Paris Saint-Germain / Lyon / Monaco / Real Madrid / Barcelona / Atletico Madrid / Sevilla / Benfica / Porto / Sporting Lisbon

All 10 for 25k in the prize fund, first time that a team got all 10 in two of the first five rounds, and no wrong answers

Round 5 (The Captain’s Round): The first 10 official Disney Princesses [The first 10 characters on the list of official Disney Princesses on the Disney website by the date of the first Disney film in which these characters starred; this list contains the names of the princesses, not the films]

Snow White / Cinderella / Aurora / Ariel / Belle / Jasmine / Pocahontas / Mulan / Tiana / Rapunzel

[Tiana is from The Princess and the Frog]

Final Round: World Geography: The 10 countries whose names begin with ‘G’ [The 10 UN member states whose usual short-form names in English begin with the letter G; The Gambia is not included in this list]

All 5 playing for 57.5k

Greece / Guatemala / Ghana / Guinea / Gabon / Guyana / Germany / Grenada / Guinea-Bissau / Georgia

[Not sure why the answers were displayed in that order, I can’t see any logic to it – it’s not alphabetical, or by region, or by length of country name]

Wrong: Greenland (after the first 8 answers were right), Great Britain (when they only needed one more answer), Gold Coast

The Five Degrees name all 10 to win 57.5k, a “Tenable” record at the time

TENABLE: Fri 24-Nov-2017 [S2Ep20, repeated late at night on Wed 24-Jul-2019 and on Mon 27-Jul-2020] Favourite biscuits, First 10 Duran Duran Top 10 singles, Songbirds on stamps, “Alice in Wonderland” characters (2010 Tim Burton film), Last 10 England cricket captains, US states that share a land border with Canada

[S2Ep20] Five for a  Pound, a team of market traders from Manchester

Round 1: The Top 10 most popular biscuits in the UK [According to “a survey of 2,000 Brits” published in May 2015 by the charity Blue Cross; answers must be specific and clearly identify the biscuit; brand names are not required unless that is the usual name for the type of biscuit]

Chocolate Digestive / Chocolate Hobnob / Custard Cream / Shortbread / Jaffa Cake / Chocolate Chip Cookie / Plain Digestive / Ginger Nut / Chocolate Bourbon / Chocolate Finger

Round 2: The first 10 Top 10 singles by Duran Duran

Girls on Film / Hungry Like the Wolf / Save a Prayer / Rio / Is There Something I Should Know? / Union of the Snake / New Moon on Monday / The Reflex / The Wild Boys / A View to a Kill

Round 3: The 10 Songbirds featured on 2017 stamps [The usual common name of the 10 species depicted on the songbird series of special stamps issued by Royal Mail in May 2017; according to the RSPB, these birds can be seen in the UK for all or part of the year]

Great tit / Wren / Willow warbler / Goldcrest / Skylark / Blackcap / Song thrush / Nightingale / Cuckoo / Yellowhammer

Round 4: 10 characters from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ [The names of the first 10 characters in the full cast and crew list on IMDb.com for the 2010 Tim Burton film “Alice in Wonderland”, not including Alice]

Mad Hatter / Red Queen / White Queen / Stayne-Knave of Hearts / Tweedledee / Tweedledum / White Rabbit / Cheshire Cat / Blue Caterpillar / Dormouse

Round 5 (The Captain’s Round): The last 10 England men’s cricket Test Match captains [Up to May 2017; this list includes players who deputized for the appointed captain or were appointed by the home authority for a minor proportion of a Test series; does not include Joe Root who was appointed in February 2017]

Alastair Cook / Kevin Pietersen / Andrew Strauss / Andrew Flintoff / Marcus Trescothick / Michael Vaughan / Mark Butcher / Nasser Hussain / Michael Atherton / Alec Stewart

Final Round: North American Geography: The 10 US states that share a land border with Canada [13 US states border Canada but Michigan, Ohio and Pennsylvania only share a water border and are not included here; this list contains the other 10 states]

2 members of Five for a Pound in the final round playing for 1k

Alaska / Washington / Idaho / Montana / North Dakota / Minnesota / New York / Vermont / New Hampshire / Maine

Only 1 right (Alaska) so no win

The remaining answers: Washington, Idaho, Montana, North Dakota, Minnesota, New York, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine


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