Countries and capital cities with the same number of letters (the answers)

This earlier piece set the following challenge: How many countries can you think of which have the same number of letters as their capital cities?

If you haven’t tried it yet, take a look at that earlier piece and give it a go. You’ll find some background information and a few tips. A reasonable level of general knowledge should give you at least 10 answers, with a bit of thought.

The list below contains 30 countries, including city states and those countries where the capital has the same name as the country itself. It’s arranged first in order of size, beginning with those answers containing 4 letters and finishing with 12-letter answers. Within each group of answers (4 letters, 5 letters and so on) the countries are arranged alphabetically. There are explanatory notes at the end of the table, and you’ll find the answer to the bonus question set in the original piece: Can you name the island that is an Australian external territory (not a country in its own right) and its main city, both of which have 16 letters (including spaces)?

The Answers

City Country No of letters
Suva Fiji 4
Lima Peru 4
Lomé Togo 4
Cairo Egypt 5
Accra Ghana 5
Tokyo Japan 5
Yaren Nauru 5
Luanda Angola 6
Ottawa Canada 6
Banjul Gambia 6
Athens Greece 6
Monaco Monaco 6
Warsaw Poland 6
Moscow Russia 6
Kigali Rwanda 6
Ankara Turkey 6
Lusaka Zambia 6
Algiers Algeria 7
Yerevan Armenia 7
Tallinn Estonia 7
Kutaisi Georgia 7
Tbilisi Georgia 7
Gaborone Botswana 8
Djibouti Djibouti 8
Asunción Paraguay 8
Singapore Singapore 9
Luxembourg Luxembourg 10
Nouakchott Mauritania 10
San Marino San Marino 10
Bloemfontein South Africa 12
Vatican City Vatican City 12

Explanatory Notes

Nauru does not have an official capital, but the government offices are in Yaren.

Georgia has both a legislative capital (Kutaisi) and an official capital (Tbilisi); all three names have 7 letters.

Bloemfontein is the judicial capital of South Africa. (Pretoria is the executive capital and Cape Town is the legislative capital, but they don’t serve our purposes here.)

Monaco, Singapore, Vatican City and San Marino are all counted as countries for the purpose of this challenge.

Taiwan (with Taipei as its main city) is still officially part of China, and not officially recognized as a country in its own right, so it does not appear in the list of answers. Nor does Gibraltar, which competes in qualifying tournaments for the Football World Cup and European Championships but is a a British Overseas Territory, not a country.

Finally, the Australian external territory and its “capital”, both of which have 16 letters: Christmas Island, Flying Fish Cove.


Here are the answers ordered in different ways (as simple lists, not in tables).

Alphabetically by capital city   

Accra, Ghana
Algiers, Algeria
Ankara, Turkey
Asunción, Paraguay
Athens, Greece
Banjul, Gambia
Bloemfontein, South Africa
Cairo, Egypt
Djibouti, Djibouti
Gaborone, Botswana
Kigali, Rwanda
Kutaisi, Georgia
Lima, Peru
Lomé, Togo
Luanda, Angola
Lusaka, Zambia
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Monaco, Monaco
Moscow, Russia
Nouakchott, Mauritania
Ottawa, Canada
San Marino, San Marino
Singapore, Singapore
Suva, Fiji
Tallinn, Estonia
Tbilisi, Georgia
Tokyo, Japan
Vatican City, Vatican City
Warsaw, Poland
Yaren, Nauru
Yerevan, Armenia

Alphabetically by country

Algeria, Algiers
Angola, Luanda
Armenia, Yerevan
Botswana, Gaborone
Canada, Ottawa
Djibouti, Djibouti
Egypt, Cairo
Estonia, Tallinn
Fiji, Suva
Gambia, Banjul
Georgia, Kutaisi
Georgia, Tbilisi
Ghana, Accra
Greece, Athens
Japan, Tokyo
Luxembourg, Luxembourg
Mauritania, Nouakchott
Monaco, Monaco
Nauru, Yaren
Paraguay, Asunción
Peru, Lima
Poland, Warsaw
Russia, Moscow
Rwanda, Kigali
San Marino, San Marino
Singapore, Singapore
South Africa, Bloemfontein
Togo, Lomé
Turkey, Ankara
Vatican City, Vatican City
Zambia, Lusaka

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