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Greetings to readers in Nepal, Palau, the Falkland Islands and other distant places

Greetings to anyone reading these words thousands of miles from West London, where they have been drafted. Over the last few days this Blog has had 23 Page Views in the Falkland Islands. I have no information about the people (or maybe it’s just one person) reading these pages, just the fact there have been 23 views since last Sunday, 31 in total for the month of June. Thanks for dropping by.

This site is hosted by WordPress and, as has been noted before on these pages, I am very happy with it as a platform. The stats that they provide show me how many Page Views and Visitors this site attracts, and this information can be viewed by day, week, month or year. There is also basic information about the source of these visits. Most of them come from search engines and although some of the search terms are listed (“tenable questions” for example) the vast majority are categorized as “Unknown Search Terms”. I have the option to upgrade and use Google Analytics instead but at this stage I feel that the analysis provided by WordPress is fine for my needs.

The stats also give me information about countries. They show me how many Views there are, but not how many Visitors, for every country in the world, and for many places that are not countries. These are territories that are not independent nations or members of the UN in their own right. They include Jersey, the Isle of Man, American Samoa, the Cayman Islands, Gibraltar and Guam. Last night I noticed that the Falkland Islands, a British Overseas Territory, was also in that country list, and has been for four consecutive days now. I took a look at the “Stats for All Time” by country and discovered that the majority of the world’s nations are all in there somewhere. At some point in the lifetime of this Blog at least one person from the majority of the world’s countries has chanced upon this site. This pleases me.

I downloaded the information, which simply lists the territories and number of Views, and worked on it in Excel. I was interested to know which countries this site has never been viewed in, even once. Unsurprisingly, nobody located in any of the following nations is known to have accessed this Blog: Cuba, Haiti, Iran, Iraq, North Korea, Rwanda, South Sudan, Sudan, Syria or Yemen. But at least one person in each of the following locations has stumbled across these pages: Afghanistan, Bahrain, Bhutan, Cape Verde, Dominican Republic, Nepal, Oman, Palau, Somalia and Uganda. Thank you. I have never visited any of these places, and probably never will, but it’s good to know that some of my words have been read by at least one fellow human in each of those distant countries. I appreciate it.





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