Memories of “The Brothers” and “The White Album”

As mentioned  in this post from earlier today about “The Wheat Album” by the Rutles, here is a piece from “1000 Memories” containing brief childhood recollections of a BBC drama (“The Brothers”) and the LP released by the Beatles in 1968, usually known as “The White Album”.

The Brothers

There was a new programme on Sunday night, The Brothers. Mum was watching it. I wasn’t but I knew what was happening. Someone had died and after the funeral they were reading out his will. He owned a company with lots of lorries. His sons took over the company. They were “The Brothers” of the title. That’s what the show was about, his sons and their mother and their wives and the lorries.

The next day at school a friend told me that he’d watched the programme and afterwards he decided to write out his own Last Will and Testament. He used one of his albums to rest the paper on, The Beatles White Album. His copy had a number printed on the front. It was very rare, he said.

When I went to his house we played the album. “Why don’t we do it in the road?” That’s the track he played first. I looked at the cover of the album and I could see some of the words he’d written, “This is the Last Will and Testament,” that kind of thing. They were scratched into the white cover of the album. You could read them when you held it up to the light.



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