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More about fatbergs

It looks like I’m not the only person who has been thinking of the word fatberg in recent weeks. A week after I posted this Word of the Week piece about it Naomi Klein used the word to describe Donald Trump in her speech to the Labour Party Conference. As quoted in this piece on the Guardian website, which also has a link to video from the speech, she said:

“It’s tough to know exactly how to adequately sum [Trump] up. So let me try a local example.

“You know that horrible thing currently clogging up London’s sewers – I believe you call it the fatberg – well, Trump is the political equivalent of that.

“He is a merger of all that is noxious in the culture, in the economy and in the body politic, all kind of glommed together in a self-adhesive mass. And we’re finding it very, very hard to dislodge.”

Fatberg also featured in yesterday’s edition of “The Chase”, in the following question: “What name is commonly given to the huge lumps of congealed fat and wet wipes found blocking sewers?” The three options were: Fatberg / Greaseglacier / Slimecube. Unsurprisingly both the contestant and the Chaser (Jenny The Vixen Ryan) got it right. It’s fatberg of course, all day long, as Bradley Walsh would say.



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