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UK #1 hit singles: the title is not in the song

It’s nearly 20 years since someone set me the following challenge. Can you name five songs that reached #1 in the UK that do not contain the title anywhere in the lyrics of the song? (Instrumentals don’t count.) It has been one of my favourite trivia questions ever since. I managed to get to five within about five minutes. After the first answer the others usually follow fairly easily. This works best as a live question, where the question-setter can respond to the answers straight away, often with the statement, “It didn’t get to #1”.

I have posted a variant on this question elsewhere on these pages, in the Trivia Menu. It mentions two of the songs as part of the question, and a further six in the answers at the end of the page. If you need help to get started you could follow this link, where you’ll find the question (number 4) towards the end of the piece, and the five other answers at the end, but there are plenty more that are not mentioned. There will be a link to the answers here, tomorrow (Saturday 9 September).

Saturday 9 September 2017: You can find the answers here.


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