“As it stands…”

Live football is back on TV, live league action from the top two divisions of English football. Liverpool have won the Premier League, the top tier, with seven games to spare. My attention is focused on the Championship, the next level down.

I type these words shortly before the 3pm kick-off from Elland Road, Leeds United at home to Fulham. The last time I wrote about Leeds, in this piece, we were still waiting to hear when the season would resume. Things kicked off again last weekend. After losing at Cardiff, Leeds dropped from first to second place, still level on points with West Brom.

Last night’s defeat for West Brom at Brentford means that a point will be enough for Leeds to regain top spot. When the game begins, and for as long as it remains goalless, the “As it stands” table will show Leeds top again, and I will paste a screenshot from the BBC website to record this. It could be the last time it happens this season.

Here it is:


Update, 27/06/2020 17:18

Well, i was being over-cautious. Within 10 minutes of copying the screenshot above, Leeds were ahead, and went on to win 3-0. Here is how things stood at the end of the game.


If Leeds avoid defeat against Luton Town on Tuesday night, they will still be top of the table when July begins. That will make it 12 calendar months in a row that the club has spent at least part of the month at the top of the Championship.








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