Notes from West London

Every pub in my postcode (postscript)

My post from January (“Every pub in my postcode”), which reported that I had drunk at least one pint of beer in every pub in London W4 at some point in my life, was inaccurate. It turns out there are two more bars that I hadn’t considered, both in the new development opposite Gunnersbury station. I call it new but parts of it are over ten years old. Its official name, I believe, is Chiswick Park but at the front of the buses which terminate there the destination is shown as “Chiswick Business Park”.

The development is on the site of the old London Transport Works (Chiswick Works, to give it its proper title), which closed in the early 1980s. This was where bus drivers learnt their trade, including how to drive their vehicle through a skid. The skidpan was famous, appearing on TV every now and then in my childhood. Thanks to YouTube I can now check out footage of buses skidding around the old site whenever I like. I rather enjoyed this one. It’s also where my parents met back in the 1950s, when they were both bus conductors.

These days the same location houses several glass-and-steel office buildings, a private gym, an open space that looks like a shallow amphitheatre, and two bars, Moot and Union Bar Chiswick. Last Tuesday (Shrove Tuesday) I popped into each of them just after 6pm, had a Guinness in the first and a pint of Wimbledon Common Pale Ale in the second. I have now, definitely, had a pint in “Every pub in my postcode”. The list is complete, and just in time for Lent. I’m not planning to drink again until Easter Sunday.


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