Notes from West London

A welcome return to the Blue Posts

This piece from the start of the year dealt with six different pubs called The Blue Posts, all within a mile of Piccadilly Circus here in London. I had just discovered that the one on Rupert Street, a regular haunt in the 1980s and 90s, had closed. A few times in the early months of the year I walked past to see if it looked like it was going to reopen. It seemed unlikely. The building was boarded up and there didn’t appear to be any refurbishment going on. Late last month, hanging out in the West End one Sunday afternoon with some cousins visiting from Ireland, we took a detour to see what had become of the old place. It was no longer boarded up, the external paintwork was fresh and the words “The Blue Posts” had been re-painted above the windows on the top floor. I couldn’t tell if it was being turned back into a pub or converted into something else.

Earlier this week, while my mother-in-law took my 13-year-old son to a movie on Leicester Square, I had an enjoyable couple of hours at the Admiralty (a Fuller’s pub on Trafalgar Square), having a drink with an old school-friend. He came with me to collect my son who, as I have mentioned many times on these pages, loves going to the pub. It was around 7pm and we headed towards one of the few places in the West End that allows children in after that time, the Duke of York on Dering Street. It’s just off Oxford Street, between Oxford Circus and Bond Street tube stations (the postcode is W1S 1AF in case you want to check it out). Its policy is to allow children until 9.30pm. For some people this would be a deterrent, but not for me. It’s good to know that there’s somewhere in town that doesn’t frown on families having an early evening drink. They also have all the main sports channels.

We headed towards the Duke of York from Leicester Square via Rupert Street and found that the Blue Posts had, after all, reopened. It’s still got the one-room bar on the ground floor and the function room upstairs. We looked in but were unable to stay. A welcoming chap called Liam apologized but they couldn’t allow under-14s. That might also have been the case before the refurb; I never went there with either of our children. No matter, we had somewhere else to go, and next time I’m in town without the children I’ll raise a glass to the return of my favourite West End pub of years gone by. The Blue Posts on Rupert Street is back.


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